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clipping path service

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is a special photo editing technique that unlocks your potential. The entire process is all about making a way to make images look better. And when a photo gets an impressive look, it can enchant your clientele. Ultimately, the photos having clipping path service from us add more value to your business. It leads your business to the way of success, uninterruptedly.

To use a photo, you must edit it. Certain types of editing are available, and the clipping path is a leading one. If you perform a clipping path, it opens the door of unending possibilities.

For instance, if you simply want to add a drop shadow, you must apply a clipping path. For the background removal, or any type of background editing, there is no alternative to this technique. For other photo editing like neck joint, crop/resize, or even retouch, you will be badly in need of a path. Also, if you need to bring a change in the color tone of the photo, this distinctive photo editing technique will help you a lot.

We value our clients and thus, offer them a wide number of flexibilities. Our clients get a free trial option under this service category. Through the free trials, they can check our clipping path quality.

To meet your needs, we have an extensive range of pricing options for the service like simple, medium, complex, and super-complex. The cost is determined by the level of complexity involved in editing the images.

We provide these clipping path services with great care that helps you start your projects afresh. It is assured that clipping paths on photos will enhance your business visibility.

Popular categories of clipping path services

Photo clipping path is one of the leading photo editing services. Based on the needs and requirements, the service is separated into a couple of categories. In this section, you will get the nuts and bolts of this service.

Single Layer Clipping Path

Single layer clipping path technique involves manually drawing a path around the subject using a pen tool in photoshop. By doing so, the subject can be separated from its surroundings and placed onto a new background or used in other ways. Single layer clipping path is a precise and effective way to edit images, especially when dealing with irregular backgrounds. It is commonly used in product photography, e-commerce, and advertising industries to enhance product images and create a professional look.

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clipping path services
photo clipping path service

Multiple Layer Clipping Path

In photo editing, multiple clipping paths refer to the technique of creating multiple paths within an image, allowing specific parts of the image to be isolated and edited separately. This technique is commonly used in complex editing, where images need to be enhanced or manipulated for various purposes. By creating multiple clipping paths, image editors can easily adjust colors, and apply different effects to specific parts of the image without affecting the rest. This technique is powerful for achieving a more professional and polished look in digital images.

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Different types of photo clipping path complexity based on price

The complexity of the clipping path varies depending on the object's shape and intricacy, which can affect the time and effort required to complete the task. As a result, the price of the photo clipping path service is often determined by the level of complexity involved. In this article, we will explore the different types of photo clipping path complexity and their corresponding price ranges.

Simple clipping path

simple clipping path service

As the name suggests, this is the simplest form of this service. An expert photographer needs a couple of minutes to perform the task. The object inside the photo has less complexities and so, it is easier to execute.

Medium clipping path

medium clipping path service

In this editing, the tasks are a bit tough. The photo editors need to focus on objects and their transparencies to make the changes. However, all the process of having a medium photo clipping path is just like the simple one. But the shapes and edges are more. Also, the photo editor may need to remove more than one object, here.

Complex clipping path

complex clipping path service

You may have the idea following the name of this service. The photo editor needs to deal with several objects and shapes in a complex process. The curves and edges are more than you can think. So, completion of a complex clipping path takes a bit more time and effort.

Super complex clipping path

super complex clipping path service

It’s something more than a professional task. The images have more and more curves and edges. Accordingly, it is a lengthy task and needs more attention than its cousins.

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We offer a flexible and lower service rate to our clients. Graphic Design Eye is the name of reliability and provides an affordable tailored service to everyone. Our starting price begins as low as $0.20, while we offer a flat discount for bulks. You can try our service for the betterment of your image.

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Clipping Path FAQs

If you're looking for answers to common questions about clipping path services, you've come to the right place. Our clipping path FAQs provide relevant information about our services and can help you make an informed decision about your project. However, if you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. You can contact us through our website's contact page or by sending us an email, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Well. This is the process of completing the task manually. In this way, no automated software or devices are used. The photo editors use Adobe Photoshop pen tool and their skills. Finally, they remove the background of the images which fit in all places.

This photo editing service is an essential element for online and offline business. In fact, where there is a photo, there is a clipping path.

So, if you are dealing with a business and need visual documentation or publication, you will need it. Check the list of who need this service most.

  • Professional photographers
  • Fashion products
  • Print media
  • Advertising agencies
  • Graphic designers
  • Product catalog companies
  • Publishers
  • Retouchers

In order to retouch a photo, an expert photo editor performs some basic photo editing. Under this process, the photo editor removes the unwanted elements from the photo. At times, it is necessary to remove the background and set another one. Without performing a clipping path, it is not possible to retouch the photos.

Without the right photo, you cannot engage your consumers or clients. And for the engagement, you need clear and reliable photos. Remember, the clients visualize the photos beforehand they see the product in reality. Therefore, the photos need to be realistic.

If you get photos in an improper environment, the products may fail to attract attention. So, what you need is proper lighting, a clean environment and of course, some quality products. The photo clipping path service performs all the tasks in the post-production phase.

You can apply a clipping path in two cases – when you need to remove any unusual or unwanted object from the photo. And the second case is when you need to remove the background from the image.

Of course. This service has countless benefits. It helps the photos to wear the best professional look. The sole aim of this photo editing technique is to remove the background from a photo and place the subject in another suitable setting.

When a photo undergoes this particular editing, our photo editors also apply some basic editing techniques. Thereby, in line with changing the background, the photo also gets an impressive professional outlook. You can use the photo for any of your needs or for different types of promotions.

The key difference is that a clipping path creates a path, while a clipping mask covers or masks something. Through the clipping path, an object is removed from its original background. Or the object is in the place, while the background itself gets removed.

But when it is about a clipping mask, the mask covers something beneath it which is not necessary to remain visible. The covered object or element is not visible as it is masked.

Definitely. We can provide clipping path services for various types of image formats. The image could be in formats like JPG, PNG, PSD, SVG, or any other. But we are comfortable with all the formats.

So, you can send over your photos for the clipping path.

Definitely. We have a free trial option for our clients. They can send us not more than three images for the free trial. In fact, we have set this option for our clients to know about our quality and how fast we can deliver the tasks.

We serve our clients round-the-clock. You can reach us at any time of the day or week or month. We have an expert communication and customer care team. They always wait for your call or text. Immediately after getting the notification, they respond to your queries.

So, you can reach us at any of your convenient times. We are always there.

Well. We have the capacity to edit nearly 4,000+ photos in a day. Moreover, we take pride in maintaining the quality. Regardless of the quantity, we stress more for quality. As we have a pool of expert photo editors, this is not a big issue for us to edit the aforesaid quantity.

It mostly depends on the project. If the photos need simple editing, we can deliver them in a day. However, for complex photos, the delivery time may get extended. We will discuss the turnaround time with our clients and deliver them in the preset schedule.

Well. We complete an order in three easy steps. The first thing is to get a quote request from our client. In this phase, the client asks for a quote from us. Accordingly, we deliver the quote. And the client places the order.

Alternatively, the client can directly send us the order through the order page or by email. However, the client needs to clarify the order details.

In the next step, we receive the instruction and fix the deal. If everything goes fine, we start the production phase.

Finally, we complete the project, send it to the client. Getting approval from the client, we ask for clearing the payment. When the client receives the project, and if there are no revisions, they pay us through the proper or convenient payment modes.

First of all, you need to check the background of the clipping path service provider. Check the projects it has completed so far. Moreover, you need to care for the pricing as well. Experts also recommend to get a couple of free samples to know about the quality and performance.