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Updated Jun 19,2022
Photo Editing

What Is deep etching?

Deep etching is an important term mostly used in photo editing services to describe the process of removing a specific section of a photograph or image from its background. You may be familiar with different types of photo editing terms, software, and design aspects.

Deep etching is one of the most underrated and unfamiliar ones among them. Because people always love to take things easy. Since deep etching is highly used to remove background from images, most people know it as a background removal service.

Although it plays a vital role in other photo editing services to make it most appropriate for photo background removal. But for beginners, it is quite complex to realize what deep etch is. So, before the start, let’s have a look at those points-

  • Draw attention to any part of an image by applying effects to a subject
  • Replace the background of a picture with a more exciting one
  • Copy objects or people from different photographs for use in a digital composite
  • Remove the background from an image of a product for use in e-commerce

Why use deep etch?

what is deep etching

So, here comes the necessity of deep etching and why should you use it? We know that deep etch is a Photoshop term and we should use it for various purposes. Here is some recommendation of which situation you have to consider to take deep etching service.

For background removal

Deep etching is a way of isolating the background of images and the objects in the photos. By removing the background, you can use any other background if you would like. In terms of the image cut out, it is better than other background removal techniques because it is non-destructive and keeps the exact quality of the image.

To make a picture more effective and lucrative, it is advised to use a clear background like pure white or transparent.

Clipping for color correction

To make the advanced color correction in Photoshop, deep etch is highly required. It helps to adjust the color of an object without affecting the selective background and ensures the recommended correction of each object. In a word, if you want to control the color of the item uniquely while not affecting the surrounding part of the image background, then you have to make it with paths.

For image manipulation

Perfect Image manipulation is impossible without using deep etching. In image manipulation, images should need to be cut out into several parts and also need to add with others. without deep etching, you can’t do this properly because only deep etch will let you cut out objects from the image background precisely.

You may feel the need for a photo clipping path while you are working with images or photo manipulation. But you can’t avoid deep etching while performing such extreme level photoshop operations.

Creating visual Impact

In an online e-commerce site, the first thing that the user sees is the image of the product. So that product images in websites are displayed with a white background. because white background increases the value and adds impressions to the images. 

In this regard, deep etch is used to create the best visual impact in the product image’s background by removing the regular one and including the most appealing one. as the user will also be more attracted to the product and influence customers to buy it.

Product display

To reduce customer inquiries online sellers must have to display the best product image. They can take advantage of the deep etch service to showcase their product from different angles. To achieve the quality display of your products on an e-commerce website you must take the help of deep etching.

Attractive aspect

By using deep etching techniques on online product images, one can easily grab customers’ attention. In this way photo editing for e-commerce businesses works to impress buyers towards your brand’s products.

Who needs deep etching?

what is deep etching

Deep etching is an essential service to those who have image issues in their business. but accurately, it is needed to.

  • E-commerce business owners make their product image more attractive to get the attention of the customers. Deep etching services are also helping them to add a white background to their product images.
  • Professional photographers need deep etching services as they have to do editing on their photographs to add an extra dimension to their images.
  • The garment industry needs deep etching services as they have to do neck joints or remove ghost mannequins from their clothing product image. To get rid of this problem, they have to meet a photo editing agency.
  • The advertising design agency needs to use deep etching services to perfectly design banners, business brochures, promoting flyers, etc.
  • Printing media also needs a deep etching service because they have to work with images in their catalog and magazine design.

How to remove the background of using deep etch?

what is deep etching

Deep etch is mostly used in the background removing cases in photo editing. As it helps to work smoothly by creating a vector path and isolating the object that you want to remove, it works so professionally.

But the result is depending on the skill of creating the vector path around the object. What is the technique of deep etching that is applied to remove background from a picture? Here is showing that step by step.

STEP-1: Open your image in Photoshop

what is deep etching

To do deep etching in any of your images, you have to be Photoshop-ready on your computer. Enter into it and you will get the File option at the upper left corner of the window.

Then you have to choose ‘Open’ it will take you directly to your required image. Then ‘Choose the file image’ and press Ok. So, the process is simply File > Open > choose the file image > OK.

STEP-2: Select the pen tool

what is deep etching

As previously said, we are using the Photoshop pen tool to show you the deep etching process. So, you will have to select the pen tool for the next step. You can find a pen tool in the toolbar with a fountain pen icon. Click on the icon to activate the tool or tap P on the keyboard to shortcut activate it. Wait, before starting the operation, we need to take a path layer that will hold a copy of all the paths of our subjects we do. On your desktop with the image ready,

You will find a dialogue box on the right side with options like Layers, channels, paths. Click on the ‘Paths’ option to create a new layer path for your image.

The pen tool works similarly to a pen that you use to outline any object in your book or paper. Have you ever done newspaper cutting? To make the perfect shape you will need to cut on every edge of the image that you want to cut from the paper.

With the pen tool, you will have to do work similar to that. You will have to outline the product image with a pen tool. Pen tool used to draw paths in images with anchor points.

STEP-3: Draw paths with the pen tool

what is deep etching

First of all, you will have to define the starting point that will be right for you. Anchor points will help you most to do the work smoothly. Put an anchor point on your starting area and then keep it up to doing the same thing.

You will have to follow the outline of the object that you are going to remove from the image. To get the best result through your work, try to keep anchor points as accurate as possible. This is the basis of deep etching, if you noticed that you missed putting an anchor point in anywhere, then no problem.

Because you can add or delete anchor points furtherly. To do that, you will have to click and hold the pen tool icon and you can find options for deleting and adding a layer.


Now, you have completed the selection of the object that you want to remove from your image. It’s time to make a selection to isolate the background of the object so that it can be removed easily.

To make a selection of the path, you will have to choose the ‘paths’ option, right-click on it and you will get a menu from where you should have to choose the ‘Make selection’ option. By doing this, you will notice that the anchor points selection becomes dotted in a similar shape that it has.

That means, your image has been selected or is in the selection mode. So, your object is ready to isolate the background and remove it from it.


Remain undone and that is to separate the object from its background. To do that, you have to choose the selection tool from the toolbar. The selection tool comes with a half arrow shape that is stated in the first position of the toolbar. Or you can simply click the L button on your keyboard to activate the selection tool.

Then go to the selected object and right-click on it. You will get a menu with lots of options but for now, you will have to click on the ‘Layer via copy’ option.

Boom! You have done with your first Photoshop project to apply a deep etch technique to remove an object from its background.

From online business to jewelry, the clipping path is highly recommended to increase your sales, popularity, and also to make your image among your customers.

To composite multiple images into one, you may also need deep etch as well as clipping path service. The retouch specialist also needs an image clipping service to apply advanced retouching.

Even if you want to apply professional drop shadow or mirror effect you must need clipping path services.