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business card design service

Business Card Design Service

Business card design service can be a valuable branding kit for any business that wants to smooth its communication and branding. A business card can leave a far-reaching impact on the minds of your audience. The more creative the card, the more its impact. Surprisingly, you can use the business cards for both online and offline purposes.

It is a great branding kit for marketing your business. A business card is an identification for your business. The card exhibits the nature of the business and how you are growing. It is also the way to know your business location, business name, phone number, fax number, web address, and communication channels. Thereby, it is like an ambassador to your audience.

Unless the cards look striking, people will treat you ordinarily. But the scenario could alter when you have some smart business cards. Instantly, the cards will impress your audience. For this impression, the business card needs to be creative, innovative, and unique.

Our team of experienced graphic designers will work with you to create a unique business card design that reflects your brand and personality so that you can make a positive first impression on everyone.

The Eye-Catching Custom Business Card Designs By Types

When you are going to hire a business card designer or go through a service to make a deal, you should define the design that you want to see on the business card clearly. Though business cards are mainly created to provide information about your business or company. You would inflict it on all the potential and new customers and some of your acquainted ones. Your business card design will determine how engaging you have made it. Whether it can make receivers mind to collect it or if they will forget about it soon.

Therefore, your business card design should come out with an eye-catching design. But don’t go for complexity, that can hamper unveiling the main purpose of the business card. However, there are some expert suggestions about how to decide on a professional design for your business card. Here we also include some design and decoration concepts for business card design to make your way easy.

Horizontal business card

business card design services

A horizontal business card comes as landscape orientation. It is the most common format of a business card and highly used all over the world. A simple, minimalistic approach, includes all the necessary information a business card should have. You can design a horizontal business card to look professional and can use some glossy effects to give it a premium look. Though business cards size varies according to the region and different countries have different sizes allowed in their territory. But in common, you can use 3.2”x2” for your horizontal business card.

Vertical business card

business card design service

Vertical business cards are also popular and it is one of the most common formats for business card design. Though it totally depends on you, how do you like to make your business card? But vertical business cards are perfect to represent your brand quite a bit differently with your brand logo design and identification. Vertical business cards are becoming a common trend at present and you can find many popular brands choose this format as well.

Round/Circle business card

business card design

Illustrates your brand identity through this distinct business card format. Round business card looks like tags or bookmarks but it is different in thickness and other perspectives. Round shape business cards sometimes come with a whole brand logo or typography layout. You can include a circle border to its bleeder area to add some interest to your design.

Half circle business card

half circle business card

Half a business card is not getting so much attention yet, but it is one of the professional business cards that you should consider. This elegant business card design can put your brand on the new customer’s shoe, highly able to make a great first impression towards your brand. If you are thinking of a particular design for your business card to make yourself stand out from the crowd, a half-circle business card is what you can choose.

Here Are Customized Business Card Design Samples

Business Card Design Order Process

Ordering a business card design from us is a straightforward process, consisting of three easy steps. Here's a simple guide to help you through it:

Instruction & Order

Just send description of your needs


We send the concept to clients for feedback

Delivery & Pay

File Delivery and payment release

Best Business Card Design Pricing

A professional business card is one of the most important parts of your business because this helps to make the professional presentation of your business contacts with the people. While you are designing your business card you must think of taking the professional and creative business card design for you. Before getting your professional business card design, you just need to know about some facts like there is a huge variation in taking a business card design service. There you can take your business card design at only $100 from a freelancer but the price may rise at $500 while you are taking this designing service from a designing contest. Well, the price will cross $2000 while you are going to take this professional business card design from any designing agency.

You may think about why the price is so high for the designing agency. The reason is in the designing agency, there will be a team of experts in content marketing and creation and they all will make the combined effort to make you the best and creative business card design. But we are here a designing agency not charging you that much. We are going to save your business card designing cost up to 99% because our business card designing cost starts to form only $50! We aim to make professional and creative designs by saving your designing costs up to 50%.


    $ 50

  • Your Existing Card
  • 1 Concepts
  • Up to 2 Revisions
  • Card in color and B&W
  • -

    $ 100

  • New Card Design
  • 2 to 4 Unique Concepts
  • Up to 5 Revisions
  • Card in color and B&W
  • -

    $ 300

  • New Card Design
  • 4 to 6 Unique Concepts
  • Up to 6 Revisions
  • Card in color and B&W
  • 1 Free Paid Design
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    $ 600

  • New CARD Design
  • 10+ Unique Card Concepts
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Card in color and B&W
  • 3 Free Paid Design
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Corporate Identity Guide Lines

Business Card Design FAQs

When you are on the brink of designing a business card, you should come with prospective knowledge that will lead you to manage the best business card design. In the above discussion, we have come through some individual topics about business card design but still if you have any questions in this regard, here we include thinking so,

A business card is one of the required professional parts of the company and this largely helps to make professional contact with your clients. While you give a professional business card in your client’s hand, he or she becomes subconsciously dominated by your business card and start to think of your vale of business. He or she gives more importance to your company as you are doing your client handling more professionally than others. Therefore, the relevance of using business card still exist and this will be used for further more because we know the present world is depending on the virtual reality but still we know that without physical appearance business is not possible and therefore, the uses of the business card still relevant and will be in future.

