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billboard design service

Billboard Design Service

No doubt, this is one of the strongest tools ever discovered for outdoor advertisements. It is also one of the effective ways to expand a business or service. People always see the large advertisements for their gigantic shape, size and style. And if the design is exclusive, surely you will win the race no matter how many competitors you have in the battleground.

The other impressive benefit of having the professional billboard design service is that it is always working. Regardless of working hours, the billboard is operational. For the indoor advertisements, people have the option to replace or remove from advertisements. But for a billboard, this theory is inapplicable. It stays firm.

We are highly skilled in providing different graphic design services. So, our designed billboards are able to hold attention from everyone. If you run your ad campaign on television, it will run for several times. Sometimes, the ad lengths will be shorter, as well. But we offer the best billboard design that will be in the same place as long as you want with the striking message and visual.

Thereby, using the billboard as a tool for advertisement, you can set a positive impression on your audiences. We can make an effective design where you can set your message for your audiences. And ultimately, our exclusive billboard design will enhance your business visibility. Get a quote from us to know more.

Different Types Of Billboard Design - Get Inspiration For Your One

Usually, billboards are often large canvas with a few words, cartoon characters, and stylish typography. It is distinct from other advertising materials. The very first billboard was found in the 1830s and it was a circus poster. From that time on, people began to realize the importance of outside advertising, and it is said that billboard advertising revolutionized in the mid-18th century, as people bought space to display ads at that time. In the 19th century, many billboard advertising companies were founded all over the world to leverage billboard advertising, and soon it has become a matter of experimentation as well as competition.

However, there are many different billboards designed in this long period in the history of billboards. They are used to support different corporate functionalities. When you are going to design a billboard for your own company, you should know which billboard type will be most suitable for the brand. Also, the location you are thinking to place the billboard should be matched to the billboard's size, shape, and look. Here we are going through the most common and popular forms of billboards below.

Classic Billboard

Classic Billboard

Classic billboards are larger in view and shorter in attention span. So, this is the perfect type of outdoor advertising material through which you can spend your valuable money. You can see classic billboards on most of the highways, expressways, and crowded places where people gathered largely. The size of the classic billboard has changed over time. As the number of people increases, it seems necessary to increase the size of the billboards as it needs to attract more attention. As we can see early classic billboards were 14’ high x 48’ wide and 10.5’ high x 36’ wide. At present, 10 feet by 30 feet to 14 feet by 48 feet is considered the standard classic billboard size. However, this type of billboard is so perfect to catch both pedestrians and vehicles as it comes with a larger body size.

Vinyl Billboard

Vinyl Billboard

Vinyl is so useful to keep things lighting and focused. Especially for banner and billboard advertising, vinyl is becoming the most pioneering. Why? The answer is, that vinyl is a low-cost but high-output solution to advertising issues. Vinyl billboards come as waterproof and have fade resistance. That’s why it lasts so long. Vinyl billboards are very smooth to provide a color feeling. When hanging on the top of a roof or billboard stand on the highway, it looks brighter than other types of billboards. The standard sizes for vinyl billboards are 14’ high x 48’ wide and 10.5’ high x 36’ wide.

Painted Billboard

Painted Billboard

Painted billboards are kinds of billboards that are made by manually painting the message and images on the fabric. So, they are not a preferred option in the digital advertising world where automated machines were invented to make computerized banners, and posters designed to fill the huge demand of the public. Painted billboards are so rare and they are replaced by those modern advertisement formulas. However, you can still see the usage of painted billboards in some cases when only a single billboard needs to be made for any purpose.

Mobile Billboard

Mobile Billboard

Advertisements on the vehicle’s body through stickers or other types of billboard materials are now so popular. Generally, billboards are used to place on top of buildings but mobile billboards are distinct from them. as they are adjusted to vehicles, the message of the billboard can reach wherever the vehicle will go. Commonly, mobile billboards are used in the body of a double-decker. If you want to spread out brand messages widely in different areas within a short period, you can choose a mobile billboard instead of another.

