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clipping path service

Clipping Path Service

In this present age, you need clipping path service for almost all types of photo editing and processing solutions. Now, the upsurge of visual graphics shows the need of photo editing services that include manual clipping paths. Also, photo retouching or photo path are the other forms that people need most for uplifting their businesses or products naturally.

The community – dealing with eCommerce, social media marketing, or affiliate marketing – know how important it is. Unless the images you post online are attractive, you cannot have the right attention from your audiences. Here lie the necessities of post-production as you cannot post some raw photos for your audiences. The photos must come with some sort of editing like background removal, adding a white background, or adding shadows for a natural outlook.

An expert photo editor applies the editing skills using premium and professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and more. But mastering the skills need a significant amount of time – which is not possible for the amateurs or commoners. Therefore, hiring a photo editing professionally for manual clipping path service is wise and will render you the best possible solutions.

Graphic Design Eye is one of the leading photo editing service provider in the industry. It is providing the best clipping path service and relevant other photo editing services. The number of GDE clients surged in the recent years for its quality photo editing and reasonable price.

The starting price for this service is $0.20. It is highly reasonable for any of clients.

Provides Different Types Of Clipping Paths

Manual Clipping path is a distinguished photoshop technique that takes part in most photo editing operations. But it mainly refers to the process of removing image objects from its background and replacing it with a new ones. However, images vary based on the objects they contain. Some images contain simple objects while others have super complex objects. Needless to say, those complex object background removal should be done by manual clipping path experts. So, the process is not the same for all kinds of images. When you are in a professional service, you can see the different types of clipping path services that they offer. So, it is good to know about the different types of manual clipping paths and their methods. Below are some examples of different types of manual clipping paths.

  • Types of clipping path services by image complexity
  • Type of manual clipping path by process
  • Type of manual clipping path by use

Types of clipping path services by image complexity

As previously said, not all images are the same, they are categorized as simple, medium, complex, and super complex. When you go to an image editing service, they will review all the images and determine which ones fall into which category. So, they can perform the task more efficiently. Don’t worry, they can show amazing job by making your simple RAW product image look gorgeous. How? Below is a brief explanation about it,

Simple clipping path

simple clipping path

In photoshop clipping path services, simple clipping path applies to the simplest images which are very easy to process. Generally, images that include simple objects with less curved edges and mostly come with straight lines or oval shapes are easier for background processing. For example, think about a chair, cutting the background of a chair in a picture is not so difficult. Because it doesn’t include any embedded transparency and all the curves and edges are so simple to draw a vector path around it.

Medium clipping path

medium path

Medium clipping requires a little more consideration when working with Photoshop. This is because these images include objects that have several holes and embedded transparency. Medium clipping is nothing different than a simple clipping path. Both are same in process, the only difference is medium clipping path applies when the image has complex shapes and edges and has a couple of objects to remove. Thus, it requires more attention rather than simple clipping path.

Complex clipping path

complex path

As its name implies, complex clipping is different and comes with more difficult objects than other types of clipping paths. Usually, images that have so many complex curves and edges need to go through complex clipping process. For example, images that have more than 10 embedded transparencies, a lot of closed paths, and outlining paths are in this category. Practically, if you have product images which contains cycle, chandeliers, furry dolls, etc, you have to use this technique. For best results, you may need to get the best clipping path services support regarding this.

Super complex clipping path

super complex path

Super complex clipping path is a professional editing task. These images take huge time and consideration when processing. In terms of clipping path, images that contain a lot more embedded transparencies and complex curves and edges fall under the super complex path. Some examples of super complex images are jewelry photos, bicycles, cars, etc. If you have such images, you have to find the best clipping path service which can deliver the best quality results for your needs.

Type of clipping path by process

It is true that clipping path and background removal is essential in all editing applications. Whether it is a product photo or your wedding photograph that you want to manipulation, you have to apply clipping path or background removal. According to the image size, sometimes it is OK to go through the manual clipping path with pen tool, sometimes it needs masking, and sometimes you can use automatic tool to accomplish your need. Although masking is quite different from the clipping path, it takes part in fixing complex images backgrounds. On the other hand, automatic process is done with AI functioned automatic tools that automate the process and requires zero skill and knowledge. Let’s check these different types of clipping path methods used by professionals below.

