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Logo design services

The logo is the first impression of the modern brand, business, company, and everything which requires a specific profile to engage with people. A logo, itself, holds the entire brand identity itself, communicates with audiences as a visual brand ambassador.

You can’t replace a logo with any other brand essentials. It has a unique appearance and is responsible to create a great impact on the audience’s mind.

If you are here in need of creating a logo for your brand, then you are exactly in the right place. Graphic Design Eye is a prominent name in the field of graphic design and photo editing sector.

Our team of professional logo designers is always ready to create branded logos no matter what type of brand you are. They are highly accustomed and experienced in such critical logo design operations.

But, before going straight, you should check out our skills and logo design experience at first. We are therefore hinting you to check out our portfolio or read the content from start to finish below here.

Here we are also discussing all logo design you need to know and why should you choose our service instead of others.

Importance of having a brand logo

The logo is the most important brand initial which has a strong impact on the overall brand presence. Whether you are a big or small business and organization, you must need a brand logo.

Your logo is not your brand. The logo illustrates a brand outlook, helps people to identify a brand through a distinguished symbol or sign. But your brand holds more value than your logo.

The brand is what people think, say, and express about your companies existence. Both logo and brand are differentiated according to the measurement of success, and the way of engaging with audiences.

Amazon CEO/Founder Jeff Bezos successfully depicts brand stand through his speech, he said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.”

As a business holder, if you are not partially aware of what your brand and what role logo plays in your entire brand journey, then it will be awful.

That’s why you have to pay special attention to these two issues. However, when you are on the brink of designing a logo for your brand, you may be wondering if this really what you need. Here are some points of view showing how important a logo is for a particular brand and business.

A logo is your brand identity

Exclude all others, just think about your brand identity. You have a business, either it is online or offline, you must need a distinct name for your business through which people can easily get to know you.

If you are concerning this issue and thinking about your brand name, then you should first prioritize having a logo for your business. There are such things which take place when a brand in the structure period and logo is the most important one of them.

Logo creates a strong visual perception and tells people about your brand, its name. In this way, your logo will make you recognize everywhere it will go.

Strong first impression

The first impression may be the last if your logo is not designed to capture the attention of the audience properly. If you do a little research about the brand logo, you can see that more than 60% of particular business organizations have a brand logo itself.

More than 80% of present marketers believe that a logo works great to spread brand awareness and make it familiarize. Therefore, if you have a brand, you must need a unique logo.

If you make it professionally, it can make a strong first impression to the audiences who are seeing it first. An eye-catching logo is responsible to call people’s attention and make their mind pay a visit to you as well.

Logo can keep your brand out of the crowd

Indeed, business sectors have now become so competitive and it is too hard for small and new starters to create a strong place in this field. If you are in this situation and thinking about expanding your business, then the logo will help you a lot in this regard.

No matter how much similar business has stayed in your area, there are chances to pass out all of them by a lucrative and engaging logo. Your logo should be relevant to your business so that people can realize what your business is.

Fosters brand value and loyalty

Brand loyalty is a consistent matter which could set your brand in a distinct place in the audience's mind. Building brand loyalty is something making a royal consumer fan base. Those fans have always your brand name in their mind whenever they feel necessary for such products you provide.

The journey of a brand or business is not a quick and easy thing. You can think about the popular brands that have passed more than a decade as a brand. In this journey, a brand should have altered its logo and other corporate initials of the brand to make them viable for the time.

But when a brand goes to a distinct level of loyalty, whatever they do, even if they change their logo, it doesn’t hamper their familiarity a little. Therefore, every brand intends to build brand loyalty and also take steps to drive more value to it.

Although, a logo can do both for a brand. A consistent brand logo can drive value as well as tell people about the loyalty of the brand.

Logo can go where you can’t

When your brand is on the level of huge popularity, at that time, whoever knows your brand logo must be reminded about the brand perception. Your logo can go everywhere you can’t. It is because, if you are a product manufacturer, then your product will be supplied to every corner of the country.

More subtly, your products will directly go to the consumer’s house with the brand appearance. You must embed the logo to all your products and in this way, your brand identity will expand everywhere your product will go.

From the above discussion, it can be said that the importance of a logo is immense for every commercial and non-commercial organization. It should be designed uniquely and professionally so that it can succeed in the areas stated above.

Check out the various logo design services we provide

Logo can be different according to the design, elements, and types. Not all logotypes can be used for all businesses. Although, all the logotypes are nothing but a planned structure and a combination of color, contrast, and typography.

Nevertheless, the logo is a complex issue and takes a lot of consideration in the design period. Professional logo designers come with high expertise that they take it to their responsibility to create a perfect logo for a brand.

