photo retuching service

Photo Retouching Service

Photo retouching service is the process of retouching and restoring images using digital tools and techniques. A creative editing can enhance the existing beauty of the photos. Besides, the technique also removes scratches, damages, blemish marks and other defects. Finally, the photo wears the best look. And you can use it for your purposes.

Remember, without some eye-catchy photos, this is nearly impossible to get attention. Because there are lots of images and they aim to grab attention from clients. So, you are in a race. Race against your competitors. Unless you provide something special, chances are lower to get attention from your clients and customers.

However, not to worry any more. Our high-end product retouching is able to make your photos look almost flawless. You know, it is not always possible to click the best shots. The images need post-processing. So, the image retouching is there to redefine the photos. Photo retouching is able to bring changes in color, lighting, settings, and adjust the other elements.

So, if you are concerned about the quality of your images, you can contact us to shine them. We are capable of catering your all photo retouching needs. And smoothly you can use the photos for your online or offline businesses or for other purposes.

Here are the best of the photo retouching samples

If you are starving with images because you have to make them perfect to get the highest response and accomplish your target, then you are in the right place. Graphic Design Eye is a foresighted online photo editing service provider. We conduct a skillful team of expert photo editors who could resolve any image-related problems. From our day-to-day experience, here we illustrate photo retouching services in a way that will help you to easily pick the one you need most.

Here is the brief of all those photo retouching categories to make sense of what you will get from these,

Jewelry photo retouching

photo retouching services

Jewelry is the most fascinating object for women. They always fall for jewelry items whether seen in online or offline jewelry stores. Nothing but gold jewelry can make women happier in any mood. Selling jewelry items online is not an easy task. Unlike other products, jewelry products are precious that sometimes customers don’t want to trust to buy them online. Especially for gold and high stoned jewelry items, they need to be adjusted in such properties like,

  • Dust and glare remove
  • Cleaning
  • Diamond polishing
  • Color enhancing of gold and silver
  • Make it shinier
  • Create mirror reflection
  • Jewelry photo background remove
  • Bring the perfect brightness, contrast, and tones correction

Most of the time, jewelry product items don’t come the proper way because of lighting and other issues at the time of capturing the product image. These errors need to be fixed in the post-processing period. Post-processing jewelry items image is frequently known as jewelry photo retouching. We do this, as we are extremely experts in photo editing and retouching. Provide support to certain big e-commerce jewelry retailers, we actually know how to retouch jewelry product images to emphasize selling. Most of the time the raw photos can’t get attention therefore, all the time before displaying your products online you must need to take the professional jewelry retouching service first. This sophisticated service will help you to get the best possible outcome for your retouching products.

Product photo retouching

photo retouching service

Product photo retouching is a crying need in the present situation. As the number of online retailers and e-commerce stores increases, the demand for photo retouching is also increased. Because they can’t use the RAW footage to display in the online store as they don’t look perfect. For e-commerce businesses, product photos should need to be eye-catching. Images should have the ability to persuade customers and make their minds buy. To help e-commerce retailers, there are lots of online photo retouching service providers set up a dashy business online. If you are an e-commerce retailer and you deal with various products for selling online, you must have to find one of them and Graphic Design Eye is a mentionable one in this regard. In product photo retouching, we fix several errors in the image to make them as perfect as possible. But we are highly set off our goal to keep it look natural so that people can get the real beauty of the product. To do accomplish the goal, we bring changes on images like,

  • Product photo background removing
  • Background color changing
  • Spot and scratch removing
  • Showcasing products
  • Changing colors in any particular portion
  • Smoothing and whitening
  • Product image resizing
  • Product image optimization

No matter what type of product yours is, we become adept at playing with all the types of product images.