Manual clipping path

manual clipping path

The reason we call it manual clipping path is, you have to put some real work with advanced tools in manual processing. Manual clipping path involves professional photo editing software such as Photoshop. With Photoshop pen tool and advanced masking options, you can fine-tune any photo background without damaging objects. Manual clipping path is mandatory for complex and super complex images. For professional photo needs, you can’t rely on automated tools. Therefore, before choosing any online photoshop clipping path services, you have to ensure that you are choosing the manual one.

Automatic clipping path

automatic path

Automatic clipping path is done with online tools that automatically remove images background by advanced AI. These tools are almost hassle-free and you don’t have to acknowledge any skills to use them. All you need is to upload the image > configure the requirements it asks > heat the process button > get results. Well, what can you expect from these automated tools? Some quick incomplete images with transparent backgrounds that you can't use for professional purposes. You can easily fulfill one’s task of bulk simple images with such automatic tools. Although these tools are not recommended for complex and super complex images. Complex images look unreal when edit with automatic tools. In cases, you have to choose manual clipping path or image masking.

Image masking

image masking

Masking is a delicate way to remove backgrounds from super complex images. It is almost different from the way clipping path is used. Masking technique is used in most cases where traditional pen tools cannot give appealing results. Typically, masking techniques are applied when images contain fur or hairy objects. These objects look unreal if processed with clipping path. Masking allows to perform editing by creating masks, you can isolate and protect specific parts of an image that should be edited. So, it is crucial to know how to use masking to remove objects from image's background.

Hair masking

hair masking

Look at the image above and realize how complicated it would be if you used the pen tool to remove that curly hair part of the object. This is why clipping path or pen tool isn't preferred when removing background of curly hairs or furry objects. Fortunately, there is hair masking technique that experts choose to save messy hair part of images in editing. Hair mask takes part in high-end photo retouching and post-processing. It excellently restores hair in the image and gives exotic looks to the object.

Alpha masking

alpha masking

Alpha masking makes object isolation easy for even more complex curves and edges. But its main use is to remove background from images that include fur/hairy objects. As you can see the above example of alpha masking where the object is removed harmlessly by isolating the background. Masking doesn't involve pen tools like clipping paths. Different types of masking techniques are available and alpha channel masking is one of the most essential. Since masking is a professional technique, you should hire an online image masking service when needed.

Layer masking

layer masking

While working with pen tool is very time-consuming and difficult, layer mask technique provides a sleek way to deal with rough unwanted image backgrounds. In photoshop, there are two types of masks you can apply,

  • Layer mask
  • Vector mask

Layer mask is applied when it needs to control images transparency. It works through photoshop layer and mask to control the transparency level. The layer mask is essential in professional image retouching and manipulation. To make your images look excellent, you should consider using layer mask.

Vector masking

vector masking

Unlike pixel-based layer mask that is resolution dependent, vector mask offers more independent way to mask objects. Vector masks are pixel independent; you need to create a vector path with pen tool then select the entire the path and add mask into it. Vector mask results more smoother edges than layer mask. As it uses complex mathematics to deploy vector path for your selection, it can give even more sharper object selection for maskin.

Channel masking

logo design service

In Photoshop, channels act like containers. "Channels are grayscale images that store different types of information". Unlike other masking and clipping path operation, channel masking refers to the idea of applying masks through the channels of images. There are two types of channel masking available,

  • Color channel masking
  • Alpha channel masking

Color channels contain color information of an image, for instance, an RGB image has four color channels such as Red, Green, Blue and a composite RGB channel. Alpha channels, on the other hand, work through selection to store masks and protect specific objects from unwanted editing. Channel masking is a complex editing technique, you may need the help of professionals to do it on your own.

