ecommerce logo design service

Ecommerce Logo Design Service

Success does not come overnight. It needs time, effort, dedication to service. And of course, you need a stylish ecommerce logo from Graphic Design Eye. You know, a logo for an ecommerce business is an important factor. When you have a logo for the business, you are different from others.

How does it happen? The process is simple. It is a common psychology that people are attracted to stylish logos. And the logo designing companies know this particular fact. So, they sketch the logo in a colorful way to tell all the stories in brief and hold the attention of the audiences.

At the same time, the logo designers invest their creativity, the essence of passion and innovative concepts. They need to revise the themes again and again to bring the logo in a specific shape. And when it is for an ecommerce business, they put more emphasis. Because the logo will have to compete with thousands of other competitors.

Unless the logo is up to the mark, they keep trying. And finally, the ecommerce logo appears to dominate the market. Your ecommerce business becomes a brand gradually.

Types of ecommerce logo

Graphic Design Eye provides several types of logos for its clientele. But when it is about an ecommerce logo, the issue is a bit special. Our designers need to focus on several aspects.

No doubt the ecommerce industry is booming in the present age. But not every business can be a successful one. You need to try all the essential aspects to hold the attention of your clients. And the first thing is to have a logo for a positive impression.

Based on the necessities, we have set four types of logos for an ecommerce business. Remember, not all the logos are suitable for all types of business. Hence, we have sophisticatedly made these categories. They are:

  • Text-based logos,
  • Graphic-based logos
  • Abstract logos,
  • Combined logos

Text-based logos: as the name suggests, they come with texts only. No other elements are used here. But we polish the texts to appear alluring to your clients.

Graphic-based logos: they are the logos where graphical elements get more priority. In such logos, we use images to portray the business in a logo format.

Abstract logos: the abstract logos arrive with different shapes and symbols. Often they have a neutral tone to remain versatile.

Combined logos: they are the most popular ones. Such logos have the combination of texts, graphical images and shapes. However, preparing such a logo takes more time than the other types of logos.

Ecommerce Logo Design Speaks Louder

ECommerce Logo Design FAQs

Well. Research is the most important aspect for an ecommerce logo. So, we focus on research more than anything. As part of the research, we analyze the competitors. We try to get ideas on how the competitors have shaped their logos. And after a thorough research, we develop the logo for our client.

Making an ecommerce logo is a complex matter. Lots of compound issues are involved here. And we need to spend more time on research. So, roughly it may take seven to ten days for research. We will make the logo by the next seven days. Hence, making an ecommerce logo will take more than two weeks.

Of course, we make versatile ecommerce logo. Versatility is one of the prime concerns for us. Using a versatile logo, anyone can make many more items like stationary items, promotional materials, etc. Therefore, when we think the concept, we also think about the versatility.

So, you can rely on our logo as we surely will make it a versatile one. And you could be able to use it for your ordinary tasks.

We provide the perfect logo for an ecommerce business. During the logo making process, we undergo a number of stages. And the final outcome is outstanding. The key reason is that we focus on the depth of the business. Our logos bring out the essence of your business in the visual format.

So, when someone sees the logo, they fall in love with it. The logo makes them curious and finally, they move to your ecommerce outlet to know more. And you know the rest. When you have more visitors, you will have more sales.

The price of designing an ecommerce logo varies. At our company, it begins from $200. However, the price may change based on the logo design, your customization and relevant other factors.

To order your ecommerce logo, you need to write us an email. Please include all the necessary information in the email – what type of log you want, what is your product/ service, what’s your budget for the project, etc. We will get back to you and set a meeting to discuss everything.

In other words, we are one email away.