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What is Image Resizing and Cropping?

Cropping and resizing are two fundamental steps of every image editing. These two options are used to make perfect shapes and sizes for images. Every photo editing software includes a particular tool for doing crop and resizing. Cropping is used to remove unwanted parts from the image and resizing helps to make an image file size perfect for the purpose that it would be used. Both resizing and cropping require many skills to do with any editing software. In this article, we will talk about all the sections of image resizing and cropping that will be needed for a beginner to start with this exclusive editing option. Before starting the cropping and resizing lesson, we have to gather a few pieces of knowledge about picture dimensions and pixels. I am including this because when you have enough sense of dimension and pixels, your half part of the lesson is being done. So, let’s start with the topic.

What is Resizing?

what is an image resizing and cropping

Resizing is an essential step for images that are going to use in eCommerce, blogs, or websites. As the name it, the process deals with images to resize them in the most compatible size to use on websites or other web platforms. Resizing is used to alter image size without cutting it or doing any other editing process. This can be done by expert hands. When resizing any of your photos, the expert used to reduce the internal pixels of the image if it needs to be sized down. On the other hand, if the image needs to increase its size of itself, then it would need to stretch out pixels. Every image has a definite number of pixels that consist of the image. Reducing the size of the image simply means reducing these pixels in size, also enlarging the image means the pixels of the image become larger.

Why is Resizing Used for?

image resizing and cropping

Resizing is used for various purposes; it is one of the most used photo editing services nowadays. Though you may be new in the field of resizing, that’s why I include a shortlist of those who need image resizing as an immediate form.

Ecommerce Image Optimization

For eCommerce retailers, image resizing is an obligate issue. Because they have the only way to make a trade-in their online store with customers and that is an image. Images are the main stuff of an eCommerce business. Ecommerce retailers used many photo retouching and resizing to make their images better attractive to catch customers’ attention. Ecommerce businesses also need this service because there are customers who used to search for products on google by images. if google finds any related product in your store through that image, it will show that to the user. It is known as google image search. Ecommerce retailers need to make their image perfect and resize to get priority to show their product on the first page when someone makes an image search. Also resizing gives their product images a better file size for faster loading on the user screen.

To Make the Image File Smaller

Resizing is used to make a bigger file size smaller for other using purposes. Images that are bigger in their file size, make problems when used in the online upload. For instance, we all use social media platforms and upload many photos to make our day. But some video or image files can’t be uploaded to our social media profile because of their file size. That is the issue to make images smaller in their file size. Also, for blog and web images, they must have to form in a way that isn’t taking too much time for loading. Loading problem causes a greater file size of the image, then image resizing helps those images to keep their file size short.

Faster Image Loading for Website

Images that use on the website, must have to be perfect in their file size. Image file size for a website depends on the requirement of the theme or template that you are used to creating your web page. For instance, Squarespace requires 1500- and 2500-pixels wide images to upload on the website. Before resizing images for upload on the web, check your content management system if there required file size for images. for your convenience, I am giving here some important file sizes for images on different web platforms,

  • Ratio 16:9 - 1920×1080 px better to use in a presentation, social media cover images

  • Ratio 16:9 - 1280×720 px better for photography and film

  • Ratio 1:1 - 1080×1080 px better to use in social media posts and profile pictures

Resizing for Print

Some photos are getting blurred and fractured when they print. It is because the pixels of the image aren’t well organized to print out clearly. For printing design images, resizing can help them to print out an image perfectly in how it was seen on the mobile phone screen.

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What is Cropping?

Cropping is the process of cutting out the portion of your image that you don’t need. It works by changing the aspect ratio of the image. The aspect ratio is what is briefly described in the above section of the article. Cropping is a very helpful editing tool as it makes the images more focused on their object. When eliminating the unwanted part of your image, your image can tell more to its viewers about what it is expressing.

Why is Cropping Used for?

There are many reasons to use cropping during the time of editing. they are,

  • Cropping is used when anyone needs to change the aspect ratio of an image

  • To fit an image in a selected frame

  • To make straight a slanting horizon

  • Wildlife and sports photography must use the crop to enhance the view of the subject of an image

  • When printing an image, cropping is required regularly

How Do Cropping and Resizing Work?

As previously said, cropping and resizing are two basic options for photo editing. you may have to face the situation with your image file size for using them on websites or any other platform. When images need to be used on online platforms like websites, social media, blogs, and online stores. They need to be perfectly recognized as many complex issues would happen if they aren’t. Cropping and resizing work to make images in a way that they can perform better in their future journey. For instance, did you ever see a bad image loading issue when surfing on any website?

That is because the image file size is too big to load faster. Thus, resizing is used to make your images the perfect size for better performance. Though cropping and resizing seem similar but they are different in their process. Cropping is a simple tool to adjust your image by cutting out its wanted part. It is used to change the image ratio as well as image pixels. To get an overview through cropping and resizing, you will have to get knowledge about image aspect ratio, pixels, and dimensions. Let’s turn to the topic of aspect ratio and pixels to realize that fulfillment.

What is the Aspect Ratio?

An aspect ratio is an estimated number of images that expresses the height and width of the image. It usually appeared with two numbers that include one for the image height and another one for the image width. For example, a 6×4-inch image has an aspect ratio of 3:2 the measurement remains the same for all types of measurement scales. The aspect ratio for a different image comes with different numbers like,

  • 1.85.1 and 2.39.1 for film photography

  • 4.3 and 16.9 for television, presentation slides, computer monitors, digital camera

  • 3.2 for camera photography

Pixel Dimension

Pixels dimension means the total number of pixels in a row that consists of a picture. We are familiar with the word resolution. We used it to describe our picture quality, which means the high-resolution picture is a thing of higher quality. Resolution is counted as the fineness of a picture, the more pixels per inch the greater the resolution. Pixels are square-based dot that is thought of as the smallest component of the raster image. Pixels are so small units as they used to count with a bigger unit that is called (mega). When we say three-megapixel that means it has three million megapixels. Image dimension can be measured in any unit but in most cases, it is called pixels as the measurement unit of image dimension and inches for print images.

That’s not all about photo resizing and cropping. The topic includes many more things to realize it perfectly. If you want to crop or resize any of your images, then you have to take the help of an expert. Without the skills of cropping and resizing can’t bring the best result if applied. Although, cropping and resizing are two different techniques and you have to understand when and why you need the exact one. The best is to contact a graphic design company to perfectly crop and resize your images.

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