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background removal service

Background Removal Service

At present, it is undeniable that the importance of background removal services is getting a new height. Without the right photo, it is not possible to make a perfect business happen. No matter if you deal online or offline. You need a photo background removal service.

Background removal is the process of removing the backdrop of a photo. In other words, you are replacing an image with a manipulated background. Sometimes, the background might be white, as well. The newly placed background makes the photo look more attractive and professional.

Graphic Design Eye is a leading image background removal service provider in the industry. The company has been providing the service for a long time with great care. In fact, we redefine the photos. We change the photos to how they look. And there is a huge difference between the former and post-production looks.

During a photo session, it is not always possible to manage everything you want. Thereby, the photos do not wear their best look. They may be dull and gloomy. But when we apply the background removal service, we bring the changes.

The photos show their best look. When you use the photos for your promotion or other purposes, they get noticed.

Why you need a background removal service from Graphic Design Eye?

You know, a photo explains everything in a nutshell. It can tell the story in a single second. Just by seeing the photo, anyone can make any decision. And that becomes an instant decision.

This is a common human psychology that they will check the photos first. And in this age of online business, people mostly see the photos. They check and cross check the photos thoroughly. If the photos appear appealing to them, they decide to get the service or purchase the product.

A couple of unofficial studies have proven that more than 90 percent of people rely on the photos before making an online deal. They visit the website of the provider and evaluate the photos. Hence, the photos need to be smart and attractive.

So, when we provide the photo background removal service, we try to make the photos look as engaging as possible. In line with the background removal, we also apply some basic editing process. As a result, the photos wear the charming look. When a customer gets some outstanding photos, they get confidence in buying your products.

And we play the key role in influencing the customer decision.

Types of background removals

There are a few common ideas that background removal points to only removing the background. But the reality is a bit different. Background removal is not involved alone in removing the backdrop of a photo. It is also associated with many other tasks.

Considering the grounds, photo editing experts have categorized this service into four broad categories.

  • White Background
  • Borders Fixing, Resizing and Cropping
  • Natural, Drop or Shadow creation
  • Color Correction or Adjustment.

White Background

photo background removal

This is also known as transparent background. Under this service, the photo editors place the image on a white or transparent background setting. As a result, the photo gets a more professional appeal.

Usually, such backgrounds are applied when the actual background of the image is not up to the mark. Moreover, the white background brings a positive vibe on the images. It can get natural attention. Thereby, many of the business people prefer this white or transparent background for their photos.

Borders fixing, Resizing and Cropping

photo background removal

At times, the photos are not found in the perfect shape. We have to adjust the shape according to the situational needs. So, the photo editing experts need to fix the borders. Because if the border is not fixed, the photo may lose its appeal. And some unnecessary elements will be visible in line with the photo objects.

Moreover, sometimes, it is necessary to resize the photos. To bring a sustainable solution to the resolution issue, the photos need resizing.

Shadow creation

photo background removal service

Shadow creation is the process of adding some flavor to your photos. When you have a shadow on the photo, it will enhance the image more. Without the shadow, the photo will lose the actual appeal. Why does it happen? Because shadows make things more realistic.

In this world, where there is light, there is a shadow. It is also true about photography. If you get pictures but there are no shadows, it may lose appeal. You are violating the universal rule. So, as part of the background removal service, we add the shadows per the needs of the images.

Color Correction or Adjustment

photo background removal service

Further, the color tone is not always perfect. It happens for the mismatch of lighting and other conditions. If the lighting is not proper, the color of the object will not be visible rightly. The color may look deem. The object may look burnt, as well. Finally, if you upload the photos on your site, they may fail to get necessary reaction from the audience.

But with the image background removal service, we change the color tone. In line with the object, theme and nature of the photography, we set the color. Sometimes, we adjust the color tone to comply with them. Also, we adjust the color where it is necessary.

Who are the service recipients?

Background removal service is necessary for almost all the industries operational now. In fact, we need photos for different purposes. Product or service promotion is the most important task that we need to undergo for our business.

Images play the key role in developing a business, a brand and a service. When the photos are good, they can get attention from clients and potential clients. But if the photos are not up to the mark, you cannot expect even the return of investment. So, if you are one of the following, you will need the photo background removal service.

  • Photographers
  • Photo editors
  • Modeling photographers
  • Amateur photographers
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • News Agencies
  • Media outlets
  • Social media marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • F-Commerce
  • Online business communities
  • Offline businesses
  • Traditional advertisements
  • Advertising agencies, among others.

The background removal process

Removing the background is a big deal. Why? Because there are a number of options around. Those could be used to remove the background. You can even remove the background using some online applications.

But the Graphic Design Eye follows traditional ways alongside using premium tools.

Mostly, we use the Photoshop pen tool for the removal of the background. Our expert photo editors remove the background from a photo bit by bit. So, it takes time and we deliver the best quality service to our clients.

