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Background Removal Service

Background removal service is one of the mainstream photo editing services required in so many applications. Photo editing has become an integral part of our daily life. Handheld smartphones with high-resolution cameras make it simple and amusing.

We used to capture moments that seem special to us, then edit those images, share them on social media platforms, and so on. Besides, images are also necessary for all the commercial and non-commercial sectors.

Raw images don't always come out perfect and for that, we need to edit images with software and applications to make them look perfect.

In this way, we all are introduced to some basic or advanced editing software like Photoshop, Lightroom, Corel, Canva, etc.

This image processing software includes huge tools and techniques for special transformation of images like background removal, color correction, image enhancement, photo blending, applying effects, and so on.

However, without the skill and knowledge to use this software, no one will be able to edit images neck and crop with them.

For professional editing solutions, you must find and hire professionals. In this regard, Graphic Design Eye is the number one choice for industry leaders all over the world. We provide the world’s best graphic design and editing solution based on your requirements.

What is a background removal service?

Simply put, background removal service is an editing service that is at the top of demand right now. Background removal service is in huge demand because of its uses in all image processing operations.

Images we take from mobile or DSLR cameras, may have a lot of problems that need to be fixed manually. The image background is always a big deal when you are about to use images for business, advertising, or any serious reasons.

In such cases, you can’t go with the background captured in the RAW footage as they don’t look so professional.

Image backgrounds can cause a lot of problems such as unwanted image content that needs to be removed and sometimes we may even need to change the color of the background.

Have you ever been in such a situation? If yes, then you might try to fix the problem on your own or search for background removal services online, aren’t you?

Well, background removal services are always there to help you get out of such situations.

In the background removal process, expertly employs different types of background removing techniques such as clipping path, masking, automatic background removing, and so on.

But we always go through manual background removal to ensure that images are perfect in all aspects. Let's dive deeper into the discussion, we have categorized background removal services according to the demand online here below.

Popular background removal services

As mentioned earlier, the background removal service is vital because most things are now done online. We have to employ digital stuff like images, videos, animations, GIFs, etc to accomplish things on online platforms.

For instance, 69% of people in the US shop for clothes and other necessary items online. Online business is growing like crazy and it can be said that people all over the world are now intending to buy products online.

Online business is run entirely through product pictures. You can’t build an online store without displaying product images on the website. Here comes the necessity of background removal service. Ecommerce retailers integrate background removal services to optimize product images and make them visually appealing for consumers.

There are some other applications of background removal services. From the experience, we have categorized background removal services so that potential clients can easily find what they need and inform us quickly. Check the list below,

Simple image background removal

Complex image background removal

Replacing image background

Product background removal

Jewelry photo background removal

Car photo background removal

Background removal for enhancement

Making ghost mannequin

Glamour photo background removal

Cut out unwanted objects

Simple background removal

background removal service

Simple images are those where the object is easy to remove and there are no complex shapes and edges. Image complexity sets upon how much-embedded transparency, closed path, and outline paths the image contains.

Simple images don’t include so many of them and it isn’t as difficult to remove simple image backgrounds as complex images. A bottle is an ideal example of a simple image object.

When a client comes with images to remove their background. We first categorize them, It is because we have a different price range for simple and complex background removal operations. So, we separate out the images according to their complexity and give quotes to the client.

Complex background removal

background removal service

Complex images are the opposite of simple images. They come with complex shapes and edges, more than 10 embedded transparencies, closed paths, and directional outlines. Thus, it takes a little bit of time to remove complex background images.

Whether the image is simple or complex, the main goal is to remove the background while not doing the slightest damage to other areas of the image.

However, experts are always concerned not to harm anywhere in the image object. If they do so, they are able to fix that immediately.

Look at the image of the chandelier above, it is a good instance of a complex image. Complex images take more time and skill to remove the background precisely.

Replacing image background

background removal service

There are times when we just take pictures and notice that the background doesn’t come out perfectly. Sometimes we want to add some context to our images using interesting backgrounds and landscapes.

Look at the image above, the image is taken with a white background but after post-processing, how the girl (main object) is replaced with another background.

This is called background replacing. If you want to make your usual images look gorgeous and mind-blowing to upload on social media platforms, we are here to fulfill your needs.

Product background removal

background removal service

Online business is now outraging. People used to buy and sell products online because it seemed to be a quick and hassle-free way for both consumers and retailers.

