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Clipping Path Service

As the demand for visual graphics is increasing at a high rate, the demand for image editing, post-processing is moving towards the peak. Images are the most essential material that we need in every sector, from marketing to making sense of any specific term.

Do you just satisfy with the RAW image taken with your camera? Basically, Images are completing more tasks than any other graphical content at present. but before using any image to our social media profile or for a website purpose, we have to manage it properly so that it can meet our goals.

Actually, there is a huge topic that comes when we go to discuss image post-processing. Image editing or post-processing is so relevant that you can find thousands of websites offering professional editing services online. But do you know what is the most important and desirable among them?

Yep! That is actually what you are here for. Clipping path is undoubtedly the most required online photo editing service.

Mainly clipping path ensures the proper outlines of a certain image. To use an image for any commercial use or e-commerce site it needs to decorate the picture as the clients’ demand. And here lies the importance of the clipping paths.

See how the demand for clipping paths has grown rapidly over the last 10 years. Due to the expansion of the e-commerce business and photography industry, clipping path services create a huge demand online.

Since clipping path is an integral part of photo editing service, the graph here shows how clipping path dominates as an online service.

clipping path service

What do we do for our clients?

We provide clipping path services according to how clients want to look at their images. Specifically, a clipping path is used to remove background and any other object from images. It is natural that images somehow include unwanted objects or people in them which is totally irrelevant or may harm the main purpose of the image.

Clipping path is an expert solution in this regard as it can perform in every subtle part of an image where it needs to fix.

As images are the most requisite element for websites, social media, and other purposes, they need to edit to get a perfect look for their final presentation. and clipping path does here the most important role.

However, there is no shortage of clipping path service providers online. whether you are a newcomer in the sector or you are finding a better one than your previous, we would like to show some specialty of our service. It will encourage you to make a fast decision about why should you choose us to give the job.

Graphic Design Eye is high precedence to three big Q, that means


Quality is first, may background removing is seeming like a simple task but if it doesn’t get properly. The goal behind it will remain intangible. So, Quality is the first priority when a potential client lets us know.

We try to ensure the best quality in the work and to do this, we do unlimited revisions until our that meets the client’s satisfaction. One thing to remember, we offer a free trial up to 5 images to all of the newcomers who want to justify our service quality.


Being such a huge service-providing company, we show equal importance to both those who have a bulk image order as well as those who have a few images to fix.

Besides, we are very accustomed to meet your deadline. No matter how many images you have to provide us, our expert team is always ready to deal with that.


Continuous communication with clients to get a clear idea of what they want is a big business strategy, especially for online services. Whenever a client comes to get any of our services, we quote initial information for price and instructions.

Clipping Path Service Category

There are various types of reasons you would need a clipping path service. If you are an e-commerce retailer, then you need to add a white background in the product images because it is a pain in the ass for e-commerce retailers.

Here comes a necessary topic that we inform our clients that, not all background removal operations can be done with clipping path. It is true clipping path is the most used technique to remove unwanted objects from images.

But in such specific cases, where the clipping path can’t result as best as other removing techniques can. Yep, we are talking about the masking technique.

As a clipping path service provider, we like to offer a little bit more to our clients which are also related and most important in the deal. We are committed to reaching the highest satisfaction level of our clients, and therefore, we offer some extra facilities.

According to the client’s need, we categorize clipping path into several categories. They are,

Simple clipping path

Medium clipping path

Complex clipping path

Manual clipping path

Multiple clipping path

Overlapping clipping path

InDesign paths

Deep etching

Alpha masking

Layer masking

Hair masking

Channel mask

Clipping mask

Here is a shot of all these background-removing categories to get a view of which one is most suited to your requirement.

Simple Clipping Path

clipping path service

Simple clipping path means the easiest term of background removal that doesn’t include many objects or curved edges in the image.

That means a simple clipping path goes for images that have a straight line or oval shape and don’t need to draw many paths to complete the task so that it’s simple.

