background removal service

Background Removal Service

Background removal service involves the process of replacing the existing background of an image with a different one. It can also fix any issues related to the photo background editing. The process is also known as the Photoshop clipping path, which is a technique used to cut out an object from the background smoothly.

For e-commerce businesses, having high-quality product images with the right background is highly essential. The choice of background will depend on the sales channels, with marketplaces generally requiring product images to have a white background. However, for selling in their own stores, any colored backgrounds that align with the brand's color theme may be more effective to hold customer attention.

Our team of expert photo editors specializes in photo background removal using the Photoshop pen tool and is able to process over 5,000 photos in a day. They also ensure each photo appears captivating and meets the highest standards of quality.

We are committed to offering affordable pricing to our clients, with rates starting at just $0.20 per photo. Additionally, we provide various payment plans to suit our client's needs, including project-based payments, weekly payments, and monthly payment plans.

Prior to receiving our photo background removal service, our clients can avail a free trial, allowing them to submit up to 5 photos and experience our expertise & the quality of our services. Certainly, you can proceed by clicking the "Free Trial" button to get free trial photos from us. Contact us now!

The Price Of Photo Background Removal By Complexity

Based on the photo and its nature, we have set four photo background removal price categories. They arrive with different pricing plans based on their processing and working capacities. The categories are:

Simple photo background removal

background removal service

Generally, the photos which come with a single layer are termed as simple backgrounds. They have a couple of holes or layers in the photos, and we remove the layers to place the object on a transparent or suitable background. The entire task is manually performed. Pricing for such photo background removal starts from USD $0.20 and we can provide background removal service for 5,000 simple images in 24 hours.

Medium photo background removal

photo background removal service

On a medium photo background removal, there are more than two layers. While removing the background, we have to work on up to five layers. We need to remove the layers manually one after another, and then place the photo object on a white space, or on any other suitable color background.

Also, we need to be careful while removing backgrounds of medium complexity as the shape, color theme, lines, and tones may not always be the same. But we make them look aligned with the actual them, and thus it takes a bit more time to complete the task. The pricing for such background removal starts from USD $0.50. We have the capacity to deliver 4,000 such images in 24 hours.

Complex photo background removal

complex photo background removal

A complex photo background removal is the process to deal with over 5 layers at a time. The photos have several objects (five to eight). Thus, we have to care for each of the objects and remove their backgrounds smoothly. During the photo background removal process, we also need to care about the lines, shapes, and layers to keep them intact. Therefore, it takes a bit more time than the simple or medium category background removal.

Considering the aspect, the price of a complex photo background removal is a bit higher and starts from USD $2. We can remove backgrounds of 3,000 complex photos in 24 hours.

Super complex photo background removal

super complex photo background removal

As the name suggests, a super complex photo background has a minimum of 10 layers (or objects) while the maximum number of layers is not limited in numbers. During the photo background removal, we have to pick each of the objects and remove their backgrounds separately.

As there are multiple objects in an image, we need to focus on each of the objects at a time, and of course with great care. While removing the backgrounds, we also have to focus on the object shape, edges, curves, sharpness, and straight lines, among others. Thereby, it takes a bit more time than the simple, medium, and complex category background removal. So, the super complex background removal price is higher - it starts from USD $5. We are able to background remove 2,500 super complex photos in 24 hours.

Check Some Photo Background Removal Samples by Purpose

Definitely, a photo background removal service is a great way to represent your products regardless of online and offline promotions. So, having some ideas in advance about their outlook will help you make the decision quickly.

Check some of our photo background removal samples. They will demonstrate how we actually complete the photo editing. And this would be a great resource to help you forward your thoughts on having our offered service.

Photo Background Removal Order Process

The process to place an order for photo background removal is pretty simple. First, our clients need to send us photos for background removal service. Upon receiving the photos, we will start the production process. And the client does not need to make any payment this time.

Next, we will send the edited images to our clients for their feedback. If they have any modifications, we will tweak the photos accordingly.

Lastly, we will deliver the edited photos to our clients, and our clients have to clear the payment.

