What is the Vector Line Drawing?

Drawing is a manual task that is used to give shape to whatever we imagine in our mind. from ancient times when language was not in vogue people expressed their thoughts through this.

You may have seen ancient drawings in caves where ancient people used to live.

But we aren’t here to talk about those types of past things, we are here to discuss the modern drawing that is called vector line drawing.

Before going to the depth of vector art, let’s simplify this with some pre-activities.

There are two types of photos that you can see in regular,

·         Raster image

·         Vector image

A raster image is built-in a rectangular grid of pixels and they can only be visualized with a bitmapped display, paper, or another display medium.

On the other hand, vector graphics consist of mathematical formulas that define geometric shapes such as polygons, lines, curves, circles, and rectangles.

Vector line drawing is similar to what I said above, it is the addition of vector lines and curves that defines a creative illustrated form with feelings and meanings.

How does vector graphics work?

We already have known about vector graphics and how it forms. But still, some cases of vector graphics have been needing to be discussed. Let’s start with how vector graphics work,

As previously said, vector graphics form with vector lines and shapes that are measured by mathematical formulas.

The first vector art was drawn by Ivan Sutherland, a pioneer of the computerized graphic program in 1963. At that time, vectors were only used by the military and civil air traffic control authorities to map the sky route for planes.

Now, vector drawing becomes a vital part of all types of computer artwork.

The vector graphic gets more priority because it can result in a plane and smooth lines in every shape it has. You can check both of them and will notice that while you zoom out a raster image highly, it will seem to be a fracture in its edges. But with vector art, it won’t be that as it consists of lines and curves. So, you can work with vector graphics continuously.

Vector graphics mainly work with points, as it said that the type of work, they do is similar to coordinates on a plane.

If you know the position of at least two vector points and if you can connect those points with lines. Then you can draw vector art. This is how vector graphics work by connecting points with other points.

Why is vector art important?

Vector art is used in every digital artwork nowadays. You can catch vector lines with aesthetic artistic feelings in various drawings.

Today, all digital graphics projects are done by two types of image files. One is a raster and the other is a vector. But vectors are highly used because they are best for printing. Also, vector graphics are scalable, you can scale vector artwork to any size that you want because enlarging or shortening a vector file doesn’t cause any rupture of pixels.

As vector graphics consist of mathematical formulas, if they enlarged, the formulas stay the same. No matter the size, vector graphics can be scaled to any size without losing its quality.

Vector graphics are now used in every image or drawing case to get the perfect shape of a visual element. Vector art playing a vital role in,

Logo design

The logo is an essential branding material that is needed to build a strong brand identity in the marketplace for every business industry.

A company logo brings the whole of the company itself, not only the brand message, it says customers the brand’s personality and capability.

So, the company’s logo should be made clear with typography, images, colors. Although getting just a logo for your business is easy enough, getting an attractive and motivating one will pay you a bit more.

Think about Apple, Adidas, Nick, and another well-organized brand. They are familiar with their logo as whoever can see the logo, they can memorize the brand’s name as well.

To design a perfect logo that expresses brand identity in a strong form, almost all logo designers use vector lines or illustrators. Surely, vector graphics are ideal for designing a professional business logo.

Graphic design

Everything we see around us like images, banners. Posters, signboards, textual elements, that’s all are results of graphic design.

Graphic design made the world more visualized with images and it eliminated the paper pen era.

Today, we use images more than papers or related things. For advertisements, people used to give ads in newspapers in the past. But we are using television ads, banners, posters to make advertising at present.

Graphic design becomes more meaningful with its creation with the help of vector graphics.


You might have seen this kind of animated content online or on social media platforms.

Animated content is now using the most basic of expressing people’s views and thoughts. Also, the animation movie has a separate fanbase as these movies are so popular and heart touching.

Although those animated content and animation are done with vector graphics by using HTML5 or adobe flash animations.


Garment industry where computer-controlled sewing machines use for massive production, vector artwork is needed there to command those machines to stitch out the required shapes. Because this type of machines can’t input commands that are based on pixel information.

Thus, vector graphics are used in the garment industry nowadays.

3D graphics

It is impossible to do 3D graphics work without vector lines. When you want to create 3D graphics, you must have to use vector lines, curves, and shapes to claim the result that you want.

Web design

In web design, both raster and vector are used to make the best user experience. But some specific areas require vector work instead of a raster.

There may be some content on websites that need to be printed for users. If the content is made by vector then it is ok, but if it is a raster file, then users may have problems printing that.

Also, vector files are quite easier to edit than raster files.

Some images that you are going to use in websites, must have been resized for good performance and also for faster loading. If the image is created with vector graphics then resizing will be easy for you.