Updated Mar 22,2024
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Creative Ways to Use Graphic Design for Social Media Marketing

We are in the age of modern technology. Social media is dominating everything, including our lives. And the blend of graphic design in social media is a contemporary issue.

Social media marketing is also gaining momentum for countless reasons. It is the widely used channel to promote a business.

Regardless of your business or organizational needs, you can easily find a solution in the social media outlets. In fact, social media outlets are the source of getting anything you need – be it a banner design service or selling a second-hand watch.

So, do you want to deploy a graphic design service for your social media marketing? Check the remaining part of this post. You will have some realistic ideas.

What is social media marketing?

Before you start applying graphic design to social media marketing, you must know what the latter one is.

Social media marketing is the concept of marketing your products, brand, services or products through digital channels. Under this process, all your advertisements will be published on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

The users of those platforms will come to know about you and your brand. They will search for the service providers and you have the chance to appear in front of them.

How does graphic design work?

5 creative ways to use graphic design for social media marketing

Graphic design is the process of visually representing something to a group of people. It is the process of telling a story to your audience and convincing them to get the product or service.

So, when you post something on your social media outlet, be it a logo design service offer, you need some aesthetic visuals. The role of graphic design is to ensure the post looks more beautiful than similar other posts.

And when you have a good-looking post, certainly it will draw attention. Ultimately, it will contribute a lot to your business success.

The ways to engage graphic design in social media marketing

graphic design for social media marketing

So far, you have got some ideas about the process. Now, you will have the descriptions. Let’s check them out and apply in your next project.

Set a strategy

Saying goes that planning is the half of the process. If you have a detailed plan, you can easily perform even the most complicated task of the world. Let alone social media marketing.

Thus, you must have a plan where you will have the details about your project. And how you are planning to execute them. In fact, the best practice of planning is to enlist the timing, target people, purpose and other elements.

Besides, you have to set what types of visuals you want to apply with your marketing post. Remember, one size does not fit all. So, the photo that you use for t-shirt design may not be suitable if you deal with books or libraries. Your audiences may not prefer such posts.

Hence, get the relevant images and make the design for your next post.

Know your platforms

Further, you need to get comprehensive ideas about your social platforms. Actually, designing for social media outlets is truly a challenge.

Because not all the designs are suitable in all contexts. For instance, you cannot use any photos of violence on Facebook. Alternatively, you can use the same photo on YouTube after making it blur.

Thus, it is necessary to get an idea about the platforms for which you are planning to design. A proper strategy is a must for every social media outlet.

Make your subject clear

While designing your social media posts, you must be careful about the subject(s). Do not overload the design with unnecessary elements. Instead, ensure your product or subject gets more attention.

Surely, it is possible to make a design catchy in countless ways. But focusing on the subject is relatively important.

Remember, at the end people will get your service, not the design on social media. The design will help to get attention but ultimately, it is the product, goods or service that you will sell. Considering this ground, you need to keep the subject clear during the designing for a social media outlet.

So, take the photos of your subject clearly. Make it more visible than any other thing in the photo. Using modern background removal techniques, you can cut the unnecessary elements from the photo.

Make your design

Now, this is the time for action. You have to start designing your post for a social media outlet. In order to complete the design, the best idea is to get support from online tools and available resources. 

Whatever your method is, you have to make the design with great care.

Remember, based on the design, people will feel interested in your business and product or services. Hence, the design should be attractive. At the same time, it should reflect the business perfectly.

The sole aim of graphic design is to make people visualize any service or goods. For the social media outlet, the design should be unique, crisp and creative. You can apply the help of your imagination to make the design. So, provide the best.

Add suitable texts

To let the people know about your product, you will need texts in line with the designs. So, make sure you have used proper texts on the design. The texts need to be smaller in words but will have the power to explain everything in detail.

For instance, you can use smaller taglines or punchlines that go best with your design. Regardless of your texts or taglines, the design should simultaneously be visible there.

It should not be that you are adding texts and the design is overlooked. Instead, there should be a balance of design and texts.

Bonus tip

Optimize your social media design. Without the optimization, this is not possible for your design to appear before your clients or potential clients. The optimization includes adding tags, alt texts, keywords, among others.

The optimization process will help the design to appear smoothly on the screen of your desired audiences.

At the same time, you have to use descriptive language. The language will be relating your topic to your post. When people will search for any specific product or service, and if they type the keyword, your design or post will appear instantly.

For instance, if you deal with UI/UX design service, add similar keywords so that it becomes easier to find you. Because people exactly will use the word UI/UX to find a suitable service for them.

Or if you deal with printing and publication like catalog design, add the same keywords in your texts. It helps the potential target people to find your business and service.


So, that was all for today. Now you are aware of the creative ways to use graphic design for social media marketing. By applying the techniques, you can easily win the race. And compel your audiences in having your service or invite them to be a visitor to your business.

With time, you can grow as a brand. When someone will need your service, they will find you smoothly. Only it could be possible when you have the integration of graphic design with your social media posts.

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