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Updated Apr 15,2022
Photo Editing

Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry retouching means jewelry photo retouching which makes which helps to make your jewelry product impressive and exclusive. Jewelry is one hardest products for photography. But for demand, the trend is going higher level than it was.

Think you took some photos of your jewelry product that you want to give on your site, some of these photos may need to be corrected because, in some parts, they might have scratches, spots, or blemishes.

If you would go through with these photos, you can’t reach your goal, because potential customers won’t choose a product with scratches or spots.

What Is jewelry retouching?

Jewelry retouching is one of the leading sectors in graphic design. Almost all businessmen or online retailers can’t have professional photographers who can make good product photography.

That’s why you need the help of an expert graphic designer for the post-processing of your product photo. Jewelry photography is tricky, if you aren’t handier with it, you may have to face some problems. Jewelry retouching requires-

  • An in-depth understanding of the lighting
  • Minimal color cast and reflection
  • Should be captured all tiny details
  • Making the color correction
  • Adding contrast
  • Removing background
  • Cleaning without any damage to photos
  • Glittering and shining images of gems

Jewelry Retouching Difference

The jewelry retouching service process has been divided into some categories.

All the category is highly necessary for the best product images. It is nothing but a specific modification of the photographers with the help of photo editing software. Improving the jewelry image quality is the main goal of jewelry retouching service. So how the process is going on?

Drop shadow and mirror effect

jewelry retouching service

It is also a post-processing service that is going to give realistic shadow and mirror effects to your images to make them outstanding.

Sometimes people being disgusted with shadows but if they use them rightly, it can be advantageous and can make images especially jewelry product images look very natural.

Making natural shadows in your photo is very tough, you can use light techniques but you may put much effort to do this. But you can achieve your goal by post-processing of them.

Dust and scratch removing

Dust and scratch removing

You need to remove dusty particles and poor reflections from your photo if you want to make them look stunning.

Besides, the jewelry which is photographed might contain scratches and unwanted objects or spots which may turn off the outlook of the image. So, you should need to fix those issues to make the image look perfect.

Shine enhancement

Shine enhancement

Sometimes it is too hard to capture essential extractive scenery with just a camera. For example, a shiny piece of jewelry or a source that is glittering.

These types of objects make a little blur to some important details of a photo that might not be capture on just a camera. It is a crucial factor for those who are trying to capture product photography special for jewelry products where shininess is a selling point. That’s why you can need to enhance your jewelry product shine after taking the photograph.

Color correction

Color correction

Your product photos might need to fix coloring completely or to change the color of a particular part of that, color correction will help you to fix all color problems in your photo. It is an underrated part of post-processing that will allow you to correct the color of your jewelry product photo and enhance your jewelry photography using photo editing techniques.

Generally, it is used to adjust gemstone colors and numb the look of your images.

Background and mannequin removalBackground and mannequin removal

When you took a photograph of your product, sometimes the background of the image may look uncomfortable or may not suit the photo. If you are an online retailer, your first goal should be to make the image eye-catching and comfortable for potential customers so that they can easily decide to buy the product at a glance.

Removing the background of your product image and further adding a white or suitable background will make your image unique and exclusive. On the other hand, the mannequin will help you to give a 3D-like looking at your product photography.

Your image will look like your product is surfing in the air when you take them through this service.

Why jewelry retouching is important for your business?

Do you know that jewelry retouching service is your one-stop solution to stand out in the crowdie marketplace? Most jewelers would agree that taking photos of the jewelry product is the toughest activity in this sight.

Those pieces are highly reflective, where you should work with different colored gemstones that appear dull while the intricate designs are not accurately captured. If you want to produce professional-quality jewelry images, then you must have to face a crucial step which is the size and lighting.

Without the basic knowledge of commercial jewelry photography, you won’t be able to reach your goal. On the other hand, the online platform that you are using as your e-commerce store also has some product image requirements and guidelines that you need to maintain as well.

Well, known online platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, everyone has their approval photo requirement systems.