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app design service

App Design Service

Due to the huge development in handheld devices, smartphones have become the most used device nowadays. It comes as an essential part of our daily lives and helps us a lot to do our work in a simple and smart way. But without mobile applications, smartphones are nothing but communication devices that only allow audio phone calls. Whatever you like to do with smartphones, you must have installed the dedicated application before. We used to have gaming apps, social media apps, messenger apps, calendars, and screenshot recorders, and so on. Apps are interactive, easy to operate for both users and developers. Mobile apps push notification is such an option that sends directly to the user’s device. It is the best way to keep updated users even if they aren’t using the system. Apps come with so many advantages that it has become extremely demanding for the present businesses. You can find ecommerce apps, apps for local stores that provide cash on delivery service, apps for ordering foods online, etc. The wide demand for mobile applications propels distinguished app design services online. Online app design services have made it possible for all people, small businesses to have an application in their need.

What Does Our Service Include?

Graphic Design Eye can be a complete solution for your entire online journey. You can find all you need from starting with a brand logo to create a strong brand identity with visual elements. We’ve separate teams responsible for individual activities such as logo design, photo-editing, web design & development, application design, and development teams. Our responsible application and software development team is adept to create any kind of mobile application according to your purpose. We create responsive and dynamic apps with enchanting user interfaces and outstanding user experiences. Our app design service includes,

  • User-centric application
  • Interacting user interface
  • Comfortable user experience
  • UI/UX maintenance
  • Flowing navigation
  • Brand focusing

We pour some details into those above options so that you can get how we create the best value apps designed for your purpose.

User-Centric Application

User-Centric Application

The user is the root of your application. Whatever types of application you want to build, you aren’t thinking of making it for yourself. Rather you have the intention to make the application familiar among people and attract potential users with features and specifications. Therefore, we build applications with users in mind. We research your target audience’s behavior and how they would like to interact with the application. And choose to decide every aspect carefully including colors design, typography, icons & buttons, etc.

Interacting User Interface

Interacting User Interface

UI/UX is one of the main concerns in app development. User Interface creates the app’s visual structure and user experience determines how users feel while interacting with the application. When it comes to application and software development, the user interface plays a psychological role in the minds of users. If users don’t feel comfortable with the interface, then they would be reluctant to pay attention to the apps. So, what makes a strong user interface for applications? It is the visual structure, the color combination, typography, layout, and the overall presentation of the application. We’re intended to create a simplistic user interface that is also responsible to create a strong impression every time users get into it.

Comfortable User Experience

Comfortable User Experience

User experience encompasses the internal navigation, simplicity of functions, menu, and the overall clarity of the application. The user interface works to hold the attention when users have a first look at the application and the user experience ensures permanent bearings between the application and users. Structuring the user experience of applications is a backend process. App developers take a crucial part in this process and sketch comfortable user experiences, create wireframes and prototypes, and finalize the exact design that works best.

UI/UX Maintenance

UI/UX Maintenance

Applications are not just you create and let it go, you have to care about further maintenance and upgrade. Maintenance and upgrade is a highly necessary term in application development. Smartphone applications can arise various kinds of bugs and issues that hamper the user’s experience badly. There are so many reasons that are responsible for these bugs and issues. However, you cannot fix bugs and internal flaws on your own as it is not the task for generals. In this regard, you have to ask for professional help to perfectly fix all the issues and keep up the smooth run of your application. We provide all the maintenance support to maintain your application properly. Once you’re connected with us, we’ll look after everything to maintain your application.

Flowing Navigation

Flowing Navigation

Applications should come out with facile navigation that seems easy to understand to the users. Navigation shows ways to roam over the application and find the specific options you need. Most of the applications have a menu, sidebar, search, support, about, and so on. For instance, think about the popular audio music streaming application Spotify. It holds the largest online music library. From there you can listen to any music you want by searching its name. Here the search bar plays the most important role in the application’s navigation. Similarly, whatever types of application you have created and no matter what it includes, you should intend to keep its navigation clear and easygoing. Simple navigation encourages users to spend more time in the application. The application we build always comes with a satisfying navigation UI that allows users to use the application ceaselessly.

