Updated Aug 22,2023
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What is Content Creation for Social Media?

Everything we involve online is some kind of content. Whatever we search online, it should be content. Every day we are engaging enormous amounts of content in social media, and direct browser searches. These platforms make our life conceitful. If there is no content, our social media homepage would look like our phone directory. This extensive use of social media takes content creation to another level. You know half of the world’s population using social media right now. Social media is growing like hell. However, this is not a matter when we are engaging with new content in every single refresh of the newsfeed. Content creation for social media has become modern art. We create content and upload them on the internet and social media. In this article, we are going to make a full discussion about what is content creation for social media.

What Does Content Creation Mean?

Content creation is the process when someone creates any kind of content. Content goes to everything we visualize online including every single image, video, animation, Gifs, meme, and viral post on social media. The image you just posted on your profile considers image content. Similarly, there are video content, infographics, SlideShare, graphics and illustrations, motion graphics & animations. All of them are distinct types of content we need to create when required. Needless to say, about the importance of content creation.

Since the idea of content marketing has developed, content creation practice has gone to another level.

Almost all online marketers, social media activists, and influencers have to create content to increase brand identity and brand value. Therefore, at present, content is regarded as the fuel of the internet. In this article, we are going to analyze content creation from different aspects of view. Now let’s see some of the most used types of social media content.

18+ Types Of Digital Content Creation in Social Media

what is content creation for social media

Social media has become an integral part of our daily life. No matter wherever you are, you can be found active on social media. Social media platforms allow us to upload unlimited content to our profiles, pages, or groups. This accelerates content creation practices as a result, everyone is now creating content and uploading it on social media. Social media has other purposes. It helps to communicate with people who are on the friend list, sharing documents, files, images, audio, video calling, and so on. Also, it creates many possibilities for online businesses, retailers, and almost all kinds of businesses. By harnessing the power of social media, online marketers, and small business retailers can make huge profits. At present, we don’t even need to establish a physical store to start a new business. Rather we can do it from our home with the help of social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to take a lot of things into consideration to make a successful online business on social media. And in this regard, content marketing is one of the most important things to consider. Content marketing is responsible for planning, producing, and managing content according to your business strategy. Here are some potential content types you can take into account.


content creation for social media

Blogs are the most popular and most used type of content for sure. They are highly practiced in website strategy, blogging, affiliate marketing, and so many purposes. Blog content comes as most essential for websites. If you have a website and you want to get organic traffic to it, you have to implement a quality blog content strategy. You have to write blog posts in your niche and upload them on your website's blog. Blog content mainly consists of a large volume of texts. You have to set up a specific topic to start. Then you have to write an informative reader-friendly blog. The blog should have the ability to keep readers engaged from the beginning to the end of the blog. You can write whatever you want about product, service, or educational content but it should have the ability to satisfy readers. Otherwise, you can’t make any good with blog content at all.


content creation

An image comes next when talking about digital content. Images are visual types of content that help us to perceive things easily. You can say hundreds of words about something but you can do it with just an image. Therefore, it says an image is worth thousands of words. Images have become one of the required options in online marketing. Whether you are from the vendor’s side or you are a consumer, the image can decide a lot of things for you. If you are creating content for social media, images come as highly essential. “70% of companies invest in content marketing, which could include visual marketing strategies.” (HubSpot) In social media marketing, visual contents get the topmost priority. Visual content is the best way to readily attract viewers’ attention. Images are persuasive, and can easily provoke emotions. Therefore, images are used everywhere on social media.


what is content creation for social media

We love to eat our spare time watching videos on social media. Videos are the most entertaining content that can hold viewers for a long time. According to HubSpot, videos are the primary form of media used in social media content marketing. Social media like Facebook, and Instagram are full of video content. Video content creation requires more time and attention than other types of content. We see long-form videos such as music, part of movies, and also short videos like funny, solo, gang entertainment, etc.

You can imagine the widespread use of video content by looking at it “Cisco projects that global internet traffic from videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022.” (Cisco)


what is content creation for social media

Infographics content is now so familiar as it can represent the smooth flow of complex data and information. Infographics can easily draw viewers’ attention if the topic is in users’ interest. As it includes schematic use of both visual elements and texts. When users interact with Infographics content, they perceive a lot of information being put together. If viewers love the topic, they click on it to see details. In this way, infographics are used as an effective visual communication tool. Businesses use infographics to influence audience decisions, sharing in-depth business analysis. Infographics are also used for educational purposes, creating demographics and funny data, and so on.


content creation for social media

EBook design and PDFs make our lives easier. We can instantly download eBooks from the internet and can read whenever we want. Since the file was saved on your device, you can read it offline.

