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Best tips for beginners to write a business brochure

Do you know how brochure writing guidelines help you generate more sales?

In fact, many of you are unaware of writing a brochure. Instead of a precise brochure, people make these promo materials gibberish with undesirable designs and fluffy texts.

Consequently, the brochures fail to deliver the key message as the texts lack in-depth ideas about the business. The brochures become unable to captivate audiences without the brochure design service.

But what if the brochures become a masterpiece? And the overall design and texts become easily memorable? Well. That is completely possible.

If you lack the comprehensive idea about writing a brochure, this post is to watch your back. Here, you will get the modern guidelines to write a brochure. Let’s start exploring.

What is a brochure?

A brochure is the piece of paper that contains your business information. It explains why you are the perfect one amid your competitors. Moreover, the brochure is a traditional promotional material that conveys the message to a wider audience effectively. This is a sharable piece that you can distribute among your intended audiences both in virtual and real-life to let them know about your ventures.

Key features of a brochure

brochure writing guidelines

In marketing, like the flyer design, a brochure plays an important role. Also, this is an ideal platform to help people visualize your brand or company as it provides the precise information with attractive graphic designs.

First of all, a brochure should come with a clean and impressive outlook. There should be no excessive texts. Instead, the text should clearly describe your business.

Secondly, the brochure should be enriched with colorful images of your product or services. The images should make the audience picture how they will feel with the products. It will also help them make the decision to take your service.

Creative taglines or explanations are the other elements to make the brochure livelier. Make sure the texts in the brochure do not make the readers tired or exhausted. They should dive deeper in to the texts and finally decide to contact you for the product or service.

Personalization of the brochure is another feature. Remember, brochure is not an abstract element. Rather, it is the way to market your business, company, brand, product, services and other elements to familiarize you. Hence, you can effortlessly personalize the brochure per your needs.

Brochure writing guidelines

brochure writing guideline

So, you want to write an engaging brochure for your audiences, right? But you have no idea how to start that? Well. Not to panic. Follow the steps mentioned here. In the end, you would be able to complete the brochure perfectly.


This is the first step of writing a perfect brochure for your audience. You need to imagine your audience. How they feel, what they prefer, what are their views regarding this product, how many competitors you have, etc.

The next step is to set your strategy. You have to set the goals and select strategies to meet the needs.

Draft your texts

In the second phase, you have to make a draft of the texts you want to deliver through the brochure. Share your stories through illustrative texts. Make your audiences visualize the texts in front of their eyes. Explain your points.

In fact, it is the most important part to develop a brochure. Here, you need to provide all the necessary and authentic information for your audiences.

Address your audiences by highlighting what they can get from your company. But most brochures do the opposite. They explain the features of their products – which is a typical approach in marketing. And in most cases, these techniques fail to work. Instead, you shed light on the benefits of your customers and clients after availing the service. Also, it will inspire the target people in getting your product.

Get a perfect design

Besides, you must get the right type of design for your brochure. You must have texts and images to be used in the brochure. Therefore, the brochure design should have ample space to allocate all the texts and photos in the copy.

The placement of the texts and images should have enough space. There should not be a crowd of texts or photos. Such a setting will ruin the aesthetic beauty of the brochure. And ultimately, they will get a conventional look.

How to set the outline of a brochure?

brochure writing

You must allow your audiences to read your brochure. You need to give them some reasons to go through the brochure. But if the structure is complex, the audiences may lose interest.
Hence, the contemporary brochure writing guidelines recommend to make an outline in three easy steps. They are:

  • Setting the cover page
  • Making the content page
  • The end line

The Cover Page

Cover page of brochure to make it highly engaging. Ensure the cover page looks clean and creative. You can use a creative brochure design for the cover page. And you have to place the tagline on this page as it will be a page where people will look at first. You can explain the key facts in one or two lines.

Moreover, you need to write a perfect headline for this cover page. Prior to writing the headline, you need to secure that the headline will strike your audiences. Besides, the headline should also express the key message to your audiences.

Otherwise, the brochure will not get the right amount of attention. In fact, a catchy and striking headline can immediately get attention from people. But if you use jargon or uncomfortable words, you may not have the attention.

So, frame the headline perfectly. Be straight and to the point. Make sure the words are the exact ones to express your business or service. It should clearly state the overall service and be comfortable to read. The length should also be precise and moderate – not too short or long.

The Content Page

In this page, you have to provide all the necessary information to hold the attention of your audience. Here, you can explain what your customers and clients need. And how you can cater their diversified needs through your service.

There might be a couple of sections explaining everything. Being the body of your brochure, it should be designed carefully. The call to action should also be placed on this section.

The End Line

In this part, you have to conclude the brochure statements. Here, you can place the contact and other details of your company like your social media presence, website address, mailing address, location, among others.

Moreover, an ideal brochure contains a question answer section. You can put this section here. In the section, you have to place some questions and their potential answers.

Through the question and answer, you have to elucidate your brand, its story, history, success, failures, weakness, strength, your journey in the track, benefits of using the service, why people need to use the service, how the service or products adds value by solving problems, among others.

Also, you can clarify some common problems and how to solve those while using the product or service. It will help to raise a sense of credibility among your audiences. They will start relying on your service as they will know newer things through the brochure.

Hopefully, it will be a great piece of effective promotional materials.

Last Words

At present, customers want to feel prioritized. And your brochure should reflect that you are prioritizing your customers rightly. Only the use of the right words in the right place can do so.

It may sound refined but following the brochure writing guidelines and structure, certainly you can make a lasting impression. The brochure would be a pleasure to read.

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