Three-Dimensional Billboard

Three-Dimensional Billboard

The three-dimensional billboard is way too modern and artistic compared to the other billboard types. 3D billboards are present in a dramatic and lively way. Who doesn’t like to see 3D paint? And if it is a 3D advert in the busiest place of the city, people must have a look at the billboard for its 3D object. However, three-dimensional billboards aren’t too familiar at the time and we are always given to see those plain-shaped billboards everywhere. A 3D billboard is different and more engaging than a 2D billboard. Don’t get a huge crowd of customers in your store for a long but you think you deserve that. Design a disparate 3d billboard that has an outstanding look, a place that is in the most suitable place where you think it can engage more people.

Scented Billboard

Scented Billboard

Another billboard that you can’t see is as plain as day. As the name of the billboard, you can understand it is related to the scent. So, what are you thinking? Is this type of billboard spread fragrance? Exactly that is, scented billboards work differently as it attracts people through fragrance. The scented billboard was quite usual at the time when attention spanning was easy. They are mostly used by restaurants and women’s fragrance retailers to give a quick review of the product and to put an immediate message on customers’ minds.

You can see so many examples of scented billboards online. in addition, the first American scented billboard was founded in 2010. It was a big piece of meat with a fork. The meat scented a real tasty fragrance around its air and whenever people went behind it, they got the smell of delicious food. You may get excited to think about how these scented billboards work. No need to overthink, it’s all about the mechanism and a hoard of fragrances that are kept inside the billboard. That’s easy peas.

Digital Billboard

billboard design services

You may be familiar with digital signage that is now used highly in the market, airport lounges, hospitals, school-college, and everywhere. The digital billboard is the biggest version of those digital signages. It comes with a modern screen where both still and moving objects are presented to show normal people. Since it is the digital way to display advertisements, business organizations use digital billboards to raise brand awareness, product display, multiple store locations, and so on. Also, you can see digital billboards showing stock market prices, weather, and temperature conditions in some specific places of the city. If you are looking for an advert digitally, then a digital billboard is highly recommended for you. It exposes brand identity loudly and shows the professionalism of the brand in all its aspects.

Wallscape Billboard

Wallscape Billboard

Wallscape billboard is the mentionable one that has a high impact on outdoor advertising and provides a wide opportunity to come up from the traditional advertising ways. As its name, it is often painted on the top of a building wall where the advert can be seen from a wide distance. So, you don’t have to scare off the standard wallscape billboard size. Just paint on the whole space you have got for the wallscape billboard. As people also love to see beautiful wall art nowadays, you can make the art eye-catching so that it could make people stop and have a look at it. If you feel like you need a billboard but you actually want a showcase of the brand that keeps you aside from the usual advert display and also shows your professionalism. Then the wallscape billboard is what you are looking for.

Digital Billboard Design Cost

We provide custom billboard design services starting at $100, ensuring accessibility for businesses of all sizes and budgets. For more complex projects, the total cost will be determined through a collaborative discussion, considering factors like design quantity, number of design concepts, and any necessary revisions. Our goal is to deliver high-quality designs that meet your specific needs.

  • 2 Billboard design (2 COLORS) + 2 Revision

    FROM $100
  • 3 Billboard Design (EXPECTED 3 CONCEPT) + 3 Revision

    FROM $150
  • 5 Billboard Design (EXPECTED 5 CONCEPT) + 3 Revision

    FROM $250
  • 10 Billboard Design (EXPECTED 10 CONCEPT) + 5 Revision

    FROM $450
  • 15 Billboard Design (EXPECTED 15 CONCEPT) + 5 Revision

    FROM $700
  • 20 Billboard Design (EXPECTED 20 CONCEPT) + 5 Revision

    FROM $900
  • 30 Billboard Design (EXPECTED 30 CONCEPT) + 5 Revision

    FROM $1400
  • Any type (CONTRACTUAL)

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Billboard Design FAQs

Billboards are great role players for large-scale advertisements. They are huge in size and shape. So, you can easily use them for your business promotion needs. Prior to availing the billboard design services, you should know about it thoroughly. In this case, you can check the questions and answers here. For any further assistance, or to get clear ideas, you can write to us. We will get back to you.

