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Best Couple Photography Ideas You Should Try

Photographs are not taken - they are made.

This is one of the famous saying by someone who cherished photography. And for newly-wed couples, the couple photography ideas play a crucial role. In fact, photography is the process to hold moments forever. And if you cannot make the right click in the right time, the moments will leave. So, it is highly important to get couple photo ideas when you are making the union with your partner.

However, not everyone is skilled in photography. Even the experts and professional photographers also make mistakes. They lack the right know-how to ask the couple to pose for the photographs.

So, often checking the list of couple photo ideas is a common factor for them. In fact, they seek refuge in such lists to satisfy their client needs. However, the rate of success is yet to be measured. However, not to worry anymore about photography. This post is about some photography ideas for couples. Following them, you can have some extraordinary photos.

Top 50 couple photography ideas

Numerous ideas are available to capture moments, especially for the couples. This time, you will have some of the best ideas here. Let’s embark on the journey. 

#1 Warm lighting photos

couple photography ideas

Lighting plays one of the crucial roles for photography. And when it is about the couple photo ideas, you can arrange a set of warm lighting. Remember, the lighting should be during the golden hour of the day.

Getting confused?

Well. Golden hour of the day refers to the moments during the sunrise or sunset. In fact, this golden moment ensures a romantic ambiance. The vibe is perfect. And the lighting is naturally warm. There is not sharp or dull lighting. So, you can use this hour of the day as a perfect moment to capture some of your couple photos. Ask you photographer to be present at the moment and cage it. The photographs will be magical, indeed.

#2 Get an urban setting

couple photography idea

If you want your couple photo to look smarter and engaging, you can select the urban setting. Visit any bustling urban area. There, you will get lots of photographic elements which do not cast any significant impression in bare eyes. But if you have an artistic sense, you will be able to capture some stunning photos. Surprisingly, you can get couple photo ideas from such a scene.

Select the best matching backdrop – be it a wall, graffiti, or a city backdrop. Each of the locations will provide you with some outstanding view. And when the couple will pose in front of the views, surely the photos will be more lovely than you can imagine.

#3 Use the natural grounds

couple photography idea

Instead of spending your bucks unnecessarily for artificial lighting and ambiance, you can count natural grounds. Visiting any natural spot would provide you with hundreds of couple photography ideas. Standing afore a mountain or fountain, the couple can get some smart poses. In such backgrounds, you need less adjustments of lighting. This is a great advantage.

Further, when you are visiting a sea beach, the waves, people, spot and the overall environment can offer you the best photography experience. Standing before the sea waves will let you express your inner self. Hold the hands of your beloved or give a hug. The photographer can capture the moments that you will cherish forever.

#4 Photographs in rain

photography ideas

Rain is one of the most appropriate natural blessings for the photographers. In fact, it is one of the best couple photography ideas that could be used. During the rain, you can have different types of poses. For instance, you can use an umbrella that you are holding for your beloved. Or you can dance with your partner and it could be a romantic pose for a photograph. Surely, this would be a timeless photo that will be a treasure for you. 

Alternatively, you can get some vintage attires and the rain will make an outstanding setting. Naturally. And posing using the attires can bring a classic look. Moreover, you can share an umbrella or use that as a shade to protect yourselves from the rain. Getting some close shots of such a moment would be livelier.

#5 Reflections photography

photography ideas

Reflections are some of the greatest ways to capture photographs. And for couples, the reflections could be a source of inspiration. Under this process, photographers can use mirrors to reflect the couple in various special poses. At the same time, use of water or water bodies is another special idea. When a couple poses for a photo to reflect their posture, the photo becomes captivating, indeed.

The depth, symbolism, exposure of the objects – all get a striking expression. Ultimately, the photo becomes a remarkable one. So, you can also try reflections as part of your couple photo ideas.

#6 Try silhouettes

photography ideas

No doubt the silhouettes could be a great source of photography for couples. The photos during the sunset offer a special lighting condition. So, if you click your photos in such a backdrop, you will get an exceptional piece.

Besides, the pose, interaction or other activities of the couple could be portrayed in the background. It is a bet that such a photo will be a masterpiece. However, the photographer needs to know the moment to have the right click.

