real estate logo design service

Real Estate Logo Design Service

For a real estate business or realtors, it is important to get clients. Otherwise, the business will fail to reach goals. Also, it will lose its vibrancies. Having a real estate logo design service, the business can gain much in the sector. The sole reason is that the logo will help to attract people. In fact, the logo is the combination of styles, aesthetics and beauties. So, people cannot ignore the appeal.

In a nutshell, a logo of a real estate business creates the first impression. Thereby, if the impression is not a longer lasting one, as a realtor, you may lose your potential. However, Graphic Design Eye knows the issue. So, the experts of this company provide some impressive logos to make the visuals appealing.

Trust plays the key role in real estate business as it is mostly built on referrals. A unique, catchy and creative logo can cement the gaps in trust. Using the logo, you can market your brand. Gradually, the aesthetics of the logo will help you gain trust of your clients and potential clients. The logo will depict your business in a visual format to your intended audiences.

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Real Estate Logo Design FAQs

You know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, if you deploy a simple logo or graphical element for your business, it will work as a powerful tool to engage the audience. The logo itself will work more than verbal or textual references.

When clients or people see the logo, it will interact as an agent of your business. In the end, the logo will help clients to provide priority to your business. And this is the way how it improves a real estate business.

Of course. We customize logos for real estate business. If you are willing to customize your logo, you can place the order. Our expert logo makers will customize the logo per your requirements.

You can have the best fonts, color tone, theme, and relevant other elements. Also, you can recommend your preference. We will follow the instructions.

You know, each of the businesses have their specialties. So, while designing a logo for a realtor, we try to bring out the core of business. Be it a tiny house for rent, or a large property, we follow the same method.

First, we analyze the business and its goal. Also, we check what other competitors are doing and how their logos look. Besides, we also focus on artistic issues like the style of fonts, application of symbols and images, among others. Our expert designers combine all the aspects and finally make the logo.

Typically, it takes nearly 48 hours for us to complete a real estate logo. During this time, we analyze the business, draft a design, get the draft approved from the client and finalize it.

However, the duration may vary for reasons like our workload, customization of the design, and receiving feedback from the client over the draft. If we find any chances of delay, we inform the matter in advance to our clients to keep them relaxed. Also, we try to deliver the logo following the revised deadline.

Well. We are capable of dealing with a substantial number of orders at a time. You can place as many orders as you need. However, we may take a bit more time to process the orders as it is all about creativity. We ensure all the logos are creative, appealing and usable everywhere.

Therefore, you need to allow us sufficient moments to complete each of the tasks.

Usually, we follow a three-step system to process an order.

The first one is that the client places the order. In the second stage, we discuss the order with the client, and receive other details. Then, if the deal is finalized, we start production, send a draft of the version. Upon feedback, we revise the draft. And lastly, we send the project to our clients and receive our payments.

Graphic Design Eye has two convenient methods for placing an order. The first one is through the pricing page of its website. And the second one is to place the order through an email. However, in both cases, our clients have to send their contact details and a complete project brief.

Well. It depends on the project complexities, customization, turnaround time, and other aspects. We have set four fixed price packages for this service. They are – Basic, Advanced, Executive and Leading.

The basic package price begins with $100 while the Leading one begins from $1000. Each of the packages have their respective features and flexibilities. You can check the price plan page to know more about it.

However, you can also hire an hourly-based service. It may be economical too. Also, we offer a flat discount for bulks.