Deciding the cost of billboards depends on so many things like the size, types, space you want to place the billboard, etc. Digital billboards can cost over $15,000 if you want to keep them anywhere in the mainstream of the city and on the state highway. So, it is clear that the cost of billboard advertising is often determined by the geographical position and the type of billboard. That means physical billboards cost less than digital billboards. Also, you have to keep in mind that there are some additional costs of billboard design like design cost, print cost if you are choosing vinyl or fabric billboards, material, and installation cost as well. If you go for a wall cape billboard, then you don’t need any material and installation costs, you have to pay a high charge to paint the billboard on the wall. For billboard design, designers take around $150 to $500 per hour. So, you have to go through an explanation with the freelancer or billboard design service company you have chosen to prepare your billboard. Let's take a look at what you need to consider for making a billboard as design cost-

  • Billboard cost in New York- $3000-$20000
  • Billboard cost in Los Angeles- $2000-$15000
  • Billboard cost in Chicago- $2000-$12000
  • Billboard cost in San Francisco- $2000-$12000
  • Billboard cost in Philadelphia- $1500- $12000

So, it looks like the billboard ad isn't so affordable. You should be prepared with a lot of money to show your billboard ad in a corporate city location. In that case, you may have concerns about the effectiveness of billboard advertising. This is normal because no one likes to spend money before judging the situation for what they can get instead. So, the question is whether billboards work is worth discussing. In today's digital advertising world people are more likely to advertise online. Because the online activity is growing more than offline. Statistics say that marketers spend more than $89 billion on social media advertising in the year 2019 and it is expected the amount will reach $102 billion by 2020.

This is why it is a matter of consideration that will it be a good choice to deal with billboard advertising at present. The answer is both yes and no! billboard advertising will be effective for you only if you can do this properly. The success of billboard advertising is much related to the prospects of how you design it and where you place it at. However, as a marketer, you must rely on these types of advertising, including content marketing to keep them relevant to the general public so that they can easily identify the brand. And billboards are a good option to choose from in this regard. Because

  • Billboard comes big with a crystal-clear message that it wants to show.
  • It creates according to three seconds strategy and 71% of people look at billboards when they are driving.
  • Americans spend 300 hours in total of their yearly time in cars. So, if you place multiple billboards on the highway, you can more likely to visible to the people.
  • More than 50% of people say they highly remembered the brand and store name that they saw on billboards in the last month.

Having a great impact on OOH advertising, billboard comes with both pros and cons. since billboard is a traditional way of outdoor advertising and it is distinct from another advertising way like banner, poster, and leaflet. It has a large number of advantages that help marketers to present their marketing goals clearly and more lively than other advertising materials can do. So, what are the possible advantages that come with billboard advertising?

  • Big bold figure that is easy to catch in the blink of an eye
  • Feature both brand and product
  • Tell only actionable words/li>
  • Targeted
  • Strong visual effect
  • Show professionalism
  • A quick rise in sales
  • Inspires to take an instant action

In addition to the huge advantages, billboards also have some disadvantages. These should need to count before taking steps to advertise with billboards. They are,

  • Cost is a big issue in billboard advertising, hiring space cost
  • Billboards sometimes create confusion for drivers or people when they are carefully reading the text or image of the billboard
  • As billboards are fixed to one place, they can be seen repeatedly by the people of that locality which brings no profit at all
  • Limited information
  • Stationary mode of advertising
  • It also has a visibility issue

However, you are going to showcase your brand in some busy city place where people get eye contact whenever they will pass the billboard. Despite these advantages, you can surely rely on perfect billboard advertisements to make your brand popular and increase traffic and customers to your store.

To stamp billboards with your brand messages, you should contact a billboard advertising agency that can manage a suitable place as you want anywhere in the city or rural area. If you search, you'll find many billboard advertising agencies in your city that provide billboard space for rent. You can easily find many of them online by searching simply billboard space for rent. Get a clear idea of the service fee and overall cost that they want from you. you can ask various agencies to make your decision.

Billboard is almost similar across the world. The overall dimension of a billboard is 14 X 48 feet. The height of the billboard is 14 feet while it is 48 feet in width. We also generate the design considering this printing size ratio.

