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UI-UX Design Services

UI goes for User Interface and UX goes to User Experience and both of them are related to every single activity of user operation like software, apps, and website. UI/UX applied to get the system with user-free design and also to give them best experience through the system.

We’ll take your customers on an amazing journey from the very first second of using your product. Our custom designs offer an alluring and straightforward path to learning more about your company and opting for your services.  An efficient user interface covers the gap between the human brain and the digital product you offer. Based on the behavioral patterns and in compliance with the Human Interface Guidelines we create delightful user experience – simple, intuitive, and efficient. Powerful UI / UX are the keys to more sales, higher user adoption rates, and easier onboarding. By taking the following elements into account, we conduct the initial research and craft the design to deliver immediate ROI for your business. Together, we’ll mold your ideal into a physical design aimed to impress and deliver.

User Experience Design

User experience design is the process of building relationships between a company, its products, and its customers. User experience design is the process of researching, developing, and improving all aspects of user interaction with a company’s product to satisfy its users. The goal is to improve the user’s experience with the product through test results, ultimately creating a product that is useful and valuable, as well as easy to obtain, pleasing to use. UX design contributes to a product that provides an effective user experience. It includes different disciplines, such as visual design, interaction design, usability, and more.

User Interface Design

The visual appearance of the software, website, or any other interface that includes the user interface. Having a good interface is important to make a satisfied community of users and thus flourish the business or climb up to the expected peak. Basically, UI designers confirm how to visually design the interface for effective user experience. The user interface includes some elements like tags, buttons, drop-down lists, text fields, checkboxes, graphic designs; and behaviors like what will happen when the user’s click/drag/enter. There need to have a good sense of creative and technical skill to design a user interface. The most important thing of a designer is to create a visual interface that attracts the user to use and make them satisfied by providing the best experience.

Here Are Some Of The UI-UX Design Samples

There are some steps we follow for developing a UI/UX design as the rules. This classification helps to make the task perfect and flawless. You can see all this and thus get proper knowledge about UI/UX design samples and steps of this process.

Split Screens UI/UX Design

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Split-screen is the trending interface for both web and mobile interfaces. There are many types of user interface and user experience but split-screen has become the most trending. Functionally split screens are nothing new anymore. Going away and coming back in a variety of designs and now it’s obviously back and alive. The importance of having the split screen are numerous as it can attract the users of the website of the mobile application. We demand such split-screen UI/UX to be creative and effective to draw the attention of the user. If the experience remains better the more useful you will get this to have more users. It is somehow one of the trendiest UI/UX design.

Several Interactive Layers

ui-ux design services

A new trend is going on with the all-new usage of UI/UX. Having several interactive layers can engage users to the websites and thus make more users. Applying more than one layer can bring the best experience to find more in one place. People nowadays have become lazy and thus they want to scroll less and get more information. This system drives the entire assets to flow overall in the same layout. Somehow designers are likely to implement their creativity and thus it got the attention of the mass people as it carries more data and easy to move on.

UI Android App Design

ui-ux design services

User interface design for android app is everything of android mobile app. That means it can deal with things which the user can see and interact with. Android apps are built with some individual parts like apps layout, notifications overview, adding the app bar, designing an effective navigation system, supporting swipe to refresh, menus, search overview, drag and drop etc and that’s all are important for the app.

A layout defines the structure for a user interface in an android app such as in an activity. A notification is a message that Android displays outside your app's UI to provide the users with reminders, communication from other people, or other timely information from your app. Users can tap the notification to open your app or take an action directly from the notification. The app bar is one of the most important design elements in your UI design activities. Using the app bar makes your app consistent with other android apps, allowing users to quickly understand how to operate your app and have a great experience. To put it simply, User Interface designs aim is to create interfaces which users find easy to use and pleasurable.

UX Mobile App Design

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UX design for the android app deals with the user experiences for hand-held and wireless devices. Actually, it is a process of making android apps comfortable and easy to use for the users. The importance of user experience design increased a few years ago when desktop users were targeted as the mainstream but nowadays mobile users get major priority in this issue.

Why? Because a mobile phone comes with all options and features that an expensive computer can give through. So, designers also give the attention on its accessibility, discoverability, and efficiency to optimize on-the-go interactive experiences. User experience designers work for many android issues like they make things faster for the user, run programs without any effort, keep images to a minimum and small, have clear visual hierarchy, ensure supportability to all devices, keep navigation easy to use, keep URL short and so on. So, it can be said for sure that user experience design is very much important for an android mobile app.

