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Graphic Design

The Ultimate Guide to Know Graphic Design In Brief

I can bet you have the idea about graphic design.

But is the idea complete? Do you know how color tones impact the audiences? Or how the shapes showcase the theme in a visual format? Can you relate how specific design helps to uphold a business or change the psychology of people?

The questions are pretty simple. But their answers are not.

To know about graphic design and relevant issues, you must dig in-depth into this service. A thorough understanding of the overall graphic design service can clarify the concepts.

Good news. No matter if you plan to build your career on graphic design, or want to use this service for business, this post will help you equally.

Let’s walk together to know more about graphic design through this ultimate guide.

Graphic Design – the basics

Every day, we see countless designs. We see billboards, banners, festoons, cartoons, newspapers, logos and much more. Each of the things come with some sort of design.

And we hardly notice the design as our brain cells always do not prioritize them. Because we are used to seeing all those designs and without significantly noticing them. But if we consciously pay attention, the designs will amaze us.

We may see billboards with messages or texts. And those messages are placed on some sort of designs. To be more specific, the designs are creative, catchy and can get our attention, as well. All these are the pieces of aesthetical beauty. Their combination and combined efforts make the entire graphic design service.

In other words, graphic design is the process of communication through visual formats. Expert graphic designers use images, texts, taglines and other elements to communicate a message. They also apply innovative ideas to help people visualize the scenario.

Graphic Design - the types

Through the passage of time, graphic design has secured a special berth in the society. In our daily life, we are familiar with numerous graphical elements.

It begins from our smartphone to customized email design. And the list goes on. It seems almost everything is the subject of graphic design.

However, based on the necessities, graphic design has been categorized under six broad categories. They are:

  • Corporate graphic design
  • Promotional graphic design
  • Publication graphic design
  • Packaging graphic design
  • Motion graphic design
  • Web design

Corporate Graphic Design

ultimate guide to know graphic design

It is the process of making or generating a brand and its identity. For instance, a business card is a smart marketing tool. You can use the card to let people know about your business. Also, the card holds your contact details. So, if they need you, they can make phone calls or contact you.

In this way, you are getting familiar with the corporate world. The visual from the stationary design is able to spread your business. And gradually, you will have a smart and strong identity in the corporate world.

Promotional graphic design

brochure design

When you want to market your product, you must run an advertisement campaign. You may need a leaflet or a large banner for your promotion.

And graphic design is able to make the design into a reality. Through the design, you can spread your business among the intended audiences. Under this category, you can make various types of designs to promote your goods, services and company.

Such graphic designs are widely used globally. Regardless of their business size, they even can customize their billboard design.

Publication graphic design

flyer design

Roughly, all types of print media and magazines are the clients of publication graphic design. Publication, at present, has become an art. And if the art is not up to the mark, the audiences may not prefer it.

Hence, the traditional print and other mediums require graphic design. It is also about typography, layout of pages, color, themes and more.

Packaging graphic design

packaging graphic design

Did you ever check the packet of chips you take? Get a closer look. The packets arrive with splendid graphical elements. The elements are used to get attention and the target people offer the same attention as required.

Using aesthetic elements in the packages helps to raise sales. Also, such measures are like branding design service. They help to make yourself a brand. Hence, this particular category has become a strong marketing tool for the business community.

Motion graphic design

As the name suggests, it is like a motion or something on the move. The design will remain in motion to grab attention.

Motion graphic design includes certain features in a website, animation or even video games. With technological advancement, motion graphic design is also advancing at the same pace. And it is advancing society for a better future.

Nowadays, people use GIFs to express their feelings on social media and other platforms. It would not have been possible to explore such motions without this particular graphic design category.

Web design

web design

This is one of the most important and impressive graphic design categories. In a nutshell, it is the process of designing a website.

Let’s make it clearer.

You want to make a website. And the design that you will apply on to the website is known as web design. Under this process, a wide array of elements is used.

Besides, there are sub categories issues like UI and UX design. They deal with the user experience of the design while using the website.

Graphic Design – the elements used

In a nutshell, graphic design is the combination of concepts, lines, shapes, styles and colors. All the elements jointly make the alluring design.

However, most of us lack the complete idea about the elements. This particular section will add some ideas to your existing knowledge realm.


They are the basic elements of graphic design. Every day, we see lots of lines. They arrive in countless shapes including dimensional, thin, curved, straight, among others.

Using the lines, the generated ideas take any specific shape.


It’s the other important element in graphic design. A color is able to get attention from every quarter. People mostly pay attention to the color more than any other elements of the design.

