complex logo design service

Complex Logo Design Service

Regardless of your business type, you can use a complex logo that will carefully impress your audiences. Typically, a complex logo is the combo of several logo categories. You can find letters, texts, marks, symbols and other elements in a complex logo. The designing process of such logos is also time-consuming.

So, no matter if you are a small retailer or a large conglomerate, Graphic Design Eye can equally benefit you with this service. In fact, we incorporate the key message to your audience in the form of a complex logo. Being a combo, we are able to add diversified elements that help to visualize your business.

Naturally, the logos are of bright colors. And they comply with the business theme accurately. Hence, whenever someone sees the logo, they fall in love with it. As a result, your brand is clearly visible amid your competitors.

Why do you need a complex logo design service?

Because it’s the voice of your brand. It builds your business and creates a positive impression on your audiences. In other words, a complex logo is an integral part of a business. It ensures your audiences that you deliver the optimum products. Let’s check some of the key features of this logo design service.

Brings visibility

The first and most impressive factor is getting attention. When you have a complex logo, it easily gets attention from everyone. Due to the nature of the logo – like it looks bright, catchy and creative- people cannot ignore the appeal. Therefore, the logo gets attention from everyone easily and effortlessly. Ultimately, your brand or business gets more visible.

Positive impression

Also, a complex logo from Graphic Design Eye can create a positive impression. The logos are made with great care. The logo designers invest their hard-earned knowledge and intellect. As a direct result, the logo becomes impressive. So, whenever someone sees the logo, they get a positive and gentle impression over your business.

Establishes your brand in crowd

Branding is the buzzword at present. If you can be a brand, your products will be sold smoothly. However, you need to maintain the premium quality your clients are looking for. As people will see your logo more and more, it will be a brand. The more you use the logo for promotion, the quicker your service will turn into a brand.

They look truly attractive

This is one of the most important factors. You get the ownership of a good-looking logo. The logo explicitly expresses your business in the visual format. It tells the story of your brand using symbols, lines, marks, images, texts or in a combined way.

Pricing of Complex Logo Design Service

The price of complex logo design service is reasonable for our clients. We have set a couple of options for them and they are attractive, indeed.

First, our clients can get a competitive price if they follow the pricing plans we have set for this service. The starting price of this service is $100 under the basic package. However, the price may get a hike if you select a higher package that includes many more features and flexibilities.

Also, we receive bulk orders. In that case, we offer a flat discount for the orders.

However, you can hire our hourly service. Under this service, you have to pay us for the hours we work for you.

Complex Logo Design FAQs

Of course, you can. In fact, we allow our users to suggest their preferable color tone and theme while designing logos. Following your preference, we will adjust the color and theme of the logo.

You can use a complex logo in several ways. For instance, you can use the logo for physical promotions like banners, posters, leaflets, among others. Also, you can use the logos for virtual promotions. Like, you can use the logo for your social media page, promotion, and others.

You need no worries about the logo quality. It will remain all the same on all platforms. Our designers make the design distinctively so that the logos do not get damaged if printed or posted.

Designing a complex logo is the most complicated task. A complex logo is the combination of several logo making processes. Here, we involve texts, images, illustrations, symbols and even marks. Therefore, we need to focus on the theme carefully.

First, we deeply analyze the business or service theme. Also, we check what the competitors have done so far. Next, we make a draft of the theme and polish it several times to bring the uniqueness. Then, we share the draft with our client.

Upon the approval of the draft, we finalize the logo. This is the standard process that we follow while designing a complex logo.

Certainly, we can deliver a complex logo in 24 hours. However, prior to receiving the logo, you need to know certain facts. Designing a logo takes time, effort and concentration. Though we are able to make the logo in a day, it may not be up to the mark. We may not be able to provide the right amount of focus and attention in drafting the logo.

However, we can complete a logo perfectly in 72 hours. So, if you allow us that moment, we can deliver a flawless logo to meet all your purposes.

Of course. We take multiple or bulk orders. You can place all your needs. And we will communicate with you to discuss the details. However, you must allow us time to perform the tasks one after another.

You know, designing a logo is a tough task. Without investing proper attention, we are unable to provide you with the best piece. So, once you place several orders, we will prioritize those (per your requirements). And shall complete them gradually.