Online business requires attractive product images to deal with consumers. Retailers need to display product images in a way that impacts visitors' minds. Therefore, the image needs to be kept neat and clean so that visitors can get all the small details of the product.

To do so, a background removal service is a solution for online retailers to make product images alluring and enticing.

Jewelry photo background removal

background removal service

Jewelry products are now sold online and people are buying exclusive jewelry items from their homes. Usually, the online jewelry business is run by offline jewelry retailers, they sell both online and offline.

No matter if you are an online or offline seller, you have to remove the background of your jewelry product image before using them for online sale or to make the product catalog offline.

Jewelry photo retouching includes jewelry background removing, enhancement, spot, and dust removal, etc. When consumers see the product in an online store, if they don’t find it attractive, they won’t buy the product.

This is why jewelry retailers are looking for expert background removal services to make jewelry product images look enchanting while displayed on the ecommerce store.

Car photo background removal

background removal service

Who doesn’t love to see beautiful car images? Car industry owners always employ high-definition graphics to engage and impact car enthusiasts.

Like other online products, when cars have to be sold online, they need to organize car images properly. Here comes the necessity of car photo background removal as it turns the usual car image look fantastic.

When you see car photos online, what do you see in the image? Mainly the car itself with a white or colorful background, or the car with any natural landscape background. For car photos, background removal is essential.

We are very accustomed to producing car banners, posters, 3D and 2D car image processing for websites, and whatever you want.

Background removal for enhancement

background removal service

In high-end photo retouching, experts take care of every detail on images. Like hair, face, dress color, where to apply shadow and light, removing scratch and glare from images.

Thus, image enhancement is the process of improving the overall quality of images and making them highly responsive and captivating.

For image enhancement, background removal is a must. Because it increases the clarity and visibility of the products and makes them appealing.

With a regular background, the product image looks so busy and unusual. Therefore, you have to remove the background and include a white one in them.

Making ghost mannequin

background removal service

Here is another mentionable editing factor where background removing is highly needed. It is a ghost mannequin. Generally, a mannequin is an important material in the offline fashion business as it shows or displays dresses.

But when selling fashion products online, it is not so smart to capture a product image with that mannequin body when you can do this more exclusively with the ghost mannequin effect.

So, what actually a ghost mannequin is? It is a mind-blowing editing technique that helps eCommerce retailers to show fashion products in a way that can allure visitors’ attention to buy the product.

The ghost mannequin creates a 3D effect on the image that the object seems floating on its field.

Glamour photo background removal

background removal service

Glamour and model photography is required for advertising, magazine and newspaper publishing, fashion product catalog, and so on. It needs to come out through background removal, photo retouching, and other image processing activities.

No matter where to use, model photographs always need a high-end photo editing service. Without editing, they don't look so good and won't be able to get much feedback.

This is why Glamour and model photographers always go for background removal services to make the image beautiful and appealing.

Cut out unwanted objects

background removal service

Cutting out unwanted objects from images is very necessary because those objects distract viewers' attention. Images we capture do not always come as we wish. Including unwanted objects is a common occurrence.

When we have unwanted objects in our image, we need to cut them out immediately. Therefore, we use photo editing software like Photoshop to fix the problem.

But when you have a bulk image to fix this kind of aspect, you need to go for professional background removal services. You can find any of them online easily.

What about our background removal service?

There is no shortage of background removal service agencies online, so you may feel hesitant to choose one that can meet all your needs. Although you can’t expect the best result because not all online services are professional and trustworthy.

What about us? Graphic Design eye is a huge graphic design and photo editing service agency that covers everything related to this sector. We have an experienced team of graphic design and editing experts to solve background removal and other image post-processing issues.

From logo design to a magazine, banner, poster design, simple and complex image editing, we are always here to support you.

If you are a large e-commerce dealer, you definitely need a stable and reliable place where you can feel comfortable with bulk product images.

Then GDE is exactly what you are looking for. We will turn ordinary product images into impressive ones that must drive prospects and increase your sales as well.

Background Removal Pricing

Graphic Design Eye offers the most affordable graphic design and photo editing price list you can ever get. The price range for the background removal service varies according to your figure. As you can see, we have three different categories: simple, medium, complex.

When you come to us with images, we will review them in detail and suggest which one is best for you. Also, if you place a bulk order, you still have room for bargaining. We will discuss the price and keep it profitable for both of us.


