character design service

Character Design Service

Cartoons and animation are ways of communication that are often used more than in real-life conversations. Since the present evolution of the multimedia world, cartoons and animations are now created more interestingly than conventional cinema or movie things. Cartoons and animations are made in such a way that everyone, young and old, loves to watch them. Perhaps you could have interacted with movies of a certain genre that you love most, but you can’t ignore animated cartoons no matter what genre it is. However, we live in the world of animation, graphics, VFX and so many modern visualization technologies that make things easier and faster for us. We have to use them for various purposes to deal with various sides of the business, entertainment, and so on. But before you decide to use animation and cartoons for any of your needs, you have to come up with selective skills and abilities to design it properly. And here comes the need for animation character design experts who will help you in this regard even if you cannot design on your own.

What Is Character Design In Animation And Why It Is Important?

The word ‘character’ defines itself best. We are familiar with different fictional, movies, cartoons, animation, games, and comic characters. Every character that we see in several cartoons and animations, they are built with much effort and in a planned way that they can tell what they are dealing with. So, the term character design is mostly used in the frame of digital art. We see digital art everywhere with the help of graphic designs, both online and offline. Character design is an integral part of digital art but it requires particular skills and knowledge to build a visual character perfectly. Since online activity has increased tremendously these days, we have to rely on visual elements more as it is the only way to express thoughts, emotions, and everything we want to do online. Like every game has a character to instruct gamers in different missions and attributes, people are now more likely to create that type of character that can express them online.

This is why popular social media platforms Facebook recently added an option that allows users to create an Avatar and add that to their profile. However, users can customize the avatar and can present it actually how they want. Character design has become so popular since it was used for marketing and advertising purposes both online and offline. And for content marketing, marketers and advertisers are prioritized animations and cartoon art more than other visual content. Whether you're here to learn about character design or find a way to create animation characters for yourself, we've managed both here for you. Keep connecting with it until the end, and you will get to know what kind of character design service we provide and so on.

Different Types Of Character Design

So, character design is a large industry at present and we see customized characters form with digital arts and illustrations. This is why professional character designers are so demanding and they are always busy creating ideas for the characters and painting them on the digital canvas. Do you have any idea how much professional cartoon designers are paid as their salary? If you don’t have, I can give you a few, it is estimated that character designers in the United States got an average of $62313 a year. And cartoon Network, which is one of the most popular cartoon channels, pays about $45 - $50 to their character designers. From the above discussion, it is now quite clear that the character design industry is not a cheaper one. But that is not for all types of character art, it depends on your need and the type of character you are looking for. There are some conventional types of character design based on their prospects, shapes, and looks. According to the variation, we are showing possible character art definitions here. We design characters for clients and we always try to furnish the best thing through our service. Here are the different types of character designs that we are most familiar with and adept at. Take a look to consider exactly what you need.

2D Geometrical Character Design

2D Character Design

2D character design maintaining geometrical shape is a kind of basic level of character design. But it results so great when you need a quick thorough impression to add curiosity to anything. This type of geometrically balanced character comes with a flat outlook but very details in every single element it bears. You can use them anywhere in your web design and offline project to keep things visually appealing for the audience. Meanwhile, this type of character is so much conceptual, versatile, and capturing.

3D Character Art

3D Character Art

The 3D character art is unique, the most popular and in-demand design of the characters you want to add to keep your digital campaigns, websites and ads stand out from the crowd. There are so many features that come with 3D characters. They are,

  • Complex geometric shapes like curved surfaces and edges are completely visualize.
  • Smooth that makes you feel every point of the character.
  • Flexible and glossy.
  • Realistic.

No matter what your concept is, you can depict that in a 3D form. The 3D design is very capable of making your job easier. Its comfortable and eye-catching visual model will capture the audience’s attention and tell the story with greater perfection. However, it is not so easy to build up a 3D model character for your purpose, designers have to pay full attention and have to give a lot of effort to dig out the best form of a 3D character. 3D characters are now industry-leading, used in every form of a digital compilation including video games, movies, architecture, sculpture, illustration, and advertisement for commercial ads.

Brand Mascot Design

Brand Mascot Design

Brand mascots are like visual ambassadors of a brand. It goes everywhere with the brand entities, brings the messages of the brand, and tells people why the brand is distinct from others. Simply put, the brand mascot represents everything about the brand. This is why you can see all the popular brands over the world have a unique brand mascot that visualizes its existence and whenever you can see it, you can recognize the brand easily. If you have a particular brand, then you must need to design a logo and mascot to delimitate your brand’s purpose and deal with them. In this regard, you will need an expert designer who will be able to design a unique brand logo and mascot for you. When we are here, offering the best branding design service, you can comfortably rely on us for this. We always move forward with our work for the satisfaction of our clients.

Simple Shape Character Design

Simple Shape Character Design

This type of character design is oversimplified, just conveys the message to the specifics. No complex shapes, facial exposition, and geometrical assimilation, these simple shape characters only build with the shapes you want to focus on it. Simple shape characters are wildly filling the demand of present marketers and advertisers. With their minimalist form and shape, they are very perfect for visual storytelling. If you’re looking for character design to make your marketing campaign attractive but don't want to spend a lot of money designing high-rated 3D characters. Then don’t worry, you can fulfill the desire with a simple shape character design by making them in your way.