Portrait photo retouching

portrait photo retouching

The portrait is a type of photography which becomes more familiar nowadays. Portrait photography distinct from other types of photography because it illustrates people’s personalities more than other objects in an image. While shooting portrait photographs, photographers have to be concerned about a lot of issues to make the image look perfect in all aspects. Because portrait photography comes with a single main object in itself. The object mainly includes a person from the close-range focusing on his/her overall personality. Consequently, portrait images require more care when they are in post-processing. There may have pimples, spots, hairs, acne, blemishes on human skin, and face. Expert retouches try to fix all those blemishes from the human face and tune skins to make every single portion of it exaggerated. Our Smart experience and skilled artists are very much keen to bring the best outcomes by retouching portrait photos to look natural. In addition to that, they bring such changes while retouching portrait images such as,

  • Adjusting and fixing all issues in the eyes
  • Skin softening
  • Remove any unwanted spots from the face
  • Whitening teeth
  • Skin texture, color contrast
  • Color changing
  • Sharpening

Everybody wants to keep their portrait images in a frame. If you are also interested to create outstanding portrait photographs to keep them remembered then we will help you make images in the way you want to look at them.

Wedding photo retouching

wedding photo retouching

Wedding photo retouching is a big part of the photo retouching industry. A wedding is a memorable event for every human being. Thus, they want to capture every bit of their wedding event as they hire a professional photographer to get in professional touch. Photography agencies often come with both shootings along with post-processing services. Therefore, a professional photographer who provides post-processing services charges quite a bit high that is not affordable for the common people. Then they used to manage photography on their own and go for retouching services to make images perfect so that they can feel a little more when seeing those images after a few years. For wedding photo retouching, our experts perform more specific retouching and adjust things sophisticatedly. From image background to the main object and other perceptions including the image, they will adjust and bring a joyful vibe to your wedding images. However, for wedding photo retouching, there are things that we take special care of, they are,

  • Removing/adding objects in images
  • Bringing the best color feeling through color correction
  • Spot healing
  • Wedding photo album creation
  • Wedding photo collage
  • Wedding photo manipulation
  • HDR wedding photo blending
  • Makeup adjustments

Fashion photo retouching

fashion photo retouching

Fashion products always should come in a fashionable way. Unless they aren't able to create the buying sense to people. Same as other industrial and commercial activities, the fashion industry also needs to meet photo editing services as well. Both the fashion industry and fashion product retailers have to manage photographs of their fashion products to make catalogs and also make advertising campaigns for marketing. Fashion photo retouching is highly required for online fashion product retailers. Because they have to ensure the best product image to make target sales and profit. In online business, all types of products should come out with perfect retouching. But when it comes to fashion product retouching, experts need to apply some exceptional editing fetches to make product images as eye-catching as alluring. If you have a fashion business, then we will help you to manage your bulk fashion product images preparing with high editing sense for both online and offline platforms. Especially for fashion product image retouching, we bring adjustments such as,

  • White background
  • Color correction
  • Glossy effect
  • Neck joint
  • Ghost mannequin
  • Add models in fashion product image

Neck joint and ghost mannequins are two distinct types of editing approaches that only take part in fashion product retouching. The neck joint photo is used to remove the distortion in the neck part of fashion product images and a ghost mannequin simply gives a ghostly effect to give the best possible look to fashion product images that will be used for e-commerce.

Glamour photo retouching

glamour photo retouching

The modeling and glamour industry goes through camera, photography, and post-production. Whenever we see models and glamour, which is either an image or a real one, we find them always gorgeous. Glamour photo retouching is an important part of every operation where you have to deal with glamours. For instance, think you are a fashion industry owner and you need to design catalogs of your fashion products. So, you have to manage this by hiring models and glamour, shooting photos of your products and sending them to post-production. Not only this, glamour photo retouching takes part in modeling photography, using model and glamour images in any other products like print, and so on. Whatever the reason, the goal is to make glamour and model images glamorous and bring life to the images with post-processing. We also envisioned keeping a natural-looking feel in those images so that they can’t look exaggerated. In glamour photo retouching, we look for errors that need to be fixed and get a hand at them. Here are some movements we usually take in such operations,

  • Editing background
  • Teeth whitening
  • Color correction
  • Hair fixing
  • Editing perspective
  • Makeup adjustment
  • Skin toning
  • Dodge and burn
  • Skin smoothing
  • Bring natural feel

