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Updated Apr 15,2022
Photo Editing

What is photo editing?

Photo editing refers to modifying or improving digital or traditional photographic images using a different technique, tool, or software. Photo editing is the most common issue in our day-to-day life.

We need to edit a photo for various purposes and the importance of photo editing is undeniable.

The simple meaning of photo editing is the act of changing an image. These images can be digital photographs, illustrations, prints, or photographs on film.  Photo editing is also called image editing, post-processing, image manipulation, photo retouching, or photo enhancement.

what is photo editing

What is photo editing software?

The photo editing process is almost as old as photography itself. Since the birth of photography, photographers have always tried to improve their photos at home with some techniques such as tinting, toning, and cropping their photos to make them great.

That was a very time-consuming step at that time but now photo editing is as simple as it just takes a short moment to edit a photo perfectly. Photo editing software is used to edit, create, and manipulate images on a computer.

There are many kinds of photo editing software available in the market. They all are specified with their advantages and disadvantages. The one you choose may depend on your needs and budget.

  • Adobe photoshop
  • Pixlr
  • Aviary
  • Canva
  • GIMP
  • Microsoft paint
  • Photo scape

Different photo editing trams

what is photo editing

There are many types of photo editing available in recent times. Some are simple and others are complex. Normally, you can execute simple photo editing techniques easily and quickly.

But when it comes to the question of editing a complex photo then you have to follow several processes and also need some editing software. So, let’s talk about a simple photo editing service first. Simple photo editing techniques include

Noise reduction

by this process, it makes the photo smooth. Typically, it is accomplished by reducing the pixel size.

White balance

It refers to the color balance of photography or the color of light in the photo. In digital photography, white balance means adjusting colors so that the image looks more natural. It is applied because most light sources do not cast pure white color.


Higher contrast helps to make a photo punchier and more attractive. If an image is looking brighter and gloomier then it needs to reduce to its contrast level. It is a very important task in photo editing.


It deals with the brightness of the photo.

Lens correction

This tool is commonly used in the lightroom. It helps to fix the lens problem issue of the photo such as chromatic shedding, shaking, perspective, vignette, and many more.

Color adjustments

it can be used to change the overall tone of your image and also used to remove unwanted colors from your image. The color adjustment can also be used to create interesting effects in the image.


In photography industries, cropping means removing unwanted outer areas from photographic or illustrated images. With this tool, the editor can adjust the dimensions of the image as per his demand. Whatever, it is a very simple tool to use.

Those are the common variations of the simple photo editing process. Now, it’s time to talk about complex photo editing techniques which are given below-

Clipping path

A clipping path is a technique of removing background from any images or adding a white background.  In other words, it is a technique of creating a close vector path or shape used to cut out a 2D image by the pen tool in photoshop. It is also known as deep etch. By using this technique,

We can easily change the small portion of any image, change the color, remove background, shape, logo, drop shadow, and almost everything in a single image.

Portrait corrections

portrait photography is the art of capturing the inherent character of your subject within a photograph. In portrait photography, you may have some corrections. Portrait correction will help you to fix the skin color and also the complexion of people in images.

Drop and reflection shadow

Adding photoshop drop shadow highly increases the image quality and appointment. Shadow creation is very important for e-commerce product photos. In the digital world, raw images may not fulfill your desire.

The original images need some additional qualities to grab the attention of the visitors. The Photoshop shadow under the object gives a different look to that image.

Special effects

Special effects are illusions or visual tricks used in theatre, film, television to simulate the imagined events in a story or virtual world. Although most photos aim to capture a realistic representation of the subject, the use of these effects makes them more glaring and remarkable.

For example, you need to add an animation effect on the photo, add a sound effect, a snowfall, a fog effect, and many more.

Adjusting text and visuals

when a photo has a text portion in it and is required to remove. But if the text part manipulates photography, it creates a bad look. So, it needs editing to fix text and visuals.

Deep etching

Deep etching is an important term mostly used in graphic design to describe the process of removing a specific section of a photograph or image from its background. By using deep etching techniques on the image of online products, one can easily grab customers’ attention.

Without any doubt, deep etching is the most common term in the photo editing or retouching industry. If you want to make your image more exclusive then you must go with this service.

Image masking

Image masking is a photo editing process that lets you remove the background of an image.

A masking image is a method of graphics software like Photoshop to hide some portions of an image and to open some portions. It is a non-destructive process of image masking but it is the hardest technique for digital image editing.

How important is photo editing?

what is photo editing

Photo editing can make the most ordinary pictures look extraordinary. You need to edit your vacation pictures, family pictures, party pictures, and special occasion pictures to make them your special memories.

Besides, the field of photography is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Multinational companies, medium-sized companies, and even small companies are taking advantage of photography for marketing and branding their product as well as their business. Let’s look at those points of how photo editing is important for so many purposes-

Photo editing for social media marketing

Photo editing is a highly necessary part of social media marketing. In today’s world, people like to spend their time on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In the e-commerce business, you have to work with a lot of items. You have to make an image of those items to create an add-in online or on your website.

To make the product attractive, you need to remove unwanted objects from the picture. Photo editing will help to do that and also it will make your image more beautiful.

By using photo editing techniques on the image of online products, one can easily grab customers’ attention. In this way, photo editing for e-commerce businesses works to impress buyers towards your brand’s products.

Photo editing for fashion business

I think the importance of photo editing services in this sector can’t be finished by saying. We see many online clothing pages where products are shown with a white background.

We also see catalogs for clothes where the image is added to a different background. In the fashion industry, photo editing can quickly solve any inconsistency of the image.

Photo editing for professional photography

If you have a passion for professional photography, perfect photo editing is a common thing to learn besides this. Every photographer tries their best to shoot the most natural picture. In this issue, every image doesn’t become perfect just with the camera. It needs the background to remove touch up to present it professionally.

Photo editing for web image optimization

what is photo editing

We all know the importance of optimization and we can say that if an image has not been properly edited, it is impossible to attain good performance. It is very important to have a web image to display the website properly.

If the web images are not so attractive they will fail to gain more traffic. So, photo editing is important to optimize the image properly.

Many more things can be achieved through photo editing

  • Removal of unwanted background from an image
  • Color correction
  • Photo retouching
  • Cropping
  • Enhancing looks by special effects, fixing hair, etc.
  • Add or remove a person in a group photo
  • Adjustment brightness and contrast

If photography is the body then edit is its life. You can make the boy next door look like a star.

You can also make a simple landscape come alive with the color of paradise. Remember, poor-quality photos are a turnoff for viewers and have the potential of reducing your customer base. So, take the service of photo editing and make your business more profitable.