Real-Life Character Design

Real-Life Character Design

Real-life characters can be designed in both 2D and 3D formats, making the character the same as the person with every single detail he/she used to have. Real-life character design is simply based on real characters that mean, you can create one that looks like you. Since character design has become a trendy issue, people find huge interest in creating enthusiastic characters. Needless to say, some cartoon characters are having a big human fan base. I like Elsa and other Disney characters and I never get tired of how much I see them. Character designers make a perfect impression of the person they are shaping in a character. Whatever, these real-life character designs come with the proper composition of color, gradients, and textures and create the best feeling of the character imitating the real.

Doodle Character Design

Doodle Character Design

A doodle is a form of art consisting of abstract lines and shapes to create completely funny objects. Doodling is mostly found among high school kids drawing funny expressions and most of the time it goes without any pre-concept. But doodle for its lovely form and design is now used for commercial purposes like social media advertising, and artistically making conceptual images. As doodle art is some kind of line art, they are simple and prestigious but detailed and interacting as well. So, if you’re looking for a simple character formulation for any of your purpose, you can make it a choice for your character.

Animation Character Design

Animation Character Design

Animations are normally short animated series that comes with a long or short history and include a lot of different characters based on part of the story. We see animation films and TV series and sometimes we like them more than conventional Hollywood movies because they are built more intensively than that. Whether you’re a big fan of animations or not, you must have heard some of the popular Japanese animations like Naruto, One-piece, Dragon Ball Z, and so on the list won’t end if you start to mention all of them. But definitely, you aren’t going to create that type of animation movie or serial right? You just need a character to deal with a specific purpose and whatever it is, we can bring you a gorgeous animation character as you want. All you need is just describe to us how you want to look it like, or if you’ve any particular concept. We can also put some motion on the character to look livelier.

When Do You Need To Have Specific Characters?

So, it seems characters are so important in some cases when perfectly built-up characters will play the role that any other cant. Whatever, character design is a matter of consequence, proper shape, body language, and colors. More than that, the design of the character readily depends on the concept and motive for which you are designing the character. Therefore, why do you need to design the character and where are you going to use them? It is often very important in character design. Here we find some popular choices for character art. From the experience, people are highly looking for specific characteristics in such cases like,

Video Ads:

Animation, cartoon characters, and illustrations make video campaigns easier so that we can shortly make any type of video content with them. Video ads are used strategically in digital marketing and web events to make that more clarifying. You can also see a short-animated video intro on almost every YouTube channel and it becomes a trendy issue. With characters, you can visualize anything like a concept, or procedure, or simply make eye-catching video ads for any of your purposes.

Explainer Videos:

Explainer videos are conceptual, generally, come with a wide concept and tell short or long history. Explainer videos include multiple characters to keep the flow and to end up with the topic that the video is discussing. Sometimes explainer video comes as a short documentary of specific incidents where it needs to include some real-life characters. These types of animated explainer videos cost high and that is some kind of professional task although.

Digital Campaigns:

Digital promotions are in focus and at the top of interest of current online marketers. Perhaps offline businesses are also likely to run such digital campaigns to increase their brand identity online. As online activity is growing like hell nowadays, digital campaigns help to have a higher profit with their business whether it is online or offline. But thinking about running such digital campaigns is not almost free of cost and effort. You’ve to pay a lot of attention to various aspects of the digital campaign to make that effective and lucrative. There are a lot of things that regulate the success of digital campaigns. Visual communication is the most important one among them. In the digital campaign, how you’re presenting things to your audience, and what they get from you is very much important. To add some real value to your digital campaign, there is no compromise between using visual elements, still, or moving 2D/3D characters to create visual storytelling.

However, the main goal behind the digital campaign is getting potential consumers while connecting with a lot more people with your business. If you show the perspectives of the campaign, you can have a good result through that.

Presentations, Web Designs:

For presentations, characters are things that you can’t avoid. Beautifully designed characters are attention seekers, but the right message is on the audience’s mind at the exact moment. No matter what type of presentations you are dealing with, you can make that more interesting. On the other hand, design is a prime issue for websites. If the site’s user interface is good, then it would be more interactive for users, which means, users would spend more time on it. If you’ve websites, then you can design mascots or characters specifically regarding the sites you have. It will not only increase the overall beauty of your website but also show you distinctly to the visitors. Once you designed characters for your website, you could use that on your social media presence, blog posts, and so on.

Advertising And Digital Marketing:

For advertising exaggerated characters are valued proportionate, which will make your content marketing the best all the way. If you are a small business holder and don’t want to spend a lot of money to design characters, then there is also a low-cost solution for you regarding the simple shape characters or 2D characters. Advertising and marketing are almost making up the content in a way that everyone can easily get what you want to say. Then a perfectly designed character will play the role and make it responsible for your digital marketing campaign.

Finally, character design is a composition of visual and geometrical properties to represent things better and effectively. As there are many forms of characters based on the design and type, you should consider a distinguished and unique type of character for your brand or whatever purpose you have got to build up a character for yourself.