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Future of Branding: Exploring Motion and Animation in Brand Identity

motion and animation in brand identity

In the modern branding process, you must think out of the box. How? Our article on exploring motion and animation in brand identity creation will make you understand.

Whether you are a digital marketer or a physical business outlet owner, branding is one of the core considerations in your business success. We know you are aware of this and put substantial effort into creating unique logo, packaging, etc. designs. But do you know that branding has revolutionized with the advancement of technology?

Yes, it is true! Now, you need to think beyond the traditional static, 2D, or 3D designs in your branding processes. Motion graphics and animations are now rapidly becoming an integral part of your brand communication approaches.

If you are new to this future of branding context, this blog is for you. Here, we provide you with a better understanding of this branding concept by exploring motion and animation in brand identity. Let's dive deeper.

Motion Graphics in Branding Strategies

motion design

Motion graphics is a comparatively newer filmmaking technology. It is basically a sub-division of animation. Yes, you can get your motion graphic branding element by using any graphic design service.

In motion graphics, mainly animated texts and objects are used to create content. It is simpler than animated branding content. In general, businesses use it to show a tagline or any slogan through motions to reach their message to the customers. We see it as the best way to inform your target audience about your brand's motto, mission, vision, etc.

It will effectively communicate with your audience with the respective message. Motion graphics stand between static branding elements and animated branding elements. In comparison to static ones, a motion element is movable, and if you compare it with an animated element, it is short and excludes any type of complex object.

In summation, motion graphic branding content is a very short video with moving 2D objects.

Must-know Facts about Motion Graphics

The below facts about motion graphics will blow your mind.

  • Motion graphic works incorporate three particular tasks: animation, video-making technologies, and topographic works.
  • It uses the available core theories of graphic design, like compositions, color theories, the hierarchy of visual elements, different layer creation, and so on.
  • Like animation, motion graphic content is also considered versatile. You can use the respective branding item on your website, YouTube channel, social media pages, mobile apps, etc.
  • It tells a message in a very short time. A 5-10 second motion work is considered standard. 
  • Motion work is effective in explaining any concept behind a product.
  • It is more effective than showing a static logo of your brand.

Influence of Motion in Branding

Like animation, motion works are also capable of bringing enormous benefits to your business. How? The below-listed points will help you understand.

Getting Quick Attention

Unlike animated elements, motion graphic works do not take time to circulate the message. On the other hand, it is not that boring, like a static branding element. Following this, you can say that using motion graphic kit in your branding effort is effective in getting quick attention from the target market along with the potential customers.

Circulates a Positive Sense about Your Business

You won't see a lot of brands are using motion kits in their promotion and branding activities. So, if you use this, it will create a stand-out-from-crowd situation in the market. Your target audience will realize that your brand is using highly advanced technology. It will enhance your brand's reputation.

Effective Recalling

In motion branding kits, you showcase short-form content. Due to fewer elements and shorter versions, your brand name and the message are effectively stored in the memory of the viewers. Following this, the moton branding elements become a crucial tool to trigger recalling of your brand identity.

Effectiveness in call-to-action

As per the core, in a motion graphic branding item, the content hosts only one or two lines. This context allows you to get better results against your call-to-action created through motion design. Its straightforwardness is a core reason for such success in CTAs.

Facilitates Differentiation

A monograph work in your branding strategy is crucial to embrace differentiation. It attracts potential customers effectively towards your product and creates an extra portion of the platform to stand in the market. In short, it facilitates the differentiation of your product(s) from other similar products in the market.

Factors to Consider in Creating Effective Motions for Branding

The following factors you must consider while getting motion work done for your business's branding.

  1. You must make sure the respective professionals are experienced. You can also use a combination of a content writer, a photo editing service, and a motion graphic maker to get a higher level of output.
  2. After you start using motions as a branding tool, we suggest you collect your customers' feedback regarding the circulation. Based on the customers' feedback, you import changes in the works.
  3. You must measure the engagement of each motion work that you publish as part of your branding efforts.
  4. Instruct the respective motion design service provider about the required size, resolution, and playback formats to ensure compatibility across various platforms.
  5. Stay away from any complex design or heavy ornamenting works as these oppose motion graphic works' objectives.

Animation in Branding Strategies

animation design

As per the core, animation is a specialized filmmaking strategy. In the production process, the respective animator or graphic designing company places several pre-selected images or already-created virtual characters on animation software like Cinema 3D, Animaker, Adobe Character Animator, Maya, Motion Builder, and so on. 

The involved tasks are modification of images, creation of models, development of virtual characters, creation of required 2D & 3D kit, knowing the use of animation software, placing objects in the appropriate sequence, rendering, and many more. 

