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Best Logo Color Combinations: What is Best for Your Brand Logo Color?

Are you thinking about having a custom-designed bag with your business logo, slogan, or any other design made for your purpose? Okay, this is a great way to reflect brand recognition. Or you could call it a fashion that anyone would want to try. If you are here finding a place where you can get a customized tote bag designed for you, then you are in the right place.

It's because the logo is the most valuable asset for brands that can make or break their popularity. If the logo does not match the personality of the brand, it can no longer provide any benefit to it. The design of your logo should be both functional and emotive. It should come with the right color, compatible design, and simplicity. If you are working on your brand logo design, you need to follow the instructions and tips to do it properly. Unless you aren't a professional logo designer, we have discussed how to choose the right color for your logo, successful logo color combinations, and so on that will be helpful for you. So, let's jump into the discussion below,

Logo Color and Brand Personality

The color of the brand logo should reflect your brand personality. Imagine you are a brand that provides organic products, your product lineup includes natural products rather than artificial products. Therefore, a natural-looking logo with a perfect shade of green can visualize the brand personality better than anything. You can rely on your brand name to find better logo design concepts. For instance, look at Apple's logo, a simple apple that holds the identity of the world's number one tech giant. Although, as a brand owner you may not get the chance to keep the utmost similarity between the logo and brand name. Unless the brand name is something like ‘Mango’ ‘Banana’ or strawberry. I am kidding.

Although, it is not that the logo must be similar to the brand name. You can take inspiration from brands like Nike, Microsoft, Google, Starbucks, and coca-cola also. They have used abstract shapes, wordmarks, or letter mark logos to make a distinguished identity. If you notice, you will see that all the brand logos have a specific one or two colors that are also considered their brand color. Therefore, you should first select a brand color palette and then work on your logo or vice versa. Whatever, you should always prioritize the color that best reflects your brand personality. Each color has a different emotional effect on the human mind. Therefore, choose the one that can evoke the right emotion in your audience.

How Logo and Color Impact Audience and Customers?

best logo color combinations

In most cases, logos make the first impression on brands. The logo says about your professionality and conveys the brand message to the audience. So, you should ensure that you are sending the right message to your audience and customers. Choosing the right color for brands is more strategic nowadays. Because more new brands are being created every day when all of them intend to create a unique identity. This is why every year billions of dollars are spent hiring creative logo designers by companies all over the world.

As previously said, each color has a strong effect on people's minds which is also known as color psychology. You can learn in detail about color theory, color psychology, and the importance of color in graphic design blogs. Now let's see how logo color impacts the audience and customers,

Red Color of the Logo

logo color combinations

Red is a universal solution for attention-grabbing as it is a warm and bold color. Red evokes love, passion, energy, and anger. The color red can be used for both positive and negative impressions depending on how you are using it.

Blue Color of the Logo

logo color combination

Blue is associated with professionalism, trust, and peace. It removes tension and helps to look mature and reliable. Therefore, blue is now more used by brands that want to look professional and established dependability such as banks, insurance companies, eCommerce brands like Walmart, etc.

Yellow Color of the Logo

best logo design

Yellow is the color of happiness, cheerfulness, and hopefulness. It is the color of the sun, sunflower, and sweet ripped fruits. Yellow is the successful color for brand logos that captures the right audience's attention. However, there are different shades and tones of yellow available such as bright yellow, warm yellow, neon yellow, etc. You should be careful choosing the right tone for your logo. Since yellow is naturally light and attractive, you can choose a less bright shade for better engagement.

Green Color of the Logo

best logo color combination

The color green mainly symbolizes nature, fertility, life, and freshness. You can see brands that offer organic products and want to make an eco-friendly approach mostly come with a green logo. Besides, green is also used by other brands for making a harmonizing effect through the logo, for example, razer, Starbucks, 

Black & White Color of the Logo

black color logo

Black is a trendy color that is loved by the young generation. Black is the best solution for monochromatic logo solution as it represents minimalism, and easily hooks the attention of young and teenagers. Also, black can perfectly represent premium brands that want to be distinguished from competitors. You can consider black and white color for better visualization, a fast impression, and build better brand recognition with the best branding design.

Most startups go through a difficult period when it comes to choosing the right color for a brand. Since there are so many available options to use, you need to select one that only reflects your brand personality in the right way. Finding the right color for brand logos is so important as it can make or break your brand's visual appearance. Not only the logo color, but you should also consider the logotype and logo typography to make the best logo for your brand. Therefore, startups take the help of logo design experts in this regard. However, if you are doing it yourself and so looking for suggestions on choosing the right brand color, you are at the right place here. According to professional logo artists, you should consider the following things,

Consider Your Brand Personality, Niche, and Core Values

 If you don't know what a brand personality is, you should get what Hubspot said about it "A brand's personality is the set of human characteristics you attribute to that brand. Or, put another way - it's how you'd describe a brand if it were a person."

Brand personality is the foundation of your brand, the overall brand strategy, and digital marketing, and advertising activities should go with it. Having an effective slogan that reflects the brand's personality can be a plus point. It will help to quickly build relationships with new audiences. 