UI Software Design

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UI design is an important phase when you want to make computer-based software for any reason. Basically, software’s are the programs and other operating information used by a computer. In other words, software is the collection of computer instructions that tell the computer how to work and also, they are a contrast of the physical hardware.

So, it is very much important to keep them easy to use and navigate so that the users don’t have any effort when they use it. for example, think you are filing a company contact form on a website, in this case, you would consist of a text box, a drop-down list, a radio button and any other component which would allow you to enter your data into the company’s system. That’s all, you apply the websites form because you interact with them or their services and you want to go with them simultaneously so that you applied there. Simply put, the main goal of user interface design is to draw potential visitors’ attention and to turn them as your permanent user. After all, a good user interface design presents eye-catching visual design, interaction design and information architecture of the program.

UX Software Design

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Software’s are the programs and operating information that is used by a computer. it can command machines as the codes written by the programmers. Software is the life of a computer machine and without it, a computer is not so useful. User experience design for software is an experimental sub sector of graphic design.

We definitely use computer software as they have a wide variation. When the designers design a software, the main goal behind it is to make the program comfortable and easy to use for the users. Think about Apple's iPhone, they provide a great user experience as they think not only of the product but also the products consumption, the entire process of acquiring, also owning and troubleshooting it. That's why people all over the world buy this product without a single hesitation in their mind. UX designers don’t just focus on creating products that are usable, they concentrate on other aspects of the user experience such as pleasure, efficiency and fun too.

Storytelling, Character Design

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There is no doubt that the demand for having a new invention in all the sectors is going high. In the graphical interface, custom character design is on the rise at its peak as it shows the context of a certain website or application. Now a day’s websites are moving towards the custom storytelling with character design. This design concept helps to tell the story, setting the atmosphere, sending the messages or presenting the benefits in the mood, voice, tone of the platform. This character helps to attract the users to engage with this platform by a dynamic process and thus the users also appreciate this system. We are providing the most creative theme for your custom design with storytelling with character design as you like to follow the trend to attract more users for your platform.

Full-Screen Image Design

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In the recent trends using the full-screen background images has become widely popular. The proper visualization of doing the user interface or user experience has to catch the most trending things. The application of this full-screen background images of UI/UX attracts the users emotionally. It also supports the existing layout elements as it can carry more things than the previous layout space. Themes look prettier in this full-screen background image. This concept helps the users to get more information in a single scroll.

Custom Digital Illustrations

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Since custom digital illustration is an ancient system but the demand for this custom digital illustration has not gone yet. it has become more trending as time passes. Custom Digital Illustration is getting more presence on the mobile user interface and web interface. The custom design supports a solid interface that includes the information that can be changed including the graphical illustration upon demand. For enhancing the outlook of a page or screen applications and websites apply custom icons, mascots, and illustration. There are many things that can be improved using the custom digital illustration as per the demand of the user. This may include all necessary elements that lie on the page or the screen can be modified as per the demand of the user. This is why the demand for this custom design is increasing.

Bold Typography UI/UX Design

ui-ux design service

Bold and catchy typography continues to keep its high presence in web and mobile layouts. In most cases, it becomes one of the key design elements and designers pay much attention to keeping it readable and scannable: typographic hierarchy and choice of proper fonts are among the core tasks of every UI design project. The landing page for the Big City Guide applies the clear visual hierarchy of copy blocks and makes the name of the city the catchiest element of the layout. What’s more, it applies the technique cutting or inscribing the title keyword or a headline into the visual elements on the page. The approach strengthens the harmonic integrity of the layout elements and makes typography felt tightly united with everything in the interface.

Why choose our UI-UX design service?

Graphic Design Eye is providing the best quality services to its clients in terms of quality. We are considering ourselves the best in the sense we have the most skilled team having the most stable hand for making the UI/UX Design more accurate, creative to make your desires come true. Our experts don’t compromise the quality along with punctuality which means we are keen to make our work done on time. In the entire process of UI/UX design, we’re experienced and skilled to do the task professionally. UI/UX design is an essential option to make your website, application, operating system, etc. acceptable to the consumers and bring the best level of satisfaction. Please make sure that the UI/UX design service you are taking from other agencies is of that much creative that the modern era needs. It is essential to know whether the consumers or the user are getting a fresh interface or enjoyable experience with it. Therefore, we provide the most creative and user-friendly UI/UX design service to ensure our client’s satisfaction.


