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clipping path service

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path service is a popular term in the photo editing industry. It‘s the process of using the Photoshop pen tool that creates a line of any particular part from a photo. The purpose is to erase, retouch, or remove that particular part of the photo. The clipping path ultimately, retouches, background removes and customizes the photos so that those can make the bridge between the needs and practice. And, a clipping path plays an essential and crucial role in many photo editing tasks, including background removal, color correction, photo retouching, and the addition of shadow effects, among others.

Graphic Design Eye is the hub of clipping path experts with skilled hands who can deliver 5,000 images in a day. Also, we allow a free trial (up to three photos) to assess its capacities and expertise. Based on the trial, it becomes easier for our clients to get from us.

Pricing is another aspect that requires your attention. We provide the best quality product photo clipping path at a lower price starting at just $0.20 per photo. Also, we offer discounts for bulk orders which can help you save up to 30% off your overall project cost.

It’s a pleasure to share that we have flexible payment plans for our clientele. They can pay us in several ways including project-based, weekly, and monthly payment options. The flexible options allow our clients to pick the best method to suit their specific requirements following their budget.

Also, we are committed to delivering 24/7 dedicated client support for smooth execution of services within client timelines. Do you have any questions about our clipping path service? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Clipping Path Price Varies on Photo Complexity

Doubtless to say that the clipping path price is lower. But it varies based on the photos and their types like complexities, composition and other relevant factors. Despite the price variation, it is of great benefit to the receivers. However, now we have the four clipping path service price categories stated below. It will help you get a comprehensive idea about the overall matter.

Simple clipping path

clipping path service

This is the simple category of a photo clipping path. Under this category, only a single path layer are available. By drawing a path, it is easier to focus on any specific object in the photo. Through the process, it is possible to modify the photo object as per needed.

However, despite being a simple task, it requires an ample amount of attention. But, our skilled photo editors team can complete 5,000 photos in a day. Surprisingly, the simple clipping path pricing starts from only $0.20 USD per photo and when you order over 300 photos, you will get a 30% discount on the price.

Medium clipping path

photo clipping path service

In a medium photo clipping path, a good number of editing is required. In fact, there are two to three path layers in a medium clipping path. So, the photo editors have to focus on each of the objects and apply the clipping path bit by bit to edit, modify or customize the photo. So, the task becomes a bit time-consuming.

Considering the difficulty of the task, we can deliver up to 4,500 images in a day. The price per image starts from only $0.50 USD per photo and by placing an order for at least 250 photos, you will be eligible to get a 25% flat discount.

Complex clipping path

complex photo clipping path

Under this category, a couple of layers need to be edited. The clipping path generally, merges objects to fine-tune the existing photo. Besides, there are shapes that need to be edited in order to enhance the beauty of the image. The other aspect is that a complex photo clipping path in a photo allows customization of the editing process. By applying the path, you can customize the object for personal or professional applications. The editing technique is applied mostly on e-commerce products. To bring a captivating look of the objects (like products, goods or services), we apply the complex clipping path price category.

As the volume of editing is more and the process needs ultimate attention. So, we can deliver up to 4,000 images in a day, while the price starts from only $4 USD per photo. Generally, we provide a 20% discount on order for over 200 photos.

Super complex clipping path

super complex photo clipping path

The role of the super complex photo clipping path is not only to restore the distortion, it can be of great help to make photos look professional. As the name suggests, there are multiple path layers in the photo. And the expert photo editors apply path layers for performing different photo editing like changing the color tone, separating the color, enhancing sharpness, resizing objects, adjustment of opacity, among others.

So, this particular editing requires a notable amount of time for completion. Considering the ground, we are capable of delivering up to 3,000 images in a day. Due to the difficulty, the price is also higher in this category, and it starts from only $8 USD per photo. For bulks like over 200 photos, our clients get a 15% discount on the overall project cost.

Photo Clipping Path Samples For Purpose

The range of clipping paths is wide. Because the clipping path is not only applicable to remove the background of a photo, it can bring some mesmerizing changes in the photo, as well. Counting the real-life practices and purposes, it is separated into several types. Check our before and after image samples showcasing how clipping paths breathe new life into photographs.

Clipping path order process

The ordering process for the clipping path is not difficult. You need to contact us with your order. There, you will have to send us the photos and instructions. If you face any issues sending the photo files, we can arrange a suitable platform for you to upload the photos.

Next, we will start processing the photos. After the photo completion, we will send you some images for your feedback. Following the feedback or further instructions, we will revise the images or edit them again accordingly.

Lastly, we will deliver you all the edited images. Now, it’s your turn to clear the payment.

