What Is Deep Etching?

Deep etching is an important term mostly used in graphic design to describe the process of removing a specific section of a photograph or image from its background. I think it is something that most graphic designers love to hate. Although it plays a vital role in photo services to make it most appropriate for photo background removal. But for beginners, it is quite complex to realize what deep etch is. So, before the start, let’s have a look at those points-

·         Draw attention to any part of an image by applying effects to a subject

·         Replace the background of a picture with a more exciting one

·         Copy objects or people from different photographs for use in a digital composite

·         Remove the background from an image of a product for use in e-commerce

Why use deep etch?

So, here comes to describe the necessity of deep etch and why you should use it? We know that deep etch is a photoshop term and we should use it for various purposes.

For Background Removal

Deep etching is a way of making out the isolation of the background and the objects in the photos. by removing the first background we can use the background as we would like. In terms of the image cut out, it is better than other background removal techniques because of the high quality. To make a picture more effective, it is advised to use any clear background like pure white or transparent.

Clipping for Color Correction

To fulfill the advanced color correction in Photoshop deep etch is highly required. It helps to adjust the color of an object without affecting the selective background and ensures the recommended correction of each of the objects. In a word, if we want to control the color of the item uniquely while not moving the background, then we have to make revisions in the item with the help of deep etching.

Clipping Path for Image Masking

Image masking helps to keep the right part of the image intact. Deep etching permits Photoshop masking on a defined space of the image.

For Image Manipulation

Image manipulation is impossible without the help of deep etching. You may feel the need for a photo clipping path while you are working with images or photo manipulation. It helps to cut-out any unnecessary part of the image which is a crucial part of Photoshop masking.

Types of Deep Etching

Basic Object Deep-Etch

It is a primary-class deep-etching method that allows you to work with principally straight curves where the image doesn’t have any holes. This method is applied to a spherical, rectangular, and tiny product like a ball, mobile, plate, ring, etc.

Simple Object Deep-Etch

Images with a hole like jerseys, shoes, chair, the camera are used with this type of deep etching. The number of curves and anchor points of the trail should be bigger than the basic object deep-etch to use this type.

Medium Object Deep-Etch

It includes multiple holes and styles on pictures with multiple curves. In this method, the number of anchor points would be bigger than a straightforward picture of deep etching. Pictures with few embedded transparency-like bracelets, double shoes, cluster foods are recommended for using this type of deep etching.

Complex Object Deep-Etch

Products that have several holes/ embedded transparencies are applicable to complex deep etch. This method is applied to numerous things such as chains, jewelry, cycle, etc.

Multiple Image Deep-Etch

Animation, fashion catalogs, e-commerce products, internet templates, and many more things which have the dynamic color level, multiple fillings, opacity, size, rotation, filters, effects are categorized in this type of deep etching.

Who needs deep etching service?

Without any doubt, deep etching is the most common term in the photo editing or retouching industry. If you want to make your image more exclusive then you must go with this service. So, who needs a deep etching service?

E-Commerce Business

In the e-commerce sector, deep etch is a highly necessary part. In the e-commerce business, you have to work with a lot of items. You have to make an image of those items to create an add-in online or on your website. To make the product attractive, you need to remove unwanted objects from the picture. Deep etch will help to do that and also it will make your image more beautiful.

Web image optimization

We all know the importance of optimization and we can say that if an image has not been properly edited, it is impossible to attain good performance. It is very important to have a web image to display the website properly. If the web images are not so attractive it will fail to gain more traffic. For that reason, you need to optimize your web image by deep etching. Deep etch will help you to crop and resize your image which will bring a better result from your normal image.

Color Correction

Color correction is an umbrageous, misunderstood, and incredibly underrated field in digital imaging. In other words, it helps to make an image look better. Whatever, when you are dealing with e-commerce products, this will help you to edit an image in various colors. Deep etching provides you the proper correction of the color using multi clipping path technology. It makes useful adjustments and changes color IN regard to your quantity.

Garment Industry

I think the importance of deep etch service in this sector can’t be finished by saying. We see many online clothing pages where products are shown with a white background.

We also see catalogs for clothes where the image is added to a different background. In the garments industry, this technique will allow representing the clothing materials smartly with or without a model.

Professional Photography

If you have a passion for professional photography, deep etching is a common thing to learn besides this. Every photographer tries their best to shoot the most natural picture. In this issue, every image doesn’t become perfect just with the camera. It needs a background removal touch up to present it professionally.

How is deep etch used in eCommerce

If you have an e-commerce site and you want to show your product more exclusive and attractive to your customers than you must have to use some graphic design services to increase your business. Deep etching is a primary clipping path process that helps you with that issue.

Here comes the question: how can it do that? Let’s have a look at those points-

Visual Impact

In an online e-commerce site, the first thing that the user sees is the image of the product. So that images of the product would show with a white background as the user will be more attracted to the product and influence customers to buy it.

Product display

To reduce customer inquiries online sellers must have to display the best product image. They can take advantage of the deep etch service to showcase their product at different angles. To achieve the quality display of your products on an e-commerce website you must take the help of deep etching.

Attractive aspect

By using deep etching techniques on the image of online products, one can easily grab customers’ attention. In this way photo editing for e-commerce business works to impress buyers towards your brand’s products.


From online business to jewelry, the clipping path is highly recommended to increase your sales, popularity, and also to make your image among your customers. To composite multiple images into one, you may also need deep etch as well as clipping path service. The retouch specialist also needs an image clipping service to apply advanced retouching. Even if you want to apply professional drop shadow or mirror effect you must need clipping path services.

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