flat logo design service

Flat Logo Design Service

Visuals play the lead role in generating leads for a business. Graphic Design Eye provides this particular service for upholding the businesses. With the use of some simple yet innovative ideas, we generate the flat logos. They look unique, impressive and provide intricate details about the product, business or service.

Now, this is the age of invention. People use countless types of logos to display them and get attention from a wide range of people. But the appeal of flat logos is still vibrant. They are alive in some points and can have direct interaction with the audiences. Besides, the flat logos are able to fit in any platform.

Use of the flat logos are seen almost everywhere. At present, the larger companies and conglomerates are heading to adopt flat logos. The key reason is that they provide a smarter level of visibility. Often the colorful logos look blurry and unable to express any complicated message in a simple manner.

Flat Logo Design Beautifies Ideas With Impressive Styles

Here are some of the specimens that we did for our clients.

Flat Logo Design FAQs

Designing a flat logo is not that simple. It needs time and effort to conceptualize the idea of clients’ business. This is the first step of designing. Later, we make a sketch of the logo to match it with the business theme. In the course of designing, we add letters, marks, icons or symbols.

Moreover, we run a test of the logos – how they look in the real-life environment. During this phase, we create dummies using the logo and compare those with the competitors. Finally, if we are satisfied, we deliver it to the clients.

No. Flat logos are not minimalist logos. In fact, they are two different categories. In a flat logo, the design is bracketed through using only a certain type of element. But there are options to add or adore the logo with classy elements. On the contrary, minimalist logos are those where only the required elements are applied. You cannot add or remove the required elements from the minimalist one.

However, if you want, you can make a flat logo using the minimum elements or items.

At times, we need to use fonts to prepare a flat logo. In fact, the shape of the flat logo varies. We have to add diversified elements like shapes, outlines, marks and other designs to make a flat logo. In the course of making the logo, we may need to apply fonts where it is appropriate.

So, we may use fonts. But if you are unwilling to keep a font on your logo, we can discard that, as well. We will make the logo using silhouettes or apply other highlights.

Well. We can complete a flat logo within 48 hours. Actually, it takes time to generate the concept. Once the concept is visualized or done, we can start generating the logo. However, if there are less complications, we can complete the logo by 24 hours, as well.