How to Request for an FTP Account

Worries for transferring bigger files will vanish in a second

At times, our clients are worried over the transfer of larger files. The file properties are not usual. As they contain images, illustrations and other elements, usually they become heavier. But we have solutions to each problem.

No matter if you have a large file to share, our file transfer protocol (FTP) will bring relief for you in less than a minute. Using the FTP, smoothly you can send us a larger file. Also, it will be helpful to download the files. Once you receive the completed project from us, effortlessly you can download them.

Only, you need an active internet connection and a computer with proper space to store the file(s). The process is faster than many other file sharing platforms.

In order to transfer the file, you need to fill in the form. We will do the rest. And we will inform you about the details of your FTP account with us.

Do Not Forget To Say About The Disc Space

Oh! Remember to say about the disc space you wish for your FTP account. We tend to believe you may love having UNLIMITED space.