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UI UX design service

UI/UX Design Service

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are two essential elements in the virtual world. Unless the UI and UX are up to the mark, it’s not possible to reach the audience, perfectly. When you have the best UI/UX, they can elevate your business even in offline situations. Basically, the UI/UX design is a process of designing visual and functional aspects of a product. It is necessary for both hardware or software products.

For physical products, you need a smart packaging system to make it look appealing. For the soft products, you need a striking interaction system with the users. The digital approaches will make the users happier and their interaction will get an increase, as well.

If you are in need of a UI/UX design service, the GDE will render a professional solution. The GDE is ready to meet any kind of visual design requirements and generates designs that provide the best value to your product and brand.

So, try us today for fulfilling your UI/UX needs.

Some basic types of UI/UX design

UI/UX design service is a huge sector that incorporates all the digital interface design and bends how a system or program will respond to the user’s command. As the use of mobile devices has increased a lot nowadays, there are numerous mobile applications developed for various purposes. For instance, games, photo editing, ecommerce, social media, learning, and sometimes earning, all we can do with mobile applications at present. There was a time when most official work, data entry, online research, and most large organizations had to keep records through computer software. But now, everything is going through mobile applications. So the demand for creating mobile applications has also increased. At the same time, UI / UX design practices and online UI / UX design services became extremely demanding. If you’re building applications, software, or websites for any of your purposes, then you’re also in need of a UI/UX design service. Being one of the leading graphic design, website design & development, and UI/UX design service agencies, Graphic Design Eye offers the complete UI/UX service package you need all the way. Here is a little showcase of our service types and facilities.

  • Software UI/UX design
  • Mobile application UI/UX design
  • Ecommerce website UI/UX design
  • List UI design
  • Social media UI/UX design
  • Animated UI design
  • Brand interface design
  • Website design & development

Software UI/UX design

ui ux design services

This is also known as software development where software engineers take part to create a complete form of software. Software’s are tools that are used to accomplish specific works in computer platforms. There are many types of software and they include different functionalities. Software development is a time-worthy process that requires proper management of the software development life cycle. In our team, we have a bunch of software developers who got the massive experience to design and develop software. The software we develop has the potential to give desired results and make you able to boost the activity. In both user interface and user experience, our design will interact with users and inspire them to use it again and again. Just let us know about the type of software you need and what you want to do with it? We will create the exact piece of software you need to enhance productivity, monitor activity, and how you want to make it.

Mobile application UI/UX design

ui ux design service

There are 5.27 billion mobile phone users all over the world and mobile application is what comes to great usage in our daily lives. The mobile application has become a common solution to all technical and strategic requirements. For business and marketing, the mobile application remains at the top of the funnel to every serious online marketer. Are you an ecommerce retailer, a local seller, or a niche blogger? Mobile applications will help you to drive more traffic, engagement, leads, and prospects. It is good to have a website to build an online presence for your business or whatever you are doing. But it is super if you have a dedicated mobile application. More than two-thirds of the entire population is more likely to use handheld devices. Mobile applications keep up to date about your activities to the users by sending notifications. So, if you’re looking to do the mobile app design for your website, organization, or any other purpose, we will build one for you. We have a professional mobile application development team to design interactive interfaces and make them fast and responsive all the way.

Ecommerce website UI/UX design

ecommerce website UI/UX design

The best ecommerce solution websites should be perfect in every aspect from the layout, distribution of products on the product page, page to page navigation, and of course the payment procedure. Ecommerce website management requires high consideration and strict watch to website performance, and user experience. If users don’t feel comfortable while surfing on the ecommerce store, they won’t buy anything from that. Whether you already have an ecommerce website or you’re on the way to build one. You should have a clear sense of the technical facets of ecommerce websites. For example, all the product images of an ecommerce website should be optimized to load faster, and also, images should be appealing to catch visitor’s attention and turn them into prospects. Besides, you’ve to ensure the interactive user interface as well as user experience to encourage users to spend more time shopping and visiting your web store. However, we’re available in both graphic design and website UI/UX design and offer professional solutions to generate the best result in this regard.

