Clipping Path Service

As the demand for visual graphics is increasing at a high number and so, the demand for photo editing moving towards the peak. If you make any kind of editing for your images you must go for the best clipping path service providers.

Clipping path services ensure the proper outlines of a certain image. To use an image for any commercial use or e-commerce site it needs to decorate the picture as the clients’ demand. And here lies the importance of the clipping paths.

It’s a special photo editing process in Photoshop that creates an outline of a certain portion of an image to remove or keep that part.

There are many or few professional organizations that provide this clipping path service as we do to our clients.

What did we do for our clients?

We provide the service by removing objects or people from still images. The service also includes a variety of photo manipulation and photo editing. Printing agencies, photography studios, advertising agencies, design studios, and more similar companies require clipping path services.

As the clipping path is the core of all your photo editing, you need the best solution. And here, we are to do all the works for you. Check our portfolio section and get some ideas how we serve our clients. Also, you will have the best services that you need at a lower cost.

We are offering our clients to get more benefits with spending less. We have the expert hands to complete the process flawlessly, and bring out the best result for you.

Moreover, you can also avail the option of free trial to gauge our capacity. Compare them with other similar providers, and check the differences. You can also ask for a free quote by which you can get better knowledge about the exact cost of your required services.

Stay tuned with Graphic Design Eye. Be happy!!

Different Types of Clipping Path Service Provider

Samples can help you know about different types of clipping path services. Our experts are highly skilled and professional to meet all the requirements of your need.

We are one of the leading companies that can bring you the best outcomes for clipping path services. And thus, we create excellence for you.

The process is critical. It takes time to complete it. Even, the expert photo editors need to struggle with the photo as well. Sometimes the photo subject remains blur or faded and it becomes hard to create the outline.

So, it needs a complex path. Here are the examples for you to know about these terms. It will help you to know the right type you need.

Manual Clipping Path

clipping path service

It is very easy to draw a straight-line using pen tool or line tool to focus on a certain object which has single vertices. We provide a clipping path service by our service team you will be 100% satisfied with.

Though the task is simple, we invest most of our possible attention. Also, we ensure that you will find a complete and clear task if you choose us for the clipping path service.

Multiple Clipping Paths

clipping path service

There are various types of masking process of clipping path. Multiple clipping paths is one of them. As the title shows, clipping the multiple paths of an image defines the multiple clipping paths. It is much difficult compared to the normal clipping path. Basically, to create an outline of multiple objects is considered multiple clipping paths.

For instance, assume you are a photographer and you are willing to give your female model a look of an African woman. Nothing is necessary just to make the different paths of her dress and merge the African dress with her by omitting her existing dress after creating multiple paths on her previous dress.

Alpha Masking

clipping path service

Alpha masking is used to remove background from any transparent object. It is a bitmap mask with transparency. The alpha mask can clear both the transparent and cloud area.

Alpha masking is used to composite image and video. Basically, it is a specific selection method to remove the background of the transparent object. It is another type of photo masking tool.

Clipping path experts use a lasso, magic wand, or pen tool to create the selection. Alpha masking contains a selection in black white and varying shade of gray pixels. Hair masking and other complex and complicated masking is done using alpha masking.

InDesign Paths

clipping path service

Creating InDesign paths is an essential task for whatever kind of design you're doing in your photoshop. for example, architecture draws a building material in a white paper first to design a proper shape of it. but to ensure an accurate design at every level, an architecture must need to make InDesign paths.

Besides artists, engineers, and textile designers need it most because their pencil art needs to be more realistic to show it in an exhibition or a seminar. without doing the vector path in their artwork, they won’t be able to make things better for their purpose.

Overlapping Paths

clipping path service

Overlapping clipping path is a mentionable part of clipping path service. It works as same as the regular clipping path but the function that makes the difference between both of them is overlapping.

Overlapping clipping path deals with two or more images that are looking in the same type but different in color or shape. In overlapping clipping path, editors add those same types of images in a single frame.

Overlapping clipping path is so useful as it gives a perfect sense of a product image when this technique is used for online eCommerce business.

Clipping Mask

clipping path service

Clipping mask is a powerful photoshop option that will let you control the visibility of layers that you are working on. It uses the content and transparency of one layer to control the visibility of another.

Clipping mask works with a group of layers from which the bottom layer sets the boundaries for the overall group. The bottom layer contains the actual tone of the image.

Clipping mask needs much photoshop knowledge to try it in your home. Without the proper knowledge or the help of an expert one, you shouldn’t try clipping masks with any images.

