illustrated logo design service

Illustrated Logo Design Service

Now, the way of communication has changed its course. Visual communication is getting the hold on this digital arena. So, if you have a logo design, you can publicize it for your audiences. The illustrations in the logo will help your people to get into the core of your business. Here lies the importance of the illustrated logo design service.

Graphic Design Eye is able to make the complicated business themes into simple illustrated designs. We deploy visual tools like illustrations, cartoons or emoji to visualize the key idea. At the same time, we add some innovative concepts to express the meaning explicitly.

Ultimately, the logos become iconic, versatile and recognizable. When they come in contact with the audiences, the logos can cast a sustainable impression. In fact, illustrations are able to make people feel the essence of the business. And finally, your business gets a boost for visual communication. It would not have been possible if there were no illustration logos.

Illustrated Logo Design Invites Positive Changes

Through the illustrated logo design service, you can experience numerous positive changes in your business or service.

Illustrated Logo Design FAQs

Illustrations are complicated elements. They look fine and eye soothing. But making an illustration is also a tough call. Not everyone is able to make an effective illustration. So, when making an illustrated logo, the same is applicable. The design needs to be unique, innovative and smart. Also, it should portray the key message of the business.

Most of the businesses fail as they do not have the right logo to demonstrate their core. But when you are using an illustrated logo, it comes after lots of background work. The logo makers spend hours of effort to adore the logo. Therefore, when you use the logo, it gets attention, makes people curious and lastly, your business grows.

Making an illustrated logo is not a simple task. In fact, the success of a business relies heavily on a logo, particularly an illustrated logo. So, to sketch such a logo, we use professional premium software like Adobe Photoshop, or Illustrator.

Then, we have to find out the keywords of the business and sketch the rough ideas. Refining sketches is the other part to bring perfection in the process. Then, we show the sketch to our clients - if it needs any further refining. Next, we start digitizing the sketch. Also, we add taglines, texts and colors to bring the right shape.

Illustrated logos are best suited for both offline and online promotions. So, when you are planning for a promotional campaign for your business, you can apply the logos everywhere.

If you use the logo in printed materials, there would be no change in the logo resolution. Further, if you use it for online promotions, you can see the reflection as the same. As we care about the logo quality, we ensure the logo resolution remains all the same, always.

First of all, we need you to clarify the project brief. In fact, if we do not have the brief about the project clearly, we cannot start working. So, when you place the order, you have to mention what you exactly need. Also, you can send us a couple of samples of the logos that you want us to make for you.

However, there are two ways you can follow to send us the order. First, you can use the website through the order page. And second, you can send us an email directly. As per receiving your requirement, we will start the production shortly.