If you are finding a professional logo design service that can make you the best logo for your business then Graphic Design Eye is always ready to take the job.

For your convenience, we have created a few particular forms of logo design from where you can easily pick one for yours. Here are the 8 types of logo design you can give a favor before making your decision in this regard.

Abstract Logo

logo design

Logos with schematic geometric shapes and abstract design are known as abstract logos. When your business name is quite a bit abstract and comes in a lengthy form that it could better capture with abstract shape instead of a typographic logo, then you should consider pictorial or abstract logo design.

Abstract logos mainly consist of unique shapes, those shapes may have similarities to your brand perceptions and motifs. Unlike logos with recognizable images, abstract logos easily grab the audience’s attention and make them think about themselves.

Abstract logo can make a brand identifiable; it has extraordinary thoughts that represent your hidden aim regarding the company. If you are a giant business industry then abstract logo design is highly preferable to you.

Wordmark Logo

logo design

Word mark logos are also known as Logotypes and they usually come as a typographic design like Coca-Cola, Google, Disney, etc. unlike the abbreviated form of business name, a wordmark includes the whole name to form the logo.

Wordmark logos are mainly font-based. No complex shapes and symbols, this type of logo can easily visualize and be highly engaging so that everyone can understand the brand name.

You can choose a wordmark logo to construct your brand logo if it owns a short name less than three syllables. Brand name that is used frequently among the locality or across the local, is so much adjustable with such type of logo form.

If you are a starter, then you also can choose a wordmark logo because it can easily make you recognizable with the full brand name itself.

Icon or Brandmark Logo

logo design

This type of logo is more popular as a symbol logo design because they are just an icon or symbol. But the icon represents the brand idea or concept, brand color through its unique appearance.

If you love minimalistic design, therefore, want to make the logo look as simple as possible, then icon logo design is highly preferable to you. In another sense, it will be quite difficult for you to spread brand awareness with an icon or brand mark logo design if you are a new brand.

Icon logo design is some kind of abstract or pictorial logotype, for example, Apple, Twitter, Snapchat logo. The graphical illustration it includes in the design is so engaging and simplistic. Once you are recognized with your brand icon logo, then you no longer need to look back.

Letter Mark Logo

logo design

Letter mark logo is also known as Monogram logo as they are designed like monograms and with an abbreviation of the brand name.

Some companies have a brand name with a combination of more than three words. Therefore, they have to manage abbreviations of the brand to make a short form which they use to create a letter mark logo.

Most of the letter mark logo you see consists of two or three letters. These letters hold an exact meaning behind themselves. For instance,

BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation

H&M - Hennes & Mauritz

HP - Hewlett-Packard

Letter mark Logo is adjustable to all types of businesses and brands. It has the power to make your brand recognizable. In the meantime, it can place your brand name in a distinct place of consumers’ minds and will drive value to it.

Mascot Logo

logo design

The mascot logo comes in a characteristic form that represents the brand identity distinguishably. You may be familiar with such brand mascots and you can say you realize the brand’s existence whenever you see the mascot somewhere.

Mascot logos are popular because of the mascot character that holds the entire brand look and tells people about the brand, what it deals with. So, you understand that the mascot logo includes graphical character or vector art in it.

Mascot logo is highly adjustable to sport brands, technology-related companies, electronics, foods and beverages, and gaming, etc. if you are one of them, then it will be better for you to choose the mascot logotype instead of any others.

However, having a mascot logo is more likely to have a visual brand ambassador for your brand, KFC, for instance. Because whoever knows you, must know the brand mascot. Mascot logos are more engaging and communicative than other forms of logos.

Combination Marks Logo

logo design

The new era has been raised for branding. There are no limitations in creating your logo and you don’t need to confine in only later marks or symbols. According to your needs, you can create your logo by combining the latter logos and symbols.

You have many options to make your logo design. But you can create your logo by combining some of the logotypes and this is why they are called combination mark logos. There you can find your desired icon with your brand’s name.

Doritos, Burger King, Dove, Lacoste, and many other brands use this combination mark logo. These logos have the brand’s name with a meaningful icon that symbolizes the entire brand's meaning.

Designing a combination mark logo is not only creating a design with the brand’s name with an icon. It is all about naming your brand and creating a graphical icon with a proper meaning.

Letter Forms Logo

logo design

Logos that consist of letters along with a graphical shape are called letterforms logos. It also becomes a common trend as people are more like simple things whether it is a logo or other brand initials.

In the types of logo letterforms, logos have added another chapter. Many popular brands use this type of logo like McDonald’s, Yahoo, Netflix, etc.

Every brand wants to create a logo that can be able to make the best impression of their brand or company by the logo. The logo is the first and most important element of branding a brand. So, it is very important to emphasize creating the best logo that suits your brand with having some specific meaning in it.

