simple logo design service

Simple Logo Design Service

The simple logos are devoid of exaggeration. They do not have any extraordinary styles or features. They have the basic shapes and concepts. Despite being simple, they look great. And it is possible for them to uphold your brand among a wider audience. Because simplicity is the best style. Even the logo design providers are also in love with plain logos.

Our logo design service is one such example of simple logo designing. Generally, simple logos have special appeal. Also, the logos are simple yet striking and attractive for everyday use. And you can see the outcomes.

Further we have an initiative for customization of the simple logos. We make the logos look elegant. In fact, we invest all our hard-earned efforts to simplify the logos for our valued clients. They also look creative, attractive and win the hearts of audiences. Most importantly, the logos are timeless. They remain in operation for years.

At the same time, simple logos work like an indirect advertisement to your brand and flourishing the identity. As long as you survive, you will use the logos, and those will work as a marketing and promotional tool. As we focus on making sophisticated logos, they never lose their appeal. Thereby, they are in operation as long as you are not replacing them.

Simple Logo Design Makes Something Extraordinary

Simple Logo Design FAQs

The price for a simple logo design is relatively lower than other types of design. The price initially begins from $100. However, it may vary based on the types of projects and your requirements. You can also customize the design. In such scenarios, the price may go higher. Not to worry. It will be reasonable and will be set after mutual negotiations.

Placing an order is very simple. You need to visit the order page of our website. And next thing is to write down an email and send it to us. Please mention your requirements and we will catch you back. Then, we will have detailed discussion over the order and related issues.

Well. Usually, we prefer to make a fresh logo for companies. It takes less time and effort. Besides, the price is relatively lower. But when we are to revise an existing logo, it takes more time. Our expert logo designers have to spend hours researching and generating a unique idea to surpass the existing one.

But the tasks are less when we make a logo from scratch. So, we prefer to make fresh logos instead of revising. However, for the convenience of our clients, we can do that. The price may need a mutual settlement.

Generally, we deliver the logos in the compatible file formats like AI, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG, among others. Also, we can upload the logos in Google Drive from where our clients can easily download them.

Of course, our clients will have the sole copyright of the logos we make for them. We need to clearly state that we are logo makers. And we have nothing to do with the logo copyright. After we deliver the logos to our clients, they can do whatever they want. We shall never interfere in any of the issues.

Unfortunately, we do not have a trial option for logos. Designing a logo is a complicated task. It takes time, effort and investment of our intellect. Moreover, being a creative task, it requires much attention to detail. Therefore, this is not possible to offer a trial for logos.

However, if you do not prefer the logo, we will revise it for you. We assure you that you will fall in love with the logo designs.

Now, we have omitted the return policy. Earlier, we used to follow certain rules for returning the price to our clients. But unfortunately, to some extent many of the clients exploited the policy. It was not possible for us to comply with their demands and offers.

Hence, we have annulled the return policy. If you do not like the logo, we will reshape it for you. But there would be no return policy at all.

You can get a discount or flat rate in case of bulk orders. When any client places orders in bulk, we offer a flat rate. And we can assure the rate is not available anywhere else. So, you can get a discount for a larger volume of orders. Or, you need to pay following the standard rate.

We can provide simple logos within 2 days after placing the order. However, for the bulks, it may take more time. Because we need to conduct some background tasks for the logos. Those include conducting an in-depth research, checking the competitors, among others.

Initially, we set a timeframe for the logo delivery. And mostly we try to deliver the logos within the deadline. If there are any issues, we inform our clients.