amazon product background removal service

Amazon Product Background Removal Service

Photo editing is one of the most necessary nowadays. We used to edit photos whenever we took a photo whether it is a social media DP or a random click. Photo editing is essential to make images more attractive. RAW footage doesn’t come as perfect and we can’t use them directly for any professional purpose. Therefore, we have to edit images. According to our needs, there are different kinds of editing techniques available. There are basic and advanced level editing techniques you have to consider before editing your images. Background removal falls under the advanced level of photo background removal which is done by Photoshop editing experts. If you're an amazon retailer, then you have already got the sense of photo background removal service as it is the most required service to all of them. But if you're new to this term, you have a lot of things to learn about it. So, let’s move on to see what's involved with the amazon photo background removal service.

What Does The Service Include?

If you’re an Amazon seller, then you may need background removal services online. It is because you don’t have the skill to do it on your own or you’ve got other work to execute. Whatever the reason is, there are so many individual online service agencies available and you can pick any of them to accomplish your needs. But one thing to consider, is the service you are going to choose to manage your e-commerce product images, is it perfect for you?

Because of the huge demand for background removal services, there are massive online services that have been found in the recent period. There are both professionals and amateurs so you’ve to be careful before choosing any of them. For your convenience, Graphic Design Eye is an experienced online graphic design service company that has been in this field for almost 8 years. You can check out our portfolio to make sure you're dealing with the best. Here's how the issues for your Amazon product photographs are organized by our editing experts.

Background Removal

There are so many editing processes done in the amazon product photo editing operation. But what comes first is background removal. Background removal is applied to remove the background from the image and affix clear white background into the images. Background removal can be done in several ways with a Photoshop-like clipping path, and image masking. Our experts always pick the right one based on the image condition.

amazon background removal service

Image Enhancement

Have you ever used a photo editing app to edit your photos? What's the goal of editing images with apps and software? It’s making images more attractive and turning them how you want to look. When it comes to product photo images, the goal is attaining the best outlook of the look so that they can persuade consumers to make quick buying decisions. Image enhancement is the process of attaining the full potentiality of the image through editing. At the same time, we also care about maintaining the spontaneousness of the product. Image enhancement performs in so many aspects of the product image such as whitening, spot removing, position adjustment, etc.

amazon background removal service

Ghost Mannequin For Clothing Products

Ghost mannequin refers to another advanced-level Photoshop editing technique. It is highly effective for clothing products. Statistics show that Clothing products are at the top of the best-selling online products. If you’re also an online clothing retailer, then you should consider ghost mannequins before uploading product photos on your website. Usually, clothing products require a mannequin to photograph. But uploading the product image with that mannequin body isn’t perfect when you have the smartest solution in this regard. Ghost mannequin is a procedure of including ghostly mannequin in the clothing product images. The final result will display the product in a way that it is worn by an invisible body. For online clothing retailers, this is a must-consider.

amazon background removal service

Shadow Effect

Shadow is a vital element for all types of images. It is as important as the light and both light and shadow help to increase the visual essence of the main object in an image. In online product images, shadow plays a great role to make the product look enchanting and appealing. A product with a little shadow effect presents the entire image in a way that surely grabs the consumer’s attention. This is why the Photoshop shadow effect is so popular among online retailers. As they have to use a white background, there is no chance to keep a real shadow. But the artificial drop shadow effect is so close to the real shadow, initiating a mirror effect that feels like the product is floating on a mirror. There are different types of shadow effects that can be yielded. Experts will consider which one should be perfect according to your product.

amazon background removal service

Color Correction

As the name suggests, color correction recovers the exact color of the image in the post-processing operation. Color correction is required because sometimes camera photographs can’t get the actual colors of the object. It occurs because of the daylight and also for lack of adequate light. If it happened with your product images, you should color correction unless consumers won’t get the actual color of the product. And if they don’t find the expected color after receiving the product, they will possibly put a bad review on your website. Although Photoshop’s color correction service is here to save you from this kind of situation. It does not only restore the exact colors in the image but also makes images more colorful and engaging. The above editing options are essential for those who are going to do amazon business. However, if you don’t want to go with Amazon and start with a particular eCommerce website optimization, you also need to integrate product photo editing services into your online business & marketing strategy.

amazon background removal service

Image Optimizer

Image optimization is another necessary term for online retailers. Since they have to deal with product images, those images should be perfect in size and format to load faster in the user’s browser. As you see the amazon image requirements above, our professionals always follow that and make your images in that way. Image optimization impacts the user interface and user experience of your eCommerce website. Therefore, we optimize images in the perfect size and format that will show the best performance in the final destination.

amazon background removal service

What Is An Amazon Photo Background Removal Service?

Photo background removal is an image editing process that is required in every crucial photo editing operation. Usually, we use different types of mobile applications to edit images in a few aspects such as crop, photo color adjustments, effects, and so on. But what about when you need professional editing to perform more in-depth adjustments on your images? Amazon product retailers who used to sell products on amazon need such kind of professional photo background removal service. It is because online product images should be well organized to engage consumers and persuade them to buy the products. If you ever visit amazon, you must be concerned that all the product images include white background. For Amazon, it is necessary to have a white background for all the product photos. It is one of the amazon product photo editing requirements so retailers have to follow this. Not only Amazon, the trend is followed in other online business platforms even solo retailers who sell products on social media, they also affix white backgrounds in the images. In addition to that, Amazon has a set of standards for product photos. Your product images must come in the Amazon recommended way. And here comes the role of amazon photo background removal services. As retailers aren’t able to perform professional photo editing, they have to rely on these services in this regard.

What Are The Requirements For Amazon Product Photos?

Since Amazon is a selling platform that provides great opportunities for anyone to become an independent seller and sell products on Amazon. It has more than 40% market share in the current online market competition. Anyone can sell products on amazon and receive orders from anywhere around the world. Therefore, Amazon has become one of the leading platforms for eCommerce solutions at present. However, there are some rules and regulations that you have to follow to be an amazon seller. Among them, product photo requirements are the crucial ones you have to highly concentrate on. What if there are no requirements for product photos? Sellers will go to use images however they want. They will add exaggerated product photos, personal brand emblems, and texts to the image which could even irritate consumers. Therefore, amazon set this requirement to maintain consistency between sellers coming from different parts of the world. If you don’t get the amazon product photo requirement yet, you should check it before moving on. Here’s a brief hint to learn about it.

  • Image size: at least 1000 or larger in either height or width preferred
  • Background color: Pure white
  • Image format: TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png) format
  • Image color mode: RGB or CMYK