What is UI-UX design?

At the most basic level, the user interface (UI) is the series of screens, pages, and visual elements—like buttons and icons—that enable a person to interact with a product or service. User experience (UX), on the other hand, is the internal experience that a person has as they interact with every aspect of a company’s products and services. It’s common for folks to use these terms interchangeably, or sometimes incorrectly.

If you’ve ever wondered, “What is UI, what is UX, and what’s the difference between them?” in today’s post we’ll dig a bit deeper into UI and UX to get a better understanding of the differences between them.

Importance of UI-UX design

The new decade has arrived. In this new era of modern civilization, people want to have more information in the easiest way of having fun. In this recent world, the number of websites and the demand for mobile applications is increasing in a high number. As people use these apps or websites there must have a user interface that includes the user experience.

Basically, UI/UX is what people see while using an app or website. So, designing a good user interface and user experience is very important to get the attention of the user in your site or app from millions of sites and apps.

What is the major task of UI-UX design?

UI and UX are two different but related fields. Before I get down to what are the pre-requisites of it, I would like to explain what exactly they are – individually because people have a lot of confusion in that area as well. UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. Now interface is something we all interact with externally like right now you’re reading this answer on your mobile phone or maybe desktop or a tablet, that’s an interface – Quora has a beautiful interface design that enables users to understand the “flow” of the website.

Flow is important. Users should know how the website works and which button does what and how can they get back to the home page and all that. For that, we have a user interface design. To make a good interface for the potential end-users. User Experience design, on the other hand, is a large area including a lot of stuff! User Experience design includes – Interface design, Interaction design, Usability Testing, Heuristic Evaluation and a lot of other things.

How do we ensure the top-notch service?

Firstly, you need to confirm the best team to work for your designs. You have to make sure whether they have a rich portfolio or not and what is the feedback of their clients after receiving their services. And considering all these terms we sure you will find us and the rest is our job. Our professional and skilled teams are ready to serve you with the best feedback. We have the superior and skilled team to ensure your work done with a 100% satisfaction and on-time production.

Who needs the service?

People who are working for developing web or mobile phone interface for applications are required this UI/UX service. There are several agencies that need this service for their further development works. We are helping them to make a proper sense of the user interface and experience as well. There are many farms that require the service like software develops companies, website develops companies, operating system developers, applications developers, etc.

Those organizations develop the system but the user interface and experience are designed and developed by the service providers. We are very much happy to announce that our clients are pretty much happy with the services we provide.

Which industries can be benefited by a UI-UX design service?

In this modern era, everyone wants to experience the best technology. People don’t want to spend too much of their time and drain their busy brains. They want to get all the things together. The same things happen while browsing a website and mobile application. They consider those things having efficient and quickest responses. It takes more importance which can understand a user’s requirements and thus deliver the information as per the time needs.

So, it is more important to have a well-designed UI/UX for every website and mobile application. it is, however, necessary for the mobile application and website developer to make their sites and apps more attractive to collect more users by ensuring the 100% satisfaction.

Basic importance of using UI-UX design service

The basic goal of any business to ensure the satisfaction of the customers, clients, and users. As the UI/UX basically made for the users of any website and mobile applications, there needs the proper design to attract the user by its fluency and technical facilities. A user can’t make the requisition of designing the user interface or experience. They are being somehow influenced in their subconscious mind through some elements of the UI/UX.

To get the top-notch UI/UX Design you may require a good designing service. The professional UI/UX design service provider will help you to bring the best outcomes for your business as you can improve the accessibility of your users day by day by improving the interface and experience.

How to find the right UI-UX design service provider?

There are many ways to find the best UI/UX design service. First, you can go to some local agencies and see their works. You can also discuss with some online-based companies about your requirements. Some of the online companies are local and some are working globally.

Most of them show their portfolio on the web, and you can see their quality through it. You can also go through the client’s feedback and reviews. These days service provider companies are offering free trial and request for quotation facilities. You can easily learn about their service quality, creativity, skill, process and all the things you need to know as a customer. Thus, you can find the best service for you.

What is the price factor?

We are offering our clients the minimum price of UI/UX Design service. UI/UX Design service rate depends on the design category, required time for the delivery and the amount of the effort as per your requirement. And you can find us the cheapest in the rate but higher in quality.

We’re providing the best service within the best price and besides this get the cheapest price of UI/UX Design service starting from $50.