For example, think about a chair, it is not so hard to cut out the background of an image like a chair. Because it doesn’t include any embedded transparency and is so simple in curves and edges.

Medium Clipping Path

clipping path service

Medium clipping requires a bit more consideration when working with the photoshop pen tool. There are several images that include objects which have different holes and embedded transparency.

Medium clipping path is dedicated to those types of images. But it has similarities with the simple clipping path process. although, if your images have a couple of objects to remove, then you need a medium clipping path.

In a medium clipping path, there are a variety of shapes of objects we need to work on. Some are just shaping but some are of tough structure combining a variety of shapes.

Complex Clipping Path

clipping path service

As its name, complex clipping path is almost distinct from other types of clipping path. Experts have to take care of several things when they perform a complex clipping path activity.

Usually, experts use to consider images that have so many complex curves and edges as a complex clipping path process. For example, images that have more than 10 embedded transparency, a lot of closed paths, and outlining paths are in this category.

Manual Clipping Path

clipping path service

When some photo editing software makes background removal so easy that you don’t need to learn any complex tool management like the pen tool. Because there are options for (background eraser tool) in Photoshop, one can make an easy tour in background removal.

Also, there is another adobe application called (Adobe InDesign) which made it absolutely easy. There is no difficult cutting method like the pen tool in InDesign, just select the image > go to the object menu > find clipping path > and go for options to make adjustments.

However, we don’t like to use that automatic clipping path option. We prefer a manual clipping path for almost all types of clipping path operations to get the best look in the image.

Multiple Clipping Paths

clipping path service

In as usual clipping path operation, the measuring vector path drawn with the Pen tool creates a complete space-like shape in the area of the image.

But multiple clipping refers to a different process than a regular clipping path. Multiple clipping paths apply when the object of the image needs to be separated into different parts to make sense and the object has several parts to look at.

For instance, when it needs to change only the background color, it is enough to detach the image object from its background and add it to another one. But when, think about the image where a model stands wearing branded tops, shoes and sunglasses, and you want to show them inarticulately. You must need multiple clipping paths to do what actually you want.

Overlapping Paths

clipping path service

Overlapping the clipping path is a similar process to the regular clipping path. its main function is to overlap three or more objects that are similar in the category but different in color.

Overlapping clipping path needs most e-commerce retailers as they have different products. those products come in various colors and they have to make images in a way that customers can understand they are available with all the colors of the product item.

Overlapping the clipping path is so useful as it gives a perfect sense of a product image when this technique is used for online eCommerce business.

InDesign Paths

clipping path service

InDesign is another Adobe application that allows you to do most of the work like Photoshop. but it is mainly used to design print and digital media.

However, the InDesign application made clipping easier than photoshop. no complex pen tool controlling in InDesign, just open the image and its automatic clipping path option will prepare a vector path around the object that you want to remove.

Besides clipping paths, clients sometimes ask for curves and wrap text in InDesign, type on a path in InDesign inside a circle, and so on. We are very familiar with solving all the InDesign problems that ruin the day of our clients.

Deep Etching

clipping path service

Deep etching is a non-destructive photo editing process and everyone needs it. Poor quality photos are a turnoff for viewers and cause to reduce your customer base. If you don’t have the access to Photoshop or if you are short on time, then you have another option to choose an image editing expert for you.

And, Graphic Design Eye offers the best deep etching service in your hand at the cheapest price to fit your exact needs. We ensure the best quality deep etching service in your area.

Alpha Masking

clipping path service

Masking is a subtle way of removing background from any image. it is almost different from the way that the clipping path takes to remove the image background. Generally, masking techniques are used when images have fur or hairy objects in its object. In such a situation, the clipping path can’t result as best as masking.

Alpha masking is one of the common and highly used masking techniques. Alpha masking makes object isolation easy for even more complex curves and edges. But most of the time, the alpha masking technique is used to remove background from images that have a transparent object.

