symbol logo design service

Symbol Logo Design Service

The application of symbol logo design service is of great use for a brand or business. The service solely aims to represent a business aesthetically using symbols and other elements. Consequently, the logos become more memorable and easy to absorb. Also, they convey the messages more quickly to your audiences than other types of logos.

Moreover, the use of abstract ideas in logo generation plays an important role to reach your target people. In the logo, you can use shapes, customized color, styles, fonts, images and more. The finished product gets a lucrative outlook to impress the world. Also, it is able to stand out amid a crowd of logos.

When a text struggles to express the message clearly, the symbol logo design is the opposite. For the use of symbols, people easily relate the theme with their needs. When they find the logo is relevant to them, instantly they take action. They try to know more about you and your brand. And ultimately, you get an increased amount of sales or uplift in the business.

Top features of a Symbol Logo

Now, the use of symbol logo design is getting an increased appeal from everywhere. The key reason is the effectiveness of the logo. Besides, the logo helps to generate leads for their business and brands. Also, the logo serves as an identification mark to them.

Some of the key features of the symbol logo are mentioned in brief here.


Saying goes that simplicity is the best style. It is a true statement and proven through the design by Graphic Design Eye. The logos arrive with a simple style - free from all forms of exaggerations. The logo designers do not apply excessive style or color. Also, they take care of the symbols to represent the theme.

Finally, the logos become the perfect one to exhibit your brand in the business arena.


The second thing is the versatility of the logo. In fact, they will not wear by time. They will remain all the same throughout the years. The appeal of the logos and their necessities will not be changed. It happens as the designs are timeless. Elements used in the designs are special, abstract and meaningful.

So, if your business sustains, people would be able to relate your logo and business even after a decade. And you need no changes in the logo.

Communicates smartly:

Images are more powerful than words. The same happens here. A symbol is a type of image that represents any special thing or element. So, we apply the relevant images (symbol) to locate the thing visually. And when people come in contact with the symbol, they can easily comprehend the message.

But using texts will take more time to let them realize the business or the matter.

Easy to recall:

Also, the symbols are easier to recall. In fact, they hit the brain of the people instantly. Due to the nature of the symbols, people can remember them in less than a second. Therefore, this is the other advantage of a symbolic logo that you cannot ignore.

Graphic Design Eye and Symbolic Logo Design

This graphic design service company has been providing this service for a long time. We have a bunch of highly skilled and expert graphic designers. They can elegantly design such logos for our clients and have been doing so for years.

Our designing process is smarter. We analyze the theme of the business or individual. Next, we discuss the findings with clients and get their approval. In the third phase, we start sketching the logo. As a result, we make zero mistakes in the overall logo designing process. And finally, can deliver the flawless logo to our clients.

Simple yet Impactful Symbol Logo Designs to Inspire You

A symbol logo can be a powerful way to establish your brand identity. In this article, we've compiled a list of simple yet impactful symbol logo designs to inspire you in creating your own logo. From minimalist designs to nature-inspired concepts, these logos demonstrate the power of using a well-crafted symbol to represent your brand.

Symbol Logo Design FAQs

Well. Designing a symbolic logo is a creative task. So, it requires time. We can deliver a perfect symbolic logo within 72 hours. However, we can also deliver the logo within 24 hours after receiving the order. But in that case, the logo may not be perfect. There might be flaws that you surely do not want to have on your logo. Hence, we ask our clients not to rush and wait for a couple of days.

The answer is both affirmative and negative. You cannot customize a logo once it is finalized. In fact, we will get your approval once we finalize the logo. Prior to that, we will discuss the logo draft and relevant other aspects with you. So, there would be no chance for any further discussion.

However, if you change your mind and still want to customize the logo after it is done, you need to pay us additionally. You know, making a logo involves time, effort and dedication of the designers. Thereby, we have to start from scratch to bring the changes. And this is similar to making a logo from the beginning.

Selection of the symbol is entirely based on the business or brand theme. Usually, we try to invent a symbol or explore the existing ones to make the logo. Besides, we justify the application of the symbol with the theme like how it reflects the business, or how it may hold attention.

Following the analysis, we select and use the symbol. Before the final selection, we also get approval from the client.

No, logos and symbols are not the same. A logo is an element that depicts any brand, business or service in the form of visuals. On the contrary, symbols are signs that directly symbolize any specific item.

Well. It depends on the package you are taking. In the basic package, we provide three unique symbol logo concepts. For the advanced package, we offer six concepts. If you select the executive package, you will get 8 unique concepts. And for the leading package, you will get unlimited concepts.

However, you can also hire our hourly service. In that case, we will provide concepts based on mutual discussions.

We deliver the logo in a compatible format using email, google drive or dropbox. Generally, we use file formats like PSD, JEPG, JPG, PNG, SVG, AI, and EPS. However, our clients can also get the files following their preferable format.

Before sending the files, we crosscheck the quality, resolution and other aspects. It helps to maintain the authenticity of the files.