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Top 10 Common Logo Design Mistakes: How to Avoid Them

No doubt, a logo is the face of your brand. It helps people to remember and recall your brand. So, if the face is not up to the mark, it is a tough call to shine in the business arena as you have countless competitors. And the logos may look dull for the common logo design mistakes.

In fact, many of the people lack this idea. They have their respective logos. But still they are lagging in their business. So, why does it happen?

Logo design experts say this is the outcome of common mistakes while designing a logo. Of course, designing a logo is a matter of creativity. It also requires high intellect and skills in line with a sharp sense of aesthetics.

However, many of the logo designers make some mistakes. And in this post, you will get a clear idea about common mistakes in logo design.

Stages of a logo design

common logo design mistakes

A logo design usually undergoes five steps. They are as followed”

  • Research
  • Drafting
  • Sketching
  • Revising
  • Finalization

Remember, each of the steps have several other tasks and we will discuss them in another post.

Why logo design service is necessary

Earlier, it was said a logo is the representation of a business. In a nutshell, it introduces a business visually to the specific group of people and everyone. And logo design service is the process of generating a unique, catchy and crisp logo for the business visual.

The logo also helps to identify the company, business or brand at a quick glance. Further, the logo creates an emotional attachment with the target people. The targeted people connect the logos with their specific needs. Consequently, they feel the necessity of having that particular product or service.

In this natural way, a logo expands a business, gains commercial benefits and makes a solid base of clients. Ultimately, the business that holds the logo wins in the race. This is the key reason why you need a logo for your company.

Common Logo Design Mistakes

common logo design mistake

The common mistakes in the logo design can create havoc in a business. It may also destroy your brand image. So, let’s check the mistakes here in detail. And also we will have the way out of the mistakes.

#1 A Quick Research

This is the first mistake that most of the logo designers undergo. And surprisingly, many of them have the slightest idea that they are not doing in-depth research. Without thorough homework, it is nearly impossible to generate a perfect and aesthetic logo.

When you conduct research, you will get a complete idea about the company, business or brand. Also, it will expand your knowledge base. You will get a clear idea about the competitors, as well. And finally, you will be able to make a flawless logo.

Hence, it is highly important to conduct in-depth research prior to designing a logo. If you are a logo maker, never do a quick research. Or, if you are a client to receive a logo design, ask your provider about the type of research they undergo during the designing process.

# 2 Poor use of Color

Color plays one of the key roles in the logo designing process. In fact, a color is able to make or break a logo. And thus, there might be impacts on the overall branding for the business or company.

The poor use of color damages a logo. Remember, the logo should be easy to remember. When the color is bright, soothing and gentle, it becomes easier to remember.

At the same time, the logo needs to resemble the business or brand. If the color is irrelevant, it may not portray your business perfectly. In other words, colors express the personality of a brand or company. So, when you are designing a logo, the color must be vibrant, and visible.

Make sure there are no inconsistencies in shades or tones of the logo. If you are a professional, you will check the saturations, tones and other values. However, do not apply too many colors. It may ruin the logo.

#3 Improper use of symbol

A logo is the blend of visuals and texts. In the visual portion, the logo designers add symbols and shapes that represent the business or company. In fact, the symbols become the popular icons that portray the brand to people. So, if you are unable to select the right symbol, the logo may become meaningless.

And many of the logo designers do the same. They make logos with improper symbols. This is the outcome of less research. As a result, the logo loses its appeal. Also, it loses the aesthetic beauty. Because the symbol does not represent business properly.

Therefore, it becomes troublesome for the people to relate the business or company with the logo. Planning for a larger promotion and branding will turn into a failure. What’s more, your audience will fail to recognize your brand, which is the most unfortunate incident.

#4 Imbalanced elements

Using imbalanced logo elements causes jeopardy in a logo design. In this situation, the logo design elements are not in the right order. There might be issues about the spacing of shapes, styles and marks. Also, the images may not be placed in the perfect position.

Consequently, all the elements make the logo look boring. It seems the logo is not compact as it should be. Instead, the logo designing elements are placed in a disorderly direction.

This is another common mistake and logo making. And the amateur logo makers mostly make such mistakes. They try to combine all the elements together. Thus, they crowd the space and finally, the logo gets the worst look.

So, it is wise to make a sketch first. In the sketch, place the logo elements one after another. Check the spacing and alignments. And also check how it looks when you use taglines, texts or photos closer or using a moderate distance. Now, make the decision.

# 5 Use of wrong typography

The application of wrong typography and fonts is another common logo design mistake. Where do you look in a logo first? Is this the symbol or the tagline? Well. It doesn't matter where you look. Certainly, you will look at the tagline and the symbol – sooner or later. But for the texts, if the fonts are inconsistent, the logo will lose natural flow.


