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You should know the hidden benefits of drop shadow service

Photo editing and drop shadow services have numerous applications. Drop shadow and photo editing – they are two different terms with almost similar service providing categories. In photo editing, photos of different kinds undergo editing. In photo editing, there are some special terminologies. Drop shadow is one of them. And in this post, we will get some comprehensive ideas about the drop shadow services. Before we jump into the key discussion, let’s get some brief ideas about the drop shadow. Shall we proceed? Okay, thank you for your approval.

What is drop shadow?

In our everyday life, we see the number of objects and things around us. They are real. There are no artificial elements. They have shadows, dimensions, shapes, sizes, and colors. And when we click photos of those elements, all the elements are available. But if something is missing – like the shadow – the image loses its charm. It also loses credibility.

But in photo editing services, the photo editors edit the images. They can add the shadows too. In a nutshell, drop shadow service is the process of adding shadows beneath the objects in the photos. It helps to make the photos look more realistic. Also, the photos get a realistic appeal. The photo gets a real-life-looking shadow. The shadow color is usually gray or black. And most importantly, the shadows resemble the actual object in the image.

Why you need a drop shadow service?

This is the age of modern technology of photography. And most of the cases, the transactions are made online. So, you might be a buyer or seller of any product or service.

But do you know that you need to impress your potential clients? And an edited image is the most appropriate approach for that? If the images are unedited, they would be unable to hold the attention of potential clients. With the services of photo editing, especially the drop shadow service, you can win clients.


Well, in that case, you deserve a complete explanation. Graphic design and photo editing – all are interrelated. Both of them aim to make the photos and designs look appealing. Presentable. And thus they can hold the attention of the clients.

When it is about photo editing (especially drop shadow services), it plays a key role. In this present world, we love to shop from online stores because of the availability of ecommerce solutions. A wide number of online stores are around. They display the images of their products [or services]. And the photos look realistic. But if the photos are not attractive, do you think they are able to hold your attention?

Or, shall you have a second look at an old photo?

The answer is a big NO. The key factor is that the more the photo is attractive, the more chances to hold attention. And when there are edited photos, chances are more that they will bring the attention of the clients. But the unedited or raw photos are unable to demonstrate the same performance. This is the key difference. At the same time, you need rightly edited photos. Only some simple editing is unable to make the changes. Application of the drop shadow service is the game-changer here.

What changes drop shadow services bring for an image?

As the name suggests, the service provides a shadow under the subject of the photo. As a result, it looks realistic. In fact, your potential clients do not have the scope to justify the quality of the products or services. So, they have to rely on the images you show them. Considering this ground in particular, the drop shadow plays a key role. To make them believe in your quality. Drop shadow services make the photos look real. I repeat – real. And your potential clients turn into returning customers.

Types of drop shadow services

Considering the business needs, there are several types of drop shadow services available. They are explained in brief below.

Natural Shadow

drop shadow services

As the name suggests – natural shadow. The shadow looks like a natural. It may be on the right, left, or in any other direction. And it takes time to create a natural shadow. Experts of the graphic design services also consider the photoshoot hours during making such shadows.

Drop Shadow

photo shadow service

Drop shadow is the other prominent feature under these services. In this feature, the shadow does not resemble the real object in the photo. Rather this is a shadow under the object. If you lift the object, there would be a shadow. That is the drop shadow. The shadow angel may vary to make the object look more realistic in the photo.

Reflection Shadow

reflection shadow service

Using the photo reflection shadow, the object gets a similar shadow like it on the floor. The reflection of the object is on the floor. Thus, it brings an impressive look for the object. And it also holds attention.

Original Shadow Retain

original shadow service

It’s another complex service. Under this feature, the graphic design services provider or photo editors retain the original shadow of the image. They do not create anything. Instead, they reconstruct the original shadow that was in the image.

Photo Shadow Remove

photo shadow remove service

Alongside adding photo shadows, the service also removes shadows. In this process, the photo editors remove the reflecting shadows from the objects regarding the clipping path service. It also brings a striking look. And also helps to raise sales.

Mirror Reflection Shadow

mirror reflection shadow

Have you ever noticed the reflection on a mirror? The mirror reflects the same thing that is in front of the mirror. And in photo editing, the mirror reflection shadow is the exact same thing in digital space. You will have a mirror-like reflection of your objects in the photos.

How to select the best drop shadow service, the provider?

The selection of the best service provider is a tough call. Most of the cases, people claim that they are the best. But in reality, they are not so. Thus, you have to waste your valuable time, money, and efforts. But you can get rid of such issues within a short time. If you follow the guidelines below.

Check their background

The first thing is that you need to check the background of the service provider. Check, if they are new or have been working in the marketplace for a long time. If they are experienced, you can rely on them. You can check their websites to know more about their experience.

Mind what people say

Remember, the photo editing industry is not a larger one. Everyone knows here everyone. So, you can ask for recommendations from the people around you. Or, you can check the reputation of any specific graphic design service provider. If you have a positive response, you can rely on them, without any second thought.

Price matters

At the same time, focus on their graphic design price list. If the price seems cheaper or too higher, there is something wrong. In this case, you can compare the price with the price of similar other service providers. I hope you can select the right one.

Check samples

Never forget to check their samples. If you check the samples, you will know about their drop shadow service providing quality. And if you are happy with the samples, you can proceed with them.


On the other part, you need to check on their communication system. Make sure you receive the right information from your potential service provider. If they respond immediately, they are the right ones. They have the desire to continue their service. Or, if the response rate is sluggish or you need to ask the same thing repeatedly, take it granted they are unskilled.

Best Photo Shadow Creation Pricing

For our valued clients, we have a reasonable price for the services. If you need the natural shadow service for your products, our price begins at $0.50. when you will need a drop shadow, you have to pay $0.80. If you want to remove the product shadow, you are to pay $0.90. Reflection shadow and shadow removal – both the services are a bit complex. Hence, the price is slightly higher than the other types of services. You need to pay $1 for each of the services. However, for bulk image processing, you can ask us for a quotation. For your convenience, here is a brief list of our service prices.


  • Natural shadow

    FROM $0.50
  • Drop shadow

    FROM $1.00
  • Product shadow

    FROM $0.90
  • Reflection shadow

    FROM $1.00
  • Shadow remove

    FROM $0.50
  • All kinds of (CONTRACTUAL)

    By Quotation

Drop shadow FAQs

So there are different types of shadow effects available in photoshop and you have to consider when you should apply which one to create the most appealing form of the image. We have covered up almost everything about the photoshop drop shadow service in the above, nevertheless, if you got anything to know about this, here are some frequently asked questions where you may have your answer. For any further inquiries, you can drop anything you want to know in the live chat option or can use get a quote to hear from us.

Image natural shadow is the process of bringing the natural shadow of any object or product. It helps to make the product [or objects] look like natural. The skilled photo editors make them look like real.

Image drop shadow is one of the leading photo editing process. The service is necessary to bring the look that the object has been raised. And there is a shadow of it on the surface. In this process, the image takes a realistic shape.

In e-commerce, photo editors apply reflection shadow. The reflection shadow is the process of creating a reflection of the object photographed. It helps the audiences to get a positive impression of the product.

There is no fixed price of a drop shadow service. It varies. You can have the job done at $.50 from a novice. But if you want some quality drop shadow service from graphic design services, you may need to spend at least $1.


So, now you are aware of all the potential facts on graphic design services, especially the drop shadow service. Select the right service provider and get your job done.