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background removal service

Background Removal Service

If you talk about photo editing, background removal service is one of the mainstream services practiced globally. Mundane life remains incomplete without photos. So, we adopt numerous ways and even edit photos using smartphone applications. But do they really count? No, they don’t.

You need photo editing experts for some satisfactory outcomes. The experts edit photos using premium photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel, Lightroom, and Canva, among others.

These advanced photo editing tools transform the images to your desired tone, shape, color, or whatever you need. Moreover, the tools are able to enhance the photos, apply special effects, remove the backgrounds, and many more. Using the background removal, the online sellers add appeal to their product photos.

So, when the potential customers look at the photos, they get enchanted. What happens next? You get a client or customer for your business. And this is a natural process. But unless you have some experts, you cannot have the benefits.

The Graphic Design Eye is a leading background removal service provider. The photo editing company has a bunch of expert photo editors to remove the background from the photos. They invest their skills and expertise to make your photos look much better than before. And finally, the photos get a captivating look.

So, if you are in need, we are there. Our price is also lower. You can avail the service for $0.20. To gauge our capacity, you can also get a free trial from us. It will help you know our services in detail and help you decide to be with us.

Different types of photo background removal service

Nowadays, online background removal has become very popular due to their high demand. You can find huge background removal services available online with similar offers. But they are different in pricing. Most outsource background removal services divide their service into different categories. Before you employ online service, you should consider the difference of categories. For your convenience, here are the propositions of different types of background removal service you can get.

Simple background removal

background removal service

Images that are simple and not so difficult to background remove are considered in this category. because these images include simple objects that can be easily removed with simple photoshop techniques. Image complexity sets upon how much-embedded transparency, closed path, and outline paths the image contains. If the image includes multiple closed paths, embedded transparencies and zig zag outlines, they are complex image objects. As it sounds, simple images don’t take much time to process, for instance bottle, sun glasses are ideal examples of simple image objects.

Medium background removal

background removal services

Medium level of background difficulty offers a few anchor points, sharp edges, and more closed paths than simple images. Generally, images that are considered in this category include multiple embedded transparencies and holes. When performing a medium background removal process, experts need to be careful so that the main object of the image remains unchanged. Some examples of medium background images are shoes, motor parts, watches, bracelets, foods, t-shirts design, etc.

Complex background removal

complex background removal

Complex images are the opposite of simple images. They come with complex shapes and edges, including more than 10 embedded transparencies, closed paths, and directional outlines. Well, it takes a little bit of time to process complex images background removal. Whether the image is simple or complex, the main goal is to remove the background while not doing the slightest damage to other areas of the image. This is why complex digital photo composite needs to be done by Photoshop experts. Look at the image of the chandelier above, it is a good instance of a complex image.

Super complex background removal

super complex background removal

This is the highest level of background difficulty for images. Super complex images are very difficult to remove from the background because objects that require high attention while removing from the background. For medium and complex images background removal, experts often use clipping path service and other simple photoshop techniques. But when it's a super complex image, they can’t deal with multiple clipping paths. Because the result is not as appealing as you need it to be. Therefore, experts use different photoshop image masking techniques such as layer masking, hair masking, vector masking to deal with super complex background removing operations.

Replacing image background

replacing image background

Sometimes we take photos and find unwanted objects or backgrounds in them. Unwanted backgrounds need to be removed from the image. Because we can’t use wrong visual contents to our needs. In such cases, we need to remove the image background and replace it with a transparent background or any other.

Look at the image above, the image was taken with a white background when captured but after post-processing, the background is replaced with another one. The main goal of background replace is enhancing the overall beauty and making it adoptable. If you want to make your usual images look gorgeous and mind-blowing to upload on social media platforms, you need this kind of background replacing service.

Product background removal

product background removal

Ecommerce business is booming day by day. People buy and sell products online because it seems to be a quick and hassle-free way for both consumers and retailers. In online business, product photography service plays the most important role. When someone visits your online store, they may not see the actual product but rather the product photo. So, here product photos can make someone make a purchase decision or leave the website immediately. If you are an online retailer, you should be very careful about the product photos. You should display eye -catching product images with a transparent background that can impact visitors' minds. Don’t have photoshop skills? You can find product photo background removal services online which can help you a lot regarding this.

Jewelry photo background removal

jewelry photo background removal

Jewelry products are also used to sell online nowadays. People are buying exclusive jewelry items by ordering from websites. To persuade visitors to buy expensive jewelry items online, you have to prepare the jewelry product images to look real as well as gorgeous. In addition, you must include a transparent background to show subtle details of the jewelry products. Some background removal service providers offer dedicated jewelry product photo editing and background removal services. Because jewelry product photos retouching come as sophisticated and super complex. It helps jewelry retailers to sell products online seamlessly. Jewelry product photo retouching includes jewelry background removing, enhancement, spot, and dust removal, color correction and so on.

High end background editing

high end background editing

If you want to turn your simple image into a mind blowing one, you can’t only rely on some specific photo editing. Think about viral social media contents, if you want to go viral with social media content, you have to think unique and creative.