Instruction & Order

Just send photos to start production


We send the images to clients for feedback

Delivery & Pay

Complete file delivery and payment release

Photo Clipping Path Pricing

Graphic Design Eye is the name of reliability and provides an affordable and time-tailored clipping path service to everyone. Our starting price starts at only $0.20 USD per photo. Also, we offer special discounts for the categories based on the number of photos we receive.

The more the number of photos, the more you get discounts. Also, you can hire our company on a contract basis. Just send us your photos, and we will start production. The payment rate is subject to negotiation here. In the end, the deal will be a successful one for both the parties.

Price List

  • 1 to 50 Photo order

    Non Discount on your order

  • 51 to 100 Photo order

    Get 10% discount

  • 101 to 200 Photo order

    Avail 15% discount

  • 201 to 500 Photo order

    Claim 20% discount

  • 501 to 1000+ Photo order

    30% off on order


    Huge 50% off





Clipping Path FAQs

The clipping path FAQs provide relevant information about photo clipping path services and can help you make an informed decision about your project. However, if you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us directly. We are available round-the-clock to serve you.

Well. We complete an order in three easy steps. First, our clients have to contact us. They can contact us directly, or send us email or message. Asking a quote for the service is another way to reach us. Based on the contact type, we get back to our clients.

Second, upon receiving the instruction, we fix the deal. And start the production phase.

Lastly, we complete the project, send it to the client for revision, modification or for any other queries. Getting approval from the client’s end, we deliver the complete project to our clients and receive the payment.

Well. We have the capacity to perform the clipping path to nearly 5,000 photos in a day. Moreover, we take pride in maintaining the quality despite performing this huge task.. Regardless of the quantity, we stress more for quality. As we have a pool of expert photo editors, this is not a big issue for us to edit the aforesaid quantity.

The speed of the project completion depends on the clipping path types. If the images are simple, we can deliver a large quantity in 24 hours. However, for complex photos, the delivery time may get a bit extended. We will discuss the turnaround time with our clients and deliver them within the prescribed or revised delivery calendar.

You can use (Dropbox), (Google Drive), (Wetransfer) to transfer the large volume of photos. Besides this, we have a separate order system where you can upload any files whatever how big it is. Just sign in to our website and you will be able to transfer any large volume of photos easily.

Definitely. We can provide clipping paths for various types of image formats. The image could be in formats like JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, SVG, or any other. But we are comfortable with all the formats. So, you can send over your photos for the path.

Clipping path is a specialized photo editing process that is of great help to diversified communities. For instance, if you are an online seller, you will need it. If you are a photographer, model or publication service provider, you will need a clipping path.

The sole purpose of clipping path is to construct or reconstruct an image and make it look professional. Through the process, it is possible to remove the background, bring a change in the color tone, enhance any particular part of the image, and more.

So, it is evident that our clientele benefit from this photo editing technique in countless ways.

The entire virtual marketing industry can benefit from photo clipping path service because it makes things easier. Here is a list of all sectors where the clipping path is required.

  • Design industry
  • Ecommerce business
  • Photography studios
  • Advertising industry
  • Publishing houses
  • Fashion industry
  • Web developers
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Modeling photography
  • Real Estate business
  • Jewelry industry
  • Other print designs

The pace of online or eCommerce business is getting momentum everyday as this is the age of technology. Now, people prefer to buy products online more than they used to purchase offline. And in the eCommerce business, you cannot check a product physically unless you buy it. Here lies the importance of clipping paths.

With the use of this specialized photo editing technique, the product gets an impressive outlook. Under this method, it is possible to add, remove or replace the existing background for a professional look. Also, the expert photo editors can help the photo shine by applying a clipping path using the Photoshop pen tool.

Besides, when you upload unedited or raw photos on your website, it may look gloomy, dull and even noisy. But by applying this image editing method, it is possible to remove the flaws. Finally, the images will get a sharp and appealing look to be used anywhere.

Why Are We Special For Clipping Path Service?

Graphic Design Eye has a reputation as a leading clipping path service provider in the industry. We are dedicated to delivering cost-effective clipping path solutions to esteemed brands, e-commerce retailers, professional photographers and photo studios among other clients around the world.

We offer the lowest price with bulk order discounts to our global clients. Our graphic design team of expert photo editors capability to process more than 5,000 photos daily. Our aim fulfill the client's requirements to provide top-quality tasks with delivery on time. Check out our special features:

  • Reasonable price, easy ordering and photo file sending process
  • Get a free trial to check quality
  • Pixel-perfect results aligned with quickest turnaround
  • Weekly and monthly payment options
  • Risk-free outsourcing
  • 3-step quality control, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Priority for urgent projects
  • 100% data safety and image backup 365 days
  • Highly skilled client management team