As letterforms Logos are representing a brand with some specific letter in a graphical shape, it has the reason for being popular.

Emblem Logo

logo design

Having a nostalgic traditional look, the emblem logo design is so beautiful and eye-catching with the elements included in it. However, it is such a type of combination logotype and mostly designed with both letters, typography, and graphical shapes.

Therefore, you can keep your brand logo in this type with eye-catching designs while including your brand name also.

Emblem logo is considered the oldest logo design type. But the truth is this type of logo is still people’s demand because of its unique visual appeal.

For example, you can get inspiration for your emblem logo from the Starbucks, Harvard, and NFL logos. If you desire to make a logo with design and brand name, then the emblem logo is perfect for you.

Slime Logo

logo design

Slime logos are such kinds of logos embedded with cartoon sense and characteristics. Whatever is included in this type of logo has a clear form of artistic visualization. Mainly a slime logo designed for brands that are related to kid’s products and accessories. For example, if you are a cartoon lover, you must be concerned about the popular cartoon channel Nickelodeon. Its logo is a common example of a slime logo.

Slime logo is not a part of any particular logo design type, rather it is designed uniquely through professional logo designers. Slime logos are formed with bright colors and stylish typography. Because of its cartoonish context and slime-inspired elements, it can easily grab attention and take place in visitors’ minds.

If you are a kid brand and you want to keep your brand perceptions attractive to kids and children, then you can use this type of logo to decorate your brand.

Dynamic Logo

logo design

Dynamic logos usually form with a different context that you can’t see in most of the logo designs. You can call these dynamic contexts because they are distinct from the conventional logotypes and symbolize your brand identity differently.

Dynamic logos are different because of their transformation, which means the dynamic logos can change shape, font, and wording over time. Dynamic logos can highly involve audiences with their artistic design and add value to the brand.

When every company goes for a traditional logotype to make their brand identity, you can make it different through dynamic logo design. But you have to be concerned about your business type if it is adjustable with the dynamic logo or not.

Mostly, marketing and advertising agencies should give priority to make their brand with this type of logo because it has more engaging opportunities than other forms of logo.

3D logo

logo design

3D logos are distinguished logotypes which are getting high priority at present to create the most appealing brand logo appearance. Every visual design now comes with 3D looks and creates visual cues that easily illustrate the difference between two and three-dimensional design.

3D logo designs are so realistic and add a huge gradient and texture to make it outstanding. Sometimes, these logos come in a way that you can feel every single point and turn of the design. Undoubtedly, 3D logo design adds a different value to the brand and is responsible for engaging with loyal customers.

If you have a mind to create a 3D logo for your brand, then you should hire professional 3D artists to do the job for you. Graphic Design Eye gladly offers you the same, our expert 3D logo artists have the expertise to find a satisfying 3D logo design concept that could easily be adjustable for your brand.

Although, 3D logo designs are quite expansive and more time-worthy than conventional logo designs. But once you create a 3D logo for your brand, it will tell people how professional you are in your sector.

Animation logo

logo design

Since everything is getting modernized these days, brand owners, business holders, and marketers also intend to keep themselves in a different place through their brand identity. Using animation/motion to make a brand logo is a sovereign way to keep it distinguished and showing off your brand identity prominently.

You must have an idea of what animation and motion graphics is. When you combine motion with static logos, it will be the most visually appealing and engaging thing which your brand could ever have.

With an animation logo, you can readily appear with digital signage, signboards everywhere in your locality. Motion logo will add the highest impression and help you to drive more value and consumers.

But it is a matter of fact that you can’t use motion logos on all of your branding materials such as products, packages, printed banners, and posters. For those, you have to consider the static format of the logo.

How do you know which logotype will be best for your business?

Above, we've seen a bunch of different logo design categories where you can easily choose one to suit your brand name and business perception. But before going through a specific one, you should think about your business and consumers.

Because the brand logo holds the brand identity, therefore, if you make the logo memorable, it will attract people to know about the brand and also will embed the brand name in their mind.

Finding an adjustable logo format for your brand is not a simple task although. You have to consider a lot of issues in this regard as they are regulatory. No matter, if you are an online or brick-and-mortar type business, you should have a brand logo to get popularity.

To prepare the best logo for your business, visit a graphic design agency that provides all sorts of graphic design services and make a long discussion with them. Consider every single aspect of your brand like its name, if the name is too long then go for abbreviation, logotype, color, and design.

Take time as much as you want to decide the final typeface of your logo. And when it is done, use it everywhere your brand can appear, and try to make it familiarize both online and offline.

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Logo Design Pricing

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