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Stickers are very popular among people of all ages. Well-looking stickers always take the best place to affixed and articulate words that it yields. Thus, you can stick in all the stamping ground where it will look adorable and eye-catching. Laptop, back of smartphones, on the necessaries, flasks and so on for instance.

According to the demand, stickers are designed, produce and distribute vastly all over the world. and the demand would not be going to decrease rather will increase over time.

This is why people especially freelance designers outsource sticker design services by designing custom sticker designs based on customers’ opinions.

Besides, there are also particular industries both small and big which are highly related to sticker design.

We are not dissimilar from them, we generate sticker design ideas, always looking for the best stylish and decorative sticker design inspirations, and are extremely expert to make the designs turn into realistic stickers.

sticker design service

What kind of sticker design do you want?

Stickers are versatile, have a variety of purposes to use. But the most common fact of using stickers is, making things beautiful. Imagine with your smartphone back, usually, it comes with uncolored black, blue, red, and so on.

You may find so many people adding colorful stickers of their favorite subjects on the back of their smartphones. It not only makes it beautiful but also attractive and shows the user's taste through the sticker’s objective.

Designing stickers are now so familiar and has become an interesting task to do on your own. But it requires skills to design stickers perfectly which have not all. Thus, they need to take professional support in this regard to perfectly utilize the design of their stickers.

Whether you are a wholesale sticker seller or you just collect stickers to enrich your collection with your own design and various theme and objectives. We can help you no matter the size of your order.

Here discuss some of the most popular sticker design choices of the common people, look at them and tell us what of them you need,

Cell phone and laptop sticker design

sticker design service

Not only cell phones, but people are also now finding great pleasure and attraction to stick colorful stickers on their laptops to look more stylish. Most of them go for their favorite brand, sports team logo, DC/marvel hero, typography, and anything they have an interest in.

We design unique stickers based on the concept of how you want to look and present them. If you want a design of full-back, half, or any other particular size, we make it easy for you to ensure the most comfortable design.

Bike and car sticker design

sticker design service

Bike and car lovers have always intended to make their vehicles look more gorgeous in any way. To fulfill their wish, there are so many accessories for both bikes and automobiles which are using to decorate bikes and cars intensively.

Stickers are one of them that is also known as bike decals which will make your bike look cool. However, it may be the most cost-effective way to decorate automobiles. You can create stickers with your name and fix them in your helmet, oil tank, or anywhere you want.

These stickers are not permanent as you can remove them at any time.

Decorative wall stickers

sticker design service

Everyone wants to pop up the wall of his/her living place with beautiful and aesthetic designed items. With wall stickers, you can simply turn your normal and boring look wall into a funny and eye-catching one which will also work to increase the overall beauty of the room.

Besides, if you’ve children and if you want to make a living room full of childish vibes and joy with different educative stickers, then we will provide you with a stickers package that perfectly matches your need.

For house wall decoration, you can design a tree sticker, flower sticker, stylish font with typeface, or anything, we will bring you the exact sticker you are looking for.

Typography sticker design

sticker design service

Typography stickers are also demandable because of their strong typefaces. These typography stickers come with voguish fonts and a great immense of text that is included in it. Typographic stickers are way different than other forms of them.

It is perfect to use as a marketing asset by holding brand slogans onto it and other promotional brand voices. For brands, they can produce a lot at once and can give as a courtesy gift whenever customers will make a purchase in their store.

Also, typography stickers can be used for other purposes like room decorating, stick-on plastic bottles, back-on smartphones, etc.

Brand logo sticker

sticker design service

Brand logo sticker is a common and most used form of stickers that are certainly needed for every new brand to let the common people know about its existence. Brand logo stickers are very powerful and can use as an advertising facet of your brand.

Making stickers with brand logos and sticking them everywhere to make the brand familiar is also one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your brand. So, if you have a brand and you desire to make stickers with your brand logo, then we are here to help you.

Cartoon character sticker design

sticker design service

Cartoon and animation stickers are the most pleasurable matters for kids. They like it, play with it, and used it to collect different types and forms of it.

Our designers are so much adept to design any characteristic cartoon or animation character.

Why should you accept our service?

Graphic Design Eye is a leading online graphic design service provider that has been in this field for almost 5 years. Our expert and enthusiast team of graphic designers is doing this with the highest client satisfaction and with maximum effort.

