medical logo design service

Medical Logo Design Service

No doubt a medical logo design service is important for a business. And if you are in the business, you will need a special identity that helps people to know your business. Accordingly, we make logos that suit our clients best. We make the design for people to observe, not for platforms where you can use them only.

Besides, our logos like hospital, pharmacy logos belong to the best quality. Our expert logo designers apply their hard-earned skills and expertise to fine-tune the logos. Also, we always comply with color themes, enhance the edges of the logos and perform many more necessary tasks.

All the effort brings a grandeur look in the logo. Thereby, Graphic Design Eye has become a stakeholder of many of the global organizations, companies and corporates for their logo needs. We are the sole logo designer for the leading brands and we take humble pride in it.

Medical Logo Design Is Not A Logo, It’s A Style

Medical Logo Design FAQs

Medical logo making is not a complex process. It takes nearly seven to 10 days to make a logo. And be noted, this is a rough estimation. When we get orders for customized medical logos, it may take more days.

In fact, we need to have some groundwork for the logo making. It entails research, analysis, sketch drafting, among others. But we ensure to deliver the logo within the estimated deadline.

Of course, you can place as many orders as you want. In fact, we always prioritize our clients and focus on their convenience. So, there is no bar for placing several orders.

However, you need to set deadlines for each of the orders separately. Because you know, logo designing is a tough call. It involves lots of other activities. Hence, dealing with several orders is comfortable when we get sufficient time.

Well. We are unable to provide any discount even on bulk orders for logo designing. The entire process is highly complicated and requires a huge amount of attention and hard work. So, we regret we are unable to offer any flat rate or discount for our valued clients.

However, all the prices for logo making are reasonable. You need no worries about the pricing issues.

No. We do not have any return policy for logo designing. If you do not prefer or dislike the logo, we are there to polish it. And will do it without any charge for the first two times. Though we have refund policies for other services, we are not able to offer the same particularly for logo design.

The process is simple. You have to email us. Make sure you provide all the necessary information regarding your logo. We will get back to you and discuss everything before the production and final submission.

You know, a logo is a digital product. So, it needs a digital delivery after the making. Hence, we deliver the logo digitally. In other words, we use preferable formats like AI, PSD, JPEG, PNG or any other suitable one.

Yes, we have pricing plans for all types of logos. You can check them at the pricing plan page to know more. Categorically, we have shared all the prices of the logos. However, the issue of flat rate is based on mutual negotiation.

Of course, you need to send the files and other instructions. Emailing the details is the best way to send us the logo details. You can add a couple of photos or any other samples that you want. We will reply to the email and make arrangements for further discussion for clarification.