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Software Development & Implementation

Software development and implementation are the terms that you find on the to-do list of every software developer. Today, software development is a cooperative game that is as important as we need software in our day-to-day lives. The software made our life easy by providing solutions in different cases and we can do much more complicated operations through them. But do you ever wonder how that software is being created? Programming is the simple answer to this question that many of us know. Something like a program without structured data is estimable, software without a program is nothing. So, what does it mean to develop and implement software? Let's find something awesome about this,

Software Development

 software development

Creating software is a complex process that is rolled out with challenges in every step. The term software development defines a complete breakthrough of the plan and process for making the program stand-alone. If we dive deeper into the search, we can see that the process of software development goes through different stages such as,

  • Analysis

  • Design

  • Implementation and testing

  • Maintenance

So, you can call the software development process a methodology used to organize, schedule, and manage to structure of a program. And implementation is an internal process of software development. You may be familiar with user experience and user interface as these two terms regulate all apps and integration that we use regularly. For websites, apps, games, and software, UI - UX is an important term that determines how it interacts with people and how people discover it. Finding the best interactive design for a particular and making that easy to use is not an easy task. It requires a huge understanding, planning, design and re-design module, and so on. Here we go straight into the introduction of the four software development stages stated above.


In this stage of software, developers collect information about the programs. They ask customers, clients, and third parties about their expectations, and how they want to see the program launched. The analysis also defines objectives and scopes to adjust the functionality of the program.


When all planning is complete, then comes the necessity to make a blueprint for the project to go smoothly. Design is the stage when developers shape a blueprint for programs. When building a house, engineers have to draw the structure of the architectural building which is known as architectural design. Here, designing a software program is the same as that. In the design stage, developers gathered all the software requirements specification documents that are used for the systems development. This step sets a standard and helps eliminate potential errors by trying to stick to it.

Implementation and Testing

It’s time to program codes for the project. The implementation process takes huge importance itself. Sometimes it is time worthy step to determine step by a step implementation plan. To simplify the process, the work needs to go through with different modules and units. In the software development process, implementation is the longest process although. When developers have got the design prepared in their hands, they take steps to implementation. Following all the previous steps carefully will help you to implement the best result and make the program productive as well.

When the code gets ready in the implementation phase, then it needs to be tested in the testing phase. In the testing stage, the code prepared in the design step is checked against the specifications to ensure that the program answers all the issues for which it is created. All kinds of functional testing like, 

  • Integration testing

  • Unit testing

  • System testing

  • Acceptance testing

  • Design implementation testing

Are captured in this step. Software testing is a significant and critical step in software development. It finds out if any errors need to be recognized. Before deployment, a program needs multiple testing for errors and deficiencies. It is highly necessary to address these problems before the product meets the original specifications.


Maintenance is the process that takes part after the software deployment. It is a process that we become familiar with through mobile apps and games. As we run different types of android applications and games on our smartphones, sometimes we are unable to play the game or run the application due to its maintenance break. Maintenance is needed when there are any unexpected errors and bugs found in the program. The bugs can interrupt user experience and cause lag in the program in some specific areas. At that time, developers take a maintenance break and work in the backend to fix the error and enhance software to cope with newly discovered bugs.

Different Types of Software

 software development services

There is variation in software’s structure and they are varied based on the types, usage, and application. However, here given the three most common types of software that will help to realize what works behind categorizing software into different types.

System Software

There is software that we need to use to accelerate a computer's hardware performance. Sometimes they manage the entire system and without system software, we aren’t able to run the program anyhow. System software goes between the program and the user. Users have to install system software to make the entire system viable to them. Unlike other software programs, users can’t see how system software works. You may be familiar with your android device’s system updates. Android is something like a system software that conducts the whole device’s activity. So, the system software is so important to keep hardware devices running seamlessly. Although, system software varies in its forms and functions such as.

Operating System Software

Operating system software operates the entire system of hardware and it is the most mentionable form of system software. According to some aspects like real-time, embedded, distributed, multi-user, single-user, internet, mobile, and some other facets, operating system software usually varies. They all are different based on their characteristics. As we know operating system software is so powerful. It determines the user interactivity in the system and makes things easily viable for them. Here is the following list of operating system software given below,

  • Android

  • CentOS

  • iOS

  • Linux

  • Mac OS

  • MS windows

  • Ubuntu

  • Unix

Device Drivers

Another type of system software is used to control some hardware being attached to the system. There is a hardware device that requires drivers to do what was created. Like printers, sound cards, hard disks, Bluetooth devices, etc. You need specific driver installation before using this hardware on your own. Some common device drivers are,

  • BIOS driver

  • Motherboard driver

  • Display driver

  • ROM driver

  • Printer driver

  • USB driver

  • Sound card driver

  • VGA driver

Besides, BIOS, computer peripherals, consumer applications, embedded systems, and UEFI are kinds of firmware that are also example system software, and here also comes programming language translators and antiviruses, file explorer, WinRAR, Win ZIP also included in the list of system software.

Application Software

Application software is the most common and used software program that is known to all of us. As we are accustomed to using different types of apps and software on smartphones and computer devices to solve various problems and also to make things easier for us. They are also known as end-user programs and sometimes productivity programs. However, there are also variations among application software based on the type of their work. Not all application software isn’t built the same way. Here are a few examples of different application software,

  • Word processors like MS Word

  • Database software like MS Access

  • Multimedia software like Windows Media Player

  • Educational software

  • Graphics software like Adobe Photoshop

  • The web browser like google

So, this is a software development and its different types. All the computer software and smartphone applications we can see are made through these processes. However, the software development process is not short and easy. The overall process should come to strict planning to balance the highest user experience in the program.

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