    • Background removal
    • Replacing image background
    • Jewelry background removal
    • Car photo background removal
    • Removal for enhancement
    • Making ghost mannequin
    • Cut out unwanted objects
    • 1 to 50 Images
    • 51 to 100 Images
    • 101 to 200 Images
    • 201 to 500 Images
    • 501 to 1000+ Images
    • Simple

    • $0.40
    • $0.90
    • $1.00
    • $1.00
    • $1.00
    • $1.00
    • $1.00
    • $1.00
    • $0.90
    • $0.80
    • $0.50
    • $0.40
    • Medium

    • $2.00
    • $3.00
    • $2.50
    • $2.00
    • $2.50
    • $2.00
    • $2.50
    • $2.00
    • $1.80
    • $1.70
    • $1.50
    • $1.30
    • Complex

    • $5.00
    • $10.00
    • $7.50
    • $5.00
    • $7.50
    • $5.00
    • $7.50
    • $5.00
    • $4.80
    • $4.70
    • $4.50
    • $4.00

Background Removal FAQs

Here is some relevant background removal FAQs to provide answers you may inquire about. Out of this, if you have any other questions about our background removal service, you can feel free to ask on our contact page & email.

How to remove the background of an Image?

There are so many methods and automatic software to remove unnecessary elements from the background but we don’t use any of them. Our skilled and professional team does the entire job manually applying pen tools. If you are looking for quality that can be sharp and appropriate for publishing then you should choose Background to remove service

Somehow, we are keen to provide you the best in Clipping Path Service as it’s the first and foremost step of image editing to work further and make some creativity.

Benefits of the background removal service

The background removal service has numerous benefits. They are,

To make a simple photo look amazing you need to remove the background and change the background in case of need

Assume you have captured an image and the background is not looking as your expectation. You need a background removal service to alter the image background

With background removal service, you can change the background, increase the quality, remove unwanted objects, etc

There are many benefits of background removal services and amongst this one of the most important things is the clean-looking, solid background that suits the object. There are many ways to make an image look beautiful and prettier. And the background removal is the key task of this entire process

For image retouching, enhancement, color correction, background removing is a pre-step to consider

Background removing is a must when people need a white or custom color background in the image

How to remove background from fur/hairy objects?

It is an issue to discuss how to remove background from fur/hairy objects. In as usual background removing cases, an expert is more likely to use a pen tool to quickly cut out the image object from the background.

But it is a matter of consideration when the object is something like fur/hairy. In such cases, working with a pen tool doesn’t provide a good result. As it works by deploying vector paths in the object outline, it is too difficult to draw an outline on hairy objects.

This is the reason why experts don't use pen tools to remove background from fur/hairy objects. Instead of the pen tools, they use masking techniques to make things better.

How to add or remove shadow in the image background?

Shadow is one of the most important aspects of images that could help an image look more real and lively. But sometimes in portrait photography, we don’t need shadow as we think the image is better without that element, it’s called the unwanted shadow.

Like unwanted objects, unwanted shadows should also be removed from images.

Reversely, a background removal service can also help you to add some real and natural drop shadows to your image. Some e-commerce product images need shadow effects to look outstanding.

So, if you need to add or remove the shadow from the image background, whether it’s a portrait or product image, you can ask the help of a background removal service online.

Who needs background removal service?

Background removal service is the most required photo editing service at present. its great usage for commercial purposes makes it distinct from other editing services. background removal service for so many purposes. they are,

Print media

Ecommerce business

Photography industry

Online advertising

Fashion industry

Automobile industry

Magazine design

Modeling industry

And so

How to know the image is a simple image?

In online editing services, they used to categorize images to difficulty and create a price list according to that. For images that are easy to remove background and don’t take much time, they are categorized as a simple image.

But images that include too many complex shapes and edges and take time to perfect editing, are taken as complex images.

If you have bulk images for which you need background removal service, it will be better to ask the provider to give hints of images that are simple.

How to remove background from images?

Photo editing software offers so many tools and techniques to complete any image-related operations. For background removal, photoshop has several tools to separate an image object from its background. for instance, if you want to distinguish the image object from its background, then you can do this in a various way such as,

Pen tool

Background eraser tool

Magic wand tool

Lasso tool

According to different situations, these tools are used in the needs. Also, there are ways to remove background from images automatically. You can check this automatic background generating tool online. when you submit your image onto that, you will give the image back with a transparent background.