Brand Focusing

Brand Focusing

If you’re a quite familiar brand that is looking for creating a personalized application, then we’ll help you to build one for your purpose. Due to the rapid growth of mobile phone users worldwide, mobile applications are regarded as the most important aspect of the business funnel. This is because mobile phone applications engage users more effectively than anything else. Think you have a local grocery store and you have built a mobile application for the store through which potential consumers can order from home and you used to deliver products on time. In this way, you’re making a strong brand presence through branding design with both online and offline, local and even outside of the locality. In this way, business brands can create applications to put themselves on customer’s attention and to stand out from the crowd. If you’re thinking of having a distinguished application for your brand and business, then we’ll build one for you.

Connect To The Most Innovative App Design Service

There are so many online services that offer application design and development facilities. You can go with any of them which you find perfect but it is regarded that you need professional support to create a feasible app for your purpose. Graphic Design Eye is an experienced and reliable online service on which you can blindly rely. We always go through modern practices to make the best outcome. Applications we’ve designed previously are proven to generate increasing ROI and are intended to claim user satisfaction. You can pay a visit to our portfolio to gaze at our capability in application design and other online services we provide. To pick up your confidence level, here is the showcase of app design processing we implement to build world-class applications.

Communication > Research > Sketch > Wireframing > Prototype > Testing > Assessment


First of all, we held a conference between the client and our designer’s team. It helps us to learn about clients’ profiles, their needs, and other specifications. It is necessary to idealize the client’s requirement to determine how things should execute in the processing stage. In the communication phase

  • Conduct live conversations with clients
  • Note down all the specifications
  • Receive initial files and materials if requires


When we have all the specifications and a clear concept about what the client needs, we jump into the next step and that is research. Research comes essentially in application design because it reveals how the app should be designed. Therefore, when researching, designers prefer to go through the target audience. They take closer look at the audience behavior, how they like to interact with such kinds of applications, and also analyze market and competitor’s applications. Researching helps a lot to define various options, pages, colors, and other aspects of the application that accelerates the process as well.


It’s time to sketch the overall structure, layout, design icons, and define the exact colors, font size, style, page-to-page navigation, etc. Experts use Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, blender, and other software to sketch out the structure of the application properly.


Wireframing is the early development process of in-app design when designers decorate the application layout particularly and give it live to see users’ journey. They put all the necessary elements that need to be included in the application and create the structure for pre-evaluation.


Wireframe creates the user journey while prototype transforms it into a clickable format that users would experience. A prototype is the pre-version of the final product. When designers create wireframes of the user interface and developers put all the codes into it. Then the team executed to release the prototype for testing and ensuring that everything is working well.


After finalizing the prototype, it’s time to test the program both in lab and field. Before launching the final version, testing comes as highly necessary because it helps to recognize the usability of the application.


Finally, designers assess the application before making it available for the users. Our team crucially takes part in the testing phase and pays attention to every single user experience. Then they collect feedback and ensure that the application is good in all aspects.

App Design FAQs

Graphic design eye is a reputed online graphic design service agency that also incorporates web design, UI/UX design, application, and all kinds of visual designs. Our design team consists of pro designers who are adept in researching and forming the exact design for your purpose. In the case of building mobile applications, we not only cover the interface but also execute the backend processes like creating flawless programs and setting them to work perfectly. To match the client's goal and make strong impact, we stay up with the up-to-date mobile app design trends and extremely follow industry best practices. We’ve got a huge experience in creating modern user-friendly and high productivity applications. We intend to generate user-centric applications and ensure the highest seamless user journey through them. We’re always looking for building long-term relationships with clients and that’s why we work for their satisfaction and must reach that. No matter what type of application you want to create, we’ll help you to have one that must fulfill your demand.

It completely depends on your requirements. Typically, application design service cost varies according to the owner’s demand. Since the process besets multiple tasks, such as creating user interface, building backend structure to optimize user experience, designing icons, graphics, etc. You should make your mind for a bigger amount if you’re intending to create a professional application. In Graphic Design Eye, we always look forward to fulfilling clients’ demands by offering reasonable prices for all of our services. Whether you need a business application to sell your product and service or you want to make an application for other purposes. Our service price range starts from $5000 to $20000. If you’re interested to know the individual price for app user interface, user experience, and also for screen layout design for your application, you can directly contact us. We’ll give you a clear idea of how the price varies for individual app design processes.

Yes, we recommend clients sign an NDA after the initial conversation and order confirmation. We’re highly careful about the non-disclosure agreements and try to visualize all the recommendations of our clients in it. So, take the next step by connecting with our professional application designers. You can direct messages on our website or send specifications via email. Finally, Graphic Design Eye is your reliable online partner to assist you in making a strong visual presence online. We’ll create innovative applications that will surely meet all your goals.