custom logo design service

Custom Logo Design Service

The custom logo design service allows the clients to tailor their logos according to their needs. Hence, this is a great option for them to customize the logos of their business or brands. In fact, a custom logo is the representation of the inner thoughts.

It is designed following a distinctive style and appearance. In the end, the logo looks as it was meant to be. Also, it gets a striking shape to grab attention from the potential audiences.

The Graphic Design Eye (GDE) is one of the leading custom logo design service providers in this industry. For the past few years, this design house has been providing basic logo design service, and more other services to its local and global clients.

The GDE has secured a praiseworthy position in this industry for its outstanding performance. It has a group of graphic design experts with years of experience in custom logo design. They use all premium graphic design software and tools for the purpose.

Global clients prefer this service provider for its tight deadline meeting without compromising the quality. Since its inception in 2016, it has served thousands of happy clients.

If you are in need of a custom logo, feel free to get your service today.

Why do you need custom logo design?

The customization of logos is undoubtedly beneficial for any brand or business to grow up in this competitive world. Custom logo design service helps to create the required positive impression that you need most for natural business expansion. So, graphic designers make customized logos to march ahead with success.

And why the service is preferable? Because when you place an order for a custom logo, it is made with great care and consideration of several aspects. The very first thing is to make the logo unique - which takes time and experiments for days. Such logos are easily memorable and special than the ordinary logos in all terms with an appealing outlook.

Essential important details on custom logos

Customized logos are able to uplift a business or brand within the shortest possible time. When the logo gets a popularity, the audiences crowd to have the service. Before you move on, you should get some comprehensive ideas about the custom logos. The points below will explain the facts in brief.

Impacts of custom logo on a business

The generic logos cannot grab the attention of the audience. The targeted people do not pay any heed to the ordinary logos. But when they see a customized logo, they take a pause. And they try to get inside the logo.

Here are a few facts that will explain the impacts of custom logos.

Unique appearance

This is the most important and impressive factor to consider a custom logo design service. If you want to win the race, you must be unique. Of course, your services or business may not be unique. But the brand logo should have a unique appearance.

So, the service should be from professionals. They won’t use the clip art or other similar objects to represent your business or brand. Instead, they invest efforts to make it look exceptional.

Long story in short

Further, the custom logos are always creative. They tell the long story in a short form. You do not need any other punchlines or copywriting to explain the logo to your audience.

Rather, they will know everything through the logo. The shape, size, font style, or other indicators will clarify the history in a single moment. Consequently, your target group will get a comprehensive idea on your business and brand.

Effortless communication

For instance, you are a restaurant owner. And you have a large billboard installed in front of your outlet. There, you are explaining everything you offer to your customers.

Are you sure all your customers will go through all the details of your offers? No. They lack time. They need food and don’t have a single moment to waste before they end the meal. What if you have a customized logo? Surely, they will look at the logo – if it is catchy. And, of course, the logo will say everything in a single visual.

Therefore, communication becomes effective. Naturally, it will build a healthy customer base for your business and brand.

Secures your market victory

Simultaneously, the custom logo can ensure the victory of your brand and business. You know, everyone is attracted to something new. So, when you get a custom logo design service, your brand gets a new identity.

As a direct consequence, your products secure a berth in the hearts of your audience. The logo becomes an icon of the similar products or brands in the market.

Considerations for making a custom logo

You know, this is not an easy and effortless task to make a customized logo. The expert graphic designers need to analyze the process.

First of all, they need to have some research on the business type. In this phase, the graphic designers consider the competitors. And then they decide how to make the logo unique and engaging.

Besides, they also consider the color theme, target audience, impression on them, acceptability, and more other issues.

Finally, they start making the logo using premium graphic designing software.

Couple of custom logo design samples

Check some of the custom logo design samples here. We have made those for some of our clients and they performed well. And our clients have placed several other logo design orders after completing their first project with us.

Custom Logo Design Price


    $ 100

  • New Design or Redesign
  • 3 Unique Concepts
  • 2 Dedicated Designer
  • Up to 2 Revisions
    (Additional Revision Each Change $20)
  • Logo in color and B&W
  • Horizontal & Vertical Versions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Approval Assurance
  • Place Order

    $ 300

  • New Logo Design
  • 6 Unique Concepts
  • 3 Dedicated Designer
  • Up to 5 Revisions
    (Additional Revision Each Change $20)
  • Logo in color and B&W
  • Horizontal & Vertical Versions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Approval Assurance
  • -
  • Place Order

    $ 500

  • New Logo Design
  • 8 Unique Concepts
  • 4 Dedicated Designer
  • Up to 6 Revisions
    (Additional Revision Each Change $20)
  • Logo in color and B&W
  • Horizontal & Vertical Versions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Approval Assurance
  • -
  • Place Order

    $ 1,000

  • New Logo Design
  • Unlimited Unique Concepts
  • 6 Dedicated Designer
  • Up to 10 Revisions
    (Additional Revision Each Change $20)
  • Logo in color and B&W
  • Horizontal & Vertical Versions
  • 1 Business Card & Paid Design
  • Corporate Identity Guide Lines
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Approval Assurance
  • Place Order

Custom Logo Design FAQs

Check some of the widely asked questions for custom logo design. We have answered the questions as elaborate as possible. However, for any ambiguity, feel free to reach us with your questions. Our experts will get you back soon.

Well. It depends on the type of logo. If the logo is complicated and needs more attention than usual, the price would be more.

However, the price is more when you get the logo from a professional. Amateurs can even offer you a custom logo for only $100 - $1000+. But surely, those are not up to the mark. And they are filled with numbers of errors.

But when a professional starts the job, the logo is clear, attractive, and striking. Thereby, the charge is more. The starting charge could be $100 or more.

There are a couple of ways to select a custom logo designer. You can select an agency or any individual for completing your job.

In both cases, however, remember to get answers to several questions. First of all, you must know the experience of the service provider. Then, you have to check the portfolio or list of their successful assignments. Alternatively, you can ask for some samples.

If you are happy with queries, you can get service from the freelancer or the agency.

Designing a customized logo needs several aspects to be considered.

The first thing is to get a complete idea about the business or organization – in order to make the logo look unique. Next, you need to skip using details. Remember, a logo only tells a brief story.

Besides, the color theme also needs consideration. It should match the theme of the business entity. And another notable aspect is to make it balanced in all facets.

The logo size should not be large or tiny. Instead, it needs to be of a moderate size, shape, and style.

Sure. If you have a custom logo design, it helps to build your brand identity. In the end, your business becomes a brand to your audience. Whenever they need the service, the logo will appear in their mind.

In this way, the logo gets reliability and you get customers. Finally, when you have more customers, your business will grow. It is a natural process.

Yes, you can. But there are lots of matters that need your attention.

The most important factor is skill. Do you think you have the right set of skills to design a logo? If the answer is negative, you need to skip this project.

Besides, you need to have a clear concept about the competitors. What are they doing and how are they doing? Also, you must know how effective their logos are. And how much you can add value to your logo.

Also, it takes a lot of time to create a draft of the logo.

At the same time, the logo needs a professional shape and look. But this is not possible if you are an amateur. Therefore, it is best to rely on any specialized graphic design agency like Graphic Design Eye for the custom logo design services.