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Best Privacy Policy

Graphic Design Eye is a graphics designing and photo editing company. It has a bunch of adroit & professional artists & sophisticated designing process. All of its artists are highly qualified & have far-reaching consequences in their design or editing. Before you surf this website, it is better to have knowledge about some important issues. We’re here to serve with the best. To clarify the facts, we have set some privacy policy for you. Going through the texts below, you will be clarified about the ideas of the privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

What do we need?

To deal with the Graphic Design Eye, it may need some personal information of its clients. The prime purpose of collecting info is to provide the best services to the clients or to ask for their opinions for the best service. On the other hand, it might also use the information for sending promotional materials to its respected clients.

To fulfill all the needs of the clients, one needs to fill a digital form and send it back to Graphic Design Eye

Graphic Design Eye takes the info in the registration process. There are no other attempts to collect the client’s personal info or details in the whole course of communication.

The information that will be taken are here:

  • Your full name
  • Your user names
  • Your email addresses
  • Your country
  • Your phone numbers
  • Your website (if any)
  • Your company names (if applicable)

How we use the information?

Graphic Design Eye uses the info of its clients only to improve the services towards the customers. We are assuring you that there is no leak of your information. All the details of you will remain safe and secured. Graphic Design Eye does not disclose the personal info to any third party.

To make better communication with the clients, Graphic Design Eye uses the information. It helps to remain connected with the honorable clients. Further, the information is also used to send the bills to the clients and process the bills too. When you are providing the information, this will assist to provide improved client service.

Besides, the collected info is necessary for the betterment of providing the services. However, this is also a security fact as well. Graphic Design Eye will not remain liable for any anti-state activities by its clients.

Auto info collection

Graphic Design Eye will take some info automatically. These are your web browser information, websites you surf, the time, you visited out the website, your IP address, the operating system that you have used to access our website, etc.

Data security

In this part, some relative approaches will be taken for data security. The data, collected from the clients will be safe to Graphic Design Eye.

Graphic Design Eye does not have any intention or needs to utilize the data for any reasons or the info will not be passed to any third party that might because of any damage to them. Graphic Design Eye only plan to utilize the data to inform its clients about project completion and only for providing marketing materials or any kinds of promotional offers towards the clients.

Privacy policy change

First of all, the Graphic Design Eye is here to serve a better and comfortable service towards its clients throughout the globe. To confirm the best services, Graphic Design Eye might require to bring down any changes to the privacy policy if needed. To chop with the needs of the valuable clients, the Graphic Design Eye is to build the amendments in the regular intermission. So, there may be some changes in the privacy policy of the Graphic Design Eye.

It is glad to remind you that the policy shall contain the description of our recently added measures to confirm a smooth service with you. Graphic Design Eyes extremely focused on the matter of service quality. Also, the Graphic Design Eye does not negotiate with the privacy issue as the target of the Graphic Design Eye is to give an excellent service at the end towards the clients. Most importantly, if there will be any specific changes in the privacy policy, Graphic Design Eye wall informs its clients by using the official email service from the company.

Rights of users

The users of the website, have some specific rights. Firstly, the users can surf the website at any time and it won’t need to take any prior permission from anyone. If it is very uncomfortable with any of the views mentioned above in the privacy policy, they can remove their consent instantly. In this situation, they are not permitted to get the services from the Graphic Design Eye. As a user, you have the right to know what will be done by your particular details. As it is clarified previously, the Graphic Design Eye will use the info only for corporate purposes. So, there are no uncertainties at all.

Access to data

You are the honorable client; you can have access to your data stored in a Graphic Design Eye server. You can see your provided info at any time of the day. Except your data is being deleted, you will have no bar on reading the server to check your data and other essential info. Earlier the deletion, Graphic Design Eye will inform you.

We are requesting to remember that we do not preserve any record or backup of the data stored on the server. So, you need to keep the track or preserve a backup for your aids.