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label design service

Label Design Service

Label design service is essential as labels contain brand logo and important information about a product, brand, or business. When a product is displayed, customers usually check the labels first. Therefore, if the labels are unappealing, you may miss opportunities to increase sales. A clear and visible label helps customers check the product and understand its details.

However, if the label design is unattractive, your customers and clients may lose interest. Poorly designed labels can also erode consumer confidence in the product's quality. If customers find poorly designed labels, they are less likely to purchase the product due to the lack of authenticity of the product. Therefore, it is important to use a well-designed label created by professionals like Graphic Design Eye.

Before creating a label design, we carefully consider elements such as fonts, colors, label themes, text, and descriptions. We ensure that everything is in line with current trends to grab consumers' attention. Striking and visually appealing labels naturally attract attention from customers.

Our expert graphic designers also meet the industry needs and comply with guidelines. So, there are no issues regarding the label to violate any rules or regulations while promoting your brand’s products. Moreover, our research team undergoes in-depth research in the first phase. It helps to know the market scenario clearly. And finally, we deliver the best and impressive label design. If you're interested in learning more about our label design services or would like to get started on a custom design, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Check a Couple of label design inspirations

The label is one of the most important brandings assets for your business and it is used to beautify the outlook of your final products. Therefore, you have to be conscious while you are on the brink of design labels for your brand products. The label of your products should be 100% creative and attractive so that people get attention towards your products. People go to the market to buy their necessary products and while they find the same products with different label tags, they seem to choose the product even for the taste. It is proven because most often design dominates over other aspects to lure people’s subconscious minds.

Therefore, if your product label contains the best design then it will be very helpful to grab the core attention for your products selling in the global market. However, here are some of the best label design ideas to help you understand how to design your label. You can get inspiration for your label from any one of them or you can discuss with us a completely unique one.

Types of label design by product

If you are a crazy product lover and can't hold yourself to buy different types of products when you're in the super shop. You will then notice that the products are labeled separately. Not all product labels have come in the same way. They are differentiated according to their types, appearance, and structural material. What types of products are you manufacturing and thinking of labels? We can make eye-catching, creative labels for any of your products. Here are some of the examples that we designed previously.

Food product label

label design services

Food brands should come in a way that people can have feelings of trust in the brand while observing the product and reading the manufacturing data in its package/label. Well, if you have got a new food brand and are struggling with how to wrap your products that will also work to attract consumers' attention. Then we are here to help you in this regard as our expert team will bring you the most sophisticated food label design to your brand. What type of food product is yours? Give the details to help our design experts make the best outcome for your food product label.

Fashion product label

label design service

We see fashion product labels stuck with every fashion product item on a shirt to design t-shirts, pants and ladies' items, and all the types of fashion products. These labels are small in size, smaller than 2 inches, and usually made with a piece of cloth. But fashion labels can also be made with hard pieces of paper including the logo, size of the products, price tag, etc.

Fashion product labels are highly necessary for differentiating brand fashion products. Most of the time, they include the brand logo design in an embroidered way. Popular fashion brands are distinct to make their fashion product label look beautiful and show brand value and loyalty as well. If you are a fashion brand but don’t have a brand logo, then no problem, we can make one for you. And for label design? We know how to design it to capture the audience's attention even in the crowd of similar brands surrounding you.

Liquid/bottles product label

bottles product label

Liquid products should become out in the bottle, can, or glass jar/bottle to assure the best condition of the liquid. Soft/cold drinks, vape liquid, beer can, milk, and juice, these liquid products should need to be labeled properly. People always go for trendy things and they only hear popularity, if you are new to this sector and make your brand competitive with other brand products. Then you have to design something gorgeous and lucrative that could easily grab the consumer’s attention. Therefore, you need the help of the best graphic design agency in this regard as this is the only way to get rid of this kind of situation. In the past few years, we have gathered experience by making different types of bottled product labels for different brands. As you are here, it means, you have nothing to worry, because our expert designer’s team will get your heart through the design of your brand's product label.