As eBooks are so beneficial for both readers and authors, it has become a useful content marketing strategy. Content marketers create eBooks on interesting topics. They can write the book on their own or hire a ghostwriter to do it. Then they make it available online so everyone can read through download. If the eBook is good and gets readers’ attention, it will make a huge demand. As a result, the website receives huge new leads and the author gets familiarity. So, what do you think? Aren't eBooks as good as social media content marketing? Once the eBook goes viral and you will get your answer.

Educative Content

When we need any kind of information or when we try to learn something from the internet, what comes first to our mind? The answer is YouTube. YouTube becomes the ultimate solution when we have to solve problems. For instance, if you have to set up windows on your laptop or you want to learn digital marketing, you first search on YouTube. Educating content like tutorials, how-to blogs, and recording of online classes make our life easier. From high school lessons to lectures for higher grades, we find everything online that comes in our need. One can create educational content and share it on social media with others. In this way, one can easily create educational online channels on social media, YouTube, and websites. There is a huge demand for educational content online. Students all over the world use the internet for data research.


Meme/sarcasm/ funny posts are a great source of entertainment when we are busy scrolling newsfeeds on social media. They make us laugh, happy, sad, and emotionally based on what type of content we are seeing. Funny content goes so far as people love to see them, react and share them on their timelines. For this, funny content like memes and sarcasm go viral quickly. Sometimes it requires a little sense of humor to solely understand the meaning of the content. And sometimes it comes as clear. Whatever funny posting is the best way to increase Facebook page engagement and reach. And if you maintain quality, you will get a lot of shares from potential followers.

Advertising Content

We see advertisements everywhere. They are surrounding us everywhere online and offline. Advertisement design is one of the key functions of both online and offline businesses. No matter what your business is, if you want to attract consumers and increase brand awareness, you have to focus on advertising strategy. For new brands, advertising strategy works effectively as it helps to grow with desired audience response. They create Not only offline, but advertising strategy is also considered highly essential for online businesses as well. Online advertising is indeed easier and more versatile than offline. Because offline advertisements show limited results as you can only target the local audiences. On the other hand, you can go beyond the continental with your advertisements. With the help of an online advertising strategy, you can make the brand globally popular. Moreover, Social media platforms like Facebook allow businesses to make boost posts that can find the target audience automatically and interact.

Case Studies

Case studies are very good to educate new consumers and encourage them to make decisions. It is used as social proof about products or service benefits. You can also see it as an explanation of why consumers should buy your product. For instance, imagine you are launching a new product in the market. But before that, you have done a real-life case study where you have allowed people to use and give feedback about your product. In addition, you have captured the whole process, taking images, notes, feedback from users, and designing case studies to show other consumers. You can make PDFs of case studies or create a distinguished case study page on your website but remember that it should be encouraging. The importance and benefits come through using case studies as content marketing planning. You can find case study content marketing strategies in blogs, YouTube videos, and so on the internet.


Podcasts are audio content and one of the old content media that is still dominating with visual content. In this regard, the podcast for marketing purposes isn’t a new idea. If you love to hear the radio, you know how video advertisements are used as audio versions on FM radio. Podcasts are effective because they are integrated with the target audience. You can say them as potential followers who love words to take action. But creative podcast content requires time and consistency. Besides, should have the ability to keep audiences engaged. By creating engaging podcasts, one can make branding design recognition and generate leads.


SlideShare is very common in LinkedIn content marketing. If you don’t know about SlideShare yet, SlideShare is something like presentations. SlideShare consists of images that are gradually presented and the entire SlideShare is dedicated to a specific object. If you want to focus on LinkedIn marketing, you should implement SlideShare on audience demand. Images that are included on a SlideShare, should be created properly. The topic you want to discuss should be presented as simply as possible. Simplicity is the key to catching the audience's attention. People avoid complex things that are hard to understand.


content creation social media

Memes were previously known as sarcasm. Generally, memes are images that present things ironically. Memes play a powerful role in social media content marketing. Americans spend an average of 58 minutes using media every day. Widespread use of social media influences content creation practice. People need new content in every single refresh of their social media newsfeed. In this regard, meme content is fulfilling the demand completely. Probably it is the most created content on social media. You can take huge benefits by implementing meme content about your business. You can find Facebook, and Instagram pages with millions of fan followers that only generate meme posts.


social media design

Gifs are mainly specific video formats that are used as alternatives to emoji. Emojis are static and they always can't express emotion perfectly whereas gifs are dynamic, lively, and impactful. Gifs can evoke the right emotion. besides, gifs can also be used as short videos including animations or real-life characters. You can create gifs for up to 15 seconds and demonstrate anything you want within them. You can create gifs related to your business or it can be a funny movement, someone’s expression, etc.


