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Placing order made easier

Place your orders at Graphic Design Eye in a couple of clicks

In our experiences, we have found most of the clients are in trouble in placing an order. They either cannot place the order, or cannot determine their needs. So, it becomes a big deal for them. And the issue almost goes unnoticed. Considering this particular ground, we have brought a solution.

By filling in the form below, you can place your order to us. There, you have to provide your personal details and information regarding the project. Make sure, you clearly state what you want us to do for you or with the project. In fact, if it is a photo editing, you need to mention that you need this photo(s) to be edited. Or if you are looking for a graphic design service, say what type of visuals you want.

Upon receiving the information, we will contact you as fast as possible. We regret we cannot respond instantly as we have a large client base. So, all our customer service providing executives remain busy round-the-clock serving them. Consequently, you may need to wait for a while to be contacted.

In the next phase, we will discuss the project in detail using a virtual platform. We will receive your instructions and discuss the other details. And if everything goes right, we will finalize the deal. In the next phase, we will deliver the project and you will clear our payments.

Receiving payments

We receive payment in several ways. Particularly, we stress on the modes and channels that suit our clients the best. Our clients can pay us using direct banking service. Also, we receive payment through channels including PayPal, western union, debit cards, and credit cards.

Moreover, we have flexible payment systems. For instance, our clients can hire us for monthly / weekly-basis work. Also, we provide project-based service. The hourly service is the other deal that many of our clients appraised. In the hourly pricing package, a client can hire our service for the specific number of hours. It is also economical for them.

And if there are bulk orders, we provide a flat offer to our client. The pricing plan is subject to negotiation for bulks. The amount – that we will deduct – depends on the actual amount of the service. However, you will not have the same feature from other similar service providers.

Ordering FAQ

Yes, we have that option. You need to place and order and after the successful completion, we will send you the billing details. You have to transfer the amount into our bank account. We also will serve you with our bank transaction information.

Sure. You can place several orders at a time. There are no issues in placing multiple orders. If possible, we will try to deliver them together. However, if there are any issues in completing the projects together, we will inform you in advance.

We regret we do not have any return policy right now. However, if there are issues with the project, we will provide complementary revisions. And surely, our clients will love the edited photos or graphical elements that we design.

Well. Delivery of a project depends on several aspects. When you ask for a simple photo editing, we may complete it within next 10 to 20 minutes (based on the photo complexities). But if the photo is more complex, the duration to edit it may increase.

Similarly, if it is a graphic design, the process may take more than 3 to 4 days. In case of complicated concepts, the designing process may take over months.

You can check our pricing plan page to know about the minimum price. However, the price may vary based on the project type. When we edit a photo, the minimum price begins from $0.50 or less (for bulk orders and based on photo complexities). But if it is about designing a graphical element, or other visual service, surely you have to pay a smart amount.

Once you place the order to us, we will do some in-depth research. Therefore, you have to wait for a couple of days to execute the entire production process. Next, we will send you the project with billing details. Then, you have to clear the payments.

You do not need any advance payment to get your project completed with us.