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How Can I Edit My Car Photo?: A Complete Guide for Car Photography

Car photography is now taken as a hobby by those who have a passion for cars. You can’t find anyone without an attraction to automobiles. Especially rich people have been nurtured with craziness for automobiles. When social media takes all the attention of people to express their thoughts and emotions every single moment. Automobile owners are making their day by showing off the image of their cars on social media. At the time of uploading car images on social media profiles like Facebook or Instagram, it needs to edit to get a perfect look like other photographs. Because without editing, car images look grimy and reeky. Here comes the necessity of editing car photos. As it is a personal issue, you have to edit pictures by yourself because you can’t hire experts to edit just one of your images. Although, it is almost better to have the technique of editing your picture. Once you have got it, you will be able to apply any type of effect and change your pictures as you want to look at them. In this article, we are going to show some different techniques through which you can edit your car photos. Here are the details below,

how can I edit my car photo

Car Photo Editing- Manually or Automatically?

Whereas we are here to know about car photo editing, we would like to tell you to do this job in two different ways. One is manually where you have to use some complex editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom to edit your car image accurately. On the other hand, you can also do this beautiful task automatically by using exclusive apps that can do a complete retouch for your car image. Before going to the exact decision of using one of them, let’s allow me to describe those two different editing processes for you. Then you would choose the better photo editing for your boost sales.

Edit Your Car Photo with Photoshop

What did I tell you before? You can edit your car photo in two ways, well, this is the manual process of car photo editing that you can do with Photoshop. Photoshop is an extreme photo editing software that will let you bring any type of effective changes to your image. But first, you have to know the technique of using Photoshop and also the way you can edit your car pictures with this. We’re describing here step by step the same,


how can I edit my car photo

First of all, you need Photoshop software and the image that you want to edit, both should keep ready on your device. Photoshop is paid software that charges its users monthly. If you already have it, then open the software.

Go to File > click Open > choose the selective image

Look at the image below, I am using this Bugatti Chiron car image to show you the process, take whatever you want as yours.


how can I edit my car photo

When the car image is ready with your Photoshop window, click on the layer of your image and press Ctrl + J to copy your image layer. Then lock on the background layer as a backup. Then select the Pen tool from the toolbar or press P on your keyboard as a shortcut to activate it. Above the Photoshop window, you will find an icon that is like the settings icon of a mobile named Rubberband. Click on the icon to see where the proximate puff of the pen on the tool is going. Now start to select the car body except the ground part that we did here below in the image. After selection, you have clicked on the right button of your mouse in the selection area. It will show you an options menu from where you will have to choose (Make Selection). It will convert the path into a selection. Then go to the layer panel and press the channel option. You can see that your selection will turn into an alpha channel like this,

how can I edit my car photo


While the selection is active, you can perform photo color-changing tasks within the selective car image area. To bring your desired color to your car image, you should create a hue/saturation layer by clicking on the circle icon under the layer panel.

Choose the option (Hue/Saturation)

how can I edit my car photo

After clicking on Hue/Saturation you will find a custom colorize option on your window like this,

how can I edit my car photo

From the color bar on the left side, you can color your select part of the car as you want. Look, I have already turned my black car into a red one. It’s too easy as you need to just locate the pointer of the color bar in your determined color.


Now make sure your layer mask is selected, then press B and have a black brush selected. Now, we are going too roughly to go over those parts we don’t want to include in our coloring processes like the headlight, windshield, bumper, seat frame, number plate, and the brand logo design of the car to make the car image more realistic.

how can I edit my car photo

how can I edit my car photo

In any specific case, you will have to use the lasso tool and pen tool to do the erasing process more precisely. You will also have to adjust your brush size to erase some subtle parts accurately.

how can I edit my car photo

You should do all the processes of coloring perfectly because by doing it in that way, your picture will look more natural and effective. This is the process of editing your car image with Photoshop which can be used for any type of car image. With this technique, you can easily turn the color of your car into another one you want to like to look at. how can I edit my car photo

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What is Automatic Car Photo Editing?

We have seen the car photo editing process with Photoshop which is a manual process. Photoshop editing requires higher skills and so much knowledge of using Photoshop tools to make a perfect edit. But in this part of the article, we’re going to show you some car photo editing apps that don’t require any skills to use, no complex tool mapping. It is as simple as capturing car images with those exclusive apps. If you have a mobile phone and have a keenness to capture and share attractive car photo images, but you don’t know Photoshop techniques to edit car photos. Then no problem, these apps will be going to make your day for sure. Here are some instant car photo editing apps that you can use on your mobile,

Auto Shoot

The auto shoot is a well-known android app that makes car lovers tension-free with their car images. It is a new photo editing app that offers some easy options to edit the image of your car instantly. The app features options like,

  • Change the background. You can simply take the picture of a car from a driving lot and can change the background of the picture with it

  • You can remove any object from the image partly

  • It has a collection of image backgrounds from where you can select your favorite one

Car Photo Editor

You can easily get a car photo editing app on the Google play store to edit car images even on your mobile. Though those apps don’t work so accurately as Photoshop, these apps feature a lot like,

  • Collection of background

  • Easy use editing tools

  • Text stickers, and emoji to attach

That’s all about car photo editing. Now, the choice is yours, you can edit your car images in the way we mentioned above. But as a recommendation, we would like to tell you to acknowledge Photoshop skills to make a better editing process with your car images.

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