List UI design

list UI design

For the mobile application interface, list UI design is the way to adapt a lot of options that the program includes on a single page with list mode. List UI design incorporates product category, shows an easy way to navigate all over the apps. You may have a messaging application on your mobile or you can see Spotify make sense about list UI design. In Spotify, all the music categories are listed on a single page with the category name to make it easy for listeners to find their desired song easily. List UI design is highly interactive, gives an overview of all the categories you have in a listed mode. This is effective if you’re an ecommerce, online magazine, and service agency that provides a plethora of different services. Our list UI design will drive value into the application and make it easy overall for the users. If you’re interested in creating a list of UI designs for applications or websites, just inform us.

Social media UI/UX design

social media UI/UX design

Social media has become the order of the day. We all are engaged with one or more social media platforms as there are so many of them available like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But what we actually offer here is a completely unique social media or you can say instant messaging application for you. However, there are plenty of reasons you may intend to create a distinct social media platform. You may have a large industry with hundreds of employees and you want to create a separate messaging platform to keep them connecting with each other but in a different way. Whatever your purpose is, being an owner of a social media app that engages lots of people means you are on the attention of people. In this context, we will create the most adaptive social media according to the purpose you want to create it. Just explain your requirement, we’ll research and design the most impactful social media UI/UX for you.

Animated UI design

animated UI design

We’re also available in motion graphics and animation creation. 2D and 3D graphics are slightly becoming an old matter in visual communication. The day isn’t so far away when static graphics won’t be used anymore and at that time, everything we will see is animation and motion graphics. So investing time and money to create your business and brand presence with animated advertisements will be good for the future. In the present world, visual communication means a lot for brands, businesses, and other commercial and non-commercial sectors. From advertising to educating people on a particular issue, the animation is the best way to illustrate things perfectly. We create the best form of animation with custom digital illustrations, visual storytelling, and with mesmerizing visual elements that must capture the user’s or visitors’ attention. If you want to make a software, application, or website interface with kind of moving objects to keep it different from others, we will help you to accomplish your desire. For inspiration, take a look at our motion graphic and animation design services to ensure our words.

Brand interface design

brand interface design

Newly started with your brand? You have to focus on building impressive branded user interface design to get massive attention from consumers and audiences. Designing a spectacular brand UI comes first when a new brand is created. Brands should have a particular identity to stand out. If you are a brand, you must have do the logo design, website design, business card design, brochure design, flyer design to spread out your brand identity loudly. Branding is essential for every particular business. Without proper branding design, it won’t be able to engage the audience. For brands who require brand user interface design, we design tempting user interfaces for their website and what else they would have. We do core research of your brand perceptions and the audience base you want to target. Then we build a structure, take colors and all the visual elements into consideration and finally generate the most appropriate design for your brand. In addition, we’re available in offline brand design services to ensure the most enchanted logo and other offline brand materials for your brand.

Website design & development

website design & development

Website is an essential item for whatever you are doing in this online-based world. Website is the way to make an online presence for your business and showcase your brand offerings, credibility, and authenticity of your product and services. Having a great website makes the job easier. It will make visitors come back and encourage them to follow the website continually. A website with a catching interface and adaptive experience has the potential to reveal your brand identity sharply. However, UI and UX are integral parts of a website. UI determines the visual interface of a website that should be interactive to persuade users’ minds to spend more time on your website. User interface constructs in the website design phase. At the same time, user experience is the backend process of confirming a website’s seamless navigation and experience. Web developers are programmers who work behind the scenes. Web development confirms the highest usability, efficiency, and ease of using your website. If you’re looking for reliable web design and development services online, Graphic Design Eye is the option that you feel comfortable with.

Get striking UI/UX design for your website, apps, software, and products

Business is all about maintaining good relationships with consumers and providing quality service and products as well as good customer support. Whether you are an online or offline retailer, customer satisfaction should be your topmost priority. And to ensure this, UI/UX is the asset you have to care for. Whatever you create to engage with the audience, it should come with a striking user interface and the experience should be encouraging. Therefore, you have to implement it through professional UI and UX design services.

