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background removal service

Background Removal Service

Background removal service involves the process of replacing the existing background of an image with a different one. It can also fix any issues related to the image background editing. The process is also known as the clipping path, which is a technique used to cut out an object from the background. The clipping path is essential for many photo editing tasks, like background removal, color correction, photo retouching, and adding shadow effects, among others.

For e-commerce businesses, having high-quality product images with the right background is highly essential. The choice of background will depend on the sales channels, with marketplaces generally requiring product images to have a white background. However, for selling in their own stores, any colored backgrounds that align with the brand's color theme may be more effective to hold customer attention.

Our team of expert photo editors specializes in background removal using the Photoshop pen tool and is able to process over 3,000 photos in a day. They also ensure each photo appears captivating and meets the highest standards of quality.

We are committed to offering affordable pricing to our clients, with rates starting at just $0.20 per image. Additionally, we provide various payment plans to suit our client's needs, including project-based payments, weekly payments, and monthly payment plans.

Prior to receiving our services, our clients can avail a free trial, allowing them to submit up to 5 images and experience our expertise & the quality of our services.

The Cost of Photo Background Removal By Complexity

Based on the photo and its nature, we have set four service categories. They arrive with different pricing plans based on their processing and working capacities. The categories are:

Simple background removal

background removal service

This category, we remove the backgrounds which are not that much complicated. In fact, it takes a couple of minutes to perform this task. The object is placed in a simple position and we remove the backdrop.

Medium background removal

background removal services

To deal with the medium background removal, we need to be a bit careful. Because there are several issues available here. The edges, shapes and color tones need to remain the same after the removal. Therefore, the task takes more time than average.

Also, we need to check the object placement carefully. Most of the cases, the objects are placed in a white background. But if the client demands, we deliver it to other backgrounds, as well.

Complex background removal

complex background removal

When there are multiple objects in a photo, we consider removing the background as a complex one. At times, we need to remove each of the photos separately and set those up in a new place. Moreover, we need to care about the edges, curves, sharpness of the objects, among others.

As a result, we need to focus on the objects with great care. And thus, the task is time-consuming. However, our expert photo editors are able to do the complex background removal smoothly.

Super complex background removal

super complex background removal

As the name suggests, it is the superior one in the category ladder. There are multiple reasons for it being superior. In fact, there are a number of issues that need to be taken care of. Primarily, we consider those photos for super complex background removal where there are four to five objects.

And you know, it is a challenge to remove the backgrounds from all the photos. And then set them again in a new place. So, the price range of such categories is also a bit higher.

Here Are Some Photo Background Removal Samples

Through the use of a photo background removal service, you can have some examples of photos. We have classified the examples based on our clients’ requirements. And we are able to deliver the background removal services in each of the examples with greater perfection. Check the examples below.

Photo Background Removal Order Process

Ordering photo background removal services from us is a simple process that entails just three easy steps. Here's a brief guide to assist you in starting your order:

Instruction & Order

Just send description of your needs


We send the concept to clients for feedback

Delivery & Pay

File Delivery and payment release


Pricing for background removal services is adaptable to suit your specific needs. Our background removal, achieved through the creation of clipping paths, comes with a price range spanning from $0.20 to $10.00 USD per image. However, for the large volume of tasks, we also offer a flat price to our clients. Remember, we have highly skilled image editors and they flawlessly remove the photo background. So, the pricing may not be the same all the time. You can check the pricing here…

Price List

  • 1 to 20 Images

    Non Discount on your order

  • 21 to 50 Images

    10% Discount for now

  • 51 to 100 Images

    Have 15% discount in order

  • 101 to 200 Images

    Enjoy 20% discount here

  • 201 to 500 Images

    Get 25% discount on this

  • 501 to 1000+ Images

    Claim 30% on your order


    Flat 40% discount for you





Photo Background Removal FAQs

Here is some relevant background removal FAQ to provide answers you may inquire about. Check out this, if you have any other questions about our background removal services, you can feel free to ask on our contact page or email.

Placing an order is simple. Our clients can email us about their needs, directly. Also, they can use the order page on the website. If you send an email, mention all the details we need, like how many photos you want to be edited, what types of photos are there, if you have any color theme, etc. We will reach you back to set a virtual meeting to discuss other issues in detail. And when using the order page from the website, fill in the form appropriately. Make sure you use the project brief section. It will help us get into your background removal project. We will get a clear concept about the project.

Yes, we have a flat discount for bulk orders. However, it depends on the volume of work that we receive. You may remain free of worries regarding the quality. Despite providing discounts, we do not compromise about the quality. And, we provide a certain flat rate on all types of bulk background removal service. However, to avail the offer, our client needs to place an order of at least 100 photos.

Graphic Design Eye is one of the leading photo background removal service providers. This company has become a favorite for its dedication to the jobs. In fact, we are open round-the-clock. No matter if it is a holiday or foul weather, we are there for our clients. We relentlessly prodive photo editing and other relevant services to our local and global clientele.

Thereby, you can reach us at any of your convenient times. You will get an instant response.

Well. We are careful about the security and confidentiality of the photos of our clients. In fact, the photos are never shared with anyone for any purposes. We receive the images from our clients and edit them accordingly. Finally, once the editing is complete, we deliver the edited versions in line with the raw copies. So, there are no chances of privacy breach for our clients.

Also, we can sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with the client in case of necessity.

We do not have any specific preference on receiving files. Actually, our clients can send us photos for editing in almost all the compatible formats. As we use premium photo editing software, we can open and edit all such photos.

The turnaround time varies based on photo complexities. If the photo is simple, we can process over 3,000 photos in a day. However, if the photos arrive with complex backgrounds, the turnaround time will get an extension accordingly. Not to worry. After assessing the photos, we can provide an estimated turnaround time to our clients.

Why Choose Our Photo Background Removal Service?

Our aim is to make our clients 100% satisfied by providing the best quality within the deadline.

There is a huge background removal service available online and it is a laborious task to find out a solid one among them. because not all online services are reliable and trustworthy. Some of them are intentionally a waste of time and money.

If you are looking for an extraordinary and skillful team to work for image background removal. you’re welcome to the Graphic Design Eye. As we know our strength and we’re keen to provide you the best service in terms of quality and quantity in the minimum time.

We’ve been working for the background with many famous media, printing, eCommerce, fashion, photography, and other creative agencies. Those agencies we’re working with usually require the professional and skillful artist to make sure about the clean images, through which they can highlight their products.

If you are an online seller, photographer, or eCommerce business owner then it is an obvious thing to make sure the 100% professional, skilled team for the service of background removal with a stable hand. Amongst all our works we do the clipping path best of all other agencies to ensure your required Graphic Design Eye and enhance the image quality.