We say animation is a diversified field; it requires knowledge from image editing to multimedia productions.

Must-know Facts About Animation Works

The facts below will help you learn more about animation works.

  • The animation actually creates a moving illusion for the audience. Even though an animation is prepared through using some stills, the viewers see it as a moving film.
  • In most cases, the animation company adds audio, like music, selected speech, etc. To make the outputs more engaging and entertaining.
  • Typically, animation work contains static objects, images, drawings, computer-generated models, and computer-generated imagery.
  • It depicts characters, objects, or scenes in a storytelling pattern.
  • It can be 2D or 3D.
  • There are various animation techniques: stop motion, clay motion, 2D & 3D, mechanical, topographical, etc.
  • The graphic design company that works in the animation field maintains the 12 core principles of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. These two master animators have published the 12 animation work principles in their book "The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation."

Influence of Animation in Branding

So, now you have a basic understanding of animation. But why do you need to use animation in branding? Let's check out our answers.

More Effective than Traditional Branding

It has now been proved that a multimedia object can create a deeper scratch inside the minds of the audience in comparison to conventional branding elements.

For example, take two people: one just knows your brand via seeing the logo on different products, and the other person knows your brand's logo via watching a 30-second multimedia content that tells a mind-blowing story. Who will remember your brand for a longer period?

Surely, the person who watched your animated content.

Boosts Engagement

Through animation, you tell the target audience about your brand's personality, characteristics, values, ethics, corporate social responsibilities, and others. An animation allows you to tell all these things in a simple and short time frame. This compelling showcasing triggers more impact as you cannot show all these through a traditional branding process using a single branding element. 

Just think, how many people truly read the messages on your packaging? Our practical experience says that most of them check the expiration date, and a few might read the ingredients of that product. But you won't see that many people have read your company's mission, vision, creative initiatives, and future objectives. In short, animation effectively informs people about your company.


Can you imagine how difficult it is to tell a story through writing or showcasing a series of images sequentially? It is really tough, and you know most of the people will leave the story due to its length.

Here, promotional animation work can create a difference. The reason is that animation can tell a long story in a shorter manner as it showcases a motion-based work.

Offers Versatility

We are living in the digital era in which branding through print media is becoming less effective. People are now more inclined towards watching video content. Considering this, branding through animation can bring more positive results to your business.

Moreover, branding content made via animation work embraces versatility as it is visible through social media, websites, mobile apps, etc.

Easy Understandable for Target Audience

Circulating a crucial message via static branding elements is tough. If the message is complex, the toughness touches the sky, leaving people misunderstood or not understood at all.

In this case, animations can do the message circulation job very easily. The combination of elements like texts, movable kit, and multimedia elements makes people understand your sayings promptly.

Factors to Consider Creating Effective Animation for Branding

Your branding effort through animation requires that the animated product is effective. By considering the following factors, you will be able to get such animation works.

  1. At the very first point, get the animation work done by a highly experienced in-house team or graphic design company. Here, maintaining an in-house team is costly, and you won't need branding-related animation on a daily basis. So, it is better you contract with an animation service provider.
  2. Make sure the produced animation is capable of creating emotional appeal.
  3. The animation needs to maintain an appropriate level of clarity and simplicity while being very short content.
  4. You need to guide the animator regarding your target audience group. It will help them choose effective styling, from minimalist, photorealistic, premium, abstract, or illustrative. For example, suppose your target audience is middle-aged. In that case, you should go for a minimalist style, as a photorealistic style might create challenges in the understanding and content consumption process.
  5. You must ensure that the animation is effectively interactive and engaging while facilitating compatibility across the platforms.
  6. Finally, you monitor the various interaction data of every branding that you circulate. It will inform you which animation is getting more attention from the people. You will create and circulate more animations like that.

Difference between Motions and Animations in Branding

The table below pinpoints the differential contexts.

Motion Graphics Animation
Can make only static elements move Transposes characters to moving elements
To convey tagline, company motto, vision, etc. To convey a broader and more complex message
No emotion appeal Incorporates emotional attachment 
Simple design work More complicated work


We expect that our elaboration on exploring motion and animation in brand identity creation will encourage you to use these latest media kits. You can consider this article as a starting guide to brand your company in a modernistic way.

Finally, we highly recommend you do not establish a full-time team for branding via motion and animation. It is better to start with a company that has a proven track record in these sectors. A long-term contract with such a company will be economically beneficial for you.

However, if you have any more questions regarding motion graphics and animation works for brand promotion, contact us via our contact page or email ([email protected]).

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