Graphic Design Eye is one of the leading online UI/UX design service agencies. We always prioritize creating the most relevant, enchanting user interface for your website, application, or software. Besides, we focus on creating the most sophisticated user experience that certainly seems to be easy for users to use. When you come here to grab UI/UX design services, we first take a closer look at your brand, product, and requirements. Then we put together the user interface design team and the user experience design team to analyze through the given information and requirements. Undoubtedly, our UI/UX design team consists of highly professionals who are able to accomplish your project no matter how tight it is. The team will align your requirements in their workflow and bring out the most interacting design for it.

Get insights into our UI/UX design services

UI/UX is not just a process of designing an interface for your website or application. You won’t allow damnable design and imperfect experience in your program. Therefore, experts go through step by step process, consultations between the UI developer and the UX developer, research, analysis, prototype, testing and so on. We’ve specialized in this sector and streamline the process through experience and high consideration. If you want to learn about our UI/UX design process, here is a glimpse of the method we usually deploy in.

  • Get explanations
  • Research and analysis
  • Wireframes design
  • Graphical user interface design
  • Prototype
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

Get explanations

The process starts with a vital explanation event between the client and the design team. Since we’re an online service and most of our clients are remote-based, the communication took place via online video calling, meeting, or conference application. The main goal is to get an explanation of the client’s goal and targets, how he wants to look, and how he also wants to interact with users through it. Communication is highly important here because we’ve to get a clear sense of the client’s requirements to stem forward with the project.

Research and analysis

Whatever we got to build UI/UX for, we jump into the next step which is research and analysis. It is a vital step in every UI/UX design process. In this step, we pay attention to the client’s requirements and do online research, market research, and competitor research based on your object. Research and analysis accelerate the process and help to realize how the product or program should build up. Here we have a clear sense of the design elements and other basic setups.

Wireframes design

After having enough research and analysis about your project, the next step is designing a wireframe. Both designers and developers work together in this step and build a temporary layout that includes all the elements in itself. Mainly, experts collect all the required information in the research process and give it a demonstration through a wireframe. For instance, if it is a website user interface, the wireframe illustrates the content structure and the functionalities of the webpage. Wireframe helps to depict the project concept before going into the main operation. Sometimes we used to show wireframes to the clients that we created to see if everything was going well.

Graphical user interface design

In this step, we prepare the final graphical user interface design which includes the look, shape, and design that users will face when they have your product. Graphical user interface should be user compatible so that users can’t feel distracted while using the software or application. So, we take into account all the graphical elements such as color, typography, graphics, animation, logo and go on to create simple but feasible designs. For the graphical user interface, we always put simplicity first.


This phase incorporates the development of wireframes. Prototyping can be done on paper or on interactive screens. To better understand, we prototype and test functions several times if required. We form prototypes for each of the aspects of your product such as navigation, buttons, dashboard, etc.


When the final design builds and the backend development also adjusted with it, it’s time for usability testing. We execute usability testing through the beta deployment of the project. For a better testing experience, we choose a group of target audiences and allow them to use the beta version of the software. While evaluating the final product, we focus on certain factors to ensure its workability. They are,

  • How do users interact with it?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • How is the navigation system?
  • How is the user interface?
  • Does it make users mind to come back every time they need this?

If any of the above questions go wrong, we note that and fix the error after the testing period is done. Testing helps to find out the weak sides of the product and uncover if anything causes a bad experience to users.


We also care about further maintenance to fix bugs, modifications, and changes. Maintenance is the process to check the system if everything works well. After the deployment of the application, software, or website, maintenance is required occasionally when you find bugs in the system that need to be fixed. But if you want to do it on a regular basis, it seems you are highly attentive to the user’s satisfaction with the system. Whatever, we will take care of maintenance, fix bugs, and make the system run flawlessly.

UI/UX Design FAQs

Check out the below list of frequently asked questions to quench your thirst about UI/UX design and our service. If you have any further inquiries about anything related to our service, make direct contact through our website. We’re 24/7 here to reply to you.

User interface refers to the point where a system meets the user and interacts. The system is usually software, an application, or simply a website. To get it more simple, let’s think about a website. We visit websites every day to find necessary information, and resources and to get connected to a community. Whatever, when you visit a website, the first thing you interact with is the visual layout of the website. Maybe you search for a specific term and land on a particular webpage or blogpost. Everything that includes on the web page such as the tags, buttons, drop-down lists, text fields, checkboxes, layout, color, typography, and the image is responsible for creating the visual interface of that page. Similarly, software and applications we use in smartphones and computers also require visually appealing user interfaces. If the user interface doesn’t come out as good, users won’t interact with it. That’s simple. So, the duty of a UI deviser is to create the best relevant design that will encourage users and keep them connected using the system. Now let’s take a deeper look into UX aka user experience.