Because people look at the larger fonts in the beginning. And then they look at the smaller, curved or old-fashioned fonts. So, if the fonts are inconsistent, the logo may fail to draw attention. 

Professional logo designers mostly use moderate and cool fonts while designing logos. Such fonts are always clearly visible. Neither they are thin, nor so thick. Moreover, you need to apply equal space for each of the letters. As a result, they are easy to detect.

If you are a logo designer, you must avoid the font issues. Ensure the fonts match with the product or business type. Get two types of fonts – a dominant one and a less dominant one. It will make a good balance in your typography.

# 6 The incorrect tagline

Using taglines on logos has become a trend. The benefit of using a tagline is that it helps to recall the brand smartly and smoothly. So, almost all businesses and companies have their taglines. And they incorporate the tagline with the logos. But if the tagline is inappropriate, the logo may not be able to get focused.

So, it is also important to select the right tagline for a logo design. However, the length and shape of the tagline should be shorter. A perfect tagline easily fits with the logo shape. Also, it should be quick and simple to listen and look.

# 7 Logo clarity

Clarity of the logo is another important factor. And in many cases, the non-professional logo designers make this mistake. They align the shapes and marks in a way that the central theme loses its focus.

Also, the logo gets a blurry look. The logo fonts, columns or styles do not provide the right impression. Hence, the logo becomes unclear, and unable to cast the right impression. In fact, this is one of the basic mistakes. And the logo loses its clarity. So, while designing a logo, the logo makers should take care of this issue.

Placing shapes and marks inappropriately may make the logo hazy. Keep ample space, add the elements and give it a trail prior to finalizing it.

# 8 Ignoring target audience

A logo is the representation of a business or company. And the logo is aimed to provide visuals to your audience. But at times, the logo may be derailed from the aim. The logo symbol may not be aimed to enchant your target people.

The logo should intrigue the people. But if the logo is unable to do that, it means the logo is not meant for the target people. It has something else to do with.

There should be closer relation with the logo symbol and what the audience wants. At the same time, the logo should also represent the business clearly to the audience and everyone else. Otherwise, the aim of making the logo will be diminished.

#9 Applying low-quality images

Further, there is a trend of using lower-graded images on logos. Usually, to create or recreate the visuals, photos are highly important. They, in fact, help people to visualize the product or service. Hence, the images must be relevant with the brand’s product.

At the same time, the photographs should be of higher resolution. Several reasons back this logic. For instance, with a lower resolution photo, it may get distorted when you print it. The photo may not be able to be used in any other promotional materials as it will take a blurry look.

Therefore, it is highly important to use high-quality or HD images in making a logo.

Unfortunately, many of the novice or amateur logo designers apply the low-quality images. It happens as they are not familiar with the overall logo design features, and how a high-quality image can enchant the audience.

#10 Cloning logos

Do you have any ideas about logo cloning?

If you observe, you will find many identical logos. How does this happen? The answer is quite simple. The logo designers copy other logos.

This is truly a childish activity when someone copies a logo and makes some changes to make it ‘unique’. Unfortunately, these attempts downgrade the logo and its appeal.

Moreover, the identical logos create a massive confusion among the audience. There becomes a division. People cannot decide which one they should prefer – the real ones or the identical ones. Thereby, there is chaos in the market. And to prove you as the best, you may have to follow alternative marketing strategies.

On the other part, a creative and professional logo is generated after lots of research and homework. It helps logo cloning or copying from other similar service providers.

The solution

Making mistakes helps us to learn the right thing. And this is an effective way to enhance the inner skills of a design. But at times, it is not possible to bear the mistakes for the sake of our commercial activities. The prices of the mistakes become higher and may even cost the brand itself. Hence, hiring a professional logo designing company like us is the best solution.

Because the professional companies have a team of experts. Years of experience made them skilled in designing different types of logos. Consequently, the logos become appealing and trustworthy.

Also, you can customize your logo designing needs as the professionals allow revision to the logos. Moreover, they provide ample care to finely tune the logo to the fullest.


Hopefully, you are reading this phase. And so, let’s recap what we have learnt so far.

Typically, a logo design undergoes several stages. But there are certain common mistakes which can ruin the logo within a second.

However, the professional graphic design company can watch your back. They can get you out of such troubles. If you need a flawless logo design, don’t delay to hire professionals. They are capable of making your audience visualize your brand through the catchy logo concepts.

Alternatively, if you do not find the right match for your logo design projects, we can discuss the issue at your convenient time. Book an appointment and we will be there for further talks.

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