Background Removal

clipping path service

Background removal is a common photo editing that is used to remove background from images. Sometimes, images include an unwanted background that is needed to be removed.

Background removal service helps us to remove unwanted backgrounds from our image and make them more perfect and eye-catching.

Background removing is essential for eCommerce retailers as they have removed the product image background before using them in the online store.

Background removal also needs those who have to make sense and immensely with images like printing media, photographers, advertising design agencies, and so on.

Channel Masking

clipping path service

Masking is an effective photoshop technique while channels are acting like containers in images. masking is commonly used to remove background or a specific part of an image. Channel masking refers to the idea of applying masks through channels of images. There are two types of channels that are available and that are,

● Color channel

● Alpha channel

Color channels are used to make color corrections in an RGB image that has only four-color channels of Red, Green, Blue, and a composite RGB channel.

On the other hand, the alpha channel works through selections as it makes the selection area editable and the outer side of the selection keeps protected.

Deep Etching

clipping path service

Deep etching is a non-destructive photo editing process and everyone needs it. Poor quality photos are a turnoff for viewers and have the potential of reducing your customer base. If you don’t have the access to Photoshop or if you are short on time, then you have another option to choose a photo editing expert for you.

And, Graphic Design Eye offers the best deep etching service in your hand at the cheapest price to fit your exact needs. We ensure the best quality deep etching service in your area.

Image Masking

clipping path service

Image masking is a photo editing process that lets you remove the background of an image. A masking image is a method of graphics software like Photoshop to hide some portions of an image and to open some portions.

It is specially used to remove the background of complex images which has fur, hair, fuzzy and unclear objects. Though it is possible to remove the background from complex images with clipping path the result isn’t always as pathetic as it would have been with image masking.

Layer Masking

clipping path service

A layer mask is a basic tool in image manipulation. It allows you to hide or reveal any portion of an image. The mask is applied onto a layer for controlling the transparency level of different sections in one image without affecting its actual background.

One of the best features of layer masking is, it will let you make any area entirely invisible or partly visible of an image. This modification of a layer’s transparency through a mask is non-destructive to the layer itself.

Simple Clipping Path

clipping path service

A simple clipping Path is an image which consists of some or many objects. It is a path combining some objects and making a certain shape. The result of paths or shapes are different depending on the process you use to merge the objects. It’s not that easy any more like a simple clipping path to cut a certain object for any commercial use. You can find your work done completely by us for the cheapest rate of payment.

Medium Clipping Path

clipping path service

In the clipping path, there are some common and basic tasks. Among them, the Medium Clipping Path is the most time-consuming work. We usually need to work on a particular object of an image by selecting or erasing other objects.

There is a variety of shapes of objects we need to work on. Some are just shape but some are of tough structure combining a variety of shapes.

Complex Clipping Path

clipping path service

Clipping path or background removal is neither just erasing the background of an image, not an object removal. The object consists of some or many combinations of different objects we need to work on but when it becomes a terrific shape and then we call it a complex path.

The Complex Clipping Path is the most conservative method of clipping path work-flows. Most combined files with various colors and essentials whenever very hard to clip and image concerning the removal into clipping.

Why Choose Our Manual Clipping Path Services?

We are is providing manual clipping path service to its clients in terms of quality. We consider ourselves the best in the sense we have the most skilled team having the most stable hands for making the clipping path more accurate.

Our experts do not compromise the quality along with punctuality which means we are keen to make our work done on time.

The entire categories of clipping path like simple to complex, we are highly experienced and skilled to do the task professionally. Clipping path is an essential option to cut out an object from a background and finally focus the main subject to work further.

Please make sure the clipping path service you are taking from other agencies is of an automated process or the manual image path process. It is essential to know that the manual clipping path can ensure greater quality than an automated process.


There are many clipping path service providers in the world but we are the best to ensure the cheapest service for all your photo editing and clipping path services.

Graphic Design Eye was established to make the best services affordable. Though clipping path service is necessary for all types of photo editing and background for e-commerce sites the service must carry the lower cost.

We are keen to make the service cheaper than the other clipping path service providers. Here is our price list but the best you’ll get if you ask for a free quote to know your exact cost. And thus, you can make your exact budget.