Organic product label

organic product label

People are tired of using formalin and machine-made foods and other accessories which are also harmful to nature. This is why manufacturers are now more intent to make organic products to protect the world's health and environment. Organic products should always come organic way, you have to think about the ingredients, the packaging, and procedure everything done harmlessly. Otherwise, people won’t be attracted by your product and don’t choose to buy the product as a result. Therefore, you should design the organic product label organically so that people can feel the natural feel when they hold the product. Are you an organic product supplier and thinking to organize your product uniquely?

Then we will help you to make the best organic product label, packaging, and other brand essentials design. Just give us a brief about your brand, its various product items, and its motif and we will find the most appealing design for your brand.

Custom product label

custom product label

Custom product label designs are mainly designed for separate brands according to the type of products. Custom product label design comes uniquely and designed professionally. Since the current market is full of different types of products, manufacturers are always thinking of the consumer’s satisfaction and making life easy with their products. In this regard, they need to customize the label for their unique products to ensure the best outlook of them. Product labels do not only work for labeling products but also tell people about the brand and increase the visual demand of the product. No matter what type of product is yours, we can find the most compelling design for it. Our designers are accustomed to strategic design operations and highly expert to deal.

Types of label by the appearance

Modern design has evolved tremendously by modern visual artists, with business owners thinking of appearing separately with their brand initials. Since the label is one of the most essential brand accessories, it has evolutionary changes in design, structure, and other aspects. When a label is affixed to any product or container, it has done several things for the brand like holding the brand identity, keeping the product separate from the similar brand products in the market. In the above, we have seen that labels are designed distinguishably to define the product identity properly. Here are some other product label definitions based on their appearance. If you are thinking of designing any of these product labels, you can liberally let us know.

Descriptive label

descriptive label design

As its name, the descriptive label is the label that we see every day when we buy any product from the store. Whether it is a food, beverage, and other type of product, you must have seen a broad description of the product. A descriptive product label includes information that consumers want to know. For example, most of the descriptive label includes information such as,

  • Weight of the product
  • Ingredients
  • Composition of the product
  • Nutrition value
  • Information of manufacturer
  • Manufacturing date
  • Expire date
  • Price of product

Therefore, it’s called a descriptive label. Your product descriptive label should be organized properly with all the information shown above. If you find a design company to take this job, it will be easy for you.

Grade label

grade label design

A grade label is a label that shows the quality of the grade with an authoritative grade sign. You may be familiar with food grade which defines the condition of the food product, it is non-toxic and good for health. Similarly, different types of grading systems for different objects. So, if you think to attach a grade label on your product labeling, you just need to consider the product type, ingredients, and how it would need to grade. However, you can grade products by words, letters, and specific figures like A, B, C, D, or 1,2,3,4, etc.

Grading is just showing your brand product trustworthiness so that people can easily get to use them. Grade label won’t need design specifically but as it comes along with the product packages like a symbol. Therefore, if you are eager to include product quality grade on your brand products, then adjust it with your product packaging.

Specialized label

specialized label

Specialized labels are specially made for the brand according to their business type and perception. Since marketing and advertising have got a new turn due to modern practices and the involvement of digital marketing, the specialized label adds a little more to label design and brand labeling. Simply put, specialized labels are designed specifically when adjusting the brand requirement. You may go for the label design that we have already stated above, but specialized labels are responsible to put your brand in a specific place in the view of the public. A specialized label can be created in so many ways. It mainly depends on the manufacturer's wish, and how they want to make the label special. Maybe these labels are separate in their structure, material, approach, and other aspects. Whatever it is, your specialized label should always come as special.

