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logo design service

Logo Design Service

Logo design service is the process of making innovative logos for any business or brands. The logos could also be used for everyone like a corporation or a small business entity, and can be customized as per the instructions of the clients.

No matter what the business size is, it is true that a logo plays a crucial role for the overall betterment of the company. The first and most important factor is that it is the representation of a business. Therefore, the logo needs to be more specific and of course, smart.

A logo also connects the brand to the audience. When a logo becomes familiar, the targeted audiences start relating the logo with their daily life. In such ways, the logos become a part of their lives. And whenever they need the service, they get it from you. But it takes time to set the audience base.

The expert graphic designers of Graphic Design Eye weave the design intricately to entice the potential clients. During the logo making process, they perform a wide range of activities to materialize the ideas. They thoroughly analyze the business type and then design the logos. Our expert designers apply the latest and premium graphic designing tools. Thereby, the logos get the exact shape and perfect style they meant to be.

At our company, we also try to make the logos to be significant to improve the client satisfaction. As part of this process, we try to add variation in the logo making process. At the same time, the creative faculty of the team supports through newer logo concepts, ideas, and sketches. Finally, the sincere efforts from the entire team help our clients to build their brands.

Check Out the Various Logo Designs

This is a leading service category in the overall professional logo design process and indisputably, plays a crucial role in enhancing a brand and its image. Attractive logos grasp attention from everyone, including the potential clients. Because they increase the sales. The services also tell the story of your business to formulate your brand values.

We, the Graphic Design Eye, provide a wide variety of custom logo design services to do more. In fact, we design differently and all our designs are driven through creativity and empathy for our clients.

You know, good design matters when you want to sell your products or services. The logos bring change in the nature of the business and drive more traffic and visitors to turn them into your returning customers.

At present, we provide several attractive services like abstract design, emblem design, and customized design – are the name of a few of our services.

We plan and make designs using human experience that triggers the power of communication. As soon as the design hits our brains, we make the visual that appeals to your targeted audiences. Thereby, the designs connect to your customer base and improve your business visibility. And you know, visibility is the most important factor here.

Customized Logo Design Types

When you are reluctant to get ordinary logos or fail to trust them, you can get a customization. At present, we provide the following customized services for all of our clients.

Abstract logo design

logo design service

It is the process of materializing the abstract logo ideas into the form of a logo. Expert logo design makers need to spend hours to conceptualize the ideas and make them happen.

Wordmark logo design

logo design services

Wordmark logo design has only the name of the company. There are no symbols, images, or any other elements in the logo. It is one of the most impressive ways to explore the audience base.

Emblem logo design

emblem logo design service

One of the highly sophisticated and traditional logo forms. Under this combination, fonts and imageries are merged. Mostly, government agencies, offices, and institutions apply this type of logos.

Monogram logo design

monogram logo design service

Generally, a monogram logo is the design that comes from a combination of letters. In Particular, three letters are applied to create the symbol that represents an entity.

Calligraphy logo design

calligraphy logo design service

As the name suggests, it is the process of making a logo using calligraphy. The logos get an outstanding and stylish shape and finally offer a shining outlook.

Mascot logo

mascot logo design service

Often mascots are used to represent any team, brand, or business. Using caricatures, the expert logo makers make the logo that shows the nature, personality, or feature of the business.

Lettermark & letterform logo

Lettermark logo design service

This is the process to make a logo using abbreviation. Initials are mostly used to formulate the logos.

Signature logo design

signature logo design service

Mostly, the logos contain the name of a company or a brand. The name of the company is written on the logo in typographic style. The impressive factor is that such logos have a personal appearance.

Pictorial logo design

pictorial logo design service

Pictorial logos are made using graphic symbols. Also, icons are used to make the logos and always represent an object available around.

Art logo design

art logo design service

Such logos have a specific audience. Mostly, those logos are for artists, art galleries, or painters. The logo is made based on the audience needs or based on target groups.

Animation logo

animation logo design service

They are the representation of animation in a logo. The designers add some dynamic impacts and animate it. But such logos are most suitable for video presentations. You cannot print or use them for regular purposes.

3D logo

3D logo design service

The 3D logos have three dimensions that show depth. But the other logos lack this particular feature. They are also striking and get attention from the audiences, instantly.

Luxury logo design

luxury logo design service

Luxury logo design is meant for products that you need for your luxury. Brands dealing with luxurious products have their respective logos. And through the logos, the consumers select their brands. And thus, the products get a global market.