It is the color that brings attention to the detail of the design.

So, color plays a crucial role in all sorts of graphic design services. Because if the color is not catchy or eye soothing. During the color selection, graphic designers need to pick the color from the color family. Also, they need to set the lightness or darkness of the color in line with determining the purity.


Typography is the third element that helps graphic design to gain an edge. In fact, when we see any graphic design, we also see texts or words. The words provide us with the message about the service or business. They are injected into our brains through the designs.

When we need any specific service or goods, the words appear on our minds. And we start visualizing the logo or brand design.

So, typography plays the lead role here. It is about the settings of fonts – if they are in regular or bold format. Moreover, it is about the size of the fonts, determining space after each character.

The font color is also another issue here. Specific font color can get easily noticed. So, while designing a large billboard, fonts deliver the message. And those should be appropriate in comparison to the design itself.

The texture

Simply, texture is the surface of the design. For instance, the texture shows how it will feel when you touch the design. The texture could be of different types.

It could be hard, soft or even rough.

Because of the texture, the design gets further attention from the audience. Seeing the texture of the design, they want to check how it feels in real-life. On the other part, when people get your products, you get a natural commercial boost. Your sales go up.

The dimension

We also can term it as the size of the design. It might be large, smaller or any other custom size. The graphic designers set the size based on the necessity and application of the design.

Besides, while setting up the size, the designers also need to focus on the typography, shapes, symbols and even the taglines. In fact, they have to accommodate all the elements proportionately in the design.

Therefore, the size needs to be compatible with all the other graphic design elements.

Graphic Design – the principles followed

No doubt, a graphic design is able to connect any item with the audience through a visual relationship. Hence, the design must follow certain principles.

To make it clear, let’s cite an example. You deal with attires. And now you need a brochure design service to brand your business. So, how will you design the brochure?

Will you place the objects here and there and take their snaps to be pasted on the brochure?

Well. This is not the right approach. Instead, a skilled graphic designer will organize everything under a basic principle. And lastly, the design will look impressive.

Otherwise, it is not possible to hold attention from your potential clients or clientele. So, let’s explore the basic principles of graphic design here.

A perfect balancing

Remember, graphic design is not all about having some outstanding flyer designs. It is a way of communication. You are delivering a message to your potential audiences. So, the message should be clear and remarkable.

Hence, there should be balance in every element present in the design. If you cannot make the balance, the design will be flawed.

It means, the lines, objects, shapes or other elements should be even. Adding anything more and dropping any other element may make a jeopardized situation for the audience to get the message.

Proper alignment

Think. You are looking at a logo. Some of the shapes are facing an upward direction while the others are pointing some other.

Do you get any meaning from the logo? The answer is negative – for most of the people, unless they are some extraordinary genius to make anything possible.

Typically, such situations take place when the alignment is not perfect. It means, the elements on the design should have a proper standing place. They should not be placed in a higher or lower position.

The elements should connect each other so that the audiences of the logo design could get the message. The alignment will create a connection of visuals. But if they are not aligned properly, they will not make any sense.

Repetition removal

Besides, another principle of graphic design is to remove the repetition of any object or element.

You know, using several objects will bring variation. But if you use too many similar objects, it will create clutter. Hence, it would be troublesome to get the message no matter if you are designing a custom mug or anything.

Thus, removing repetition is another important principle of graphic design. It helps the design to be organized and the elements inside the design look more professional.

Graphic Design- how it is performed

Graphic design is not rocket science. It’s not that simple, either. It is the blend of creativity and visuals to generate a meaningful message.

Interestingly, I can bet most of my readers lack the idea about how graphic design is performed.

It is a process of tremendous creativity, sincerity, and devotion.

On a wider note, the majority of the expert and novice graphic designers apply multiple processes to make a design. Graphic design has become a hybrid process, in other words. And there are less changes in the designing process over the years.

Even many of the expert graphic designers sketch their draft through pencil and paper. And then they move for the digital version to make the design.

However, some of the companies follow the steps below.

Receiving order: they receive graphic design project orders from their clients.
Research: conducting in-depth research on the design subject.
Sketching: after the research, they make a draft of the design. In this phase, they use hybrid methods to draw the design.
Finalization: based on the feedback of their clients, they finalize the project.


So, it was all about graphic design. Hope the ultimate guide to know graphic design in brief will be of your help. You can use this knowledge in your everyday life.

However, if you need to know more about graphic design or any related service, you can share your thoughts in the comment section. We will catch you back. Or for any service, you can contact us. We are always there to serve you with perfection. Thank you so much for your time for passing by this post.

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