Product label

product label

Labels are accordingly used for products to make them easy for recognizing so that people could understand the manufacturer or brand. You can see product labels bound in all types of products in the store. Current product manufacturers are so much responsive about the product label and they spend separate attention on this. They hire design companies to the done product label and packaging design uniquely. However, great product label design is so powerful and doable. Because it makes the product eye-catching as well as grabs the attention of the customers. Attention spanning is short at present, therefore, you have to intend for gorgeous product labeling. For this, you have to take the help of expert label design company.

Brand label

brand label

Brand label is what comes attached with brand products. It holds the clear identification of the brand, its name, logo, and slogan. Brand label is as important as the other initials of the brand. When you fix/attach a brand label to your products, it will be self-explanatory. In the crowd of the busy marketplace, there are numerous brands and products competing with each other. Think about the mega shops and grocery stores, storing all the types of brand products, and people come, make choices and buy which one they need. To make your brand products chosen, you have to make them familiar among the common people. Proper advertisement and marketing will help your brand in this regard and having a beautifully designed brand label will do a lot for you.

Packaging label

packaging label

Sometimes labels cover the whole package of the product with all the important aspects of both packaging and labeling. These products aren’t getting the package and label separately but it doesn’t look so bad although. The product name, related graphics, description, and grade all included in the packaging label properly. The best examples of packaging labels are cans, chips, and similar food items packages, honey, jam, beer bottles, and so on. If you are a similar product manufacturer and realize that you can go with such types of label design. Then you should go, it will help you to reduce design costs for label and package particularly.

Types of label by structure material

In the above, we have seen label design categories according to the business types and appearance. Although labels can be different by the structure material as not all labels are made with the same materials. Generally, what material you will use to attach the label on the products, is highly dependent on the product packaging and the product itself. You noticed that all product labels are not the same. For example, fashion product labels are made with a piece of fabric while food and beverages come with plastic and paper-based labels. So, it is your choice how you want to decorate your product labels. But always before the design, make it visually appealing to the consumers. Here are all the different structure materials used to make labels usually,

  • Paper – paper is the most common material used as labels.
  • Foils – foil labels are bright, colorful and so much perfect for capturing the consumer’s attention on the products. Foils can be plastic or metal type, whatever, they are adjustable to all types of products.
  • Thermal – thermal coated labels usually come with popular electronics brand products. They are shiny and look gorgeous as you can capture the brand name even from a distance. Thermal labels are mainly made with heat sources and they are heat sensitive. Therefore, another heat source can easily get and make harm the label as well.
  • Fabric/textile – fabric/textile labels are mainly used in fashion products. Almost all fashion products you see in the fashion store have a fabric label in their upper neck part or maybe in another place. Fabric labels are good because they are embroidered with the brand logo, slogan, and others.
  • Plastics – plastics are also great label material that you can use to depict your brand label perfectly. Plastic labels have come with high strength, stiffness, transparency, and resistance to tearing.

Best Label Design Pricing

The label is the most important outlook of the products and this largely helps to grab the core attention of the customers. There are millions of products out there in the market and we know the global competition. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd of thousands of products you just need to take the creative label design services. We know the importance of label design service as this helps to make you understand the quality of the products. If we see the label of the products is beautiful, we go for buying them otherwise, with low quality of label design we cannot trust them at all.

You are looking for the best and we are here to give you the best at the cheapest price. Therefore, we have set out the least price list for you! Here you can take your best label design starting from only $50! There you will find that other websites are charging a lot for the label design service but we are here to give you the best and creative graphic design services at the lowest price indeed!


  • 1 Label Design (EXPECTED) info + 1 Revision

    FROM $50
  • 2 Label Design (EXPECTED) info + 3 Revision

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  • 5 Label Design (EXPECTED) info + 5 Revision

    FROM $225
  • 10 Label Design (EXPECTED) info + 5 Revision

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  • 20 Label Design (EXPECTED) info + 5 Revision

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  • 30 Label Design (EXPECTED) info + 5 Revision

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Label Design FAQs

We have added some frequently asked questions about label design. When people first meet at an online service, they have a lot of things to discuss before confirming the order process. As you are here, that means, you need a label design service. For your convenience, check out the added questions here below. If you have any further queries, please feel free to click the get a quote button. Our customer care team will instantly get you back with their support.