The product you have created to sell and get familiarity with your brand name, and its UI/UX will determine everything. Whether the product will succeed in the market or not, consumers will get it or it will be turned aside by them. Simply put, the user interface (UI) is the first impression of your products. If you are a website, the user interface will decide if the visitor will interact or leave instantly. In this regard, user experience keeps the user journey continuous with your product. User experience determines the overall experience of the user on the product. If it conducts a bad user experience, the user won’t come once after. This is why designing the perfect UI/UX is crucial for websites, software, applications, and even for real-life products.

A user interface (UI) designer creates a visual layout of the product. He responsibly depicts the outlook of the product, decides the placement of visual elements, and chooses color and typography. In short, the UI designer is responsible for building out the visual form of the product. On the other hand, the user experience (UX) designer’s job is to ensure that users aren’t facing any problems while interacting with it. Their work incorporates background code, server, and database to maximize the usability of the application or website.

When you are here to grasp any of the services we provide, you don’t have to worry about anything. From scratch to the end, we prioritize your comfortability and satisfaction with every aspect of our service. From quality to usability, our experienced team will make you feel dependent on their work. Upon completion of the project, we will continue to support you in maintaining the system as needed. In this way, we ensure top-notch service that you couldn’t get even in other industry-leading services.

Going back to the above instance, you have searched for something on the browser, it shows a list of results and you choose one specific website to get what you are looking for. Think you are willing to buy a product and get a website that has the same. When you enter the website, you find a lot of products displayed. If you’re interested, you may spend a few times visiting different product pages, checking customers’ feedback, and reading product descriptions. For websites, user experience is based on the navigation, and page experience such as page loading, image loading, text loading, responsive design, mobile-friendliness, server response, and so on. Websites with bad loading, worse navigation, and aren’t mobile-friendly, refer that the website user experience is in bad condition. Likewise, if you consider software and application, user experience determines the user impression. How do users feel about using the system and how easy it is to use it for them. User experience design is the process of researching, developing, and improving all aspects of a product or system to reach users’ satisfaction. Bad user experience is a common term in the industry. It is a big obstacle for those who are going through digital products and systems. It prolongs the way to success and requires high management to be fixed.

In this modern era, everyone wants to experience the best technology. People don’t want to spend too much time and brain making decisions. They love to get all the things together. The same things happen while browsing a website and mobile application. They consider those which have efficient and quickest responses. Websites that can understand user’s requirements and deliver the information as per the needs get more importance by the users. So, it is more important to have a well-designed UI/UX if you have websites and mobile applications. It is, however, necessary for mobile application and website developers to make their sites and apps more attractive to collect more users by ensuring 100% satisfaction.

We offer the most reasonable price for our UI/UX design service. UI/UX Design service price range depends on your requirement. To learn about our pricing, use the get a quote button to let us know about your requirement.

Why choose our UI/UX design service?

At Graphic Design Eye, we’re always looking forward to helping online ecommerce businesses as well as offline brands to create distinctive brand identities to compete in this huge marketing field. People are now more likely to create an online presence than offline brick-and-mortar businesses. But in most cases, newcomers lack proper guidelines and strategies to build up successful online businesses. Though online businesses don’t require a lot of money as an investment you must have feasible tactics to reach your goals. In addition to that, Graphic Design Eye will help you with instructions and technical support to become a successful entrepreneur online. User interface and user experience is a major concerns for online activists. UI/UX comes everywhere, from websites to offline products. If the website or product doesn’t provide an engaging user interface and user experience, it won’t be accepted by the users. In this regard, Graphic Design Eye is the most helpful option you can get online. We guarantee an attractive user interface and the most enticing experience to grab the attention of your visitors. Here are some reasons to choose us.

  • Experienced team
  • Ceaseless communication
  • Reasonable price
  • Comprehensive support
  • Maintenance
  • All in one solution