Yes, you can also use your desired images in your design of the business card and we call it custom designed business card design service. If you think that you will use your selected images in your business card design you just simply provide the images to your designing agency and they will make the proper and professional use of your desired images into your business card. As you know the importance of professional business card design is more relevant for the present business world therefore, we suggest you take the core advice from the designing agency because they know the best.

There are a lot of professional fonts that will express your business card design best. The font is one of the most important parts while you are going to make your business card because this will help you to express your business card info towards others. On the other hand, this also helps to make out a professional and beautiful design for your business card. There we are going to expose the best 10 font which is largely used for making a professional business card design. Below there you will find them which are more interesting and professional font for the business card design.

  • Helvetica
  • Myriad Pro
  • Code
  • Glasgow
  • Gotu
  • Jura
  • Futura
  • Nevis
  • Campton
  • Trajan

A business card is one of the most important parts of your business and carries the impression of your business too. Therefore, you must be careful about your business card design. If you are good at making any designs in AI or PS you can go for making your business card design for you but we will always suggest you hire the best and professional business card designing agency because they have a bunch of business card designing experts who are adroit at making all kinds of professional business card design. Though hiring a designing agency is a costly fact, we are here to make your professional business card design at only $50! So why should you invest your time to make out your business card by own! Give that task to us to get the best and professional business card design for you!

Designs are intellectual property and we all know that making a professional and beautiful design is not an easy task. Therefore, to increase the tendency of making millions of intellectual properties by all there is a system of making the copyright of your designs and patterns. Now come to the main point, you are taking a business card designing service from any designing agency. As they are making the intellectual property for you, they will preserve the copyright for them but the fact is you are paying for the design and therefore you are the main owner for those designs. So, after taking the professional business card design from us we will hand you over all the raw files with the ownership of the copyright for that designs and patterns.

This is a common issue that in a company or business there will be a lot of employees or staff and therefore, they may need to take various types of business card sizes or designs. In that case, you first make a plan about how many types of business card designs type you require then talk with the designing agency about that. This will help you to make the bulk order for your all the needed business card design. While you are going to take a bulk order designing service this will defiantly help you to decrease the cost of your business card design moreover you will have the best and create professional business card design for your company at the same time without harassments.

Once you have done with the business card format and design, now it’s time for thinking about its structural issue. Structuring a business card means how you want to look through it. Do you want it like a conventional paper-type business card? Or, you want to go through trendy structural material for a business card like plastic and metal? For small and medium businesses, paper made business cards perfect. Because small businesses run with a small budget when constructing plastic or metal businesses will cost a little bit high for them. But if you are a bigger industry, and you want to inform clients about your royalty, then you should consider these plastic and paper-type business cards. These business cards reflect your properties and also talk about your enthusiast’s mind.

Paper business card:

Since a business card is one of the marketing agents for your business, it also plays an advertising role for it. When you distribute business cards to potential customers, clients, and others, it will go with them wherever they are. Some people find pleasure in collecting business cards from business card holders.

Therefore, if you are going to make it paper print, you should care for every detail and should make it a collectible business card for the receivers. To make it that way, the first thing you should take on note of is the paper quality. For all types of printing materials, paper quality, GSM, weight, flexibility, finishing, and appearance matter a lot. Because what response you will get through the business card is so much dependent on how you built it. For GSM, there are three types of business card paper you can choose, they are,

  • 14 Pt/0.014 inches thick business card paper comes with a standard ratio and it is called 300 GSM paper
  • 16 Pt/0.016 inches thick business card paper comes more than average grade thickness for business card papers and it is 350 GSM
  • Also, there are papers that are thin like 100 lb. cover paper, these are thin and not so much quality in type, less dense so that ductile

The paper thickness will indicate the durability and hardness of the business cards. It is as important as the layout of the business card. Therefore, try to choose standard thickness for your business card. Now and then, a final issue that you have to pay attention to is finishing. In the finishing process of a business card, it should come out through some mechanical process which is done to give a glossy, premium look. They are,


Uncoated means the paper isn’t treated with a coat which is actually a protection for papers that keep the papers away from getting harm. Uncoated paper is some kind of printer paper and it is non-reflective. The uncoated paper soaks ink, that's why it is not as smooth as coated paper. The ink approach on uncoated paper is quite different from coated papers because colors look darker on uncoated papers. In color comparison, uncoated papers aren’t provided as well as coated papers. Despite this, uncoated papers offer a higher texture than matte and glossy prints. It is too useful to use in,

