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Business Or Product Name: How To Choose a Memorable Business Name

Your business name is the first thing that people notice when they come across your marketing efforts. A proper brand naming strategy, a brandable logo, and an attention-grabbing business name can transform your business.

But, how to choose memorable business name ideas? You must ensure your brand recallability while choosing the name among many other aspects. A few tips can help you find the right name for your business.

Our experts have your back to generate the perfect, memorable business name for your brand. Let’s get right into it!

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Different Types Of Business Names

Before you lean to selecting your brand name and move on to logo design services, you need to know the types of business names that you can use. Depending on your brand’s phenomena, the naming process may differ.

1. Descriptive Names

If you want the business name to specify your product and service, you need to choose a descriptive name. These names can be functional and contain brand relevance while being precise to the consumers. For example, if you have a clothing brand, you can use something like “XYZ apparel.”

2. Suggestive Names

Now suggestive names contain the emotions that your brand will propose to the consumers. It can contain an idea or a feeling to convey your brand experience. These names have your unique brand personality traits. For example, if you have a bookstore, you can include your brand’s aspirations in the name.

3. Arbitrary Names

Your brand’s name doesn’t always need to be exactly what you are offering. Many people use distinctive arbitrary names using different words from different languages. These names can be fun and memorable without any direct identification of the company.

4. Acronyms/Initialisms

You have surely heard of BMW, which is an acronym for Berlin Motor Works. Many owners use acronyms to name their brands. However, these acronyms may not contain any meaning, emotion, or imagery for audiences to remember. 

Tips On How To Choose A Business Names

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Naming your business is undoubtedly one of the most crucial things that you will need. But it’s not rocket science if you consider a proper brand naming strategy. You need to think about aspects like brand personality, industry alignment, symbolism, and memorability factors while choosing the brand name. Therefore, our experts have some tips on the whole process!

1. Market Research

The first step to choosing the best name for your business is thorough brand name research. Through this, you will get a brief idea about your competitors and ongoing trends. Analyze everything properly to have a proper idea of the situation in your mind. The research will help you to come up with memorable naming ideas, slogans, taglines, and everything that you need to consider.

2. Brainstorming

Before you finalize your brand’s name, you need to brainstorm for a while. While doing so, consider factors like brand identity, market research, target audience, unique selling proposition, and keyword analysis before finalizing the name. Also, keep in mind about the creative logo design process and think whether your idea can be properly conveyed or not. In this case, consider the following:

  • Words that are relevant to your target industry.
  • Competitor research.
  • Words that highlight your products or services.
  • Linguistic appeal.
  • Trademark search.

3. Keep The Name Easy And Short

After filtering the names you found from brainstorming, cancel out the names that are hard and long. The key to sticking to people’s minds is to keep the name memorable. You don’t want people to get a dictionary to find the meaning behind your name, do you?
Thus, you will notice that the companies you typically remember have short names. Like, Apple, Tesla- easy but kicking, right? Long and obscure business names are quite difficult to remember. This will hinder your whole business when your customer can’t even remember your name! Here are a few things to remember in this case:

  • Easy to remember 
  • Short but descriptive 
  • Logo compliance 
  • Pronounceability
  • Domain availability for the name

4. Choose Names That Push Your Business Growth

Suppose Amazon, the biggest marketplace, had a name like “millions of books”. Do you think it would still be as successful as it is now? No way! If I were the consumer, there’s no way that I would buy from a company that sounds so generic! So, it’s a good idea to keep your business name open-ended. So, even if your product line extends, you can use the same name. Otherwise, it will all be just a waste of time as you will need to change your brand’s name again and again.

5. Don’t Be Generic, But Be Descriptive

When you choose a generic name, it will make it harder for consumers to distinguish your name from the competitors. Don’t limit your possibilities by choosing a generic name that doesn’t sound creative and different. Also, make sure that your business name aligns with the future scalability of the business.

6. Be Careful With Geographic Names

When you are targeting the international market, you can’t choose a name that has your city, state, or region. However, this may work fine if you want to serve in a particular region. A geographic name may be fruitful for the moment, but you will regret it later if you want to expand your horizon.

7. Avoid Following Trends

Trends or buzzes tend to last for a very short period. Typically, they create a buzz around the people for a while and leave the market as soon as another trend takes place. So, if you decide your business name based on a current trend, it will be a foolish decision.

8. Get Inspired By Mythology Or Literature

The power of storytelling can help you a lot while choosing the proper name for your business. If you can incorporate an idea into the name, the audience will be captivated to learn more about the business. You can choose a name that complements ancient tales and your business phenomena.

For example, Nike is a memorable brand name which is also the name of a Greek goddess. Do you see how the brand is connected to the name? 

Well, the goddess Nike is proficient in any field, including art, music, war, and athletics. That’s what the Nike’s owners made the best use of!

9. Font Style

While choosing the right business name for your business, you need to consider the logo and font as well. Thus, among many available font styles, serifs and sans serifs are what people prefer the most if you consider professionalism. While serifs give off an elegant and fun vibe, you will get a professional vibe from the sans serifs.

However, for people who want a minimalist style, you can lean on typeface. While choosing the font type, you need to remember your business identity in mind.

10. Check For Domain Availability

In this online marketing era, you must consider your online presence before choosing the brand time. So, when you have a few naming options in hand, make sure to check for their domain availability. This will keep your brand authorized and build your online credibility. 

Even if you don’t want any website at this moment, keeping the domain of your brand’s name secured will be a smart move so no one steals it later.

Tips On How To Choose A Brand Product Names

product name

Now that you have chosen your business name, what about your product name selection? Your chosen name is what will help in product differentiation. So, here are a few tips to follow!

  • Keep It Simple

Like your brand’s name, your product name needs to be simple as well. Think about Apple’s products, the iPhone, and MacBook, all so simple right? That’s the key to getting into people’s minds. The shorter your product name is, more easier to remember it will be.

  • Choose Catchy Sounds

We bet you’ve heard about Etsy. The name sounds so clicky. That’s what you will have to do with your product. Try naming it in an interesting way keeping the unique selling proposition in mind. Sometimes, using a fake word which is fun to say will work too!

  • Evoke A Story

Create a product name that evokes a story in the customer's mind. This works as a vital memorability factor in the case of product naming. Try naming the product focusing on the solutions that you provide to connect people emotionally.

  • Keep The Target Audience In Mind

Your product is for your target audience. If they can’t relate to it, the whole product, label, and packaging design to naming will be worthless. So, always remember what you are offering to them and try to implement those emotions while naming your product. You need to give people the emotional reason so they can truly connect to what you are offering.

  • Test The Name

Once you have finalized your product’s name, it’s time to check how it sounds. Read it aloud and take others' opinions on your chosen name. Also, recheck whether your product’s attributes align with the name or not.


Alongside choosing the ideal business name following our tips, make sure that your business personality is consistent throughout every effort you make. Your business name should be in your logo, business card, invoice, poster, animated posts, and more.

We have shared as many tips as we possibly could. However, if you think we’ve missed anything, or if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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