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Animated Logo Design Service: Engages Integrated Concepts

Generally, a logo design company generates a concept to make a unique logo. So, when you look at the logo, you will get some in-depth ideas, creativity and lastly - a message. The message is like a call of action. But when you see an animated logo, you will get into a set of integrated concepts.

The animated logos are weaved following a specific concept or a cluster of ideas. The sole aim is to provide a visual representation of the brand, product, service or a business on a broader scale. The logo designers of Graphic Design Eye emphasize on the concept more than anything. The beautification is added in the later phase.

So, when you find a logo, focus on it. In fact, the animation will reveal the concept to the audience within no time. The animated logos tell the stories in the form of a sophisticated visual and in the form of motion. As a result, the animation shows the entire concept to the audience in a short time and delivers the message.

And last but not the least, the logo places a strong appeal to the audiences. Being influenced, the audiences decide to get the service, or get a product from the business or brand. Naturally, the business flourishes no matter if you have thousands of competitors.

How animated logo benefits you

The addition of motion graphics on a logo makes it animated. This is an innovative approach and brings a fresh essence in marketing and promotion of business and service. Moreover, this is an outstanding way to get attention as people notice moving elements more than anything. And if the logo is 3D, it receives a huge response.

So, why will you pursue an animated logo? The answer is simple. It makes your business noticed. The animated logo uplifts the business instantly. Furthermore, the animated logos are diverse in nature. Thereby, it is easy to use them in almost every digital platform. Consequently, the logo creates a bond with the audience, and changes their attitude towards your business.

Moreover, the animated logo design from our company helps to visually explain your story to a wide audience. It directly strikes to the emotional level of the audiences to elucidate the business in detail, but in a short span of time. In this process, your brand gets more value and it becomes simpler to reach your mission goals.

Lastly, the animated logo becomes an icon of your business to your audiences. The more you promote, the more you will receive a positive impression from the audience globally. And the world is getting digitized. So, you can use the animation in all the digital platforms to get more response.

Animated Logo Design Service Combines Art And Skills

Animated Logo Design FAQs

The ideal duration of an animated logo is up to five seconds. However, the duration can fluctuate between one to five seconds.

If you unnecessarily increase the length, the animated logo will lose its appeal. Moreover, the audience may lose their patience to see the logo in the animated form for a longer time. So, it should be short.

However, we recommend keeping the logo to three seconds for better exposure.

The ordering process is pretty simple. You have to send an email to us. We will get you back as fast as we can. Next, we shall discuss the animated logo details. At the same time, we will finalize the deal.

We focus the business of our clients on the animated logo. The sole aim of the logo is to uphold a business. Therefore, we incorporate the business theme, the brand value and some special effects. As a result, the logo becomes a unique one with a bunch of features to arrest attention from everyone.

Price for an animated logo varies. Multifarious factors contribute to the price setting for an animated logo. At our company, the starting price of an animated logo is $250.

The price will increase in line with the features, styles, effects and other customizations.

An animated logo is solely about the application of motion design. The design could be 2D or 3D. Also, the animation may be frame by frame. It entirely depends on the taste of the client.

So, we need to work accordingly. And it may take up to four to five weeks to complete an animated logo.

During this timeframe, we will develop the key concept, make innovative logo ideas and design. Moreover, we have to apply the motion to the logo – which is another challenge. Hence, we need a sufficient amount of time to complete an animated logo. And it is not possible to perfectly complete it in less than a month.

No, we do not have free trial options for an animated logo. You have to place the order and we will discuss everything in detail. As this is a lengthy process and challenging task, we are unable to provide any free trial option to our clients.