    • Clipping Path
    • Background Removal
    • Alpha Masking
    • Deep Etching
    • Multiple Paths
    • InDesign Paths
    • Image Masking
    • Hair Masking
    • Layer Masking
    • Bulk Clipping Path 100+
    • Bulk Clipping Path 200+
    • Bulk Clipping Path 300+
    • Bulk Clipping Path 500+
    • Bulk Clipping Path 10,00+
    • Simple

    • $0.50
    • $0.80
    • $0.50
    • $1.00
    • $1.00
    • $1.50
    • $50
    • $100
    • $150
    • $200
    • $400
    • Medium

    • $2.00
    • $2.50
    • $2.00
    • $3.00
    • $2.00
    • $2.50
    • $180
    • $350
    • $500
    • $800
    • $16,00
    • Complex

    • $5.00
    • $7.50
    • $5.00
    • $10.00
    • $5.00
    • $5.50
    • $450
    • $900
    • $13,00
    • $20,00
    • $40,00

Clipping Path FAQs

There are different types of questions related to the clipping path which commonly asked by people. We try to answer all of them to make a clear sense of it. Let’s give a look to them.

Why Impacts of Image Clipping Path?

Clipping path is a vector path or shape that is used to cut or edit a photo to produce the right figure. It is keeping the photos that are inside of the path and other portion removed from the images. You can apply the clipping path using fashion pen tools or other paid tools. As we addressed earlier, this is mainly used in growing e-commerce companies for changing or uprooting backgrounds and giving them a white or clipping path service.

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is the process of creating an outline of an object to use the object anywhere. All the photos taken carefully are not perfect always. So, to make a photo perfect, there need retouches. People. It is also considered the most accepted method of isolating the background of an image. As an example, we can say that the photos you’ve taken may contain unwanted obstacles or element which ruins the entire image. So, there need to remove the background by using the clipping path.

It is the most outstanding way to edit photos. Clipping path is often considered the first choice of techniques to remove the background though it is basically used to clip the outlines of an object. Clipping path is an easy way but there need expert hands to make perfection. As the main task of the clipping path is creating the outline with pen tools, the hands need to be stable and tight. The accuracy is the most important term in the clipping path. So, doing a clipping path with expert artists is one of the most important tasks in photo editing.

What is a clipping path in InDesign?

Clipping path is an essential task for any type of InDesign work that you are doing to give a permanent shape to your artwork. You are a designer and you want to make your work perfect in every shape so that they can entice your clients and the clipping path is a way to give a creative shape to your any kind of designs.

Who will need clipping path services?

All the studios or companies working with image manipulation, printing, online marketing, product promotion, and even the photographers also need this service to make their work mostly done. Basically, the clipping path is a significant form of image editing. A clipping path can be required for anyone at any time. There are numerous of the sector where the images are the main focus and to make the best graphical image clipping path is an obvious thing.

In recent times, there are numerous photographers in the world such as fashion photographers, product photographers, wildlife photographers, wedding photographers, etc. Everyone is skilled in his respective job but in case of making a path, it is much difficult for them to make the required accuracy. But we provide the best quality clipping path service in terms of accuracy at the cheapest price.
Media Outlets
The media houses also require the clipping path for their editing solutions. Sometimes they need to make a clipping path to their photos to look more appealing. They just need the edited Images they can’t do further tasks. So, there is a huge demand for the clipping path in their workflow.
Advertisement Agencies
This type of agency also needs this service more. Their principal aim is to make their product acceptable to the customers and in this, they need a very good photo by which they can attract people to their product. There needs a fresh image of their product and the image should look appealing. In this whole process, the clipping path is an obvious thing

How do we ensure the top path service?

Firstly, you need to confirm the best team to work for your images. You have to make sure whether they have a rich portfolio or not and what is the feedback of their clients after receiving their services. And considering all these terms we sure you will find us and the rest is our job. Our professional and skilled teams are ready to serve you with the best feedback. We have the superior and skilled team to ensure your work done with a 100% satisfaction and on-time production.

What is the prime factor of clipping path?

Most significantly, the clipping path isolates the background. In the meantime, it carries some vital changes. If you get service from the most effective Clipping Path Service provider, you'll find additional changes in your image too. The importance of changing the photo is undeniable. First of all, the images go with numerous kinds of backgrounds. The photographers cannot always be able to substitute them.

A Clipping Path Expert is able to modify the background constant with the requirements of the clients. They make a change in the wallpaper of your pictures. To make the process easier, a Clipping Path Service Provider modifies your image wallpaper. The main task is to eliminate the background with an adjustable one. It assists the viewers to note the photos flawlessly.