#7 Candid photography for couple

candid photography for couple

Typically, candid photos are those which are captured without any special arrangements. Or preparations. It is one of the smartest photo ideas on the list of couple photo ideas. The regular activities are the source of candid photography. For instance, the couple is busy in their regular acts like talking, watching television, reading books, watering plants or even cooking.

If you have a sharp sense of capturing moments, as a professional photographer, you can find the best moment to capture. Surely, the activities will allow you to select the right one. Also, it could be the moment when the couple is sitting idle, enjoying their company or passing a quiet moment of joy.

#8 Motions shots

motions shots

At present, the use of motion shots is popular in couple photo ideas. Through motion, the photos get an impressive look. It seems the moments freeze in the photos. So, when you get a motion photo like twirling, the moment looks outstanding. Time halts. On the contrary, the subjects in the photos look livelier.

As the movement of the surroundings of the subject gets a halt, the entire photo wears the look that you have always been looking for.

#9 Black and white photos

black and white photos

The use of black and white photos is getting more appeal in the current context. Now, most of the photos come with multi-color. It means you can see the reflection of the color in the photos. However, when there is a black and white photo, there is only a single color. Everything in the photo appears in black and white. Only the black and white colors are visible in the photos.

As a result, the couple also appear in a black and white setting. It makes a classic look for them. And also could be used for countless purposes. The photographers can use this color tone as a great source of couple photo ideas.

#10 Right before kissing

right before kissing

Kissing the partner is a wonderful expression of love, affection and commitment. This could be a classic pose for the couple. And also the pose that expresses the inner romanticism of the couple being clicked. So, this could be one of the potential couple photography ideas. Trying the idea can bring an unbelievable result.

#11 Kissing under umbrella

kissing under umbrella

This is the other level of photography idea for couples. They can take an umbrella, slightly cover themselves with the piece and move to kiss each other. However, the photographer needs to find out the moment. The click should be right before they start kissing. In fact, the scenario should be romantic, not creating a sense of lust. Hence, the photographer needs to be careful while clicking such photos.

#12 Holding the back

holding the back

Holding the back of your partner and lifting a leg would be one of the most impressive photographs for couples. This pose is also known as the Hollywood pose. Being a classic pose for couples, a good number of people follow it. And with the creativity of the photographer, you will have a marvelous photo to cherish forever. And if there is a breeze, it will add a special vibe in the photo. So, you can also try this out.

#13 Facing straight

facing straight

Alternatively, facing each other could be a special pose. However, the photo gets smarter when the couple face each other on a bed. They will lie in the bed facing each other and the photographer has to capture the moment standing in the middle of them. Otherwise, the photo will not be a perfect one. Actually, the photographer has to stand perfectly to capture the shot. So, to get the faces properly, the photographer has to take a firm position in between the couple before pressing the shutter.

#14 Get a gift

get a gift

Exchanging gifts between the couples could be one of the couple photo ideas. During this photo shoot, the couple can exchange gifts. But the best thing is if the male partner hands over the gift to the female. And during the exchange, the male should be bending a little which will represent that he is humbly handing over the present. Otherwise, it will be baffling to know who is the receiver and who is the provider. The photographer should make the scenario clear to the couple before taking the shot.

#15 Walking hand in hand

walking hand in hand

Hold the hand of your partner. And start walking. And the photographer needs to click it from your behind. The best shot could be taken while you are strolling on a beach or in an empty street.

However, trying the shot in a crowded place may not have the same effect. Professional photographers prefer to have such shots on a calm beach environment. Because there is a positive vibe around the beach which is portrayed in the photo. Perfectly.

#16 Simple lap pose

simple lap pose

Another fashionable pose is sitting on the lap of your partner. But the pose becomes perfect when the female partner is riding on the lap of the male. This is one of the cutest poses ever found. To take the shot, take a chair or bench. Sit on the chair and let the partner sit on your lap. And use the arm to cover the shoulder of the male partner. Undoubtedly, this will be an excellent pose that you can enjoy all the time.

