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clipping path service

Clipping Path Service

Do you know what is clipping path services and how it helps to march towards progress? The answer is not clear to most of the clients. In fact, many of you have heard the name of clipping path service. But they lack the complete idea about it.

In a nutshell, this is a process of removing background from an image. At times, it is not possible to take the photos in the perfect environment. And it is costly to arrange for photoshoot again. Thereby, the expert photo editors remove the background and place the subject in another backdrop.

The necessities of this service

Using the clipping path services, the photos get a more professional look. Also, the experts of Graphic Design Eye add some basic editing. As a result, the photos start shining. Through the manual clipping path process, the subjects get a new destination.

At present, the service is applicable to almost all the sectors where visuals are required. Without the right types of visuals, you cannot get attention from your clients. So, when the photos look gloomy, you need to replace the background. And this service is the most necessary one to adore the photos.

Under this service, an expert photo editor removes the photo subject from the original background. Later, the photo is placed in any other setting. Necessary fine-tunings are also done as per the requirement. Finally, the photos get a complete look.

Who are the service recipients?

Now, clipping path service has gained a huge popularity. The key reason is the representation of the photos in an outstanding way. First of all, the photos get a beautiful look alongside other perfection. So, almost all the industries are in need of clipping path services.

However, the service is more popular among the eCommerce community. They need the photos to be sharpened to attract their consumers. In fact, the consumers see the photos first, and then they decide to make or break the deal. Therefore, it is highly important to check the photos and make them wear the best look.

Moreover, the service is also equally important for social media marketing or affiliate marketing. If you are a photographer, you will need it, as well. Even printing, publication and newspapers are also obtaining this service. All of them need some attractive photos with some lucrative outlooks. Only this service can ensure that.

Types Of Clipping Path Services

Clipping path is one of the leading photo editing services. Based on the needs and requirements, the service is separated into a couple of categories. In this section, you will get the nuts and bolts of this service.

Image complexity category

Based on the images, there is a category named image complexity category. Under this section, there are four services. They are:

  • Simple clipping path
  • Medium clipping path
  • Complex clipping path
  • Super complex clipping path

Simple clipping path

clipping path service

As the name suggests, this is the simplest form of clipping path service. An expert photographer needs a couple of minutes to perform the task. The object inside the photo has less complexities and so, it is easier to execute.

Medium clipping path

clipping path services

In this editing, the tasks are a bit tough. The photo editors need to focus on objects and their transparencies to make the changes. However, all the process of having a medium clipping path is just like the simple one. But the shapes and edges are more. Also, the photo editor may need to remove more than one object, here.

Complex clipping path

complex clipping path service

You may have the idea following the name of this service. The photo editor needs to deal with several objects and shapes in a complex clipping path process. The curves and edges are more than you can think. So, completion of a complex clipping path takes a bit more time and effort.

Super complex clipping path

super complex clipping path service

It’s something more than a professional task. The images have more and more curves and edges. Accordingly, it is a lengthy task and needs more attention than its cousins.

Clipping path by process

By process, clipping path service has several other categories. The photo editors need to manipulate the photos per the requirements of the clients. Therefore, they have to alter the photo size, shape and apply many more techniques.

Considering the grounds, clipping path service is separated into several broad categories. They include:

  • Manual clipping path
  • Automatic clipping path
  • Image masking
  • Hair masking
  • Alpha masking
  • Layer masking

Now, let’s dive into the deeper of the categories.

Manual clipping path

manual clipping path service

It is the oldest of the methods. Following this technique, the photo editors draw lines using a particular Adobe Photoshop tool. They cut the object and remove it from the background. This particular method is mostly applied when photo editors deal with complex and super complex types.

Automatic clipping path

automatic path

With time, things have changed a lot. The photo editing industry also witnessed the same changes. Now, many of the photo editors use automatic clipping path. This is, in fact, a hassle-free way to remove background using artificial intelligence (AI).

Simply, you have to upload the image and the AI will do the rest. And the process is faster. However, you may not have the accuracy if there are multiple objects in a photo.

Image masking

image masking service

The images which have complexities like hairy objects undergo this technique. A photo editor needs to spend hours and attention to make it happen. This process is mostly applicable to the super complex photos where several objects are available.

Hair masking

hair masking service

Hair masking is a sophisticated technique that is applied on curly or furry objects. Using the pen tool from Photoshop, it is not possible to remove those hairy parts. Instead, they get a repulsive look. So, the expert photo editors apply hair masking to carefully remove the background.