Clipping path experts use a lasso, magic wand, or pen tool to create the selection.

Layer Masking

clipping path service

When working with the pen tool is so time-consuming and difficult, layer masking offers less difficulty to remove or correct any specific portion of an image that you want. Either you want to hide or reveal any parts of your image, there is nothing that can help you more than the layer masking technique.

As it works through the layer, it doesn’t harm images. Moreover, by controlling the transparency level of the applicable part, layer masking can perform in any complicated image to remove the background.

Hair Masking

clipping path service

Think about cutting out the hair part of an image with a pen tool. How does it feel to imagine? Yep, that is undoubtedly so crappy and imperfect as well. This is why experts don’t use the clipping path technique in the hair part of any image.

They choose hair masking which is an advanced and professional technique to get the actual hair when removing objects from the background. with the hair masking technique, you can adjust unprepared hair in images that you click suddenly without any preparation.

Channel Masking

clipping path service

Masking is an effective photoshop technique while channels are acting like containers in images. masking is commonly used to remove background or a specific part of an image. Channel masking refers to the idea of applying masks through channels of images. There are two types of channels that are available and that are,

Color channel

Alpha channel

Color channels are used to make color corrections in an RGB image that has only four-color channels of Red, Green, Blue, and a composite RGB channel.

On the other hand, the alpha channel works through selections as it makes the selection area editable and the outer side of the selection keeps protected.

Clipping Mask

clipping path service

The clipping mask is something that consists of a few layers where a mask is applied. In that group of layers, the bottom layer carries the utmost importance because it distinguishes the observable limits of the entire group.

Clipping masks apply when experts need to control the transparency of layers. Also, it allows controlling the transparency of a layer when working on another layer.

Clipping mask needs much photoshop knowledge to try it personally. Without the proper knowledge or the help of an expert, you shouldn’t try clipping masks with any images.

Why should you choose our clipping path services?

Clipping path service is now a common and popular need for online activists. They are highly looking for it because they need to properly manage images for various purposes.

Besides clipping path technique is most applicable in all the photo editing steps because without applying clipping path, experts can’t fix critical image issues like color correction, neck joint, ghost mannequin, etc.

The service also includes a variety of photo manipulation and photo editing. Printing agencies, photography studios, advertising agencies, design studios, and more similar companies require photoshop clipping paths.

As we are doing this for years, we consider ourselves the best in the sense we have the most skilled team having the most stable hands for making the clipping path more accurate.

For the entire categories of clipping path stated above, we are highly experienced and skilled to do the task professionally.

There is a huge clipping path service provider online and you have probably checked most of them out at once. Our experts do not compromise the quality along with punctuality which means we are keen to make our work done on time.

Moreover, you can also avail the option of a free trial to gauge our capacity. Compare them with other similar providers, and check the differences. You can also ask for a free quote by which you can get better knowledge about the exact cost of your required services.

Stay tuned with Graphic Design Eye. Be happy!!


There are many clipping path service providers in the world but we are the best to ensure the cheapest service for all your image editing service.

Graphic Design Eye (GDE) was established to make the best services affordable. Though clipping path service is necessary for all types of photo editing and background for e-commerce sites the service must carry the lower cost.

We are keen to make the service cheaper than the other clipping path service providers. Here is our price list but the best you’ll get if you ask for a free quote to know your exact cost. And thus, you can make your exact budget.