How to do clipping path services?

Clipping path is one of the easiest services. It can bring some positive changes in the photos. You can replace the background, add or remove or even change objects in the photos. And it takes less time. But you will need to follow certain strategies.

As the first step to do clipping path service, open the Photoshop. Then open the image you want to do clipping path.

Now, select the Pen tool. To isolate the object, start drawing around the object in the photo.

After completing the drawing, now move to the Layer palette. Now, select the Paths from the panel.

You are almost done with the job. Click on the triangle icon and select – Save Path.   

Use the drop-down menu and then select the Clipping Path. Check the right settings from the dialogue box, that will appear after selecting the clipping path. Click OK.

Now, save the file as an EPS file. You are done.

Where do I find clipping path on InDesign?

To complete the clipping path on InDesign, at first, you need to import a photo.

Then select the Clipping Path from Object.

You will get a Clipping Path dialogue box. From there, you can select your desired type of clipping path.

Which Industries can be benefited by a clipping path service?

The entire industry of virtual marketing can be benefited by clipping path service as it is essential to make the whole process easier. The photo editing is very much depending on the clipping path service to make itself prettier and thus all the industries relating to photo or image manipulation like garment industry, web Image Optimization, product image manipulation such as toys, ornaments, electronics or the color correction services.

Clipping path services are quite beneficial in the situation of the different product industries to meet the high standards of the online web servers. So, consider this method before uploading the images for the web.

What is multiple clipping path service?

Multiple clipping path is a complex service of the clipping path category. It is often termed as multipath as well.

Several clipping path service processes take place in multiple clipping path services. Under this service, you can add, remove, or even change the background of the photo.

The service is mostly applied for apparel in an image. Changing the color of the attires in the photo is quite normal. And the service can do it at a very lower cost.

What is alpha masking service?

Alpha masking service is about separating the object from the photo background. The key purpose of the service is to make some basic editing.

Under the service, the photo editors edit the brightness level of the photo, set the contrast, or exposure. The file size properties are a bit lower than average. So, such photos are easy to upload and download.

When the photo comes with a solid color or a single color, it is easier to perform alpha masking service.

What is hair masking service?

Using hair masking service, the photo editors remove the small details from the hair. As a result, the hairs look more professional.

In fact, the hair masking service brings a professional look to the images which were inappropriate earlier.

Can I know the prices of your clipping path service?

We're offering our clients the minimum price of clipping path service. Clipping path or photo editing rates depend on the complexity of an image, the required time for the delivery, and the amount of the effort as per your requirement. And you can find us the cheapest in the rate but higher in quality.

10% flat discount of bulk orders and besides this get the cheapest price of clipping path starting from $0.50

How to find the right clipping path service provider?

There are thousands of clipping path options available on the web and it is very much confusing to select the best and right clipping path service provider from these. You can start your journey from just a quick ask to google, but it might be overwhelming.

In this regard, you can just communicate with your friends or colleagues to find the best or you can visit the local agencies where you can practically get to know about their quality. Nowadays the outsource service market place has become much popular to find the best service. You can consider this also. At last, you can also read the trusted industry publications. Recently tons of industry publications publish a variety of articles in this regard.

How the clipping path helps eCommerce business?

Online eCommerce business is rising day by day as people now prefer to buy products online more than offline. In the eCommerce business, there is no way to taste the product by holding in your hand when buying the product online.

All you can do is to see the product image and if you think the product is perfect for you then you can make the decision to purchase it. Here comes the question of how the clipping path helps in the eCommerce business? Clipping path is a technique to remove the background from images by using the Photoshop pen tool.

When you take pictures of your product to upload on your website, the picture might contain an unexpected background that needs to be removed. Unless you are making a separate background for your image, you must remove the background of your picture to prepare it for the eCommerce platform. As a popular eCommerce platform like Amazon has a strict rule that the product image must have a clear white background. then how can you make a white background in your picture?

The answer is the clipping path, the photoshop pen tool is an essential tool for creating a vector path in the images to remove background and make it transparent or white or other colors. After all, images with a white background can focus its subject more than any other color. That’s why the eCommerce platform demands a white background picture for products.

Why does a photographer choose a clipping path?

A clipping path is a technique of removing background from any images or adding a white background. In other words, it is a technique of creating a close vector path or shape used to cut out a 2D image by the pen tool in photoshop.

Photographers need this service because the clipping path technique takes photography to a different level and also makes it easy for them. With the help of this technique, one can easily remove any unwanted objects or background from the picture.

