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When you outsource our photo editing services, it requires only 3 steps to get your work done. Our goal is to provide seamless outsourcing experience to our clients. Let's look at three simple steps below to easily go through our editing service,

Request Quote

Just request a quote describing your needs

Instruction & Order

Start with price discussion and project execution

Approve work & Pay

Review – Approve work – Payment release

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  • Above mentioned prices are just for a basic idea. We're requesting you to get a personalized quote from us rather than relying on these.
  • Check the pricing section to know about graphic design & editing services


When you enter the world of GDE's graphic design services, no matter what kind of visual design you need, we've got things done simply for our clients here. From your business logo to entire branding design, video – animation creation, and static ads for online and offline, we find appropriate design concepts based on the client’s business eco and audience. To help you understand how we perform in complex graphic design operations, look at the 6 steps of our graphic design order completion process below.

Project Briefing

Whether it's just a business banner or any other brand visuals that you want to design, a project briefing would help understand your needs. How do you want to engage people through design? Because without a clear idea in mind, designers will not be able to perform well and provide the best things to suit your needs. So, we execute project briefing before starting the operation and note down all the requirements and information we need to accomplish it perfectly.

project briefing

Step 1

Researching Client Ecosystems

This step does not appear to be necessary for simple graphic design operations. If you want to do logo design, branding design, rebranding, product design, and packaging design, then here comes the need to do research on your brand ecosystem. Researching client ecosystems shows the effort we put to understand your brand impact, audience, and the way audiences will be more likely to interact with your brand. So, we can show you the best results with our design.

researching client ecosystems

Step 2

Getting Started with the Design

This is the third step when we will start to find out great concepts for the design and create a layout for it. The layout will be created focusing on how to generate or retain the attention of your clients. The layout will be created focusing on how to generate or retain the attention of your clients. Our designers consider each single design element such as color combination, visual elements, shades, textures, etc. to create an eye-catching design for it.

sketching the mockups

Step 3

Presenting & Refining

Now, it's time to show what we've done. We will present the design using the preferred communication channel. It will be helpful to get feedback and make changes before finalizing the design. If it needs to be changed or modified, we will do so accordingly.

building the design

Step 4

Client Reviews

We also will ask you for your reviews. You need to review the projects. If it needs any further tweaking or you need any change & modification. Accordingly, we will bring the changes in the designs.

presenting & refining

Step 5

Delivery & Payment

After final modification and review, we will deliver the files and you will have to release the payment. You can receive the design in the preferred format and payment can be done via the selected medium. We accept card transfers, bank transfers, and checks for the payment. Refund isn't acceptable if the request comes after 30 days of the delivery. To get the refund policy, you can visit the page.

client reviews

Step 6