You can call a webinar an online seminar that usually takes place online live. There is a person who hosts webinars and he/she can invite others through invitation links. At present, 83% of marketers recognize webinars as an effective content marketing strategy. Among them, 41% will attempt to host webinars to connect with consumers or audiences in 2021. Webinars are so effective because here everyone can share opinions, make live discussions about any issue, share files and folders, and can also collaborate on online works. Webinars are good for business, education purposes, taking online classes, and so on. If you are thinking about hosting webinars, you should choose a platform for the event and decide what you want to discuss with participants. Then schedule the events on a specific date.

Ask Me Anything

Ask me anything is a distinct type of content often used by a person on social media. It is being published as a general post where friends and followers are allowed to ask questions in real-time. This type of content was developed on Reddit and slightly became popular on other social media platforms. It is now implemented on live webinars where the host allows participants to ask any question about any specific issues. AMA is good as social media page posts, and Instagram stories where people can easily submit any question and you can answer.


Social media contests are one the powerful ways to impact people and draw people’s attention. Running social media contests is a popular and effective way to engage new people with your business. People participate in such content spontaneously to receive gifts. Social media contests are very good to increase brand identity, brand awareness, and brand recognition. If you are a new brand that started social media activities, you can get a huge response from the giveaway contests. Through contests, brands can invite people to connect with them, like and follow the page and share the contest. If you are offering good prizes, you will receive a huge response from the people who are interested in your business and also those who aren’t.

Landing Pages

Landing pages

Landing pages are web pages where visitors land on or redirect from another source. Usually, landing pages are designed for specific issues and the intention is to present things persuasively to the visitors. Landing pages are highly used in content marketing strategies. As it can illustrate things validly, marketers who have websites use this for so many purposes like,

  • Know people about any online events

  • Subscribe to the website newsletter

  • Distribute free eBook

  • Online ad or PPC

  • Selling purpose or discount offer

  • Drive traffic on your website

There are different kinds of landing pages. You can check all of them as each one is perfect for a specific purpose. Designing landing pages properly is half of the strategy. The landing page should be eye-catching and show the content simply. You have to include bold headlines, graphics, strong CTA, and engaging colors to persuade people with the landing page.

How to Blog

Whatever we don’t know, we use the internet to get information about it. If it is any kind of task that you have no idea how to do, you can easily know about it by searching how to (describe the task) on google. Internet is where you can find all kinds of solutions according to your needs. We find the data and information because someone already put that there. How blog is the best way to educate people about any specific issue. You can find websites that only publish how-to blogs. As they are good enough to describe the topics, people love to follow and bookmark these websites. These blogs are also good as social media content. When you share the blog link on social media, users who need to know about it must go to the website to read the full article. Therefore, you can make a lot of benefits if you intend to start how to blog website.

Social Media Story

Social media story options have become so important. Social media users are now more likely to see stories rather than scrolling on newsfeeds. People love to share personal photos and videos in their stories and they usually share multiple images and videos in the story. You can find the story option on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook messenger, and other social media platforms. As newsfeed posts sometimes seem annoying because they appear again and again when someone engages in them. Stories aren’t the same as newsfeed posts. They appear once and disappear permanently after 24 hours.

The story is so helpful for businesses.

Businesses can upload product photos, sales updates, and new stock arrival to increase audience interest. The story provides an easy reaction and commenting option through which consumers can respond easily. Implementing social media stories regularly is a good way to keep the engagement with the audience with your business.


And the last option on our list is a social media Poll. The poll is one of the most powerful social media content that marketers use widely. Polls are great for content marketing. Because you can directly ask the audience through a poll, set specific answers or choices, and let them choose any of them. For instance, if you are tricky enough, you can show two products that are slightly similar and ask consumers which one they want to purchase. In this way, you can learn about consumers’ demands, make decisions, and take action according to them. You can easily collect opinions from followers and group members by creating polls. Therefore, polls are available on most social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On Instagram, a polling feature is available on the story option.

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What are the Most Effective Types of Content?

