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image manipulation services

Image Manipulation Service

Image manipulation services are going to make your images more meaningful in their outlook. Images are mostly used to express thoughts and emotions nowadays. A single picture can tell more than a thousand words. Image, animation, video, and illustration are now making our day in every sphere of our life. According to our visualization demand, there are many kinds of image developing services built at present. These services are working to improve our visualization through an image, image manipulation is one of them. It comes with a variation of photo editing services like ghost mannequins, neck joint services, etc. If you are looking for a better understanding of this service then I would like to say that you are in the right place. Let’s explain why

Image Manipulation - What is It?

image manipulation service

When you see the word manipulation, you might get a sense of what it would be. Image manipulation is a process that deals with your old, rough, and dull images. It is used to make these types of images look newer and more attractive. Image manipulation service also helps eCommerce retailers to make their product images eye-catching and glowing to increase sales and conversion rates. Although, manipulating an image is not as easy a task as you think. It needs time and creativity to make the perfect manipulation for images. the perfect image manipulation comes with some photo editing skills and techniques like,

  • Background removing

  • Removing ghost mannequin from garments product image

  • Image masking

  • Shadow making

  • Crop and resizing

  • Color correction

  • Ecommerce image solution

  • Product photo editing

  • And so on

Here I am describing briefly all of these image manipulation services to get a better view of them. When you need to manipulate your bulk images, you can easily contact an expert who can do the job for you.

Category of Image Manipulation

Image manipulation has included a lot of categories that we see above. Now what is done by that’s the category of image manipulation with your image. ok, I have a lot of things to tell you about that, let’s start with the brief.

Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin

image manipulation services

Neck joint or ghost mannequin is a service that you can’t avoid if you want to do a garment product business online. Generally, fashion or clothing products are shown with a human-shaped doll in a physical store. but when it comes to the question of selling these products online, you have to be thoughtful about customers' attention to get them caught in your product image. Just taking a picture with a mannequin isn’t enough for your clothing products to sell them online. Although, there are innovative photo editing techniques that can help you with this issue. Neck joint service will simply remove the mannequin from the picture and give them a complete look to grab customers' attention online. Neck joint service is most commonly for garment items like a shirt, pants, jackets, etc. and it is an essential task in image manipulation service.

Image Masking

Image masking

It is another background removing technique that is also used besides the clipping path. there are some issues when you can’t use the clipping path technique to remove background from a picture. If you do that, your picture will look unnatural. So, what will you do at that moment? No tension, you have an image masking technique that lets you overcome this situation. Especially for those images which have fur and hairy objects, and when you have to work with different objects in a single image, applying image masking is best for them. Also, for complex images, if you use the clipping path technique with them, they look unnatural. Image masking uses transparency with that you can isolate your images to remove any unwanted objects from them.

So, it is clear that image masking is more useful than a clipping path. when you meet your editing agency for an image manipulation service, don’t forget to tell them to use image masking except for the clipping path into your bulk images.

Background Remove

Background remove

When we are talking about image manipulation services, it comes into the first position. Background removing is a popular photo editing service nowadays. Especially for eCommerce retailers, it is a must-do process. Background removing is the process that allows you to cut out the background of your 2D image. Sometimes our photo includes an unsuitable background that makes the image look imperfect. Background removal service will let you remove that type of background from your images. It is done by the photoshop technique called the clipping path.

With this technique, editors create a vector path on the image to remove or add any objects to the image. Let us know if you have any photo that needs a similar service to be more attractive.

Shadow Making

Shadow making

It is a post-production service that gives your product images a real look shadow. For product images like toys, electronic products, shoes, accessories, etc. to input a realistic view into them, you must use photoshop or drop shadow service. This photoshop technique will bring a new dimension to your images and interaction that no one can ignore when seeing them. Especially for car photo editing, drop shadow is a must to use.

Shadow-making service has some complexity to it. to realize it more authentically you should look at these,

  • Drop shadow: it can be achieved by photoshop and with this skill, you will be able to input a real look shadow into any side of your images. by applying a drop shadow to your image, you can focus on the main object except for the background and other unconditional subjects into it.

