lettermark logo design service

Lettermark Logo Design Service

Most of the businesses fail to shine in this competitive world. The key reason is their identity crisis. They do not have their identity in a full form. It happens as they do not have their lettermark. It is almost similar to a logo to uphold a brand amid a crowd.

The lettermark is the combination of the initials of a company, brand or service. With the lettermark design service, you get the best possible identity. In other words, the letters express your identity in brief and send a message to your audience.

So, when you have a solid identity, you are able to take attempts for various traditional and exceptional promotions. Ultimately, your target people come to know about you and your products. Progressively, your service turns into a brand. By seeing the letters, the audiences get a clear concept about your brand and its values.

Therefore, it is a must for every business or service to have their respective lettermark. Otherwise, the business may lose appeal. It may go down amid the crowd of competitors. The lettermark helps to keep the head high. And deal with the customers and potential customers for reaching the peak of success. In the end, the lettermark creates a distinctive identity.

Things to consider before having a lettermark logo

This is the age of modern science. Also, it is about competition in the market. You will have thousands of competitors. And almost all of them are offering the same product as you are doing.

But you can end the competition when you have a lettermark logo. So, while designing a lettermark logo, you need to consider a number of aspects. The logo maker also needs to provide recommendations that suit your business most. Because they know the design as you know your business.

Check the following factors while you are planning to have your lettermark logo.


Take this as a rule of thumb. The lettermark should be as simple as possible. There are certain reasons backing this thumb rule.

The sole aim of a business is to make profits, serve people and gain popularity. To follow the goals, you need promotions and even publications. The lettermark logo helps to a great extent to reach the goals. But if the lettermark is not simple, you might be in trouble for your promotions.

Usually, lettermark is the initials of a company or service. So, if the letters are not set correctly, it may take more space in publications and other offline promotional materials. You can run the promotions online but you cannot have them printed for a greater reach to your audience.


Make sure your lettermark logo is easy to recall. You know, there are lots of businesses and services out there. It is not possible for everyone one to remember everything. Better you make it catchy and memorable for your audience. So, whenever they need the service, your lettermark will appear on their mind.

But if the lettermark is too artistic, it may lose that particular appeal. Of course, you do not want to lose your audience, right? So, make it smaller and memorable for your valued audiences.

Font matters

Remember another point, you need to select a suitable font. It is wise not to use the common advertising fonts. They serve a temporary purpose. But if you want your lettermark to be sustainable, you must get a font that will fit in here.

You may ask your logo designer to make a special font for you. At the Graphic Design Eye, we try to provide customized fonts for the lettermark logo design. It takes time, but we do not care about that. We ensure our clients get the best font and the logo becomes a timeless one.

Care for relevancy

At times, people lose their logic when they see lots of lettermark logos. In fact, it is a challenge for them to select the best one. After the rush, they make the mistake. They select the wrong one and suffer the impacts because the logo seems irrelevant.

Hence, it is a good idea to check the relevancy of the lettermark. Check if the letters are properly expressing your business and establishing your brand.

The letters are not only symbols, they are your identity, as well. They will represent your service as a brand to your targeted people. So, it is a must that the letters should be relevant to your business.

Graphic Design Eye and Lettermark Logo Design Service

Graphic Design Eye has long been operational in lettermark and all the other logo designing services. The company is also famous for its outstanding photo editing tasks alongside the logo designing and concept creation.

For our valued clients, we offer a premium lettermark logo design service. The service is for those who are planning to establish them as a brand in the expansive marketplace.

The lettermark logo that we provide is able to create a very positive first impression to your audiences. You know, the first impression is the thing that can build or break a business. And if you are a new-comer in the industry, you need the first impression to be positive. Otherwise, your survival would be a tough call.

Moreover, we provide the highest effort to conceptualize your ideas and themes. So, the lettermark logos wear a very professional look. The lettermark also casts a professional image to your audiences.

Examples of lettermark logo design

Refreshing lettermarks can enchant your audiences.

Lettermark Logo Design FAQs

A lettermark logo is the combination of the initials of a business. The first letters of a business or service provider is used to make the lettermark. For instance, we can cite the P&G (Proctor and Gamble). This is a consumer brand and people all over the world know them. Why? Because of the lettermark logo.

They use their symbol P&G to brand their business. And ultimately, they have received the familiarity. Now, people know this company as P&G, not Procter and Gamble. This is the key benefit of lettermark logos.

Well. There are no strict rules but flexibility. However, while designing a lettermark, the designer should consider certain aspects. The first thing is simplicity – the lettermark logo should be simple.

Next comes the versatility. They should design the logo in a versatile manner. If the logo is versatile, the business owner can use the logo anywhere needed. But if the logo is not versatile, the owner may have some limitations in using the logo.

Besides, the designer should also think about the concept, target people, business products, regional access, among others.

To explain this, you need to rewind certain factors. First of all, you are running a business and it means you want to make profit and serve. So, you must expand your business and its base. Certainly, without promotions, this is nearly an impossible task.

And for the promotions, you need some materials that will showcase the business to your audience. The lettermark could be a potential tool to help you establish your brand. Since, it is the initials, you can start the promotions using the logo.

And step by step, your promotions will reach a wide number of your audience. They will start considering you as a brand. Because they are having the visuals of your business in the form of letters. No doubt, when you have more audiences, some of them will be your customers.

That is the key to growing a business. Lettermark logo design service plays a crucial role here. It develops the lettermark logo and contributes to the elevation of your business.

Well. This is not a time-bound task. A good number of aspects need to be brought under consideration. But we can provide a rough estimation that it will take a minimum of a week to materialize the draft. The finalization process may take a couple of more days.

However, the timeframe is an estimated one. It varies based on the business nature and other relevant matters that dominate the business.

Placing an order is a simple process. You need to register yourself into our website by providing the necessary information. Then login into the website and place your order. The entire process is very simple.

After you place the order, we will get back to you as fast as possible to discuss everything in detail.

The answer is a big NO. We do not have any hidden charges for our clients. Instead, we have flexible payment options. They can pay us using different modes and convenience.

This is a critical issue. And you must apply your intellect before placing an order to any designer (either freelancer individual or company). So, you must consider the facts mentioned here.

First of all, you need to ask the experience of the designer. It is wise to hand over the responsibility to an expert instead of the amateurs. But you can try the amateurs when the project is of lower value and does not need any expert move.

Besides, you should also try to know the past activities. Ask them about their operation in the industry and how many clients they have dealt with. It will help you get some overview about their expertise.

Pricing is another issue that should be clarified as well by the designer. Get the quote and compare it with similar other providers. Get the one that suits you best.

At the Graphic Design Eye, we are highly skilled and you can track our trail which is filled with enormous success.

Of course, we also do that. You need to send us the former version. We will make necessary changes in the lettermark. Finally, the lettermark will get a specific look.

However, this is also a time-consuming task. You must allow us sufficient time to undergo the changes in your existing lettermark. We can assure that your old lettermark will be replaced by a very bright one.