However, developing a brand's personality takes time. You may need to work with consistency for years to form a better brand personality with the right audience base. To identify your brand personality and work on it, you should dig deeper into goals, values, and how you want people to see the brand. Finally, you should choose the logo color according to the brand personality and it is highly important. If your brand personality relates to cheerfulness, go for yellow, if it relates to trustworthiness, select blue, or royal blue, and choose black, red, and yellow for boldness.

Define the Message You Want to Drive

So, the logo color can be a powerful brand message itself. You have the freedom to choose any color for the logo but be aware that you are sending the right message through it. As previously said, color can be a great way to hook people and make them interested in your brand. And if it works, they will end up becoming potential customers for your brand. This is why you should rely on the color that puts the right message in your logo.

Consider the Emotion You Want to Evoke in Your Audience

Logo can be a strong brand asset to make people emotionally fall in love with it. Yes indeed, not just the logo, but your overall branding color can determine the success of your brand. The statistical result best exemplifies this 84.7% of consumers quote color as the main reason for buying a particular product and 93% of purchasing judgments are made on visual perceptions. This is the reason brands spend money hiring professional graphic designers to make quality visual content for brand advertising design. Since the logo color also plays the role of brand color, the brand color can go to all visual branding designs. So, you can implement the brand message wherever you want by using the brand color.

Perform Some Research

You can perform in-depth research on your niche competitors for inspiration. Research is the most helpful thing in today's competitive online and offline business. The more research you do, the more opportunities, ideas, and data will be revealed to you. You can create a list of other brands in your niche and look at their logo, color, and type. In this way, you can gather tons of information that will further help you in many aspects. 

Choose Your Logotype

Choosing the logotype that perfectly suits your brand is as important as the color and the font. It will ascertain the design for your logo. Not all logos come in the same way, you can see logos created with symbols, words, abstract shapes, mascots, and so on. That's different logotypes for you. If you don't know that much about logotypes, here we have mentioned all the available logotypes for your convenience,

  • Abstract logo - created with geometric shapes and designs

  • Icon or brand mark logo - Build with a unique, appealing icon

  • Wordmark logo - Holds the complete brand name with creative stylish typography

  • Lettermark logo - Also known as monogram logo as it mostly comes from monogram design

  • Mascot logo - Comes with an iconic mascot design relates to your brand

  • Combination marks logo - combined both letter and symbol

  • Letterforms logo - Combined letters and abstract graphical shape

  • Emblem logo - Include traditional emblem design

  • 3D logo

  • Animation logo

Now you have the name of all the logos so you can approach any creative logo artist and can specify how you want to design your brand logo.

Create Prototype and Work on It

When you decide on a specific logotype, the next step could be to jump into the main design process to finalize your logo. If you have the logo designed, it will be helpful to find the perfect color for the design. Therefore, you need to work on it and start prototyping the logo. When done, you can apply whatever color you want and can see how it looks.

Select A Primary and A Secondary Color

The color wheel represents primary, secondary, and tertiary colors to help find unique color concepts by combining different colors. Graphic design experts also take the help of color wheel in logo design and other graphics operations. For your convenience, primary colors are red, yellow, and blue, secondary colors are a mix of primary colors such as green is a mix of blue and yellow. Tertiary color takes a more complicated composition to be created. Whatever, you can make it a monochromatic logo that includes a single color or more for better visualization. But remember that you shouldn't use multiple colors on your logo. If you do that, it will look busy and as a result, you can't grab the right audience's attention with it. Choose the color that best defines your brand identity and your services.

What Colors Attract Customers?

Color wheel and color theory aren't complicated things if you know how to use them. By utilizing the color wheel, you can find out the right color mood for your brand logo. The color wheel includes all primary, secondary, and tertiary colors so you don't have to feel a lack of ideas. Although the color wheel was developed for designers, it is available to use for all.

When finding colors for a logo, it is recommended to choose an attractive color. Therefore, people who are newly creating a brand looking for suggestions of attractive colors to use on their logo. However, there are some colors more attractive than others. You can consider using them on your logo if the color seems perfect. Keeping attractive colors on your logo will help to make more emotional connections and more engagement with the customers and boost sales. Here are some of the attractive logo color suggestions for you,

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Pink

  • Green

  • Orange

  • Black

  • Gray

  • Purple

  • Yellow

How to Design A Professional Logo for Your Brand?

Finally, you must have the logo designed by a professional. The logo must come with a professional look. Logo design requires high creativity of mind, expertise in using logo design software, and the ability to find the right elements including color and font for the design. To accomplish the best logo for your need, you can,

  • Do it yourself

  • Hire a creative logo design company

Hiring a creative logo design company will provide the best results. There are many logo design services available that offer creative logo design for high prices. Also, you can find many services where you can get it reasonable to design the logo. Choose the service that fits your budget but doesn't go for a cheaper one to save money. You may end up with a mediocre logo design if you choose a nonprofessional service online.


As a business or brand, no matter if it is online or offline, you should be careful of the logo. A logo helps people to recognize your brand and it sets the brand apart from competitors. Sometimes, the logo says all about your brand perception and turns the audience into potential customers. The logo approaches all the brand product items in the product packaging design, business cards, and advertisement banners. If you don't want people to get a bad impression of the brand logo, then you should find a logo design expert to do the job for you.

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