  • Reflection shadow: Reflection shadow is another level of shadow making that is applied to some glossy area of your image. it enhances the outlook of the image more than 100 times than normal. It is the best feature to use for every eCommerce retailer.

Crop and Resizing

Crop and resizing

It is another essential task in image manipulation service that will make your images a little focusing on their object. You may be familiar with the option crop as it is given in almost every photo editing app and software. Unlike those hardest photo editing techniques of clipping path and image masking to remove your image background, cropping will simply allow you to remove the unnecessary part of your image. but it doesn’t work as subtle as the clipping path. Resizing is very workable to increase or decrease your image file size differently. It needs website image or eCommerce image optimization to make images better working for loading and optimizing.

Resize works with the resolution and pixels of images. when you resize your image on an upside value, you need to add pixels to it and when you resize your image's downside then you will need to remove pixels from it. If you need to resize any of your images, then you should find out the best image resizing service provider to achieve what you want.

Color Correction

Color correction

Photo color correction is simply meaning that it reflects by its name. a photoshop color correction service is used to correct the color of any portion of your image. it is impossible to achieve the perfect color in your image by taking photographs with your mobile or digital camera. Also, your images might have some lighting issues that will need to be corrected with the post-processing service. Photoshop color correction is one of the services that is used to adjust all the color issues of your images to make them perfect for any reason. Because the perfect color combination comes with perfect photo editing, most photographers are seeking this service. It helps them to reduce their work by giving the job to a photo editing agency. Although, color correction is necessary for all types of photography like modeling, glamour, wedding, etc.

Ecommerce Image Solution

Ecommerce image solution

E-Commerce is the sector where you must have meet image manipulation service. As you know, the eCommerce business solutions are almost growing with product images, they must be perfect in not only photography but also editing. A perfect product photo comes when you manipulate the product image properly. All those manipulation categories that are stated above should properly be applied to eCommerce images. As an eCommerce retailer, you must have the wish to increase your sales and conversion rate. Because without sales, an eCommerce store is nothing with huge visitors. Product selling is almost dependent on the images that you are using on your eCommerce store. So, by making perfect image manipulation to your images, you can make your eCommerce product images look more impressive and eye-catching which will definitely help customers to get attracted to them and also will enhance their purchase decision. With this image manipulation category knowledge, you are now more at ease to make the right decision. If you think that you have images that need one of these services, then you shouldn’t waste your time.

Also, if you are an eCommerce retailer and reading this article, then you already have realized how image manipulation service is important to you. Many people are now taking this service for various purposes. let’s know what type of people are mostly seeking image manipulation services,

Who Mostly Needs Image Manipulation?

Image manipulation services may be needed by anyone depending on the purpose. People are now giving priority to images for whatever type of image would. From social media to collective family photography, wedding photography, travel photoshoot, and model photography, image manipulation is a must-doing process. It helps to make images more perfect and increase the overall search value for web images.

But, surely, eCommerce retailers should give it more priority and the reason that I mentioned before. Image manipulation is a post-processing task that lets the photographer focus on their work by reducing their workload and giving the task to the photo editing service agency. If you have any photos that are getting old and need to be retouched, you can use any of the image manipulation services that suit it most.

Some Other Sectors Use Image Manipulation

Image manipulation is important for almost all sectors of graphic design. This technique is also used to create business card designs, attractive letterhead designs or brochure designs, postcards designs, web templates, catalogs, and magazine designs. The output of this service is fully dependent upon the creativity of the editor, who did the job of editing to add attraction to any images. Image manipulation is also used for other graphic design-related services like product packaging, advertising, book cover design, etc. Now you can realize the importance of image manipulation services. Aren’t you?

Sometimes it seems so hard to find the best photo editing service provider as there is a huge active photo editing company online. So, it is hard to make the best choice among them. But when you are reading this article, you might one who is looking for a similar one. We are here to help you with a bulk expert in this sector and they all are proven for their creativity and customer satisfaction. If you have a trust issue, then give us a free trial. We promise to serve the best quality type editing to you for sure.

Updated Aug 03,2022
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