#17 Kissing forehead

kissing forehead

It feels outstanding to receive a kiss from your partner. And holding the moment through a camera adds life in the kiss. In fact, this is one of the smartest ways to express your love and inner feelings to your partner. So, capturing the moment is one of the couple photography ideas that you can exercise. Taking a photograph at this moment will help to have to for your lifetime. For the pose, the couple can take a seat. Or they can stand holding each other gently. And the photographer will do the rest.

#18 Leaning on shoulder

Leaning on shoulder

Leaning on the shoulder of your partner is another smartest pose for couples. The key benefit of the pose is that anyone can lean on the shoulder of the partner. There are no gender issues that only the female has to lean and their male counterparts cannot.

By sitting on a chair or even by sitting on the ground, you can have this pose. During the pose, the person who is leaning has to hug the partner to make it look more natural.

#19 On top of partner

on top of partner

Besides, another impressive pose for couples is to lie down on the ground while the female partner will be on the top and with a smiling face. However, there should be laughter which will make the moment memorable. Also, the photographer needs to wait for the right moment to make it look natural aligned with candidness.

#20 Extended arm

extended arm

By holding the hand, the arm should be extended. And capturing the moment from the ground will nail it. The smiling faces will not be focused. Instead, the focus will be on the hands. The hold should not be loose. Instead, the male has to hold the hand of his female partner gently.

Also, the photographer needs to apply some of his/ her photographic skills as the shot needs to be taken by bending or lying on the ground.

#21 Use a window

Use a window

The window setting is the other attractive pose for couples. Sitting beside a window, they can look at each other. The window will be in the background. Alternatively, they can gaze throughout the window. It will appear they are watching towards eternity. However, during the photo shoot, it would be ideal if someone leans on the arm of the other. And in this case, the female partner can use the shoulder to rest her head.

#22 Why not the bathtub

Why not the bathtub

Taking a bath together in a bathtub is a great way to express your intimacy. In fact, you can have a number of poses for the bathtub photo shoot. But lying on the bathtub with a gentle hug would be most appropriate. However, for decency, you can use a swimsuit. In case of unavailability of a swimsuit, you can cover yourself properly. Now, pose for the photo and enjoy the wonders.

#23 Do you love to cook

Do you love to cook

Undoubtedly, cooking is an art form. And when a couple is seen engaged in cooking together, that becomes a lovely moment. So, as part of the couple photo ideas, you can accept cooking as a blessing. Get engaged in cooking, and the photographer will take the clicks.

While cooking, you will have countless candid moments. If you can identify the moment at the right time, you can easily grab it. The moments are spontaneous and you will have your meal at the same time.

#24 Intimate portrait

Intimate portrait

Further, the couple can pose for some intimate portraits. For instance, the couple can get undressed (of course in a decent manner). And the photographer can take the opportunity to capture the moment.

Certainly, it will not look indecent if the partner removes the shirt from the other partner. But the click should be made in a sophisticated way.

#25 Select landmarks

Select landmarks

Moreover, you can select some renowned landmarks in the area you are living. In front of those landmarks, you can stand with different poses for couple photographs. The best thing is to find out some of the landmarks in your locality. Now, select the best hour of the day for the photos. Without the right lighting condition, it is nearly impossible to get the best shot. Also, you can do the same when you are traveling at home or abroad. Get some complete overview about such landmarks. It will cut your efforts.

#26 The jewelery items

The jewelery items

 Don’t mind the jewelry items like your rings. Be it for engagement or for a wedding. The rings still could be used as the source of inspiration for the couple's photography. The couple can show up with their rings in different poses. Be aware of the lighting as the rings are relatively smaller ornaments. So, the lights should be proper to make them clearly visible through the lens.

#27 Carry your partner

Carry your partner

Carrying the partner is one of the wonderful couple photography ideas in practice. The male partner should carry the female partner and start walking. By this time, the photographer can get some amazing clicks. This posture is an intimate pose that expresses the inner love of the couple through a physical expression. However, while lifting the partner, the couple should be careful about the weight. If the female partner is overweight, the best idea is to skip this pose and move for the other ideas mentioned here.