A label is very important for your product selling. The importance of a good-looking label is beyond description. Our design team is highly expert as they are able to prepare a creative design within one or two days. We carry on until we don’t meet the client’s satisfaction. Whatever your amount, we always do it ahead of time.

You just simply make an order on our website with all your product information & if you have any preferred color to implement in your label, just mention the color code. Give us any kind of extra information you want to share about your label design. Understanding your preferred design perception is what makes the process half complete for both of us. So, don’t hesitate to include your recommendation, how you want to see the brand label. And the rest depends on us.

Making effective labels for soothing up your brand product is one of the most important activities for every product manufacturing brand. They have to think of every single aspect of the products from manufacturing to taking it to the doorstep of consumers. Common people may find it simple and leveraging but only the manufacturer and the brand kind of staff know how painful and strategic the journey is. Fortunately, there are expert suggestions you can find online which are so helpful to gaze how to step up to your label design. Our design experts are enthusiastic to give consultations even if you have zero knowledge of this issue. According to their consults, here are the opinions of our experts to help you how you can make your brand product label effective.


The research comes first in every visual design process to make the design powerful and workable. If you want to create a design that will do a lot for your purpose, then there is nothing you can do without deciding on it through research. Research should be done by both designers and the person who needs it. When it comes to finding good designs for brand labels with research. There are a lot of considering issues in this regard, like what type of product is yours. And how you want to label it. If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time to research, then you should hire top-class design company to make it for you. Although, professionals are the solution in this regard who could help you make an outstanding design to your brand label.

Clear Communication:

Label is not just brand recognition, it is also a visual communication tool for your brand. When people look at your product label, they should have a clear visualization of your brand motif and why you are distinct from the others in the market. Your product name, ingredients, specific instructions if it has any, all should be included clearly. If your brand label comes as a packaging label, then it should clarify all of these distinctly.

Simple but lucrative design:

Your label design should be simple in its all aspects but the design must have unique aspects that lure the consumer’s attention even among the gathering of products. If your brand products don’t come with gorgeous packaging and labeling, they won’t be able to communicate with consumers' minds and as a result, you won’t expect what you want.


There are differences between each label type we have already seen in the above. Not all types of the label are compatible with every product. For example, if you are an electronics brand, then you can attach fabric labels with your products. Rather you have to go for thermal, plastic, or aluminum labeling that is compatible with the electronic product type. Therefore, you should take a look at all of these different label types and decide the one which is compatible with your products.

At a glance, here are some important things you should pay attention to while designing any of your brand initials like logo, packaging, label, business card, etc.

  • Color, if you have any permanent brand color palette, you can use that all of your brand approaches.
  • Design, is the most considering object, don’t take it as less important.
  • Size
  • Material, what material you want to use to make your brand label? Try to keep pace with the product and within your budget.

Why should you choose our label design service?

Here we have included many topics about label design in the discussion above. But that’s not enough if you are a starter and keen to make a permanent label design to imprint on your brand products. There is a minimum of hundreds of online label design agencies. From this huge amount, it is really hard to make a better choice of whom should you trust and rely upon your brand label design. As some of them aren’t so good in this sector but still include the creative tag with their name. If you have already dealt with a situation and are looking for a reliable place that can understand your needs before speaking. Then we are presenting ourselves as an experienced content creation service agency to manage all of your brand visual presentations.

The label is an important part of your products. It will hold the basic information about all the details with an eye-catching design. The label design will help your products to get the trustworthiness of your customers. Label designing needs extra dedication so that it becomes an extraordinarily impressive view of your products. Here we have a bunch of devoted experts to design the best label design for your products at a very cheap rate. Our main motto is to give the services on time with our clients 100% satisfaction and build a trustworthy relationship with you to build your business great together by saving your money up to 50%.