High end background editing requires subtle editing specifically in the background part of images. In high-end photo retouching service, photo editors take care of every single detail on images for instance, hair, face, dress color, control shadow and light, brightness, saturation, temperature, removing scratch and glare from images and so on. Thus, it used to increase image quality in all aspects while making them highly responsive and captivating.

Fashion product background removal

fashion product background removal

Fashion products are one the top selling e-commerce products. Unlike other products, clothing products are easy to buy and sell online and it has huge demand online. Whether you have ecommerce sites or not, you can start an online fashion product business using social media platforms. For this, you need to perform creative fashion photography, make a little adjustment like adjust background photo color, apply ghost mannequin and use them in the final destination. If you want to sell fashion products online, you must go through certain photo editing processes. It is necessary to make your simple RAW product photos turn into eye catching. In fashion product photo editing, ghost mannequin gives a 3D look to the clothing object which is applied after removing background from image. It makes the product look like it is floating on the surface.

Glamour photo background removal

glamour photo background removal

Glamour and model photography is required for advertising design, magazine design service and newspaper publishing, fashion product catalog design service, and so many purposes. No matter where used, model photographs always have to go through a high-end photo retouching adjustment. Because without perfect editing, they don't look good and can't be used for any professional purpose. This is why Glamour and model photographers always go for background removing service to make the captured RAW images edited professionally.

Car photo background removal

car photo background removal

Who doesn’t love to see beautiful car images? You may see highly engaging car banners design service and posters design and social media. These banners and posters are made by professional graphic designers so that people find them very attractive. Whether you are making car banners, posters or you have websites to sell or rent cars, you have to post process car photos. Online car image editing services predominantly work to deliver high-quality car photos based on your specifications. They done a huge edit in several aspects of those images, for instance,

  • Removing unusual background and include eye popping one
  • Car color correction
  • Vector conversion
  • Car photo enhancement
  • Making car banners and posters for websites
  • Car shadow
  • Car photo manipulation


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Background Removal FAQs

Online background removal services can be a huge benefit for online activists. For instance, ecommerce retailers, social media influencers, online/offline brands, advertisement agencies, all need to consider this. If you are one of them and are looking for a credible image background removal service online, you are at the right place. However, for newcomers it can be a bit daunting when it comes to deciding which is the best background removal service to hire. Therefore, we include some relevant questions and answers which will help you to make wise decisions in this regard.

Photo background removal service is one of the popular online image editing services. In general, images with asymmetrical backgrounds can adversely affect the overall impression of the viewer. With unwanted image backgrounds, you can’t use images for any professional purposes. Therefore, you need professional photography post production service that also offers background removal as well. These online services go through manual editing processes such as clipping path, multiple clipping path, masking, background erasing to accomplish necessary adjustments.

Online background removal services are extremely important for those who do not have the skills to use advanced image editing software. For instance, ecommerce retailers have to use product photos on website to show all the selling products. According to this, they can’t use the camera RAW image direct on website or social media. Whether you are a photographer or an ecommerce retailer, you must need to edit images before using them in final destination. Online photo background removal service is highly important because they offer seamless way to outsource professional photo editing services. You can get hundreds or thousands of images done with professional editing through these online services.

Background removal is essential in all photo editing operations because it allows to perform subtle editing in the small details of an image. In professional photo editing operations, the background is used to isolate so that the edit does not damage the object. But if the object itself requires color correction, hair or any other adjustment, it needs to make the background transparent at first. Without applying clipping path and other background selection technique, you can’t make the background transparent. Therefore, background selection is necessary in all photo editing application.

According to the amazon standard image requirements policy, “Main images must have a pure white background (pure white blends in with the Amazon search and item detail pages-RGB values of 255,255,255).” If you are about to start selling products on amazon, you should have in mind that the platform has certain recommendations for product images such as image size, background color, format, etc. However, when it comes selling products online, which background becomes highly necessary. White background increases the visibility of the object and removes distraction. For amazon product images, the product must fill 85% or more of the background. If you want to approve your product images in Amazon, you must implement white background to all the product photos.

Amazon is currently one of the largest online sales platforms. Anyone can start selling products on Amazon by following their rules and regulations. If you've got a unique product, or you own a specific offline business, or you want to make money selling products online, you might consider amazon. But before starting your journey with Amazon, you should have known the rules and regulations it applies to sellers. The most important Amazon restriction is image optimization. Optimizing product images means standardizing the image for Amazon requirements. Image optimization is a professional task accomplished by expert photo editors. They know how to make images perfect and appealing to grab consumers’ attention. If you are intending to sell products amazon but don’t have the editing skills to optimize product images, you need to consider one of the best background removal services.

There are images that include fur or hairy objects such as doll, messy hair. It is difficult to remove such kind of objects from the background. Because it includes rough edges and embedded transparencies. These furry objects need to remove by image masking. Masking is a subtle background removing method. The technique is applied to highly complex objects that cannot cope with the clipping path. Experts choose masking when dealing with fur/hairy objects. It gives the best output and make it visually appealing.