    • Clipping Path
    • InDesign Paths
    • Alpha Masking
    • Deep Etching
    • Multiple Paths
    • Hair Masking
    • Layer Masking
    • 1 to 50 Images
    • 51 to 100 Images
    • 101 to 200 Images
    • 201 to 500 Images
    • 501 to 1000+ Images
    • Simple

    • $0.50
    • $1.00
    • $0.80
    • $0.50
    • $1.00
    • $1.00
    • $1.50
    • $1.00
    • $0.90
    • $0.80
    • $0.50
    • $0.40
    • Medium

    • $2.00
    • $3.00
    • $2.50
    • $2.00
    • $3.00
    • $2.00
    • $2.50
    • $2.00
    • $1.80
    • $1.70
    • $1.50
    • $1.30
    • Complex

    • $5.00
    • $10.00
    • $7.50
    • $5.00
    • $10.00
    • $5.00
    • $5.50
    • $5.00
    • $4.80
    • $4.70
    • $4.50
    • $4.00

Clipping Path FAQs

There are different types of questions related to the clipping path which commonly asked by people. We try to answer all of them to make a clear sense of it. Let’s give a look to them.

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is the process of creating an outline of an object. The outline is created around the image object to ensure safe and non-destructive placement of the object to use it anywhere.

All the photos taken carefully do not always come out perfect. So, to make a photo perfect, they need retouches. Retouching is a task that requires images that are not perfect. Experts use retouching techniques when they have to do a lot to make images perfect for their final presentation.

So, what is the relation between retouching and clipping path? When you have to perform retouching in any of your images, you must apply clipping path there first. Clipping path will give you access to altering any specific parts of your image.

Clipping path is often considered the first choice of techniques to remove the background though it is used to clip the outlines of an object. Clipping paths is an easy way but they need expert hands to make perfection. As the main task of the clipping path is creating the outline with pen tools, the hands need to be stable and tight. Accuracy is the most important term in the clipping path. So, doing a clipping path with expert artists is one of the most important tasks in image editing.

What is a clipping path in InDesign?

InDesign is another important adobe application that includes all the necessary options that experts need to deal with most of their post-processing activity.

InDesign offers a hassle-free and easy way to make a clipping path in any image. with InDesign, you don’t have to use any complex Pen tool like Adobe Photoshop. you just have to choose the clipping path option and the system will automatically create an outline around the object for you.

Who will need clipping path services?

All the studios or companies working with image manipulation, printing, online marketing, product promotion, and even the photographers also need this service to make their work mostly done. Basically, the clipping path is a significant form of image editing. A clipping path can be required for anyone at any time. There are numerous of the sector where the images are the main focus and to make the best graphical image clipping path is an obvious thing.


In recent times, there are numerous photographers in the world such as fashion photographers, product photographers, wildlife photographers, wedding photographers, etc. Everyone is skilled in his respective job but in case of making a path, it is much difficult for them to make the required accuracy. But we provide the best quality clipping path service in terms of accuracy at the cheapest price.

Media Outlets

The media houses also require the clipping path for their editing solutions. Sometimes they need to make a clipping path to their photos to look more appealing. They just need the edited Images they can’t do further tasks. So, there is a huge demand for the clipping path in their workflow.

Advertisement Agencies

This type of agency also needs this service more. Their principal aim is to make their product acceptable to the customers and in this, they need a very good photo by which they can attract people to their product. There needs a fresh image of their product and the image should look appealing. In this whole process, the clipping path is an obvious thing

How to ensure the best clipping path service?

Firstly, you need to confirm the best team to give the job of your images. You have to make sure whether they have a rich portfolio or not and what is the feedback of their clients after receiving their services. considering all these terms we sure you can ensure to have a good online service company to go with.

As a similar one, our professional and skilled team is always ready to serve you with the best feedback. We have a superior and skilled team to ensure your work is done with 100% satisfaction and on-time production.

Where do I find the clipping path on InDesign?

To find the clipping path option in InDesign, you have to import an image at first when you have InDesign open. Then go to the object and select the clipping path options from the option bar. Then you will get a clipping path dialogue box from where you will get all the needed options about the clipping path.

Which Industries can be benefited from a clipping path service?

The entire virtual marketing industry can be benefited from clipping path as it is essential to make things easier. Here is a list of all sectors where the clipping path is required term although.

Design industry

Ecommerce business

Photography Studios

Advertising industry

Publishing Houses

Fashion industry

Web Developers

Other print designs

What are multiple clipping path services?