#28 Get some wide angles

Get some wide angles

Getting some wide angle photos are one of the smartest ways to express the thirst for photography. In fact, when you get the wide angle photos, you can cover a wider space. If the spot is of scenic beauty, that will be portrayed in the photograph. Also, it will showcase the couple in the corner or middle of the photo, adding an exceptional vibrance. So, it is a recommendation from experts and professionals to try the wide angles.

#29 Hug from back

Hug from back

Did you ever hug your partner from his/ her back? If the answer is negative, it could be one of the impressive couple photo ideas. Hold your partner gently from the back. And look straight to the camera with a smiling face.

Make sure both of you wear a gentle smile. And the photographer will do the rest. The perfect click could be able to remind you of this day. Also, this is a pose that symbolically shows inner care and protectiveness.

#30 Personal care

Personal care

At the same time, the couple can pose in the form of personal care. For instance, the male partner can comb the hair of his female partner. This is the reflection of love, care and respect. Alternatively, the female partner can also take a similar role. And ultimately, the photograph will be a symbol of love between the couple.

#31 The hand shot

The hand shot

Another impressive shot is holding the hand of the female partner and taking the shot straight where only the hands of the couple will be seen.

Let’s make it clearer. The male partner will hold the palm of the female partner on one hand, and use the other hand to take the shot using either a smartphone or a digital camera. In such cases, use of smartphones is more suitable.

#32 Closer foreheads

Closer foreheads

Bringing the foreheads closer is another special pose for couples. They need to lean towards each other with their foreheads joined. However, the couple can look towards the camera too for a better focus. This pose is all about the care and closeness of the couple. Thereby, this is a must try.

#33 Night photography

Night photography

During the night times, a couple can go for adventures. And this is a special moment to get captured in photos. So, the couple should not miss this chance in particular. No matter wherever you go, easily you can find some special spots for night photography. Moreover, the lighting conditions are perfect in outdoor visiting spots during nights. Therefore, pick a place where you want to go with your partner and ask your photographer to follow. Regardless of poses, you will have countless candid moments.

#34 Background as frame

Background as frame

Using the architectural background as a frame could be another level of photography idea for couples. In this case, you have to find a large establishment with grandeur architecture. Stand before architecture and get a pose. The depth of the photo will make it look extraordinary. And standing in a hall or a covered space will also add aesthetic value to the photo.

#35 Attention shifting

Attention shifting

Usually, the focus or attention is on the couple while taking photographs. But there could be some variations in the photography process. Instead of focusing both the person in the photo, make someone blur.

The male could be blurred in the photo while all the attention will be on the female partner. Alternatively, the female could be in the blurred section while the male is in the focus. The exchange of such attention shifting can result in some outstanding photos for couples.

#36 Look back

Look back

Imagine the scenario, the couple is looking back towards the camera. Yes, it is a leading one in the couple photo ideas. The couple will hold their hands. Or they simply can walk and turn their necks simultaneously to look at the camera. It will result in an outstanding and lovely photo for the couple.

#37 Focus the style

Focus the style

Focusing on the style of the couple is another interesting and lovely couple photography idea. The couple can wear the best outfit in line with a decent hairstyle. It should appear that the couple is looking decent in the photograph.

Their attires, shoes, hairstyle, posture - all should look gorgeous. And of course, the background of the photo should also be smarter. However, if any suitable background is not available, you can use background removal service to get a tailored background.

#38 Beach photography

Beach photography

Undoubtedly, a sea beach can provide ample couple photography ideas. In front of a sea, you can take any pose. And surprisingly, all the poses will be perfect. Regardless of your attire, personal style or anything, you can have the most perfect photographs. So, this could be a potential source of photography for the couple.

#39 Look at the sky

Look at the sky

Sky has no limit. So, it could be another source for the couples to get their photos. In fact, the  couple photo ideas have also prioritized this idea of looking at the sky. The couple will be lying on the ground and gazing at the sky. The photographer has to take the shot from a distance so that the couple becomes visible. Also, the couple can point their finger towards the sky. It will make another special symbolic outlook.

#40 The snow

The snow

What could be better than snow for the couples? This is a great idea to use the snow for some meticulous photo shoots. The couple can have various poses on the snow. They can lie on the snow, stand on it, make snowballs and snowmen and much more.