The main advantage is that it allows you to use a text layer as a mask without having to rasterize text or convert it to paths. It is the most important technique to make a perfect edit for your picture. That’s why photographers choose a clipping path service.

Why use channel masking?

Masking is an important part of photo editing. there are various types of masking ways are available in photoshop but channel masking is more popular among them. this technique is used to isolate and protect any part of an image so that you can change color, filter, or other effects in another part of the image.

Best Clipping Path Service in the USA

There are numerous clipping path service providers in the USA that this service but there are few who can satisfy the clients. We are making the change of this theme and we are not staying on a certain platform. We are regularly improving ourselves and thus we can meet the demands of the customers that are improving day by day. Graphic Design Eye is becoming a one-stop solution to all your requirements. We are assessing the demands of the local people in the USA on a regular basis and thus you can find us the best for your service.

We're making the best price for the service and probably the cheapest in the USA. Our skilled artists are very much professional to provide the best efforts in this price range. Graphic Design Eye is not only ensuring the best price, but we are also giving the guarantee of your satisfaction. We have the ability to provide fast service and we can provide the completed service in the shortest period of time.

Our 247/7 online support will help you to ensure the progress and assist you to make your expectations and requirements come true. We are always happy to see them happy faces of our clients and their expectations. We are doing the proper announcement that all the best things you need are going to happen if you choose us.

Get the best service from us

Graphic Design Eye is one of the leading companies that provide clipping path services with the highest level of satisfaction in terms of quality, accuracy, pricing, and on-time delivery. Moreover, Graphic Design Eye likes to provide the clipping path services as per the demand of the clients all over the USA. And so, we are always looking towards the necessity of the people. We know what is the proper use and utilization of the clipping path and how to make it best for a certain purpose. We prepare the paths according to these fields. Our prime concern is quality, on-time delivery, and best pricing. These are the reasons for what we can say that we are best for your service.

We know the demand of the people in the USA and thus we can work accordingly. There are many aspects of this clipping path that requires to ensure the best service. The photoshop tools are not enough for creating an excellent clipping path. The hands by whom it is done, have to be very stable and efficient. We prepared us to make you happy.

Which purpose do clients use our clipping path service?

People who need to advertise their business and are willing to make a catalog need the clipping path service. Many of the customers use our service to help them in constructing complex images. Using our service, you can attach any background with the edited image and thus you can increase your creativity and make an appealing photo of your product.

Their large time is required to complete the process of clipping path but Graphic Design Eye is ready to give the best in it. Sometimes for making the image more professional, the image might need to combine some other services like image masking and our editors will suggest if you need that.

So, we are waiting for your requirements. Do you need professional graphic works? Our professional graphic designers will make you surprised and they are keen to provide you the best service beyond your expectations. So, why are you doing lately? Just get a free trial and value our service. 

How can I transfer the large volume of images?

You can use (Dropbox), (Google Drive) to (Wetransfer) the large volume of images. Besides this, we have a separate order system where you can upload any files whatever how big it is. Just sign in to our website and you will be able to order any large volume of images easily.

What is your time to work?

We are available for 24×7 hours and of course 365 days of the year. You can make contact with us by simply giving a message on our website. Our responsive receiver will always be ready to catch your message anytime.

Do you have quick delivery services?

Yes, no matter how big the order is, the regular delivery format is within 24 hours for any order. But we are able to deliver any kind of order within 6 to 12 hours depending on our customers' demand.

What is your delivery image format?

The regular delivery format for the image is PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PSD. but we can deliver any other format depending on our client’s requirement.

What is your regular delivery system?

Whatever time it is, you can catch us anytime and we are ready 24* 7 hours as well as 365 days in a year with our service. Even on holidays, we are ready to offer our service to our clients.

Do you have free trials?

Yes, for first-time users, we have a minimum of five images as a free trial and you can do editing, clipping path, image masking, or retouching with the free trials.

What is the payment system?

We have a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment system for you and we accept Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, and Wire Transfer as a payment system. But our recommendation is to via direct bank transfer system for safely your payment.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Sure, if you aren’t satisfied with our work then don’t worry, We 100% guarantee to pay back your money for sure.

How to order clipping path services?

Ordering clipping path services is no big deal. you can also click the log in our site and you see the dashboard or order options.

Then you will get easy instructions on how to place an order for clipping path services. There you will have all the necessary information about the features of the service, turnaround time, free trial information, and payment methods and rates.