Service categories

Based on the photo and its nature, we have set four service categories. They arrive with different pricing plans based on their processing and working capacities. The categories are:

  • Simple background removal
  • Medium background removal
  • Complex background removal
  • Super complex background removal

Simple background removal

background removal service

Under this category, we remove the backgrounds which are not that much complicated. In fact, it takes a couple of minutes to perform this task. The object is placed in a simple position and we remove the backdrop.

Medium background removal

background removal services

To deal with the medium background removal, we need to be a bit careful. Because there are several issues available here. The edges, shapes and color tones need to remain the same after the removal. Therefore, the task takes more time than average.

Also, we need to check the object placement carefully. Most of the cases, the objects are placed in a white background. But if the client demands, we deliver it to other backgrounds, as well.

Complex background removal

complex background removal

When there are multiple objects in a photo, we consider removing the background as a complex one. At times, we need to remove each of the photos separately and set those up in a new place. Moreover, we need to care about the edges, curves, sharpness of the objects, among others.

As a result, we need to focus on the objects with great care. And thus, the task is time-consuming. However, our expert photo editors are able to do the complex background removal smoothly.

Super complex background removal

super complex background removal

As the name suggests, it is the superior one in the category ladder. There are multiple reasons for it being superior. In fact, there are a number of issues that need to be taken care of. Primarily, we consider those photos for super complex background removal where there are four to five objects.

And you know, it is a challenge to remove the backgrounds from all the photos. And then set them again in a new place. So, the price range of such categories is also a bit higher.


Pricing is a big issue in photo background removal service. It is all about perfection. If the background does not look proper, there is no need to have the service. So, we are highly careful while rendering this particular service to our clients. Therefore, we have several pricing categories.

We have highly skilled photo editors. They know their responsibilities. And they have edited over millions of images so far. Considering all the grounds, needs of the clients and the competitors, we have set this pricing.

Price List

  • 1 to 20 Images

    Non Discount on your order

  • 21 to 50 Images

    10% Discount for now

  • 51 to 100 Images

    Have 15% discount in order

  • 101 to 200 Images

    Enjoy 20% discount here

  • 201 to 500 Images

    Get 25% discount on this

  • 501 to 1000+ Images

    Claim 30% on your order


    Flat 40% discount for you





Background Removal FAQs

Simply, it is the process of removing background from an image and set the object to any other place. Most cases, the objects are placed in a white background to bring a more professional approach.

Now, the demand for this service is on the rise for several reasons. It has become an inevitable part of business where images are required.

White background refers to the background which is white in color. In fact, this is the default background that we set for photos. Under this background, the object is cut from its real position and set on a white backdrop. It creates a very professional outlook to the images.

Of course, there are some differences between clipping path and background removal. The first one denotes that an outline is created centering the photo object. And the latter one removes the background but the object will be visible.

Let me clear the facts. Using the clipping path, the photo editor draws an outline around the object. The purposes are different. But when it is about the background removal, only the object will be available on the screen. The other elements will be removed.

Multiple reasons are there. The first thing is that you need to have a professional looking photo. So, you need to have some striking photos. But at times, it is not possible to get the photos. What you can do is to remove the background.

Under this process, the photo editors will change the background and apply some basic editing features. Ultimately, the photo will get a smarter look. And when you display the photos to your audiences, they will fall in love with the photos. Finally, you can allure them to get either your service or your products.

The first thing is to know about the service provider and its performance. You can check the past projects and how they won those. Moreover, it is highly important to know about the service pricing. Many of the providers will serve you at a lower cost. But you need to check the quality.

If you need a low-quality service, you may go for the lower costing ones. But for a moderate quality, the price will certainly go up. At the same time, you need to check the recommendations, and reviews of the service provider.

Certainly, you need to get this service. Do you want your visitors to be your returning customers? Then, you must have some gorgeous and appealing photos. Otherwise, you may not hold the attention of your potential customers and clients.

Remember, people while visiting your e-Commerce outlet will see the photos first. So, the photos will play the key role here. They either can make or break the business. If you post or upload some dull photos, you may not get the attention. If the photos do not show the detail, people will not feel interested in getting the product/ service.

But if the photos are clear and eye-catchy, they will easily get the proper attention. Ultimately, your business will see a boost.

Placing an order is simple. First, you need to register yourself at our website. And then, login providing the necessary credentials. Place your order and we will get you back as fast as possible.

Yes, we have a flat discount for bulk orders. However, it depends on the volume of work that we receive. You may remain free of worries regarding the quality. Despite providing discounts, we do not compromise about the quality.

Graphic Design Eye is one of the leading photo background removal service providers. This company has become a favorite for its dedication to the jobs. In fact, we are open round-the-clock. No matter if it is a holiday or foul weather, we are there for our clients. We relentlessly prodive photo editing and other relevant services to our local and global clientele.

Thereby, you can reach us at any of your convenient times. You will get an instant response.