Payment Refund Policy For You

Best Refund Policy

Before you head to the below refund policies, you should know that we don’t accept refund requests if it has been 30 days since the project is done.

You should also count that we don’t refund once the project is done and you have released the payment. Although, the rule isn’t applied the same to all the available services. To get which specific services are considered in this, please check the below discussion.

Graphic Design Eye provides services that deliver downloadable files to clients when each project is done.

It can be a logo design file, banner, brochure, business card, or any other design file, we always intend to put the best job upon the client’s requirement.

We also do revision + extra revision if the design doesn’t meet your needs and the process goes on until the design reaches your satisfaction.

Creative digital work like graphic design, web design, content for online marketing, and social media are such visual materials that can easily be emulated. Here the main thing is the design concept which comes from top-class mind by experience and expertise.

Therefore, if you have any order including visual art or design and if it goes through the first revision, we refuse to refund for this type of project.

But remember that we provide other online services except for graphic design and visual design. To get what refund policy would apply to them, you have to read the discussion below.

Refund Policy

Graphic and visual design

Graphics design includes all the branding materials design such as logo, business card, brochure, flyer, packaging design, poster design, t-shirt design, mug design, and other visual branding assets.

When we design for a visual branding asset, you can cancel the order before it is finished. Once the project is done and we have made the final delivery, there is no chance to refuse it and get the money refund.

However, you can still have the room to send requests if you have any legit contention for that. We promise we will hear you and refund the money while deducting 20%-40% as credit fee.

It is because designers have to pay hard work and attention to find the best design concept for clients' needs. Our graphic design team consists of top-class graphics designers who are in the sector for more than 2-3 years. They are proven for creativity and the ability to yield the exact design you need.

Printing design

Printing design is one of the most demanded services here. We have been helping clients all over the world get high quality printed banners, posters, packaging designs, t-shirts, magazines, and other print design services for years.

In this regard, clients can order only the design and print it themselves when it is done and delivered. Also, you can take our help to get them fully prepared printed designs in their hand.

Whether you have ordered the design only or you want to make it printed by us, you can cancel the order any time before we finish the design.

The design won’t be discarded once we have made the final delivery. If you want to cancel the order, you have to communicate with us as soon as possible.

For printing properties, you can cancel the order even after the print design is ready to go. In case you don’t need the print material, you can cancel the order. In that case, you won’t be eligible for refund because it already costs to print the design for us.

Photo editing

Our photo editing service offers a wide range of photo editing solutions for clients. No matter what editing you need, you can get the job perfectly done by us.

We accept refund requests for photo editing services. But remember that you have to make the request within 7 days after the order completion.

Our top-class photo editors show no compromise in terms of quality and bring desired changes while editing your images. So, the probability is very low (0.5%) that you are not satisfied with their editing.

Even then if you have any issue so that you want to get refund, no problem, we offer money back guarantee for photo editing services.

Just make sure that you have requested it within 7 days after the project delivery. Otherwise, we won’t accept the refund request.

Digital marketing

You may be concerned that digital marketing is a huge sector that incorporates all the digital activities to build a better brand identity and make strong brand recognition on search engines and social media.

When choosing one of our digital marketing service packages, it can take months to get the desired feedback in some digital marketing campaigns.

For your information, we provide social media marketing, run successful social media campaigns, PPC advertisements, content marketing, white hat SEO, and also create videos and animations for clients.

It is true that making refund policies for digital marketing services is critical. Because it requires time and patience to get success online marketing platform. Therefore, we used to divide the whole project into milestones to make it easier for the clients.

The benefit of such milestone-based project completion helps clients to discard the project anytime no matter how many milestones are yet to reach. You have to pay only for the milestones achieved by us.

However, if you have already started the operation and suddenly change your mind, you can let us know about that. We don’t usually agree to refund in terms of digital marketing services, but it is our promise that we will hear you and respond to that if possible.

Website design and development

Our 360-degree online solutions include web design and development service that helps many startups, small brands, and even medium or large businesses to grow up.

If you are an offline business and decided to build up online brand identity with the website, we are here to provide all the support you need.

Don’t worry if you have no idea about web design and development, our world-class web designers and developers are ready to hook you up all the way.

If you have ordered your website design and don’t find the design helpful to your need, no problem, we will refund the advance payment you did. Our refund policy will be applied in such situations,

  • You are not satisfied with the initial design mockup
  • We didn't start your project at all or we're unable to start soon
  • We are unable to complete the project as per the project's specifications

No refund will be given if the design is already approved and the project is delayed due to lack of communication from your edge.

For future information, feel free to ask any questions related to our service via email or direct call.