Commercial photo retouching

commercial photo retouching

Since image becomes the one-stop solution for most of our online and offline activities these days, we need images perfect before using them for any commercial purposes. Images are needed for every commercial purpose no matter what you are dealing with. They are the strongest way for visual communication which is highly important in this regard. If you have a business either online or offline, you must have to use images for several reasons. For offline business, you have to make product catalogs design, business brochures design, flyers design, banners design, and so on. Similarly, images are essential for online businesses, for example, magazine retouching. In this way, images act as a bearer in every commercial process. It makes things easier to understand and creates a bridge between consumers and sellers. We retouch all types of commercial images to minimize your effort. There are no complex issues, just send a quote describing what you need, and we will get you in the exact time.

High-end photo retouching

high-end photo retouching

High-end photo retouching is a professional retouching application where the main objective is making perfect images in a way that looks natural. Unlike other retouching operations where it is clearly visualized that the image is being post-processed, high-end retouching minimizes the possibilities of this. Since retouching is highly needed in every professional image usage, sometimes it requires keeping it silent because there are some serious issues. If those images look being edited, they won’t fulfill the requirement completely. However, digital product photo editing and retouching change the way of modern visualization but in the meantime, it also causes some gatherings because people are making anything they want. Using these techniques, one can easily change the entire perspective of an image and can present it totally the wrong way. Despite having the evil sides, high-end retouching is still making itself worth it for some common purposes. If you have got any of these, you can take high-end photo retouching to resolve and keep moving forward.

Photo Retouching Pricing

There is no such field in e-commerce that doesn’t need the retouching service. We see millions of products in the e-commerce sector and all the images have used this service to find out the best possible presentation of it. If you are dealing with products you just need to take the photo retouching service because this will help you to get the professional look of your business products. You require the best photo retouching service and to get it you just need to hire a photo retouching service company first but there are thousands of photo retouching service companies. Which one to take? Let me tell you that, you just need to find out the best one who gives photo retouching service more professionally at the same time at a low rate. We are here to give you the most professional photo retouching service at the cheapest rate and our photo retouching service starts from only $1.00.


  • Simple Retouching

    FROM $1.00
  • Medium Retouching

    FROM $2.00
  • Complex Retouching

    FROM $5.00
  • Super Complex Retouching

    FROM $10.00
  • Simple Retouching 300+ Images

    FROM $0.80
  • Medium Retouching 100+ Images

    FROM $1.50
  • Complex Retouching 100+ Images

    FROM $4.50
  • Super Complex Retouching 100+ Images

    FROM $8.00
  • All kinds of (CONTRACTUAL)

    By Quotation

Photo Retouching FAQs

Though we have covered the whole retouching sector in the content stated above. As we highly care for our clients and always try to bring their needs before mentioning, here are some frequently asked questions about photo retouching. After looking through these, if you got any other inquiries in this issue, just click on ‘get a quote and submit what you need to know.

For images, there are different tools and techniques to edit, resize, and make changes to certain portions, and so on. If you are familiar with Photoshop or other image editing software, you must have known about certain photo editing attributes like clipping path, image masking, image restoration rong, resize, raster to vector, etc.

Simply put, photo retouching is one of the most required photo editing services in the current atmosphere. It is required in every sector where image deals as the main part. Retouching is necessary to prepare images for their final presentation. In the retouching process, professional photo retouchers take care of every bit in an image. They alter, adjust and modify the image where needed. As a photo retouching service provider, we offer all the possible aspects of photo retouching that people need most. Here is the showcase of different types of photo retouching services that we provide.

Photo Retouching Service is the process to enhance image quality for all sides. In the image retouching service, there are various parts for fixing. A professional photographer is the first stage and retouching service is the final stage to make any image looking more attractive and beautiful. By applying the photoshop retouching technique one can easily transform his bad looking images to stunning and aristocrat looking images. If anybody wants to lead his normal image to a successful stage, then professional photo retouching service is the main focal point for him.