Designing a billboard is really a big deal. In fact, it needs more attention than any other graphic design services. We need to consider visual elements in line with texts. There should be a ratio between the texts and visuals.

Also, we need to put objects in the billboard design. And that should be perfect in shape, size and styles. Otherwise, the billboard won’t be memorable.

Moreover, we need to consider the design color, how it contrasts with its color, business theme, among others. Selection of the suitable font also needs consideration. Combining all the aspects, we design a billboard.

A billboard is a large sign board that displays advertising or promotional materials. This is a conventional way to market a brand or business. Definitely, the billboards are able to get attention. But when the design is dull, it may fail to bring the required amount of attention. In line with the location and message, the billboard needs a catchy design. And we make the design look appealing. We invest our skills and intellect to generate some outstanding design. In the design, we keep the message shorter and allow space for visuals.

The blend of everything makes the billboard wear a clear, appealing and smarter outlook. So, when people see the billboard, they feel curious and your business grows.

So, it looks like designing a billboard requires so much understanding about the elements that you want to show to the local visitors through the board. Unlike other forms of advert, you can’t be so broad with your message. Though billboards include a huge figure in them, you have to keep it short to get a quick look and instant action on that. Similarly, there are some other important aspects that you should follow at the time of designing a billboard for your brand. You don’t want to create new billboards every year and no one wants to do it. They create billboards to get a long-lasting output and advertise planning in their mind. If you wish to create a billboard that will show the brand image year after year, you have to consider a few things before making the billboard. Here are some instructions to maintain in the billboard design that you need to follow,

Keep It Simple:

Simplicity always wins. People mostly like to attach with simple visual arts that aren’t too complex to read or visualize. When it comes to advertising, experts always used to say keep it simple. Because no one has enough time to spend 5 minutes reading texts or realize adverts on the street. So, you have to keep the billboard simple and clean. You can add animations digital billboard, arts, cartoons related to your term but don’t overdo that. Using models for the advert is a good way to make it catchier as well as an intensifier. But it is also a fact that hiring models may increase the total cost of the project. Whatever you want to include, just keep in mind you have to create it simple and effective. The text, the color of the billboard, the image, and the message, all should seem simple and easy to get to the visitors.

Large, Bold, Non-Serif Fonts:

As you are going into outdoor advertising, your main goal should be to get a clear first impression from the audience. At least, you should make it easily readable and, in a way, so that people can read it from 500 feet away. Attention spanning is so short and people haven’t a huge time to focus on their billboards. To leverage the highest benefit from the billboard, you should use large, bold text that can capture quickly. For texts, don’t need to make it stylish like italic or any legible typefaces. People will just get a look at the billboard for 3-5 seconds. so, whatever you are including, just keep in mind that you have to make it short and clear.

Crystal Clear Message:

Each ad brings a powerful text message that acts as a brand voice to attract potential viewers. And you also think about such few texts that can turn a visitor into a potential customer. Aren’t you? Brevity is the key to successful outdoor advertising. When thinking of adding to outdoor advertising, you should find some sweet, compelling message that can reach customers’ hearts. Don’t make it too big, try to adjust it within 10 words.


Graphics are must-kept elements that are used to call visitors’ attention and tell specific messages that hold the advert. graphics make things lively and attractive. For outdoor advertisements, many graphical options are available to use in this regard. You can choose a relatable form of graphics that goes with your ad. For instance, vector art is so popular at present and people are more likely to use these instead of real human figures. so, it is better to use related graphics like cartoons, vectors, animations, and models in the advert to keep things alluring to the common people.

Call To Action:

All your money and effort will go in vain if you don’t include a direct call to action on the billboard. The main goal of outdoor advertising is to get people's attention and persuade them to take action. So, you have to keep someplace to add a call to action on the billboard. What makes the sense of a strong call to action? They are usually,

  • Mobile number
  • Shop address
  • Social media link
  • Email

Color Matters:

Above all, colors are an important fact that you should consider while designing an outdoor advert. Proper use of color can bring you extra advantage from the billboard because people always love to see colorful things. Try to use colors that have a powerful impact on human psychology. Don’t use more than two colors in a single advert. keep a balance between the background, graphics, and text color.