Shadow is an important aspect of images that can help make an image look more real and vivid. But not all images look necessary to applying shadows. Some images are good without natural or custom shadows. However, you can do both add or remove shadow with an image if you have specific photoshop techniques. Experts used to adopt drop shadow, natural shadow, and mirror shadow when need. So, if you need to add or remove shadow to your images, you can ask help of an image background removal service online.

Amazon has set some requirements for uploading product images which also known as Amazon product image requirements. It is necessary to follow amazon requirements to qualify your images by amazon and start selling. If you’re willing to sell products on amazon, you must know the image standards and make your images likewise. Here are the amazon allowing camera RAW images technical and standard requirements to know what to ensure before uploading images on this platform.

Technical Requirements

First, you have to ensure that your image meets all the technical image requirements. Technical requirements go to the format, color mode, and file name of the images. In this regard, amazon recommends, File names must include the product identifier (e.g. Amazon ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC), followed by a period and the appropriate file extension (e.g. B000123456.jpb). Amazon Site Standards for Images

  • The image must be the cover art or a professional photograph of the product being sold. Drawings or illustrations of the product are not allowed
  • The image must not contain gratuitous or confusing additional objects
  • The image must be in focus, professionally lit and photographed or scanned, with realistic color, and smooth edges
  • Books, Music, and Video/DVD images should be the front cover art and fill 100% of the image frame. Jewel cases, promotional stickers, and cellophane are not allowed
  • All other products should fill 85% or more of the image frame
  • The full product must be in the frame
  • Backgrounds must be pure white (RGB 255,255,255)
  • The image must not contain additional text, graphics, or inset images
  • Pornographic and offensive materials are not allowed"

Clipping path service is indisputably most popular background removal service. It uses photoshop pen tool to remove objects from background and change it. On the other hand, background removal becomes a particular sector of photo editing where experts not only deal with background but also adjust the entire where necessary. Materially, the background of the image can be fixed in different ways. Clipping path is one of them, it is highly used in simple and super complex background removing operations where the image object used to cut out from the background. But there also some other background removing techniques available such as masking, background erase, blur, and manipulation. It depends on the image background to understand which technique should be applied to the image. So, when are talking about background removal, it doesn’t indicate to any particular technique like clipping path.

Image background removal is one of a simple photoshop techniques It comes necessary in all photo editing operations where the images need advanced post processing. Background removing is usually done with Photoshop and some automatic software’s. Photoshop background removal requires specific knowledge of pen tool, mask etc. There are several background removal methods that you can use in Photoshop such as.

  • Pen tool
  • Background eraser tool
  • Magic wand tool
  • Lasso tool
  • Photoshop masking

You have to learn the technique before applying any of these. In case you don’t know how to remove background manually in Photoshop, you can use some automatic applications. Although it isn’t recommended for professional purposes, if you have got professional reason to use images, you should consider professional background removal services as a solution.

Background removal is the most common editing operation that involves almost all image editing processes. But if particularly said,

  • Background removing service need when we need to remove unwanted background from images.
  • When we have to change the background color of images.
  • To remove unwanted objects, scratches, and to include objects in the background.
  • Ecommerce retailers need this service most as they have to make white backgrounds for e-commerce product images.
  • It is also required in offline print design, magazine and catalog design for business and industries.
  • Professional photographers need this to give professional look to their captured photographs.
  • Offline print media such as magazines, banners, leaflets, posters, etc. also need background removing services to ensure the best visual outcome.
  • Online and offline advertising and marketing must need professional designers to get the best visual campaign materials.

Most online editing services used to categorize images according to their background difficulty. What we have seen above images background difficulties refer as simple, medium, complex and super complex categories. When you are in any online service, it is better to understand your images difficulties in your own. Because they have almost different price range. For images that are easy to fix background and don’t take much time, they are categorized as simple images. But images that include too many complex shape and edges and take time to perfect editing, are considered as complex images. If you have bulk images for which you need background removal service, you should ask the provider to give hints of images which are simple and super complex.

If you are almost new to this, you may find it difficult choosing one reliable and expert online service. As there are so many websites has photo editing and background removal service offerings. But it doesn’t mean all are professional and can do the job perfectly. To ensure the best quality output, you can ask for free trials to examine its quality. Besides, you can consider,

  • Check portfolio
  • Client’s feedback
  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Availability
  • Discount on bulk order

What about our photo background removal service?

There is no shortage of background removal service companies online. So, it is very simple to choose one photo background removal service for your needs. However, you should have in mind that you are choosing the right one. Because not all services are professional and meant to provide the best result you need. What about us? Graphic Design Eye is a huge graphic design and image editing service agency that offers all kinds of editing solutions. We have an experienced team of editing experts to solve everything from deep etching to vector transformation for portrait photos. No matter how you want to edit raster photographs, we do that with efficiency. Our service supports both small and large ecommerce businesses. Unlike other services, you will find budget friendly prices for all the services here.

We ensure quick turnaround no matter how many images you have and bulk discount for bulk orders. Our team is bigger enough to deliver thousands of images per day. Have a trust issue? We have a free trial option for newcomers. Besides, if you are looking for affordable prices for graphic design and best service quality, then GDE is exactly what you are looking for.