Sticker design is not an uncommon issue to us. We have been dealing with sticker industries every now and then and supporting them with unique and quality designs.

However, there are so many online services that also offer sticker design services and you may have a little bit of hesitation when you are going to choose the best one for you. Here are the promises we are making

Professional hand

No matter what we’re dealing with, we do it with absolute passion and seriousness. When you are in our favor, there is nothing to worry about the design. Our expert team will touch your heart with their work and will make you choose us for the next deal.

Artistic design

We first try to take the concept clearly and then illustrate it in the design. For sticker design, we try to achieve the best color and shape feeling to depict the emotion that the stickers detain. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the design or anything. Just check our portfolio to ensure that we are going to satisfy you.

The way you want it

We will provide you with exactly the design you want. However, if you’ve any unsatisfactory design issues, we will definitely fix them during your free revision period.

Receive bulk order

Finally, we accept any quantity and different types of design concept through the order and are highly able to deliver within the deadline you will give us.

How to print stickers at your home?

Printing stickers at your home will be fun and interesting for you. If you doing it for testing or covering a project with custom-designed stickers, you can easily try this in your home.

Before that, you should have the knowledge of printing stickers, sticker paper, printers, and the procedure through which you can do the job properly. We are discussing here the same step by step,

Buy sticker paper

To print stickers in your home, you need sticker paper at first. The type of sticker paper is highly dependent on the type of your printer. If your one is an inkjet printer, then you should buy quality inkjet sticker paper which is available both online and offline.

You can also consider some special type of sticker paper that is designed to print vinyl stickers at home.

If you own an inkjet printer but you buy laser printer sticker paper, then you won’t get the best quality print on that. therefore, you have to be careful while buying papers for your sticker print.

Get ready your sticker design

Whenever you are preparing to print stickers at your home, you have to keep your design ready. Without a soft form of the design, you can’t step up to print. Therefore, you have to find a design to print on sticky paper.

However, if you don’t have the skill to design your own stickers, then you need to take the help of a sticker design expert who will do the design for you. Also, you can search online as there are countless free sticker templates that you can print without any risk.

Print preview

Before pressing ctrl + P to print out stickers, you should need to preview the print settings of your printer. It will help you realize how the paper will print on the device.

Also, you should take care of the print mode because it will regulate the overall quality of the print. CMYK is the preferred mode that always chooses to print raster images, lab prints, etc.

So, you should set the print mode in CMYK when you are printing stickers at your home.

Insert papers on the feeder

Once you have done all the internal settings, then you can take your final steps on the operation. Put the sticker papers on the printer and let it print the design on the paper.

You can print a test page to ensure that everything is going Ok. Don’t do so hurry while printing, just keep patience and get those sticker papers full ready one by one. If you feed more than one paper on your printer feeder, then there are chances to get stuck the paper inside the printer.

Finally, when it will finish by getting out of the device holding the template design on the paper, take it carefully. Because of the heavy concentration of stickers paper, the ink takes a while to get dry and, in that period, you shouldn’t touch the surface of the ink. Otherwise, it will get ruined because of the unintentional touch on the paper.

What are the best papers to print stickers on?

Choosing the right sticker paper is very much recommended and sophisticated to make your sticker printing operation more flexible and effective. There are so many different qualities and types of sticker paper.

Before going to choose any of them, consider the following options. Here describe all the different types of sticker paper according to their feature and quality.

Different types of sticker paper

Sticker paper varies on its color, permanency (permanent or removable), based on the type of printer, and water resistance. So, you should sit in judgment while choosing sticker paper for your operation.

However, you can collect all these sticker papers without a hitch online, they are readily available on Amazon and other online shopping platforms.

What is the best printer for printing stickers?

Printing stickers or decals for no matter business or collecting purpose is an interesting and enjoyable issue although. Rather, you always try to print the best stickers of different objects with the best color feeling that it looks on the screen when you have designed it.

There are a lot of issues that you should have to consider before buying a sticker printer for you. If you don't buy the right printer, you won't be able to get the best results on your stickers.

Therefore, before buying a sticker printer for indoor use, you should have known the specs that come with the printer. Is that go with your requirement?

Go search for the best sticker printer and see what expert suggestion going on in this regard.

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