Multiple clipping paths means the process that applies clipping paths multiple times and parts in a single image. It is also known as multipath. Multipath service is a different editing strategy that allows people to show images divided by their part.

Several clipping path processes take place in multiple clipping path services. Under this service, you can add, remove, or even change the background of the photo.

When you need image masking?

Image masking is mostly used in background removal for ecommerce product images and also to hide or reveal any specific portions of images. There are various types of masking techniques available in photo editing sessions.

They are varying in types and actions. But when you are an ecommerce retailer and ask for background removal from any online photo editing service provider, they at first would have a closer look at the images.

It is necessary because background removal does not always mean clipping path. there are some images that include fur or hairy objects in them. In that situation, the clipping path can’t give out the best result.

Also, when working on model photography, editors have to cut out the hair part from the background. If the hair is straight and tidy, then it’s ok. But if the hair is messy and raunchy, they must have to apply hair masking.

No matter how complex the image object, you can separate that easily with the masking technique although.

What is an alpha masking service?

Alpha masking service is about separating the object from the photo background. The key purpose of the service is to make some basic editing.

Under the service, the photo editors edit the brightness level of the photo, set the contrast, or exposure. The file size properties are a bit lower than average.

When the photo comes with a solid color or a single color, it is easier to perform alpha masking service.

What is hair masking service?

When it comes to working in such a sophisticated image editing process as hair editing, experts would like to rely on special editing techniques like masking instead of clipping path. Because it is so difficult to cut or change the hair part of an image with traditional editing techniques.

Using hair masking technique, photo editors can collect the small details from the hair. As a result, the hairs look more professional.

The hair masking service brings a professional look to the images which were inappropriate earlier.

Can I know the prices of your clipping path service?

We're offering our clients the minimum price of clipping path service. Clipping path or photo editing rates depend on the complexity of an image, the required time for the delivery, and the amount of the effort as per your requirement. And you can find us the cheapest in the rate but higher in quality.

10% flat discount of bulk orders and besides this get the cheapest price of clipping path starting from $0.50

Why use channel masking?

Masking is an important part of photo editing. there are various types of masking ways are available in photoshop but channel masking is more popular among them. this technique is used to isolate and protect any part of an image so that you can change color, filter, or other effects in another part of the image.

How to make a clipping path/mask in photoshop?

If you are interested in doing a clipping path on your own, then you have to learn the technique of clipping paths first. There are so many videos on YouTube and powerful tutorials you can easily find online. although some of them are paid, most of them are free and easy to collect.

Besides, you can also take experts to help to acquire clipping path knowledge. Once you have completely got it, you can outsource it to make a passive income by working in the online outsourcing platform.

What is the best Clipping Path Service in the USA?

There are numerous clipping path service providers in the USA that use this service but there are few who can satisfy the clients. We are making the change of this theme and we are not staying on a certain platform. We are regularly improving ourselves and thus we can meet the demands of the customers that are improving day by day. Graphic Design Eye is becoming a one-stop solution to all your requirements. We are assessing the demands of the local people in the USA regularly and thus you can find us the best for your service.

We're making the best price for the service and probably the cheapest in the USA. Our skilled artists are very professional to provide the best efforts in this price range. Graphic Design Eye is not only ensuring the best price, but we are also giving the guarantee of your satisfaction. We can provide fast service and we can provide the completed service in the shortest period.

Our 247/7 online support will help you to ensure progress and assist you to make your expectations and requirements come true. We are always happy to see the happy faces of our clients and their expectations. We are doing the proper announcement that all the best things you need are going to happen if you choose us.

Why does the fashion design industry need clipping path service?

Fashion design industry also needs clipping path service because they have to make a product catalog for all of their fashion products. designing a product catalog is also a task of clipping path specialists. Because here comes the importance of changing background, making a color correction, retouch, ghost mannequin, and neck joint as well.