Minimalist logo design

minimalist logo design service

Usually, a minimalist logo design is the process of designing a logo without any unwanted shapes, styles and effects. They look plain and simple.

Custom logo design by industry

However, if you are from any particular industry and need custom logo design ideas, check the design services here.

Logo Design Pricing Packages

We always try to provide flexibility to our clients regarding the logo design price. So, we have prepared some special logo design packages for them. Here they are.


    $ 100

  • New Design or Redesign
  • 3 Unique Concepts
  • 2 Dedicated Designer
  • Up to 2 Revisions
    (Additional Revision Each Change $20)
  • Logo in color and B&W
  • Horizontal & Vertical Versions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Approval Assurance

    $ 300

  • New Logo Design
  • 6 Unique Concepts
  • 3 Dedicated Designer
  • Up to 5 Revisions
    (Additional Revision Each Change $20)
  • Logo in color and B&W
  • Horizontal & Vertical Versions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Approval Assurance

    $ 500

  • New Logo Design
  • 8 Unique Concepts
  • 4 Dedicated Designer
  • Up to 6 Revisions
    (Additional Revision Each Change $20)
  • Logo in color and B&W
  • Horizontal & Vertical Versions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Approval Assurance

    $ 1,000

  • New Logo Design
  • Unlimited Unique Concepts
  • 6 Dedicated Designer
  • Unlimited Revisions
    (No Additional Charge)
  • Logo in color and B&W
  • Horizontal & Vertical Versions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Approval Assurance
  • 1 Business Card & Paid Design
  • Corporate Identity Guide Lines

Any kinds of (CONTRACTUAL) custom design


Logo Design FAQs

We have compiled a list of logo design FAQs related to our logo design services. Please refer to this list to find answers to any questions you may have. If you have any additional inquiries about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us through our contact page or via email. We are always available to assist you!

A logo design is the process of making a logo. The process begins after consultation with the client and then materializing the design. Few other steps are also included in the process.

Vector files are those files which the designers use to create the logo. Basically, this is a small file and the photo editors can edit or scale those. Using the vector files, the graphic designers can be used for different purposes. They are usable for making banners, logos and other materials.

In a nutshell, branding is the process of establishing a product, company or service as a brand. On the contrary, a logo is the visual representation of that brand. The logo helps the audience to visualize the brand.

They are impressive to look at and have strategic appeal. Moreover, the logos are perfect and provide a unique identity to your business. Moreover, you will have a competitive price to avail the service.

The process is easier. First of all, check the logo design service provider’s performance and what clients say about it. Secondly, you may need to get a free trial to check their quality of work. Besides, you should also consider their budget.

When all the three factors match flawlessly, you can hire the logo designer individual or company.

Logos are not subject to be copyrighted. Instead, they serve as a trademark for any brand or service provider. However, if someone uses the logo without prior permission of the owner, the logo owner can take legal measures against the violator.

Sure, you can do that. Such logos are termed as customized logos. In this process, you can provide any particular image or concept. The expert graphic designers can also materialize your ideas to customize the logo.

We have easier methods for placing logo orders. You can directly write to us through an email about your logo order. Or you can place the order using the order page. Both are convenient to our clients. While placing an order through the page, you have to fill out a form. Make sure you fill in all the required fields.

Or you are using your email, clearly mention what you need. Attaching a couple of samples would do great. Our customer care executives will get you back soon. And then we will have a virtual meeting over the order and relevant other issues.

Well. There is no exact timeframe for designing a logo. The entire task depends on the type of the logo, research, audience, and other factors.

For instance, a graphic designer can make a logo in half an hour, provided the logo is simple. But it may also take over months, as well, when the logo is complex. In fact, the logo designers never rush. They complete the job with great care.

NO. There are no hidden charges applicable here. You have to pay the exact amount that you are getting served for. Surprisingly, for bulk orders, you will get a certain amount of discount from the service provider. This is a standard practice.

Certainly. You will get revisions. Please be noted, it also depends on the type of logo and complexities of the logos. We can provide up to two free revisions for any task.

Well. In such cases, we will revise your logo. But there are less chances that you will dislike the logo. We can assure the logos we make are up to the mark and perfectly meet your needs.

Why Should I Choose Your Logo Design Service?

We are one of the leading logo design service providers in the industry. Our team has some highly skilled graphic designers. They can visualize the logo and make it within the shortest possible time.

Also, we have options for flexible payment and a certain amount of discount for full branding design for our clients. We try to shorten the delivery time without compromising the quality, as well.