  • Envelopes
  • Brochures
  • Invitations
  • Business card


Coated paper usually looks so perfect in all aspects like finishing and color. Coated business cards are great to fit all types of business, especially self-branding. You can look different with your business card if you coat it properly. In the coated print paper, the color approach is brighter and shinier than uncoated papers. Smooth and flexible finishing, absorbs less ink, and no place for wet feelings. Generally, coated paper is mostly used in,

  • Catalog printing
  • Magazine printing
  • Business card
  • Book cover
  • Photography

Transparent Plastic business card:

If you are tired of seeing and using traditional paper-made business cards, and you are thinking to take a break and substitute transparent plastic cards in their place. The transparent card looks so beautiful and generates a different way of looking and thinking about the owners. Because of their uniqueness and different look, transparent cards influence receivers to collect them carefully instead of throwing or getting lost. So, these cards will be long-lasting and remind the person about your brand name. Here are the benefits of the transparent business card that you should consider,

  • Custom design available, you can design it the way you want. Not to worry about colors and other design attributes
  • Waterproof
  • No question about durability
  • Eye-catching
  • Luxury


Thinking about the temporality of a paper-made business card, business owners give their attention in this regard and try to find another way to hold on to the strategic marketing possibility. And the idea generates these alternative ways of making business cards with metal and more sustainable materials like plastic. Metal business cards are out of the way that common people think. It illustrates your brand personality in a different way and makes clients and consumers think a second time about your business. When a new customer receives your metal business card, he/she must battle its weight. That is a pleasurable moment because they don’t feel only the card's weight although they can weigh your brand value as well. Metal business cards are distinct from the other types of the business cards such as paper or plastic. In some cases, it is more flexible than plastic cards, and the way it is designed, you can’t ignore looking through it. If we are talking especially about its design, you will get curious by thinking about how these metal business cards are designed?

The design is done by cutting out the body in a planned way with the help of automated machines. In this way, you can depict what you want including your brand logo or any art design easily. So, why not make your mind a metal business card? This type of business card is suitable for big industries, commercial and non-commercial, business firms. Because of its high-cost issue, it will be better, you keep away from it if you are a small business.

There are a bunch of designers who are working as hourly rate and most of the time we find them doing a simple project getting hired for 5 to 6 hours or more than that. Let’s come to the fact now, you will find that the hourly hiring rate of them is from $10 to $100 or more in that case if you are going to hire a midrange graphic designer this will cost you to make your business card $250 to $600. On the other hand, a designing agency will use their all the designing expert for making out the best business card design for you at the same time with the lowest cost comparing others.

A business card is one of the most important business parts of your company. This is called the small piece of your business therefore; the importance of a business card is bagger description for the use of professional purposes. As you need the best professional business card design for better branding for your company, we suggest you take the professional and creative business card design for you. The professional business card design comes from the professional designing agency therefore you may have to pay $1500-$2500 while you are going to hire a designing agency for your business card. All are not the same as the business card designing agency start charging from only $50 which is the lowest business card designing cost in the history of business card designing agency.

NDA is the proven way of making your designs safe and secure for the designing agency. The none discloser agreement will help you to restrict the power of the designing agency to spread your design with others. Once the designing agency sign with the NDA with you means they are going to avoid the sharing of your designs with others. We always sing the NDA with our clients and we think this is the best way to keep the secret as a secret for our valuable clients. There you will get 100% security of not sharing your info and designs with others because we know the importance of your designs.

We know that perception varies from person to person and therefore, one may don’t like the same design that is liked by others. Therefore, after dealing with a designing agency for your business card design you may find the best business card design that you are looking for. In that case, what to do? Will you get back your money form the designing company? Well, there are a lot of business card designing services providing company who you will assure you 100% moneyback guarantee if you don’t like their final design. As we always prefer client satisfaction first, we are also committed to giving our client’s 100% money-back guarantee for the pure satisfaction of our beloved clients.

A business card is the representation of the corporate identity of a business or a person and this is the most sophisticated way of making your business presentation towards others. A business card helps to hold vital information regarding your business and company. While you want to give your addresses of the office or business institution in which you are working on you may find the best professional way of using a business card. This will help you to give vital contacting information to your clients or someone else by using a professional and creative business card. A creative and professional business card helps largely to express your beautification and professionalism through using a professional business card. So, it seems that a business card relates multiple sides of a business and plays a great role in visible the brand over its local distinction. Here are some common business card impacts for which it considers an integral part of the business.

  • Include the contact information of businesses and let consumers contact them when they want
  • Calls for attention about your business and brand
  • Perfect to create a strong first impression and grab the attention of target audiences
  • Custom design and shape, you can make them according to your own desire combining your favorite color and shape
  • Creates a good connection between customers and the brand, handing out business card it some kind of starting a good relationship although
  • A business card is a proper marketing and advertising tool that works for spreading business awareness across its local directory
  • Show your professionalism