wordmark logo design service

Wordmark logo design Service

A wordmark logo is one of the basic logotypes that use stylish fonts and typography rather than shapes and symbols to make up the logo. Wordmark logo comes with the simplest logo form incorporated with typography only.

However, you should be careful when designing the brand logo. If you don't want to deliver the wrong brand message through the logo, you should accomplish the job by professional wordmark logo design service. These services ensure that you are getting a professional logo for your brand which can convert people into prospects.

As wordmark logo designs are in demand, Graphic Design Eye aims to provide wordmark logo designs that perfectly complement the brand look no matter what type of brand you are. There are many online logo design services but not all of them can give the best result. In this regard, we are committed to reaching your satisfaction level with our designs.

What special about wordmark logo design?

You may be familiar with logos that are expressed with shapes, icons, symbols, and mascots. Unlike them, wordmark logo uses only words to depict the brand name to the audience.

Due to its simplicity, wordmark logos have become one of the best choices for logo design among brand practitioners.

Short memorable wordmark logo will enhance your brand's visual identity as it can go perfectly with any branding materials. It looks well on business cards, letterheads, websites, product packaging, advertising, etc. Here are some facts about wordmark logo design,

Easy to understand

Wordmark design is easier to understand than a regular logo design. Disney, Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Instagram logos are simple, short, and easy for anyone to remember. That’s because they are designed to communicate a clear message. It doesn’t need to use fancy fonts or complicated designs. It’s just a simple, straightforward way to get across your brand identity as well as your brand name.

Easy to identify

Professional wordmark logos are easy to identify. It is instantly recognized by everyone. When captured by the right audience, they can leave a permanent impression on their mind. You can add eye-catching font to grab audience's attention. Color plays a great role to make unique, positive, and emotional logo design. Using perfect color palette can make logo stand out from the crowd. Our logos have better identification so that your customers don't have to think twice while purchasing products and services.


Although it is not a good idea to use different forms of brand logos, wordmark logos look great when changing colors. Sometimes it is necessary to match the logo color with the banner's background. Wordmark logos can be customized easily, you can change colors, shapes, and sizes to make them fit your brand perfectly.


Wordmark logo design is all about the brand name. It can be used as long as the brand name remains. To ensure this special ability for brand logos, you need to be careful in choosing the brand name. Wordmark logo looks great no matter how long your business lasts. It won’t become outdated over time.

Builds brand recognition

Wordmark logos have great recognizability so they can help to build better brand recognition than other logotypes. It makes people remember your name and your products. It gives them a sense of familiarity and trust.

Check Couple of Wordmark Logo Design Sample

Wordmark Logo Design FAQs

Wordmark logos can be used no matter what kind of brand you are. It looks great for brands that have a short distinguished brand name. Usually, brand name that has a single word works best in this regard. If the brand name consists of two to three words, you can consider using its acronym instead.

Every successful logo has a story, a hidden secret that inspires the branding design. When designing professional logos for brands, experts need to care for every element such as the typeface, color palette, font size and weight, contrast, etc. If the logo is designed with proper maintenance of all these elements, it will be able to make a permanent impression in the audience's mind. Here are some crucial logo things that help successful branding,

  • Unique brand name
  • Typeface
  • Color scheme
  • Layout
  • Composition
  • Balance
  • Readability

It usually takes several days or weeks to deliver the logo depending on the project's complexity. As it involves research, execution of multiple logo design concepts, presentation, and refining, the process will go on until you finalize the design. We work closely with our clients to ensure we meet their expectations and deliver a final product they love.

We offer four different logo design packages where the basic one includes 3 unique concepts and the Leading one includes unlimited unique concepts. So, it's on you which one you will go through. Our basic logo design contract is best for small businesses and the leading one is recommended for industries and corporate businesses.

We have different logo design offers available which range from $100 to $1000. Here are the individual logo design packages and their price for you,

  • Basic - $100
  • Advanced - $300
  • Executive - $500
  • Leading - $1000

Why should you choose our service? Because we have the most established and experienced logo design team online. Our experts have been working in this sector for more than 10 years. So, they know how to craft a better relevant design for particular brands. Here are some solid reasons why you should choose our services,

  • Unique and professional
  • Reflects your brand personality
  • Unlimited revision
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Affordable