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Deep etching services is a graphic design service that is frequently used in this section. It is a part of the post-processing service that is used to make an image more perfect and include all its objects. By the way, when people hear the word deep etch at first, they get amazed and ask what it is? Most of them don't even know it has a slight relation with photo editing.

But things have been changed and people are now so up to date with the help of social media. For those who still don’t know deep etch and come here to gather some, in this article we will be going to talk about the deep etching process in photoshop.

Try to reveal all the secret sides of deep etching that may help you a lot.

What is deep etching?

Unlike deep etch, hope you heard about clipping path service? deep etching is a similar word to the clipping path. and the process is also the same in both of them, deep etch used to cut out an object from images. you need to have experience using photoshop to catch it perfectly.

Both the clipping path and deep etch technique used the photoshop pen tool to create a vector path in images. The path is simply a way that will help you to remove any unwanted object from your image like the background. you can cut out different portions of an image and also use these parts in another background or image that you want.

how it seems to you. I don’t know, but try to hold your attention, something amazing is waiting for in the next part of the article. So, let’s go to that.

Why use a deep etch service?

Deep etching is an essential photo editing process that helps in many image problems. According to the demand for deep etching, there are many deep etching service providers built slightly online.

You may have to see it as a simple photo editing technique but when you read the description of the importance of deep etching, your mind will surely change. Deep etching is a must doing the process of the various photo editing process.

To change or remove background from images

Sometimes there are some photos that you should need to change the background of. to cut out any subject from an image or to change the background you must have to create a path to that. creating a path on the photo means that you apply a deep etching technique.

Background removal is a crucial step for an eCommerce business. That's why they are always looking for a deep etching services provider that can hold the job for them.

Photoshop Color correction

Color correction means adjusting any portion color of your image to match the rest of it. Photoshop color correction will allow adjusting tone, shadow, the temperature of the image to make the image more appealing.

There are some cases when you need to change the body or hair color of your image, photoshop color correction service will help you a lot in these cases. But as a reminder, when you are going to the correction of colors in specific portions, you must have to do a deep etch on that.

Product photo retouching

eCommerce product business must have to meet photo editing services to make their product images interactive to get visitors on their web store.

For instance, those who have jewelry items in their online store must have to make jewelry retouching to make them eye-catching to grab the visitor’s attention.

Retouching means the overall editing process that a product image needs. You can find both retouching and deep etching services in a single agency as well.

Image manipulation

Image manipulation is a popular photo editing service for website, eCommerce, and fashion industry owners. You can find a deep etching service when you simply call a company to make image manipulation for you.

How deep etching works?

Deep etching is a photoshop based technique that is used in most photo editing services. First is, if you want to know how deep etch is, then you must know some photoshop tools. Do you have photoshop on your computer? if yes, then open the application on your desktop and try to follow me.

Here I am describing all those tools that are used in the photoshop deep etching process.

Perfect deep etching can be achieved with perfect photoshop tool usage. In deep etching, tools are used that is.

Eraser tool

As its name, it works simply by erasing objects that you want to remove from your image. in the toolbox, you can find it in the second group and you can find it with three variations.

·         Eraser

·         Background eraser

·         Magic eraser

Although it is a quick method to remove the background or any other objects in your image it doesn’t work so pathetically.

Pen tool

The pen tool is a blessing photoshop tool for editors. It can do many things and helps a lot in most photo editing processes. Almost all experts use pen tools in deep etching services, as it results in one hundred percent perfect.

Pen tool will allow you to make as much editing as you with your images and it also gives you the power of control to adjust anything included in your image. Here in this article, we also use the Photoshop pen tool to show you some easy deep etching processes. 

so, let’s begin it.

How to background remove of an image using deep etch

Deep etch is mostly used in the background removing cases in editing. As it helps to work smoothly by creating a vector path and isolating the object that you want to remove, it works so professionally.

But the result is depending on the skill of creating the vector path around the object. What is the technique of deep etching that is applied to remove background from a picture? Here I show that step by step.

STEP-1: Open your image in photoshop

To do deep etching in any of your images, you have to photoshop ready on your computer. enter into it and you will get the File option at the left corner of the desktop.

Then you have to choose ‘Open’ it will take you directly to your required image. then ‘Choose the file image’ and press Ok. So, the process is simply File > Open > choose the file image > OK.

STEP-2: Select the pen tool

As previously said, we are using the Photoshop pen tool to show you a deep etching process. so, you will have to select the pen tool for the next step. You can find a pen tool in the toolbar with a fountain pen icon. Click on the icon to activate the tool or tap P on the keyboard to shortcut activate it. Wait, before starting the operation, we need to take a path layer that will hold a copy of all the paths of our subjects we do. On your desktop with the image ready,

You will find a dialogue box on the right side with options like Layers, channels, paths. Click on the ‘Paths’ option to create a new layer path for your image.

Pen tool works similarly to a pen that you use to outline any object in your book or paper. Have you ever done newspaper cutting? To make the perfect shape you will need to cut on every edge of the image that you want to cut from the paper.

With the pen tool, you will have to do the work as similar to that. you will have to outline the product image with a pen tool. Pen tool used to draw paths in images with anchor points.

STEP-3: Draw paths with the pen tool

First of all, you will have to define the starting point that will be right for you. anchor points will help you most to do the work smoothly. Put an anchor point on your starting area and then keep it up to doing the same thing.

You will have to follow the outline of the object that you are going to remove from the image. to get the best result through your work, try to keep anchor points as accurate as possible. This is the basis of deep etching, if you noticed that you missed putting an anchor point in anywhere, then no problem.

Because you can add or delete anchor points furtherly. To do that, you will have to click and hold the pen tool icon and you can find options for deleting and adding a layer.


Now, you have completed the selection of the object that you want to remove from your image. it's time to make a selection to isolate the background of the object so that it can be removed easily.

To make a selection of the path, you will have to choose the ‘paths’ option, right-click on it and you will get a menu from where you should have to choose the ‘Make selection’ option. By doing this, you will notice that the anchor points selection becomes dotted in a similar shape that it has.

That means, your image has been selected or in the selection mode. So, your object is ready to isolate the background and remove it from it. but a


Remain undone and that is to separate the object from its background. to do that, you have to choose the selection tool from the toolbar. The selection tool comes with a half arrow shape that is stated in the first position of the toolbar. Or you can simply click the L button of your keyboard to activate the selection tool.

Then go to the selected object and right-click on it. you will get a menu with lots of options but for now, you will have to click on the ‘Layer via copy’ option.

Boom! You have done with your first photoshop project to apply a deep etch technique to remove an object from its background.

Who needs deep etching services?

Deep etching is an essential service to those who have image issues in their business. but accurately, it is needed to.

·         Ecommerce business owners make their product image more attractive to get the attention of the customers. Deep etching services are also helping them to add a white background to their product images.

·         Professional photographers need deep etching services as they have to do editing on their photographs to add an extra dimension to their images.

·         The garment industry needs deep etching services as they have to do neck joint or remove ghost mannequin from their clothing product image. to get rid of this problem, they have to meet a photo editing agency.

·         The advertising design agency needs to use deep etching services to perfectly design banners, business brochures, flyers, etc.

·         Printing media also needs a deep etching service because they have to work with images in their catalog and magazine design.

From the above discussion, it is clear that deep etching services are very much important for many business purposes. If you think that you are in any of these situations stated above, then find an expert or service agency that could give a solution to your problems. To find this service,

You can simply search on google, as there are so many service providers who are ready to get the job from you. besides, you can find many offline solutions to these problems as well.

So, the choice is yours.

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