combination logo design service

Combination logo design service

Generally, a combination logo is the logo where you will get wordmark, image, icon or letter mark. Undoubtedly, the logo becomes a versatile one to hold attention from the potential audience. And when the logos get inside the brain of the audiences, it casts a longer lasting impression.

How does it happens? The answer is simple. Because the combination logos become highly colorful, adorable and easily memorable. So, when someone encounters a combination logo, it is mandatory for them to bear the logo in their memories.

And you know what, we are the force behind the making of these awesome logos. Our expert logo designers make the outstanding job of familiarizing you to your audiences. They invest their in-depth knowledge and hard earned skills to materialize your dreams.

And ultimately, you get some traffic to your website or prospects to your business. It is the traditional way to enhance your business growth and stand amid the crowd of your competitors.

Types of combination logos

It is wise to know the types of combination logos before you use them. It helps you to know the pros and cons of using the logos.

Basically, there are three types of combination logos available. They are –

  • Image based,
  • Text or letter based,
  • A combination of letter and image.

Image based combination logos are also known as emblem logos. They are formed with the combination of an image in a stylish form with a small text part.

The text based logos are basically the formation of texts in the form of a logo. Those logos bear the name of the company, business, brand or service.

And the third one is the combination of both letter and image. They can make catchy designs that create an irresistible appeal to the audience.

Which type of combination logo is best for a company?

Well. This is a much debated issue globally. In fact, it depends mostly on the types of business, group of audience and many other relevant factors.

You can use the letter mark only or can add the entire combination. It will help to increase the visibility of the business. But that does not mean the other types do not promote the business. It is also about the matching of the logo with the business.

For instance, if you are dealing with some heavy machinery, you may select a suitable image and a short text. But when you are dealing with food items, you need the combination of image and text. Otherwise, you may not get attention from the people.

So, the matter entirely relies on how you see your business and how the designer relates the theme with the logo. To some points, merely a couple of words are more than sufficient to bring your success. And that should be in the right manner. The words in the logo should be creative.

What we offer to our clients

We provide a quality combination logo design service and other logo design related service to our clients. But before proceeding to the design production process, we hold some talks with our clients.

It helps us to know our clients, their business type and the target people better. Accordingly, we sketch a draft of the logo and present it before the clients for feedback.

In this way, we try to create professional terms with the clients. And finally, we make the logo happen which wins the hearts of millions. Our success stories tell the same.

Also, our clients will get a flexible payment system and they can pay us using different payment modes. Regardless of the order volume, we do not compromise with the quality. If you place an order for a single logo, we will provide the utmost attention. And the same happens when we have bulks.

So, try us with your combination logo design and enjoy the natural growth of your business.

Combination logo design service is the secret of a good business

Combination Logo Design FAQs

Well. A combination logo is a specific logo type. It is the combination of several logos in to a single logo. For instance, you can use the combination of images and texts together to make a logo. Also, you can use icons with texts to make the logo. As a result, the logos become attractive and can represent a business perfectly.

The use of combination logos is visible almost everywhere. It is all about your preference. The first and most important prospect of using a combination logo is the clear visibility. When a logo is the combination of image and text, it rarely gets avoided.

So, for the natural boost of a business, it is imperative to get a combination logo. You know, you cannot ignore the appeal of a nicely-made combination logo. And so do your prospective customers.

There are no strict guidelines to apply any concept for making a combination logo. Instead, you can stress on the business theme. Or if your business belongs to your family, you can use the family name.

But the best thing is to hold the business and use the name of the business and an image of the product. However, the applications should be creative and appealing. Otherwise, you may ruin the logo and waste your time, efforts and money.

Making a logo for us is not a big deal. We can make a simple logo within a day or 24 hours. But the fact is that those logos are not always perfect. The designers are unable to focus on the key theme of the logo.

And when it is about a combination logo, the same theory is applicable here. If we rush, we cannot give a better output. It may take at least 72 hours to efficiently sketch, design and finalize a combination logo. However, the timeframe may vary based on the logo type, text and image combination and relevant other issues.

Before making a combination logo, we have to complete several stages. The first thing is to count the competitors and their designs. Next, it is about the brand evaluation of our client. We need to know how the logo will enhance the brand value.

Moreover, we need to conduct a thorough research about the same industry where the logo will be applied. It is about the acceptability of the logo – if the audience will care for it or not.

The next step is sketching the draft logo. It is the crucial stage for us as we need to reflect everything through the logo. Then, we go for the digital version of the logo and use different effects using the premium software. Finally, we send the draft to our clients, get their feedback and finalize the logo.