During all the activities, some of the moments will be candid and with a detailed orientation. The photographer can figure out the right moment and press the shutter to capture it instantly.

#41 Underwater photography

Underwater photography

Getting some amazing photos under the water is another way to portray a couple and their activities. Through this specific photography mode, the couple can have their best shots. They can adopt different poses and get engaged in diversified actions under the water. Using a waterproof camera, the photographer can capture the moments.

#42 Use the zoom feature

Use the zoom feature

Most of the cases, the photographers take long or close shots for couples. Moreover, the couple photography ideas also inspire the same. But if you use the zoom feature of your camera, the result could be outstanding.

Take a closer photo of the face of the couple. Use the zoom instead of getting closer to the couple with the camera. You can see a detailed outline of their face, expression and more. Ultimately, this photo would be a masterpiece.

#43 Romantic walk

Romantic walk

Having a romantic walk is another impressive couple photography technique. The photo could be taken in two ways - from the front, or from the back. The couple can walk holding the waist of the partner.

#44 Side by side walking

Side by side walking

Walking side by side is the other posture that could be photographed. Under an open sky or in a street, the couple can take a walk. However, they should be walking side by side. Having a pet will add an artistic look to the photo. The photographer can take several shots from both the front and back side of the couple. But the photo from the back may look gorgeous.

#45 Riding bicycles

Riding bicycles

Almost everyone loves to ride a bicycle. And the enjoyment doubles when you ride with your partner. The moments are lovely during the ride. So, you do not need any additional pose. Instead, the photographers can take candid moments. Later, a photo editing may be applied to make the photo look shining.

#46 Read a book

Read a book

The couple can read books by leaning their back on each other. This is a classic pose that everyone wants to get clicked. The photo would be like this - the couple is reading their books. And the shot is taken from a moderate distance.

It is not necessary what book they are going through. Instead, it should be seen that they are holding their books and attentive in reading them.

#47 Sharing straw

Sharing straw

A vintage pose is sharing straws on a beverage glass. And the couple can look at each other while sipping through the straw. Many of the couple's photo shoots have been performed following this particular style.

Hence, this particular pose could be considered one of the couple photo ideas. However, make sure the beverage is provided on a transparent container or glass. It will add further beauty in the photo.

#48 On a car

On a car

Clicking photos inside a car is almost old-fashioned. But if you sit on the front of a car, that would be a great idea. Take your berth on the bonnet and hold your partner in a comfy pose. Now, wait for the photo to be printed. Surely, it will be an awesome piece.

#49 Have a swing

Have a swing

Swings could be special zones for a romantic couple. Riding together or solo on the swing can offer an outstanding view. Alternatively, the partner can push the swing gently. Hence, there are a notable number of moments will be available to be captured by the photographer.

#50 Candle light photography

Candle light photography

Moreover, it is also romantic to have a candle light dinner and be photographed right at that moment. Remember, the photo needs to be clicked from a moderate distance to cover the entire table and the couple, of course.

One bonus idea

One bonus idea

Walk on the rail tracks

Walking on railway tracks is also a romantic pose. Both of the partners can walk hand in hand or side by side. Regardless of their physical postures, the railway tracks will help to create a special vibe.

So, the photographer can take the shot from a long distance. Also, if the photographer lies on the ground and takes the photo, the couple will appear in the backdrop of the sky and the rail tracks. That will be a pretty splendid photograph for them.


So, it was all about the couple photography ideas. Hopefully, you have received sufficient ideas about photography for couples.

Remember, couple photography is an art. It stops the moments and when you see them in a later time, you go back to that moment. So, you can use the couple photo ideas for your next couple photography projects to make the photos look gorgeous. Check the photos and see how they look in real-life. The ideas mentioned here will simplify photography. At the same time, it will raise a sense of bonding among the photo subjects (couple) and the photographers.

So, even if you do not have the right sense about couple photo ideas, you can smartly apply the categories mentioned here. And feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section of this post. We highly appreciate your valued remarks and it will help to enhance the post further. Also, you can share some of your experience to let others know.

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