Types of clipping path by use

Since clipping path widely takes part in professional photo retouching, it also helps in visual content creation. For instance, we need visual content separately for websites and social media platforms. In order to engage social media audiences and website users, we need to publish new content on a regular basis. Ecommerce businesses need to upload product images with white background, so they are more concerned about this and employ online clipping path services to get bulk ecommerce product photos done with it. Sometimes they need multiple and overlapping paths to make the product images more engaging. Here are some more types of clipping paths by their use so you can take more advanced decisions in your need.

InDesign paths

indesign paths

Mainly InDesign is one of the Adobe applications that makes such things faster and easier for professionals. The software is highly used in print design and digital design such as layout design, page design. However, clipping path is much easier with InDesign than Photoshop. Because it offers built-in functions that make the application seamless. With InDesign, you don’t need to do artwork with the pen tool, just open the image in InDesign > go to the object menu > find clipping path > and then its automatic clipping path option will prepare a vector path around the object that you can easily remove. InDesign is also used for curves and wrap text, type on a path inside a circle, and so on.

Overlapping path

overlapping path

Overlapping clipping path is a process similar to the regular clipping path. Its main function is to overlap three or more objects that are the same in the category but different in color and design. Overlapping clipping path requires mostly when e-commerce retailers need to show a bunch of products on a single background. These products often come in a variety of colors, so they need to overlap to be displayed in a single background. The technique is used to provide more information about the product. Such as showcasing all the available colors and designs of single products with one image. For products like bags, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, etc. It is better to apply the overlapping path technique.

Multiple paths

multiple clipping paths

In conventional path operation, a vector path is drawn with the pen tool to create a complete outline in the outer area of the object. Unlike as usual clipping paths, multiple clipping path service requires when each part of the object should be removed separately. In multi-path operations, it is used to separate the target object into multiple parts because each part needs to be adjusted significantly. Thus, experts draw multiple paths as needed to detach the object and adjust things precisely. For instance, when it needs to change only the background color, it is enough to detach the whole object at once from its background. But think about the image where a model stands wearing branded tops, shoes, and sunglasses, and you want to change the dress and shoe color individually. In such cases, multiple paths help to split out the object and bring whatever changes and adjustments need. Did you ever find multiple clipping path services online?

Manual Clipping Path vs. Automatic Clipping Path

Currently, the demand for clipping paths starting to grow rapidly. It is because of the huge extension of online ecommerce, selling services, and digital activities where visual elements are fundamental. Since we use photos and videos everywhere on social media and online. But before that, we need to make them effective and look attractive. For this, we use the best photo editing software that are help us in many ways. There are both manual and automatic editing software available. Automatic tools are simple to use and you don’t have any skills to use it. However, you can't rely on those automatic clipping path tools because they don’t give the output you need. You can use them but the results will not be as perfect as you want.

Moreover, you can’t use them to make complex images clipping paths. On the other hand, manual editing software’s are also called advanced applications which takes time to learn and master at these softwares. If you are not patient enough to learn these manual editing techniques, you need to outsource online editing services to meet your needs. In past few years, the number of online photo editing service providers increased significantly. You can easily find the best clipping paths, photo masking, and professional photo retouching service online by simply searching it on your browser.


There are many clipping path service providers in the world. Among them, we are not the best but we are a reliable and professional place that can satisfy you through work and communication. Whether you are a small or large ecommerce business, if you need the best quality product photo editing at lower price, you can consider us.

Graphic Design Eye was established to create affordable, efficient photo editing services for all. Since clipping path services are essential for ecommerce, websites, and online businesses, it should be low cost. We understand this and therefore offer the cheapest price for bulk clipping path, photo cut out, and for photo retouching service. Clipping path starts at $0.20 with the best turnaround time you can get online. Here is our price list for different clipping path services. If you are looking for custom pricing, you can use get a quote to know that exactly.

Price List

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  • 101 to 200 Images

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  • 201 to 500 Images

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Clipping Path FAQs

There are so many questions come when discussing clipping path. It is simple that you may have a lot of questions by reading the above article. No problem, we are here to give all the answers to your questions. For your convenience, here we have added some quick Q/A that people frequently asked about clipping path and photoshop masking service. Let’s have a look at them.