So, if you own the fashion industry and wish to show your fashion products more gorgeously, then you should need to take the help of a clipping path service company.

What is the necessity of a clipping path in the print media industry?

In addition to e-commerce and photo editing, the print media industry also needs a clipping path the most. When designing banners, business brochures, flyers, product catalogs, experts have to gather resources from various sources to accomplish their work.

In this process, they have to use clipping path technique to adjust all the themes in a particular image background. so, this is the reason the print media industry should have a permanent editing expert or they have to meet with clipping path service providers online.

How the clipping path helps eCommerce business?

Online eCommerce business is rising day by day as people now prefer to buy products online more than offline. In the eCommerce business, there is no way to taste the product by holding it in your hand when buying the product online.

All you can do is to see the product image and if you think the product is perfect for you then you can decide to purchase it. Here comes the question of how the clipping path helps in the eCommerce business? Clipping path is a technique to remove the background from images by using the Photoshop pen tool.

When you take pictures of your product to upload on your website, the picture might contain an unexpected background that needs to be removed. Unless you are making a separate background for your image, you must remove the background of your picture to prepare it for the eCommerce platform. A popular eCommerce platform like Amazon has a strict rule that the product image must have a clear white background. then how can you make a white background in your picture?

Why does a photographer choose a clipping path?

A clipping path is a technique of removing background from any images or adding a white background. In other words, it is a technique of creating a close vector path or shape used to cut out a 2D image by the pen tool in photoshop.

Photographers need this service because the clipping path technique takes photography to a different level and also makes it easy for them. With the help of this technique, photographers can easily change or remove images background.

For online product photography, photographers have to set the default white background with papers or foams in the studio. But clipping the path completely ends up the necessity of setting a manual white background.

Now photographers are more likely to depend on a post-processing expert for their captured images to make professional edits.

Which purpose do clients use our clipping path service?

People who need to advertise their business and are willing to make a catalog need the clipping path service. Many of the customers use our service to help them in constructing complex images. Using our service, you can attach any background with the edited image and thus you can increase your creativity and make an appealing photo of your product.

Their large time is required to complete the process of clipping path but Graphic Design Eye is ready to give the best in it. Sometimes for making the image more professional, the image might need to combine some other services like image masking and our editors will suggest it if you need that.

How can I transfer the large volume of images?

You can use (Dropbox), (Google Drive), (Wetransfer) to transfer the large volume of images. Besides this, we have a separate order system where you can upload any files whatever how big it is. Just sign in to our website and you will be able to transfer any large volume of images easily.

What is your time to work?

We are available for 24×7 hours and of course 365 days of the year. You can make contact with us by simply giving a message on our website. Our responsive receiver will always be ready to catch your message anytime.

Do you have quick delivery services?

Yep, no matter how big the order is, the regular delivery format is within 24 hours for any order. But we are able to deliver any kind of order within 6 to 12 hours depending on our customers' demand.

What is your delivery image format?

The regular delivery format for the image is PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PSD. but we can deliver any other format depending on our client’s requirement.

What is your regular delivery system?

Whatever time it is, you can catch us anytime and we are ready 24* 7 hours as well as 365 days in a year with our service. Even on holidays, we are ready to offer our service to our clients.

Do you have free trials?

Yep, for first-time users, we have a minimum of five images as a free trial and you can do editing, clipping path, image masking, or retouching with the free trials.

What is the payment system?

We have a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment system for you and we accept Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, and Wire Transfer as a payment system. But our recommendation is to via direct bank transfer system for safely your payment.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Sure, if you aren’t satisfied with our work then don’t worry, We 100% guarantee to pay back your money for sure.

How to order clipping path services?

Ordering clipping path services is no big deal. you can also click the log in our site and you see the dashboard or order options.

Then you will get easy instructions on how to place an order for clipping path services. There you will have all the necessary information about the features of the service, turnaround time, free trial information, and payment methods and rates.