Because of the rapid use of social media content, everyone needs to intend on creating eye-catching social media content regularly. As we can see 18+ different types of social media content above, there are a lot more. But we keep it short and include only important ones. Whatever business or service you provide, you can make a hip of benefits by implementing social media content marketing strategy. To start, you have to first determine the platform where your target audiences are. There are so many social media platforms available including,

  • LinkedIn

  • Reddit

  • Quora

  • Tumblr

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • QQ

  • QZone

  • WeChat

  • Medium

And so on. Needless to say, each particular social media platform requires a different strategy to implement. When you have a targeted social media audience, you can invite them to connect with you through page likes or by joining your group. Creating primary type content such as images, videos, short videos, and articles is the way you can go on. Though it depends on the platform, for instance, images are best in Instagram marketing, and video and blog articles show good results on Facebook. However, you can also get a good result by using SlideShare and infographics on LinkedIn. Especially Reddit, Twitter, and Quora, these platforms are also useful and effective if you are using them in the right way.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one kind of online marketing that takes place on social media, websites, and blogs. Content marketing involves a vast amount of content creation and distribution with such specific goals. In other words, content marketing is a part of online business marketing and advertising. In this part, businesses create a visual and textual content based on their services and offerings and share them on different social media platforms. At present, there are several marketing strategies available such as email marketing, call marketing, PPC marketing, paid to advertise, etc. Among them, content marketing is the most cost-effective one.

What is A Content Creation Service?

A Content creation service is a team of experts who can create engaging social media and website content for you. Social media content marketers need high-definition quality content. As they have to monetize engagement, reach, and communicate with consumers, they won't be able to attend content creation. Moreover, content creation requires skills like graphic design, photo editing, SEO, and so on. Therefore, content marketers employ graphic design experts or content creation services. Content creation service is the ultimate solution that content marketers should try. Content creation services offer a wide range of content creation facilities that can make your online business go smoothly. When you take any online content creation services, you can keep yourself hassle-free because of all the content creation they have done for you. From keyword research for marketing opportunities to scheduling social media posts, professional content creation services are a great asset for social media marketers.

What is Content Creation Practice?

Content creation practice is the process of creating engaging content for online businesses and social media regularly. Content creation practice includes a content calendar to manage daily content sharing activities and schedule posts. The main purpose of content creation practice is to generate and distribute content. You have to create quality content that can interact with users and drive emotion in them.

Why is Content Creation Important in Social Media?

Do you know one-third of social media users use different social media platforms just for seeing content on the newsfeed? If there is no content, they wouldn’t use it anymore. This is why content creation practices increased in the last few years. And content becomes necessary for all kinds of social media activities. Content makes it easier for us. For businesses, social media influencers, and brands, content creation is so important because,

  • Content is the way to communicate with the target audience on social media

  • Content helps to increase brand recognition

  • Quality content can grab user’s attention and make them interested in a business

  • Content persuades users to make a purchase

  • Content creation is the way you can increase familiarity

  • One can grow and increase the potential fan base

  • Viral content can reach your expectation, so try to make viral content 

  • Helps you become an authority

  • Content creation builds connections between businesses and consumers

  • The way you create content talks about your professionality

What is the Purpose of Content Creation?

Social media contents keep users scrolling through news feeds all day long. Contents we see in our newsfeed, all have come from any page, group, or person. Behind social media content creation, there can be different purposes such as emotion, entertainment, memory, promotion, reach, presentation, etc.

What is the goal of your social media marketing? Do you want to reach more people? Or you are about to launch a product and promote it on social media? Your content should be created in that way. You have to determine which types of content will be perfect for your needs. When making content for social media, you have to define the goal of creating the content first. When you have a clear goal, you can understand how you should present the content to audiences.

What are the Benefits of Content Creation?

Social media content marketing and content creation practices offer huge benefits. Since you have put high effort into social media content marketing, you can expect sweet benefits. Here is how social media content marketing will benefit you.

  • Increase brand identity

  • Communicate with consumers

  • You can stay top of mind of people by sharing quality content

  • Content creation will make you an expert in design, content planning, and distribution which is the most demanded online skill right now

  • Helps to increase traffic, consumers, leads, and sales

What is the Process of Content Creation?

The process of content creation may seem simple but it requires in-depth planning and execution. The content creation process incorporates,

  • Brainstorm content types and topics

  • Keyword research and competition analysis

  • Setting up content structure

  • Graphics design

  • Editing and illustration

  • Content management calendar

  • Revision 

  • Optimize image and video content

  • Promote content on social media

  • Share multiple social media platforms for higher reach and engagement

In a nutshell, content creation has become an initial part of social media and online business marketing. Content creation is not just creating a business profile on social media and selling products and services online. Rather it requires schematic plans, realizations, and experience to make successful moves in social media. If you lack proper social media marketing knowledge, you can check online articles, eBooks, videos, tutorials, etc. It will be a big help to understand social media content creation practices clearly.

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