When going through professional online activities like online business, marketing or branding, your team will need expert designers. Without dedicated expertise, you can't take advantage of visual content to attract visitors. Hiring professional graphic designers and photo editors is a huge expense for small and medium businesses. For those who don't have enough investment, outsourcing online services will be a big help. If you search online, you can find a lot of online clipping path services offering a variety of necessary options such as,

  • Clipping path
  • Post production
  • Color correction
  • Drop shadow
  • Reflection shadow
  • Vector conversion

They offer different price range for particular editing options. Outsourcing these online services professional team will help you by accepting bulk orders and delivering quick results with quality.

Automatic Clipping path is the opposite of manual path. These automatic tools are created to make photo editing and clipping path easier for all. You may know that learning pen tool is difficult. It requires huge practices to master at pen tool. However, if you don’t have any professional purpose, you can use such automatic applications.

We have come through seeing different types of clipping path and image masking above. Although both are required for professional photo retouching and adjustment but they are used for different purposes. Clipping path uses photoshop pen tool while masking involves photoshop layer and mask to achieve the desired result. Clipping path is used to cut out images objects and replace that with a new background. On the other hand, masking is applied to a specific portion of an image to control the visibility, hide or reveal the layer. Both clipping path and masking can be used for background removing but you need to understand when you have to apply clipping path and when masking. However, it depends on the image and the object to decide which background removing technique will be suitable for it.

Clipping path comes as required for all editing activities. So, no matter what you do, if you have a specific purpose, you need to go to such online services. For instance,

  • Photographers need clipping path and color correction service to make simple images turn into gorgeous.
  • Product photography needs professional clipping and product photo retouching service.
  • Fashion products require ghost mannequin service and neck joint service to remove distortion of commerce fashion products that involves it.
  • Modeling photographer needs image editing services to make model photographs enchanting in all aspects.
  • Print media require clipping path services as they need to design ads for magazines, newspapers, and so on.

Technically whatever you want to do with your images, you have to apply any of the clipping path or masking first to subtly edit images.

Clipping path is a particular Photoshop editing technique when background removal conducts several ways to remove images background. Clipping path uses pen tool to make selection. In this regard, background removal can use background eraser tool, lasso tool, quick selection tool etc to remove background from images. Whether you are processing images by yourself or you are hiring experts, you need to ensure the methods applying for your images. If it is a complex image that should be done with clipping path but processed with other tools, it won’t look better. Therefore, you should select a dedicated manual clipping path service provider in your need.

The fashion design industry needs a Photoshop clipping path service because they have to make product catalogs for all individual products. Designing product catalog is professional designer’s job. Because it requires changing background, making color correction, photo retouching, ghost mannequin, and neck joints etc. So, if you’re in the fashion industry and want to make lucrative product catalogs for your fashion products, then you should find a quality photoshop editing service.

You know that photo editing and photography are completely two different professions. Photographers remain busy with their camera and capturing. They don't have enough time to edit pictures by themselves. Therefore, they need to rely on professional image editing services that can do the job subtly. Online photo editing service providers come to easily outsource image editing at an affordable price. If you are a photographer and have bulk images, you can do it affordably through the online services. This is why photographers are now more likely to depend on post-production or image manipulation for quality editing.

Masking is a useful editing technique that requires hiding or revealing any specific part of an image. Masking is necessary because clipping path is not always okay for complex images background removing. If the image has fur or hairy objects, messy hair, and rough edges, it should process with masking. No matter how complex the image object is, you can separate it easily with the masking technique. This is why masking technique is commonly used in all professional editing purposes.

Channel masking is used in professional photo editing operations to precisely done with masking. Channel masking is mainly used for changing color, filter, or apply effects in any specific part of the image. As it isolates the object, editing won't affect the outer areas.

In photo retouching, images need to go through several adjustment processes. Among them, clipping path is the most required one as it helps to remove unwanted objects and background from images. When retouching photos, the goal is to make the photos more attractive and appealing. If the photo includes unusual background, it won’t be able to get much impression. Therefore, photo retouching requires clipping paths to convey an eye-catching background to the images.