Editing is simply adjusting your image on just a few sides and it is barely able to make precise adjustments in images. We are accustomed to editing images with smartphones as there are so many android applications available to get in touch with your images in limited edition. But retouching holds more into it. It is a professional task and mostly done by expert photo editors to bring huge changes in images in order to make them perfect and look gorgeous. For retouching, you have to come out with professional retouching software that is only applicable to computers. For examples, Photoshop, Lightroom, Corel Paint Shop Pro, etc. Are the best photo retouching software you can use for your needs. However, you won’t be able to use this software on a smartphone because it is designed for specific purposes. Therefore, it is clear to understand why retouching and editing aren’t the same in the meaning and usage. You can simply edit your images through a smartphone but if you need high-end retouching, you have to depend on that high functionality software.

Basically, photo retouching is done with digital photography. Our artists use software like Adobe Photoshop and many other retouching tools to improve your photo. The key task of photo retouching is to improve the photo quality that attracts people by changing some elements from the photo. There are many aspects like color, brightness, saturation adjustments, photo cropping, adjusting tone, etc. Artists should be experts and creative to make the best result.

It is an online shop, e-commerce business, print media or any other agency working with images that need the photo retouching service. The e-commerce business has become the source of easy shopping nowadays. Business holders need attractive photos to ensure their sales. The print media and photographers are also in need of proper editing in their photos. Every sector working with digital or print media needs this service.

It is very much important to find the best platform to ensure top-class service. In this world of competition, people want a unique one to become exceptional. Every company is unique in their work process. So, you need to ensure a few matters to get the best service as well as the best quality. Firstly, you may find some locally. If nothing is satisfying then search on the web. There are huge numbers of photo retouching service providers on the internet and most of the agencies provide the opportunity to get the free trial. So it’ll be a better idea to judge the quality amongst all the service providers.

We are offering our clients to take a small look over our portfolio to find the best in us. You can judge our service quality to ensure the best choice. We also provide a free trial offer to our customers and clients to ensure our service quality and the way we work. It has been very much pleasing that the clients give us the feedback in terms of their satisfactory level of our work and we help them do the best.

Graphic Design Eye is a platform made up of providing the best service to our clients. We are keen to provide our clients with the best service in terms of on-time delivery and the best quality as well. Our artists are pretty much professional and skilled to make you satisfy. Graphic Design Eye is concerned about the competition of the current market and so, we are making ourselves unique from others through our service quality and professionalism.

Are different sectors that need photo editing services for a variety of purposes. Our honorable clients are mostly from printing media and e-commerce sites. let me clear one thing that we are naming here a few of them but the aspects are huge. People use to need retouches for their e-commerce business, personal blogs, commercial sites, photographic editing, etc.

Retouching cost depends on various factors like the condition of the source photo and the quality of the original photo. If the photo is a new photo which just needs some retouching to hide or reduce the imperfections of the person photographed. If it is a photo restoration job rather than a simple retouching job, the cost of the work will mostly depend on the condition of the picture. If the photos ancient and damaged, it will take more time and expertise to finish the job. So, the cost will depend on the required time, image complexity, expertise, expected quality of output, and the condition of the source picture. Another aspect on which the cost will be influenced is the type of retouching work you are asking for. We provide the service at the cheapest price starting from just $1.00 and as we said earlier the cost may vary depending on the required tasks and the image quality.

What makes us the best retouching service?

Graphic Design Eye is structured with a group of skilled photo editors who are able to unravel any image problems professionally. We’re proving ourselves to be one of the best in terms of quality and on-time delivery as well. We are also ensuring our clients that we are helping you to save more than 50% of money compared with other photo retouching service providers. We are sure that our talented artists will do their job perfectly and bring you the best image based on your purpose. You’ll never be disappointed with the level of customer service that you get from a Graphic Design Eye. When you grab the chance to make your work done with our company you will appreciate our work. We’ll request you to read our client’s review and feedback to know further about our quality and the satisfaction level we provide to our clients. Our satisfied customers said in regard to our works. You won’t pay until you reach the level of satisfaction.