Instruction & Order

Just send photos to start production


We send the images to clients for feedback

Delivery & Pay

File Delivery and payment release


Pricing for a photo background removal service is adaptable to suit your specific needs. Generally, our photo background removal process is fully professional as we go through the creation of clipping paths for background removal in photos, which comes with a price range spanning from $0.20 to $10 per photo. However, for the large volume of tasks, we also offer a flat price to our clients. So, the photo background removal pricing may not be the same all the time. You can check the background removal price here…

Price List

  • 1 to 20 photo order

    Non Discount on your order

  • 21 to 50 photo order

    10% Discount for now

  • 51 to 100 photo order

    Have 15% discount in order

  • 101 to 200 photo order

    Enjoy 20% discount here

  • 201 to 500 photo order

    Get 25% discount on this

  • 501 to 1000+ photo order

    Claim 30% on your order


    Flat 40% discount for you





Photo Background Removal FAQs

Here is some relevant background removal FAQ to provide answers you may inquire about. Check out this, if you have any other questions about our background removal services, you can feel free to ask on our contact page or email.

Placing an order is simple. Our clients can contact us about their needs directly, mentioning all the details you need, like how many photos you want to be edited or any type of requirements. After getting your mail, we will reach you to discuss the project.

Yes, we have a flat discount for bulk orders. However, it depends on the volume of work that we receive. You may remain free of worries regarding the quality. Despite providing discounts, we do not compromise about the quality. And, we provide a certain flat rate on all types of bulk photo background removal services. However, to avail the offer, our client needs to place an order of at least 100 photos.

We deliver any photo background removal projects within 12 to 24 hours. If the photo is simple, we can process over 5,000 photos in a day. However, if the photos arrive with complex backgrounds, the turnaround time will get an extension accordingly. Not to worry. After assessing the photos, we can provide an estimated turnaround time to our clients.

We do not have any specific preference on receiving files. Actually, our clients can send us photos for editing in almost all the compatible formats. As we use premium Photoshop software, we can open and edit all such photos.

Graphic Design Eye is one of the leading photo background removal service providers. This company has become a favorite for its dedication to the jobs. In fact, we are open round-the-clock. No matter if it is a holiday or foul weather, we are there for our clients. We relentlessly prodive photo editing and other relevant services to our local and global clientele. Thereby, you can reach us at any of your convenient times. You will get an instant response.

Well. We are careful about the security and confidentiality of the photos of our clients. In fact, the photos are never shared with anyone for any purpose. We receive the images from our clients and edit them accordingly. Finally, once the editing is complete, we deliver the edited versions in line with the raw copies. So, there are no chances of privacy breach for our clients. Also, we can sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with the client in case of necessity.

Well. Usually, the photos files are in raw format and thus they become larger than average. So, when you have such a large file, we will send you the link to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Wetransfer. You need to upload the files on the links and we will take care of the rest. And we can send you a Dropbox link, just you will upload photos.

However, for exceptionally large files, we can provide you a dedicated FTP account to transfer them to us.

Certainly. We receive and deliver urgent photo background removal projects. In fact, we have a dedicated team of experts to take care of such projects. So, if you are in need of any urgent photo background removal, send over the files to us, and wait for a while. We will process the project before the deadline ends.

Of course. We can provide a solution to your amazon product photo background removal, sizing or resizing the photos. Also, we optimize the photos to be uploaded on your page. So, if you are looking for a service for your amazon product photo, feel free to contact us. You will have the best solution from our company.

Why are we a specialized photo background removal service?

Graphic Design Eye has been providing their photo background removal service for a significant period of 5 years. In the journey, we have encountered different types of people requiring background removal of their images for various reasons.

We have been working for image background removal with many famous industries, printing, eCommerce, fashion, photography, and other creative agencies. Those agencies we are working with usually require the professional and skillful artist to make sure about the clean and clutter free images, through which they can highlight their products. Our aim is to make our clients 100% satisfied by providing the best quality within the deadline. We have the following special features.

  • Reasonable price with highest satisfaction
  • Always adhering to quality
  • Receive all types of orders, including large ones
  • Prioritizing urgent orders
  • Simple order placement and photo sending processing
  • Individual FTP accounts for our clients
  • 3-shift operations a day & Round-the-year operation
  • Expert client management team
  • Flexible payment plans (weekly and monthly payments)