Photo retouching is a detailed photo editing activity. People sometimes get confused between photo editing and photo retouching and think these two are same. But actually, they are not. Photo retouching offers more explicit post production where the images go through multiple subtle editing processes. On the other hand, photo editing refers to simple photo editing activities such as crop, applying effect, texts, adjusting brightness etc. Image retouching encompasses background removing, color correction, layer masking, natural shadow, enhancing the original shadow, and so on. Retouching is more advanced post processing technique than editing. Therefore, you will need professional photo retouching service to done it precisely.

Since there are many online clipping path services available, you cannot choose one randomly because not all of them are professional. Finding a reliable online service is crucial. Because you must have got some reasons to use those images such as listing on ecommerce website, including on blogs, creating banners for social media and so on. To get the desired impression on website product images and social media banners, you must choose the best clipping path service. If you are on the way choosing clipping path service online, you should take these things into consideration.

  • Quality service
  • Communication
  • Turnaround time
  • Affordable price
  • Portfolio
  • Clients feedback

Clipping path service provides huge benefits to online retailers, brands and influencers. Because it helps them making the best visual content for websites and social media product photos. By employing online clipping path service to your need, you can-

  • Save time and money significantly
  • Provides appealing results you need
  • Done with professionals
  • Quick result
  • Can get revision
  • Huge offerings
  • Reliable

A manual clipping path service means here all the processes go through the manual way and no automatic tools are applied to edit images. Manual clipping path is the way you can get the best results for online image processing. Automatic clipping path cant help to get desired result for complex images. As you know machine works how they are programmed and they don't have any creativity. Therefore, manual clipping path regards as the best way to make quality clipping path or background remove for images.

As people now prefer to buy products online than offline, this has led to a huge increase in online business nowadays. In online purchases, there is no way to test the product in real before buy. All you can do is see the product image, compare the price with other available options and choose the best offer. Here comes the question of how it helps in e-commerce business? Online retailers have to perform product photography to ensure the best RAW footage of all products.

However, these RAW images can’t be used directly on the website as they include unwanted objects and backgrounds to remove. So, they need to go through post-production to add impressions on images, make them eye-catching, and look real. Moreover, if you are considering platforms like Amazon, eBay, you must have to implement product images with transparent backgrounds. Without clear white background, these platforms won’t accept your product images anymore. This is why, clipping path service is essential for ecommerce business.

Clipping path mostly needs when

  • You need to eliminate unwanted objects from an image
  • You want to change or remove the specific mage background

If you are in such cases, you need to apply it to make better visual content. Besides, clipping path usually takes part in most photoshop editing. So, it is important to learn clipping path to fix images on your own.

In addition to e-commerce and photo editing, the print media industry also needs clipping path services. When designing banners, business brochures, flyers, product catalogs, experts have to gather contents from various sources applying clipping path. In this process, they have to use the technique to make images with perfect backgrounds and objects. Without clipping path, these print material designs can’t be made perfectly. This is the reason print media industry often has a permanent editing expert or meet clipping path service provider.

We’re available for 24/7 hours and of course 365 days of the year. You can contact us at any time by direct messaging on our website. We are always here to hear and reply to you after getting your message. No matter what, we’re always active to ensure the best online communication experience through our service.

Online clipping path services charge low prices for their services. Difference clipping path services has different price lists. It also includes different categories for the price that you should consider. Online clipping path services usually cost around $0.20 - $10 per images. If you have bulk images for post processing, you can contact with the service for discounts.

Why outsource clipping path services?

Outsourcing clipping path is the best way to deal with ecommerce product images and all other photo editing criteria. It is highly necessary for those who have an online business. If you are one of them, you know how time-consuming it is to use clipping path for bulk image background removal. If you outsource clipping path service, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can get thousands of edited images ready to upload on your website within 24 hours by outsourcing these online services. They also provide the fastest delivery for the client satisfaction and also ask lowest rates for their service. However, if you learn clipping path techniques, you don't have to go to a photo editing service provider.