Alpha masking

alpha masking service

When a photo gets numbers of curves or edges, the alpha masking is applied. Without causing any damage to the photo object, the photo editors apply the masking technique. Finally, they remove the object and it remains intact in a new background or setting.

Layer masking

layer masking service

Layer masking is the process of taming the rough backgrounds. So, if you are using the Photoshop pen, you may not have the desired outcome. The surface may have a rough shape instead of being flat or perfect.

Besides, layer masking is available in two formats – vector masking and channel masking.

Clipping Path Service By Purposes

Clipping path plays a wide range of roles in photo editing arena. It is one of the essential tools to create visual contents and present those before the audiences. The need of this service is mostly undeniable in eCommerce and other businesses. Clipping path provides photos with white background to hold attention of the people.

Henceforth, clipping path is also available in terms of use or application. It is the other special category of this special service. The categories are:

  • InDesign Paths
  • Overlapping Path
  • Multiple Paths

InDesign paths

indesign paths service

If you are an Adobe suite user, you may know this one. It is one of the applications available in Adobe. Professional photo editors use it when they need to make some more production without compromising quality.

The application also contributes in printing, page designing and other publication tasks. InDesign allows users to do this task automatically. The users need to select the photos and press the command. It will remove the background and the image will appear on a white space.

Overlapping path

overlapping path service

This is the other variation of the clipping path. It is almost the same with the regular clipping path service. But it has a classy way of removing the mannequin and background. Under this process, the backgrounds of images are removed where several colors or objects are present.

Multiple paths

multiple clipping path service

Following the multiple paths, the photo editors make an outline of the object from the external area. They use Photoshop pen tool for this purpose. Each of the parts of the objects are removed carefully. And they later are adjusted.


No matter what you deal in or what is your business capacity, we can deliver the best clipping path service. Because we are confident in your skills and expertise. So far, we have edited a huge number of photos for our clients. And you know what – all the projects were satisfactory.

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Clipping Path FAQs

There are so many questions come when discussing clipping path. It is simple that you may have a lot of questions by reading the above article.

Clipping path is the process of removing the background of an image. And clipping path service is the way of rendering this service to people who need it. At present, the demand for this service is on the rise for various reasons.

If you are dealing with any business both online and offline, you may need some striking photos. The service aims to make the photos look the best.

Automatic clipping path is the process of removing the background from an image automatically. Under this process, the photo editor uploads an image and the software removes the background. It is mostly artificial intelligence oriented.

No manual approach is available here.

In a nutshell, a clipping path is the process of removing the background. But masking is a bit different. It is the process of hiding or revealing a layer in the photo. It is like wearing a mask to any specific portion of the image.

On the other part, the clipping path removes the background of the image to a white space to make the photos look smarter.

Clipping path service is an essential element for online and offline business. In fact, where there is a photo, there is clipping path.

So, if you are dealing with a business and need visual documentation or publication, you will need it. Check the list who need this service most.

  • Professional and amateur photographers
  • Product photography
  • Fashion products
  • Modeling photographers and models
  • Print media
  • Advertising agencies

Image masking is the process of concealing or revealing any particular space of an image. So, if you want to hide something in a photo, you may need it. The masking service mostly hides the edges, furs or hairy elements to enhance the beauty of the photo.

In order to retouch a photo, an expert photo editor performs some basic photo editing. Under this process, the photo editor removes the unwanted elements from the photo. At times, it is necessary to remove the background and set another one. Without performing a clipping path, it is not possible to retouch the photos.

First of all, you need to check the background of the service provider. Check the projects it has completed so far. Moreover, you need to care for the pricing as well. Experts also recommend to get a couple of free samples to know about the quality and performance.

Manual clipping path service is the process of completing the task manually. In this way, no automated software or devices are used. The photo editors use Adobe Photoshop pen tool and their skills. Finally, they remove the background of the images which fit in all places.

Without the right photo, you cannot engage your consumers or clients. And for the engagement, you need clear and reliable photos. Remember, the clients visualize the photos beforehand they see the product in reality. Therefore, the photos need to be realistic.

If you get photos in an improper environment, the products may fail to attract attention. So, what you need is proper lighting, a clean environment and of course, some quality products. The clipping path service performs all the tasks in the post-production phase.

You can apply a clipping path in two cases – when you need to remove any unusual or unwanted object from the photo. And the second case is when you need to remove the background from the image.

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